Shaintar Justice and Life Campaigns

Justice and Life is the name given to a shared campaign world, where every story matters and every story is considered to be cannon. Each J&L GM gets an area they run their games out of. By working with other GM’s managing areas near and far to their campaign, we build stories both large and small!! To learn more about these games jump over to

The World of Shaintar is part of the Suzerian Continuum.

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“Welcome to Sog Gather. Grab something sharp – we’re at war here!”

Sog is a goblinesh gather very recently liberated from Prelacy invaders. The Crimson Crusade rages on, and they may once again turn their eyes towards this small-but-important town. The citizens of Sog made the immediate decision to request the Rangers remain and establish an outpost, quickly signing themselves to the Charter mostly found within the borders of the Wildlands.

The “Heroes of Sog,” as all those who participated in the daring raid to drive out Prelacy forces are being called, now find themselves bound to defend it. They not only have the regular Camonere army to contend with, but agents of a secret faction called the Deniers of Death – necromancers in secret service to the Cardinal of Judgment – are unleashing terrifying horrors that combine arcfire technology with undead and barely alive beings alike. Builders and war golems stalk the lands, and reports of Malakar Dominion agents are also coming in.

No one promised being a Ranger would be easy…