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Excert from the Gobblin Gazzet- Annoucement Section, 3rd Gray Winds

The Mak Tarkesh officially thanks the Rangers and creates the Fire Fighters of Sog

Title: The Mak Tarkesh officially thanks the Rangers and creates the Fire Fighters of Sog

In a special Ceremony the Mak Tarkesh thanks the Rangers of Sog for their Heroic Saving of the city from an attempt by the Prelacy and Red Crusade of Camon to burn down Sog.

It has been discovered that for the past few weeks Prelacy Soldiers have been sneaking in to Sog disguised as Merchants selling a new “White Wash” as a sort of covering for houses that is was meant to protect the wood and keep it from drying out and becoming too brittle. In the Summer Months the substance was supposed to keep the wood from rotting. A local expert says that this is the purpose of a “White Wash” but the batches that the Prelacy Soldiers were selling had been alchemically tainted and transformed into the opposite effect, that is being easy to set aflame.

The weather had been dry and blisteringly cold when the Prelacy Soldiers that were disguised as Merchants put to the torch the spots that have been treated and running all over Sog doing so. With the amount of fire it was very improbable that the city wouldn’t burn down. Upon discovering the city burning in several spots the leader of the Grey Rangers, Artivan Galadrius, sprang into action to dispatch teams to save citizens from burning buildings and put out the flame. Very little damage was done despite the all too coordinated efforts of the Prelacy Soldiers. All due to the Grey Rangers. There were several Citizens of Sog that aided the Rangers and helped with their efforts.

The Day After the Event the Mak Tarkesh declared the Grey Ranger’s Heroes worthy of respect for their caring fast action. A select group of Sog Citizens have been Named the Volunteer Fire Fighting Team and given honors for helping to Save the Day.

Bartog, one of the Chosen to fight fires but not their Leader had this to say, “It was good helping the Rangers and the Angel. Bartog will do what ever it takes to keep Sog from being eaten by fire, Bartog is Proud!”

On a Side Note the Mak Tarkesh is going to meet with the leaders of the Rangers to work out a proper security plan to make sure that Sog is not infiltrated such as this in the future.


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