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Aftermath of the attempted Buring of Sog

21st White Stag

The following is just after Prelacy agents attempted to burn down Sog.

“Damn! The Bastard Poisoned himself. I really wanted information out of him!” exclaims Artivan, “Put out all the fires in the Inn and get some of the Ranger Trainees here to be a clean up crew. Have our Fliers and Runners make sure that all of the fires are out and that Blasted White Wash is taken off of all the buildings. That was a good idea that Nightingale had in using those bubbles to clean off that Prelacy Filth.”

In the brewery, “Rok-tar, I want you and Nightingale to inspect all future purchases of Ranger supplies for such sabotage in the future. Where is that Quarter Master? Ah, Kassagore, Leave the body alone and come here. You can’t intimidate the dead.”

Kassagore smells the Prelacy Alchemist, “It’s Still alive! Slavatore, get over here.”

Savitor applies his healing arts and declairs that he has been poisoned but may still survive. “There was a bit of lead and crysarium in the potion, and he may yet live. but I cannot be sure his mind will survive.”

Turns out that the Prelacy Alchemist Pepe “Le Burne’ Alcheme’” Renee’ did not imbibe poison purposely as previously noted. He had an “Intangibility” potion that was in actuality his own “Fire White Wash” formula. So instead of making him intangible it has instead poisoned him. It was his own captain that apparently gave him the potion.

“Rrrrr, Tell us more about it..” Kassagore attempts to intimidate or coax out more information out of his prisoner.

“Silly Lizard. Lizards don’t talk. Heheeheheahhaha…” says Pepe, as his mind shattered.

With great restraint Kassagore turns over the interrogation to a human.

Several Days Later
“Well, What have you gotten out of that Alchemical Prelacy Scum?” angrily asks Artivan of his crew in charge of the prisoner.

“Turns out that this was a suicide mission. The Prisoner’s mind has reverted to a child like state and he is basically mentally retarded. I am not sure he was very stable to begin with.” state the poor Ranger Trainee that lost the draw to report to Artivan.

“Go on, finish the report.” growls Artivan.

“Well, The group was from Stoon and it was a long attempt to take out Sog and the Rangers of Sog. They were given orders to single handedly, well the 15 or so soldiers, to sneak into Sog disguised as Merchants selling building supplies. It seems that the Prelacy has been preventing normal legitimate sellers of building equipment and supplies from coming to Sog for several months. Re-routing supplies to Stoon. The Prisoner is quite convinced that the Rangers in Sog have proven to be a thorn in the Prelacy’s side and wanted it removed before spring and the resumption of hostilities. It appears that we have foiled their attempt, the soldiers have either been killed or have fled, we count nearly what the Prisoner claims as dead. Your Scribe has begun the process of screening the current Merchants in town and you and Rangers involved in Fire Fighting have been invited to Sog’s Leader’s house for a ceremony.”

“Can’t they just let us do our job.” grumbles Artivan.
“Apparently not Sir.”

During the conversation an Orc breaks in the room and rushes Artivan with such suddenness that it takes everyone by surprise.

“Yous! Yous!” Exclaims the Orc and picks up Artivan in a large Hug and kisses both of his cheeks in a rare Goblinesh show of extreme gratitude and emotion.

“Yous save me Muutah! You do me two Solids now, I do Artivan a Solid now. I be back.” and with that he is out of the room and gone. Artivan recognizes the Orc as being a Gang leader from a recent trip up the river during an illicit auction of Arcfire goods. Ivan the Ruthless the Orc Bandit Lord was his name.

Salvitor sends someone to follow him. “Heh, I am not sure weather you got married or what.”

“Wonder what that was about.” Artivan says regaining composure.

Later at Sog’s Leader’s Home with a bit of a gathering of Goblins, Bar-Tog being one of them.

“You have done this town honor and we wish to let you know that your hard work is appreciated. I am pleased to report no loss of life, no food loss, no loss of buildings and our enemies caught. I also much appreciate the saving of my maid thanks to your Rangers, Artivan.” Reports the Leader of Sog accompanied by nods from the Elders and Advisors Present. “I am pleased to announce that the citizens of Sog that are gathered here are welcome and encouraged to be our Official Firefighters of Sog and will continue their training in being so. I have received plans from the Rangers on City Improvements and will bring this up in our next meeting. Are there any other things we need to discuss?”

“Sir, The Matter we talked about in Security.” coaxes Artivan, meaning a better screening of Merchants and the comings and goings of Sog to help prevent the Prelacy from making these attacks in the future.

“Yes, we shall have a meeting on it. I believe that we will be more open to your ideas. Please see my scribe for the appointments.”


Those that took part in The Burning of Sog episode gain a new Defining Intersest: Fire Fighting.

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