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Tangle Taffy Test #22, Last of Winter

I had not had much time, since the Liberation of Stoon or much time over the winter to experiment. I finally got a moment and decided to test a variation on the Tangle Taffy. A little more sugar, a little more hardening agent and more force to push the excess material. I went to my favorite experiment Lot.

I really need to see about purchasing it so that I can block it off for more dangerous experiments. And many of the local children came to watch the “Crazy Candy Alchemist” do something interesting. I opted to let them stand back and watch as long as they did not get into the test area. Counting on them testing the limits of that area, as kids do, I extended the chalk line back about ten feet more than I guessed that I needed. Loaded the Potion vial into the Salvo contraption to launch it at the target “X” and hit dead on.
The potion burst open and expanded out to farther than I had expected but the test targets just got pushed away. That does have some potential. The result is a spoungy white and squishy pillow-like substance full of tinny bubbles of air. The outside was a bit like confection sugar and the inside was gooey. It simply pushed the test subjects away and I found that it was a bit resistant. The children cheered at this obvious failure. Some even began to leap from great heights into it. The substance cushioned what would be a deadly fall and even bounced slightly and then sunk in as if in a Marsh. I collected up a significant portion of this stiff meringue substance and will use it to sweeten up some things at home. Melted onto a sweet bread with chocolate in a type of sandwich sounds good. But in the end, it was another failure.


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