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A Horse is a Paladin? And talks?

Now My Head Hurts

5th of Dancing Clouds Sky’s Report
We find ourselves in Bergseromm a day before the Auction. This is a town that if you grease the right palms there won’t be any problems with what you would like to do. We know from Juneus that the auction is being held in a Plaza and being run by a Red Store named Daniel Larson. The Plaza is fully enclosed and has a lattice covering it. The other bidders are Fezzria who is a Brinchie, Narick an ex-Denier of Death, Iggror an Orc as well as Hezzos the formidable. As we sit down to eat and make our plans Artivan makes it clear that we want the Denier of Death, it feels weird to have Felosia nearby and not have Sheela around. Silly innkeeper saying that she needed to stay out in the stables.

As we start tossing ideas out on the table, there is an individual that steps out of the shadows saying that any attempt that we try to get someone new in would be a death sentence for them. He startles me to the point that I draw my eating dagger on him. This new individual is accompanied by a woman and Artivan asks: “Maeve?” And at her affirmative, Artivan asks: “What are you doing here?” We are then introduced to her companion, who is, at least by his way of thinking, an ex-Malakar Dominion assassin who has followed Maeve in the name of love. He tells us of this in much detail after Maeve says he is her friend.

After some bantering among friends, Artivan looks startled and then the following words are spoken.
Artivan: Wait, don’t tell me you brought that damned horse.
Maeve: My paladin?
Artivan: No, the damned horse.
Maeve: My paladin?
Artivan: No, the horse.
Maeve: Justice, is a paladin now and yes I brought her.

Artivan looks very confused and pained by this news. Then the conversation goes back to how best to go in to the auction. Artivan, Maeve and Felosia would not be able to get safely in the front door as they are very much of the Light (I think this was a funny way of saying that they cast spells). Then Venetti comes up with a slight plan and his eyes light up. He turns to Maeve and says: “But they would not expect the horse.” Maeve tells him to hold that thought, as Shadrach starts to pipe up saying that he can be quiet. I inform Shadrach that he can’t be quiet, even in the other town they asked him to and he wouldn’t. Venetti says that the rambling talking could be useful in this case. Venetti then turns to Gunther and says: “You don’t talk, you will be fine.”

At this time the window gets pushed aside and there is Sheela and a horse that are sticking their head through it. Venetti asks Maeve why she called Justice. Maeve responds with: “Well you are talking about her, so she should be here.” It is decided that even though Shadrach is an Adept he will be accepted as a bodyguard, so Shadrach, Gunther and Venetti –riding Justice, are going in with our ticket. Although they will be leaving Justice at the front door for when the plan goes sideways. Felosia, Artivan, and Maeve are going to be in a nearby inn. Ta’Or is going to be washing windows, acting like he is a bum attempting to get some money. And I have one of the hardest parts getting to a rooftop and being able to be close by in case my specialty can be used. Venetti isn’t sure that I will be able to make this, as it is dangerous. I point out that I was at Thuls. Venetti scoffed at that saying: “At Thuls you knew where the enemy was, here…” And I interrupt him as he is thinking of a way to nicely finish the sentence, saying: “Everyone is an enemy.” He looks a little started and then says: “You will live.”
I manage to get into position without being seen. And this is where things get a bit weird, as I find out that Justice has the ability to send images and it really distracts me as the view point is different. It appears that our group gets in after some bickering. The part that I was able to overhear, as Justice had moved on to others at that time, was that Venetti might think that the horse was of low stock, but he trusted the horse more than he trusted the help at this inn. Those in the Plaza are waiting for one more bidder and who could trust an Orc to be on time. There was something about being late already and they start the auction as a large burly Orc comes charging up shouting to wait. One of the smaller goblins or very small orcs shove Ta’Or
He mentions that he and his group have been drinking and other things that he doesn’t remember doing. The images from Justice are really distracting as she is now thinking of stepping on the Orc and his minions. I move forward to see for myself what is going on, as I am partially distracted, I don’t move as silently as I should and one of the guards sees me and shouts an alarm. This causes chaos to start in the Plaza. I hear the sounds of casting from the inn that Felosia, Maeve and Artivan are in. Then Maeve runs out of the inn and she heads to the side door, she is followed closely by Artivan. Artivan seeing where she is going, says: “Good idea, Felosia follow Maeve.” Felosia yells back: “But I’m better in the front.”
Artivan calls back: “Ok then, send the wolf.” Truthfully this has me snickering. Ta’Or heads to the other side door. Justice moves down the street and kicks a building’s side in, as she walks through it she grabs a scone. I just about fell off the roof laughing. As I was laughing I didn’t see were some of Iggror’s men went. Ta’Or gets on to a roof nearby and jumps off the roof to attempt to kick the guards back there. Ta’Or just seems to bounce off of them.

Sheela runs out of the inn, towards the side door and manages to kick open the door. Felosia gets up to the front door and casts entangle on a group inside the Plaza. I, in what might have been a fulish attempt, fly over and attempt to grab the guard that saw me and he just slips through my grasp. He then turns to smack me hard with the wrong end of his crossbow. Gunther gets shot by a Shayakar. Justice makes it to the side door and kicks a guard and takes it out.
Sheela attempts to bite someone in the room she just got in, while Felosia casts another entangle in the Plaza. It looks like before I got to a spot to see, Shadrach was hit and he just has shaken it off. The guard behind me says: “I know some wing hunters that would pay very nicely for your wings.” I reply: “Not if I kill you first.” This would have been better if I could have shaken off his earlier hit.
Then I see out of the corner of my eye, Maeve ready her crossbow and fire. The guard behind me falls down, looking at the body I say: “Well my friend beat me too it.” Galashorn shoots at Daniel and we find out that Daniel, like Juneus, can get a shield in front of him. Galashorn’s shot takes it out and seems to actually get through to damage Daniel, for he looks very surprised. Venetti starts working on a door and Norvia (Daniel’s second in command) shouts out “Stop that man!” Several guards then attack Venetti, who even being as distracted, manages to hold them off and keep working at the door.
As the Plaza is a big area of mass confusion, several call out that this is not worth it and start to leave. Shadrach gets hit with some sort of darkness that knocks him down. Venetti sticks his head out the door that Sheela went in and says to Maeve: “Ah good, in here. No love, really in here. Trust me.” And then goes back inside. Artivan runs towards Venetti, who then says: “Gunther is hurt through the other door.”

Gunther gets shot again and gets stunned. Ta’Or takes out Daniel, while Venetti is calling that we can leave now and still be ok. Justice runs in to the Plaza and grabs the staff, then makes a door through the window. I take aim at the one who has been shooting Gunther and pin cushion her to the ground taking her out. Galashorn attempts to take out the Denier of Death, but his shot doesn’t seem to do anything. Artivan moves in and sees Gunther and Shadrach, and does something I am not sure that I ever want to have to see again. As Artivan yells: “Bloody hell! Maeve use the hole that the hose made!” He then makes the whole Plaza light up and there were some that ran from that light, others just seemed to be stunned. Then most of the words I missed as I was in awe of Artivan and the amount of havoc that he was able to wield with this light, but he demands surrender.
Fezzria looks around at the light, and says: “You guys are fun, I may have to change careers.”
Felosia replies: “We are always looking for new recruits.”
Fezzria: “We shall have to talk.”
Felosia: “We are talking.”
Me: “So we are not to shoot that one.”
Felosia: “No”
Gunther seems to recover and shoots Iggror. Iggror starts yelling about the pain and the fact that he hadn’t made up his mind yet. Ta’Or and I shout out: “Too slow!” Iggror then says: “Ok we talk about this.” Shadrach who is now up, starts looking like he’s giving the last fighter the hairy eye, and she looks very confused. Felosia then steps up to the others and she demands surrender and they then do.

Iggror says: “In good faith here!” He then takes a swing behind him and there is a red smear that shows up on the wall and the body slowly appears as the spell fails with his death of one who had been attempting to escape.
Fezzria jumps on a statue and says: “So lets talk. What’s the pay?”
Felosia: “The pay is ok.”
Fezzria: “This is good.”
Me: “You get to hurt people.”
Fezzria: “This is better.”
Felosia: “Bad people.”

After the talk, we find out that Venetti had the staff. It had been hiding in the room with Sheela. The one that Justice took was made to appear like it, it does have ten essence along with an expanded awareness and phantasm (whatever that is). After we clean the Plaza up to see if there were anything else that should not be left behind, we come across several Archfire weapons and gear (Maggpie would love these). There is some armor and a rapier. The rapier is of Elvish make and has a wonderful silver gleam to it. Galashorn takes a look at it and demands to have it, Felosia notices that it has an edge that could cut through armor and since Galashorn already has arrows that do that then I should be able to get it.

As we continue on back to Sog, I am told that the reason for the gleam is that this is a white silver Elvish Rapier. We also find that our new friend, from the fight, is Archfire trained. The eight of us… ok, ok Justice…the ten of us make it back safely.


Saiderin aaeoina

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