Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Can I Please Get Back to Sog?

I Have a Builder

12th of Raining Leaves

I am beginning to want to beg the captain to be able to scout ahead as this is soo much slower than walking. According to the captain we are about a day out from Sog and will be stopping at a port to get new cargo and deliver some. He insists that the two of us, get off the boat for a bit. The look the captain gave me, said that it was more of an order. So Grak and I head out and start to look around town.

A River Trade Commission (RTC) officer flags me down and asks where I am stationed. I inform him that I was out of Sog. He then informs me that they have heard rumors that Artivan is in trouble. Artivan had headed off to a human town by the name of Barnett’s Crossing because they wanted to be come allies. He had taken Liarra and Zaastax with him, for the discussions of setting up a Ranger post there.

At my worried look, the officer states that word came down from an RTC member that happened to be in Sog on the 10th, heard Felosia giving orders to go help after speaking to someone named Venetti. I ask for very detailed instructions on where this Barnett’s Crossing is.

I turn to Grak and tell him that I have to go.
Grak says: “Sure. I don’t fly, but I come too?”

After a brief discussion about how much of a difference in speed that we will be traveling, the RTC officer pipes up saying that if I give them the correct note, they will make sure that Grak gets to Sog alright. I make up a letter of intruduction for Grak and address it to Father Salvator. I start to head out and think of a better idea and turn back to hand Grak my trainee cloak, so that no one will shoot him as he comes in. And tell him: “When you get close to Sog, put this on.”

Grak says: “My love wears cloak, I wear cloak?”
I say: “Sure.”

The RTC members are snickering at this as Grak puts on the cloak. As I take off the RTC escort Grak back to the ship.

About mid-afternoon I hear shouting in Prelacy, which causes me to fly faster. As I start to go as fast as I can, I hear thunder. And then the familiar sounds of the casters being fired, although this is a lot louder. I found out later that it was a cannon that was blasting a wall.

As the sounds continue I realize that the Prelacy has brought a large force to this town along with a large group of Arcfire casters.

As I see the force, Felosia spots me and calls out: “Sky you’re here! What took you so long?”
My reply: “I got lost.”

Sheelia laughs at this, as Felosia calls out to kill them.

Vhen moves in on the Prelacy as the villagers move to find cover.

Two Prelacy archers attempt to hit Gunther. Two others attempt to shoot Maeve, one managing to do a glancing blow to her armor. Two Prelacy at the gates to the town attempt to get them open, while the other two at the gate attempt to go over the wall.

Maeve seems to shake off a previous hit then she and Justice move forward. Maeve hops off of Justice and shoots an archer to stun him. There is a cry from the one that got away. I assume that Justice sent him an interesting image. I see an archer (one of the ones that shot at Gunther) just disappear. I shoot an archer and take it out.

Felosia calls out: “Do you still have the potion?”
I reply: “From ages ago.”
Felosia: “Then fly over to Gunther, give him the potion and get him to the main roof.”

As I point out that the potion is back from Stoon, Maeve states: “A properly decanted potion lasts for a while.”
I reply: “This was from Draxx.”
Maeve: “What’s a Draxx?”
I reply: “Gibben Draxx. And I know what his potions do.”
Maeve: “What they are suppose to?”
Me: “No.”
Felosia: “Its all good! We’ve got this.”

I hear from Gunther’s rooftop “You are dead to me.” Right before he lets an arrow fly, taking out an archer. I guess that archer really upset Gunther.

Felosia disappears and reappears behind the four at the gate, manages to stun one of soldiers that had attempted to climb the wall. Sheelia bites the leader on the ass, making it bleed.

The leader cries out: “Insolent mongrel!”
Felosia replies: “Careful, she’s smarter than you!”
The leader: “Impossible!”

An archer breaks through a shutter and attempts to shoot a civilian. Several others attempt to break in the inn’s door.

On the other side of the town, Liarra takes over one of the blasters and makes him take out several of the leaders. Several soldiers break ranks at this and start to run away.

Venetti steps out of the trees and stabs an archer in the face, then flicks the blood in to a soldier’s face. This stuns the soldier.

The other blasters turn to the one that Liarra took over and open fire, taking it out.

I fly forward and shoot the leader, which appears to wound and stun him.

Felosia says: “So your back?”
Me: “Yes.”
Felosia says: “So you all can surrender.” And being smart, they all do.

Vhen runs forward and just bounces over the wall. I check to see if Felosia needs a lift.
Felosia replies: “I can always go under. What about Gunther?”
I say: “Maeve’s got him.”
Felosia: “See if they need a lift.

Liarra makes another blaster shoot his companions, taking out several.

I shout over to Maeve: “Do you need a lift?”
Maeve’s responds: “Yes, since my ride is over that way.” Pointing at the inn.
I call out to Justice: “Sorry Justice, I can’t carry you.”

And then we all hear the calls of Ratson coming on the field. Liarra calls out that there are Ratson coming and that she has a new toy.
Artivan replies: “A new toy?”
Liarra: “I puppeted him.”
Artivan: “You can do that now?”
Liarra: “Yes.”
Artivan: “I like you more and more every day!”
I call down: “Felosia, they have fliers that are bigger than bats!”
Felosia: “Are they made of stone?”
I reply: “I can’t make that out.
Felosia: “Then stay away from them.”
I call out: “Artivan, they have fliers.”
Liarra calls out: “Gargoyles!”

Several of the soldiers take off, when they see what has come on the field. The one that managed to get into the inn, surrenders.

Gunther shoots at one of the Gargoyles and takes it out. Then slides off the building. Felosia disappears and reappears next to Artivan.

Several of the enemy moves closer.

Felosia then disappears and pops back up on the other side of town to cast entangle on some of the Ratson and a Minotaur. After she casts, she heads back underground.

A Crusader starts to run away, though its not at a fast rate at all. The blaster that Liarra has controlled attempts to break free and fails. A blaster, or Boom trooper hits the gate and it shatters open.

Liarra shouts “Incoming!”

I shoot the other Gargoyle out of the air. Several Rangers that were on the roof, move forward and attempt to shoot the golems. Maeve heals Gunther and after shouting at me to go get them, they move towards the inn. Justice moves forward as well.

The Minotaur and one of the Ratson that Felosia entangled, break free and run to the gates. Two smaller Minotaurs and Ratson move forward as well. The other Ratson just wiggle in the entanglement.

Liarra makes the blaster shoot the Minotaur and manages to wound it. Liarra then makes the lighting surround her and casts confusion at the other blaster and manages to stun the other Minotaur and two golems as well.

Artivan turns to the other Rangers that are waiting for those that should be breaking through the gate and says: “I don’t know what’s going on?”

To which Liarra replies: He’ll take care of if."

Artivan to the others in the courtyard: “My people apparently have it.”

Vhen asks Artivan: “Want me to act?”

Artivan replies: “I expect there’s more coming, just hold.”

Liarra then blasts the controller at the back of the battlefield, and the controller glares back at her. The boom-trooper who was shaken, shouts at the boom-trooper that Liarra is controlling: “Stop shooting our minotaur!” And then attempts to shoot Liarra, possibly, as he ends up hitting the Minotaur instead.

As the Minotaur falls to its knees, Artivan calls out: " On my mark pit it out of its misery."

A purifier starts to run away. Two Minotaurs race into the keep and Vhen charges them with a sweep attack.

Artivan casts on something on himself and Vhen. Then attacks the Minotaurs, who fall to the blows. Artivan then turns to the others in the courtyard and says: “That lads, is what it means to become a full Ranger. Well it helps to be a crafty cat, but don’t tell him I said that.”

Justice runs through the wall and broken window shutters. He then runs towards the Arcmancer, while projecting an image of a giant lightning cloud in the shape of a horse pawing at him. The Arcmancer’s response is “Crazy Horse.”

Zaastax says: “Screw this. Fucking Death Horse.” and runs through the room and out a window to the courtyard. After which, he then closes the shutters and ducks under the window ledge.

A Builder lancer runs to the window and bashes open the shutters, doesn’t see Zaastax, and shoots at Vhen. The other two lancers move down the hallway to attempt to shoot Justice, with the full capability of their weapons. Justice then does the equivalence of equine laughter. One shot does bounce off of Justice’s armor. One turns to the other and says: “We maybe fucked.”

Both the Golems recover from being stunned. One attempts to shoot a Ranger and misses.

A Civilian fires at a Minotaur and the arrow bounces off of him. Two Rangers move to the hallway, near Justice and attempt to hit the Builder. I shoot the eye of the main Minotaur and take it out.

The Arcmancer inside the hallway casts something at Justice, who doesn’t seem to be impressed at the firepower. At the look of boredom, the Arcmancer says: “What the hell is up with this stupid horse?”

Felosia burrows to the Crusader, and when she and Sheela pop up— Sheela wraps her jaws around his nuts. This causes the Crusader to surrender as Felosia then casts entangle at the control Builder.

The Ratson, as soon as they notice they are free, all run away.

Zaastax runs in through another window and tells the Arcmancer, they’ve lost and should surrender if they don’t want to die.

In the distance, we are hearing: “Please stop killing our guys!” and “I can’t help it!”

The Arcmancer starts to reply as Zaastax says: “I could let the horse come through.” Zaastax then walks the Arcmancer through the numbers of his guys getting slaughtered. The Arcmancer surrenders.

Zaastax says: “You surrendered, you get to live. Now you pay for the damages you did.”
The Arcmancer: “What have I done?”

I fly over to Artivan and report on where I have been.
Artivan asks: “Who gave you permission to do this?”
I reply: “Kassegore did.”
Artivan: “We’re not having this conversation right now. Welcome back. Glad your alive.”
I tell Artivan: “I have a Builder headed to Sog right now, with a control golem. He happens to be wearing a Ranger cloak!”
Liarra: “Does he know what all that entails?”
I reply: “Not yet, but I made him give me his word that he would not harm the Rangers or their allies. Oh, and he’s building
me armor.”

Felosia shakes her head and mutters something about three days, as she heads after the Purifier. Maeve wanders in and checks for those that are wounded.

We are informed that the captured Builders, the control golems and pieces of the collars or control stuff are being sent South to Kithros. The leaders are ok with the smaller Builder stuff to stay in Sog. Once it was found out that only two individuals were behind this plot and were given over to the locals, the leaders and Artivan move forward with the Alliance.

On the way back to Sog, Artivan asks what prompted the trip. I explained that I was homesick and that back on the island that we could get to the ocean within three hours in any direction.

Artivan grumbles about this being a continent, what ever that means and that I was sent to be a test of Faith. As I start to reply to this, Vhen comes up to us and asks why the trees are dying. Artivan turns to me and opens his mouth as I tell Vhen that the trees always do this, its how they get ready for the cold.

Artivan closes his mouth and looks up at the sky making a gesture. He then turns to me and says, “Continent.” Turns to Vhen and says, “It’s a winter thing.” Artivan then walks forward towards Felosia while muttering “Islanders!”


Saiderin aaeoina

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