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Dangerous Games

Leave Someone Behind?? What Crazy Talk is This?

28th of Dancing Clouds

We are escorting supplies and food for the refugees. As we are heading back, we see people attempting to make an ambush. They start calling for us to hand over the goods.

Galashorn shoot one dead, then calls out to Gunther “That’s one!”

Maeve shoots one and takes it out. Justice steps up to kick a person in the head to stun it.

Gunther attempts to shoot one archer and misses.

Vhen climbs up a cliff, then sweeps the enemy taking out two. Then says “I give you a second chance to surrender.”

Liarra moves out from the wagon and starts to cast.

I shoot the leader of this party twice and manage to hurt him.

The leader shakes off my hit and runs away, shouting at the others to get the White Silver! Then two of the enemy attack Gunther, one just does a grazing blow the other seems to hurt him. One attacks Vhen and misses, another takes a swing and actually does hurt Vhen. Two attempt to attack Maeve and miss.
Felosia does her disappearing reappearing trick, ends up behind the leader and attempts to sweep him and misses, although she shakes another near the leader.

The leader starts to retreat and Felosia says: “What? Retreating already?”
The leader replies: “Tactical retreat……Yes.”

Zaastax sticks his head out then starts to make it look like an Orc was coming out of a tent.

Vhen sweeps the two near him and knocks out three, then moves closer to the leader and says: “You can surrender now.”

Liarra shoots and casts bolt to take out an archer.

Maeve makes herself glittery then grabs her mace, then takes out an enemy. Justice also makes herself glittery then attacks one with her hooves and takes out one.

Zanstax starts to make his creation look like he’s an upset Orger. This scares the enemy enough to start running.

As the leader still looks like he’s going to fight, I shoot him and end up killing him. Felosia says: You should have surrendered.”
At the death of their leader the others surrender. When binds them up and Liarra attempts to heal Gunther. Felosia heals Vhen. Zaastax makes his creation stop and then goes back to sleep. I head after the one that ran, while Maeve heals Gunther. As I start after the one who ran, Galashorn starts saying that the guy was his and attempts to catch up to him before I do.
Silly Glasshorn! I fly faster than you can run!

Galashorn: “Mine!”
Me: “No!”
Galashorn: “Mine!”
Me: “No!”
Galashorn: “Mine!”
Me: “No!”
Galashorn: “Bow and sword!”
Me: “What’s that mean?”
Felosia: “Do I need to field demote you? I still have your cloak!”

Galashorn heads back. Just before I get out of ear shot, I hear Gunther grunting at the argument.

Poor runner didn’t have a chance as I catch him and fly him back to the caravan, and he whimpered the whole way back. With the annoying whimpering, I was tempted to give him to Galashorn, but my common sense won that argument and I handed him over to Felosia. And head back out scouting.

After I see that the path is clear I head back. When I get back to the group, I find out that these guys were hunting Venetti and that they worked for the Prelacy. There contact was a special operative in Brant by the name of Giselle.

Maeve starts to freak out and demanding that we leave right away. We manage to get her to slow down enough to see if we can see where and in what shape Venetti is in. Felosia asks Liarra if she can contact him. Maeve asks that if she can get through to find out if he’s safe and does she need to kill anyone?

Felosia informs Maeve that yes she does need to kill someone, but we need to find out who first.

We find the direction that Brant is in and I head off to scout the way.

We continue on with the caravan, as Brant was the stopping point. Felosia keeps having me scout ahead to check for more ambushes. I find that they have come up with a plan to have Vhen and Zaastax go into town, with Galashorn watching them and Gunther watching Galashorn. Even with the weird plans we have come up with, this is overly complex and confusing.

Liarra links up with Venetti and gets the impression that he is blindfolded and is in a lot of pain. He sends back the message of: “I’m bait, do not come for me. Tell Maeve I love her.” And then he breaks off the connection, which surprises Liarra.

What a silly man!!! He’s one of us NOW and we won’t leave him behind! I am happy to see that everyone in this party shares the same thought and that none of us really need to voice it, even though Felosia says “Fat chance of that happening”. Although Justice does send an image that Venetti is a good person to have at your back.

Gunther leans over to Liarra and says: “Do not read me.” Zaastax tells us that we are all crazy. Felosia asks Zaastax if he would be willing to have Liarra link up with him. After being hesitant, which Liarra takes for a no, Zaastax says yes. Kind hearted Liarra links with Vhen, after Vhen volunteered for the link.

Zaastax starts to talk about compensation for this mission and Justice drops a Ranger Trainee cloak on his head.

We set up the caravan and the four head off into town. I do most of the handing out of supplies as Felosia and Liarra are mostly watching for the others to come back and listening to gossip.

As night falls, Felosia starts dinner and I am watching for the others, when I see Galashorn headed our way. He signs that he has two following him. I quietly let Felosia and Liarra know, and we quickly decide to trap these two. I sign back to Galashorn and we have him come closer to us, and then he ducks into a tent flap.

One of the Prelacy ducks the same way and the other goes around the tent. Felosia corners the one that ducked into the tent and the other finds a crossbow pointed at his face along with Sheelia at his balls. Maeve starts talking in Camonier. After a bit she calls for Justice and asks Justice to show them an image of Venetti.

As the two Prelacy cross their legs, we get the idea that the image was not just of Venetti. As the talks become more and more degraded, I move behind them so that I don’t show them how badly I don’t like the way the talks are headed. They then quickly tell us that Venetti is alive although he may need a healer. Even though we threaten them, it becomes clear that they don’t know much as they are just guards. Felosia then asks Liarra to just get it out of their heads. Liarra finds out that they are telling us the truth.

When Vhen and Zaastax come back they inform us that we need to go to the Broken Barrel as that is were the Prelacy are holed up and even better is the fact that in there is Malakar Dominion in there as well.
Zaastax says: “A famous Goblin Tactician once said ‘If your enemy knows the battlefield, you’re screwed.”
Justice then hits Zaastax in the face with a cloak.

Liarra attempts to get a hold of Venetti again, gets the impression that he is in a dark cellar, again of pain, and the same message to leave him. She relays this to us.

Felosia gives us marching orders. She wants Liarra and Gunther to go in the front door & the rest of us to look for a way into the basement. Zaastax really doesn’t want to go with us as he says “Shotsun”. I have no clue what that might mean. But he says that he’s staying here. He must have changed his mind once he saw that we were all going. Clearly upset he stomps behind us putting the cloak on and grumbles about the “damned cloak.”

We (Galashorn, Vhen and I) find two scouts hanging out by the back door, three by the front door, one on top of the inn and two wandering around circling the inn. We don’t see a way into the cellar. I sign this to Felosia along with we need to go through the front door, who then signs back to stealthily kill them. I get into position and take aim at one of the guards at the back door.

As I see the others are in position, I shoot two arrows at the guard on the roof. Vhen jumps on the next roof and one notices, although he can’t do more than look in the right direction as Galashorn shoots that one.

One guard starts to pound on the door as hard as he can, as we hear the scream of a raptor.

Liarra runs forward and makes herself look like one of the captured scouts. Zaastax runs forward as well.

I knew that Maeve wasn’t happy about Venetti getting caught, although racing forward and going through the WALL, made me think that she went crazy—-almost Kassegore crazy. She proved that she had some thought process as she cries out “Where is Venetti!!” Afterwards, I find out that Venetti shouted back “You idita!”
Then there is the sound of a banging door and a female’s voice shouting: “Thank you very much for obliging my trap! Kill the horse!”

The two guards at the back door rush inside. The ones that were guarding the front door, rush through the Justice size door, hmm I wonder if this will catch on just like Ma’ai’s door did.

While running up, Gunther shoots one of the guards that moved to the new door dead. Felosia and Sheelia run forward, Sheelia quickly outpaces Felosia and she just steps over the dead body into the new door. Vhen runs across the roof, and we hear shouting of “They’re on the ceiling!”

I shoot at one guard at the door, while he shoots at me. He misses and that was the last thing he ever did as my shot takes him out.

A hidden guard heads into the kitchen. It sounds like Maeve and Justice have been shot or at least been shot at, as I hear thunder and lighting starts to show from the inn’s windows. Then I hear Maeve say: “My turn.”

I see Gunther aim under Justice’s tail, I’m sure that in that instance that Justice is glad she’s a mare. Zaastax runs forward. I fly forward towards one of the windows and crash through it and shoot at a guy, killing him. Looking back, I’m surprised that it actually worked.

Vhen jumps down the chimney and tells the guy that is hiding in there: “You may leave.” This startles the guy so much that he actually does. Vhen then knocks on the other door in the kitchen and says: “Your pastries are ready.” This causes a guy to open up the door and say: “What?” Vhen smacks the Shaiakar with his staff. As the Shaiakar falls unconscious, Vhen says: “These aren’t for you!”

Sheelia finding several enemies, runs up to a guy and attempts to grab his nuts. Felosia gets to the door and then casts entangle on the same guy.

One guard takes a few shots and then ducks behind the bar.

Galashorn takes out a guard at the end of the alley and then steps into the inn right behind the ducked guard and demands his surrender.

There is a woman in front of Maeve and Justice, who attempts to get Maeve off of Justice, as that doesn’t work she then attacks Maeve. Maeve looks like she just got scratched. Liarra moves up to Felosia and casts bolt at this woman, who jumps on the table and kicks a bowl of steaming stew at Justice. I guess that Justice was hungry as she licks the stew off her nose.

The guy in front of Sheelia breaks out of the entanglement and then attempts to attack Sheelia. Zaastax steps into the room and slings a rock at the same guy and does a strong hit as the guy stagers, then Zaastax crouches behind a table.

Vhen attempts to continue the ruse, but from the other room comes: “We aren’t buying any of this shit!” So he opens up the door and step inside, to have three different individuals attack him. Giselle manages to hit him with his Arcfire long sword, which wounds Vhen.

Vhen and Giselle exchange blows, which leaves both of them stunned. Although Vhen wasn’t too far gone to have the “Go lay down and sleep” mind trick work on him. The one who attempted the mind trick then says: “Dammit its all going to shit!” Vhen replies: “Go take a nap then.”

The guard in the kitchen reloads and then attempts to shoot Vhen.. The guard near Galashorn attempts to go over the bar. Galashorn shoots him in the ass and says: “I tried to give you a chance.” Liarra runs into the bar and to the back room. A woman (Giselle) calls out: “JeanPo! Good, come here and help me!” Liarra drops her disguise and says: “Not this time.” Liarra hits Giselle with a bolt, wounding and stunning her.

Maeve looks at the woman in front of her and says: “My turn” and hits the woman with her mace stunning the woman. Justice then follows up with a hoof to the face, which smashes in her face, then both Maeve and Justice move to the stairs where they see Venetti hanging on a wall and two Malakar right beside him. The Malakar seemed to have no love of the terrible things that was done to Venetti. One says: “He has no further purpose, he will die.” Maeve replies with: “Come to me, we all die sometime.”

Gunther walks into the room and shoots dead the guy in front of Sheelia. Sheelia looks disappointed at this. From no where arrows come hitting me and Galashorn. A second arrow catches me in the chest, and I can tell that these are not regular arrows and there is no way that I can get them out myself. Then several Shaiakar appear and say: “Goodbye cousins of life.” As I have no clue as to what this individual means I head off to help Maeve and say to the two downstairs with Venetti: “Darling, the best way to live is to help us. I’ll keep the horse and the lady off you.” As I start to head down, the Malakar look at each other and say: “Those women are crazy. Venetti remember we didn’t kill you.”

Sheelia runs up to a Shaiakar and rips him apart. Felosia runs up to another and attempts to hit him. Liarra casts bolt at the other Adept, staggering him and causing his spell to fail. The other soldier in that room moves up to Vhen and attacks, stunning Vhen.

Felosia’s Shaiakar drops his bow and attacks, but misses Felosia. Two others shoot at Galashorn and miss. Zaastax steps forward and slings a rock at the Shaiakar in front of Felosia, taking him out. Gunther moves forward and pins Giselle to the wall with one of his arrows. Galashorn shoots at the last Shaiakar, missing, before he goes down. Vhen attempts to hit the Adept’s focus crystal with his staff, after missing Vhen then attempts to kick him, again missing. Then one (Pavelli) surrenders to Vhen.

Felosia sends Sheelia after the last Shaiakar.

After determining that the Malakar downstairs shouldn’t remove the arrows, I have them lower Venetti to the ground. Venetti tells Maeve: “You are stupid. I told you not to come! Thank you and I love you.”

Looking Venetti over, there is not much that we can do for him other than setting the bones and putting his arms back into their sockets.

The Malakar are willing to share some information with us.
The Shotsun came specifically to capture and get Venetti.
They wanted to find out everything Venetti knows about the Rangers.
They were after any Rangers, but wanted our group specifically (except Zaastax). It would have been a boon to get Artivan or Gibben.
The Dominion is here with a specific agenda, even though technically the Southern Kingdoms are not at war with the Dominion.

At this news, Maeve has Liarra contact Brian (the younger brother, who is a captain) to tell him what we have found. I give Venetti something to knock him out. Then go about carefully setting his bones and getting him back to Sog.


Saiderin aaeoina

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