Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Coming Soon: The Gobblin Gazette!! And the New Post Service

Found on various buildings in Sog, 1st Dancing Clouds

Do you feel out of touch? Is gossip just not enough? Monthly Subscriptions available soon to The Gobblin Gazette. This is a monthly publication of information, local news, and distant news. Please inquire at the Post Service Building for signing up to be a part of the first edition and monthly service.

Now requesting submissions of factual news to the Gobblin Gazette. Did you wish to contribute and maybe earn a coin or two. Warning- Some submissions will not be paid but may be edited or published. Please tell us what you want to know about.

Now seeking Sponsors for the Gobblin Gazette. Do you wish to see this endevor succeed, do you wish to have the word out on your business? The Gobblin Gazette can help. Sponsors will gain some space for advertizing but submissions will still need to be factual and decided on ultimately by the Head Editor.

Post Service coming Soon: We at the Post Service building are looking for carriers, bards and travelers to help us unite our land and gather news from one place to another. Do you have a special message, announcement, or need to get word back from somebody? The Post Service can help. We will be setting up carriers to carry personal sealed messages from town to town. The message will be held for no longer than 3 months (Weather permitting) and delivered to the next town. If the recipient cannot be found in the town or village that you wish it to go we will simply send it back. It only costs a small fee and part of that fee. We are also looking for carriers of Post Service Letters. Are you going to travel, do you like traveling? Then we would like to talk to you about us working together and making a little coin and helping people talk to people. Please inquire at the Post Service building for more information.

The Grey Rangers Want You!! Do you have a desire to help others in an honorable way? Feeling at loose ends in this time of conflict? Does people doing bad things to others just Make you Mad? The Grey Rangers Want You! See your local Grey Ranger commander to see if you qualify. We are looking for good people that want to help other people. This message was not requested by any of the Grey Rangers.


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