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Four Against How Many? Do I Have Enough Potions?

How Can Sky Stand The Ocean? It's Cold!!

29th of White River

Salvator demands that I join the group, instead of sneaking along behind him. The group breaks up, as a messenger bird comes out and sends some of us to a small fishing village called Cabbel. This group is just Kassegore, Larissa, Salvator and I on this mission.

Kassegore is grumpy about the fact that we need to keep saving the world. It’s pointed out that a lot of people want special crystals.
Kassegore ponders out-loud, “Then if I want to stop fighting, I need to leave the planet?”
We all look confused as we don’t know what that means and then someone says, “Yes”

On the way to the village I keep attempting to get a ride from Kassegore, who finally says, “Turn off the lights first!” This causes Salvator and Larissa to start laughing. It’s not my fault if they didn’t understand that Kassegore said that I could only be on his back if he couldn’t see. I sigh at the two and then sign at Salvator if he wants me to scout, Salvator nods and I head off.

As I head out I hear Kassegore start to complain about the lack of knowledge from command and Larissa replying, “Didn’t we go over this before?”
Kassegore, “Yes, we keep going back to it!”
Larissa, “Move on, we don’t need to keep going over this.”

I manage to get to the village and have a look around, it’s small but very spread out. Everything looks subdue. There is one building that has several guards around it that makes the normal villagers keep away from it. I head back to let the others know.

After telling Salvator about what I saw it is decided that Salvator and Larissa will be slowly walking in to town and making their way to the guarded building and Kassegore was to use the water to get close before making an entrance. Salvator wanted me to sneak into a position so that I could be Kassegore’s backup.

We head out and things start off well, until I attempt to land on a building. Two archers spring out from the rubble, and two more on the guarded building spring out as well. I notice that Salvator and Larissa have just made it to the edge of the village, as there are many villagers in between them and me, I can’t head towards them. _ I find out later that it was a good thing as they were under attack at this point as well._

I shoot one, managing to take it out. I then make a dive, to let the closest companion know something is wrong, straight into the ocean. I manage to make it to Kassegore, and finding that my wings aren’t helpful under water, hold as still as I can.

After the fact I find out that Salvator had managed to throw off the previous hit and heal himself.
This is happening as Kassegore grabs me and starts to swim in another direction.

The dive I did, threw off the archers on the rooftops. Then those on Salvator and Larissa’s side, one switches to a sword, and another attempts to attack Larissa.

Larissa then manages to throw off the previous hit and smacks the one that just attacked her with her staff, taking him out. Then moves around a corner, a villager asks if she is ok, and after getting the answer of yes the villagers head under cover.
Salvator steps around the corner to cast bolts at several Red Store, managing to take out one and stun another.
Larissa moves back around the corner and cast a bolt at the last one, taking him out.

The archers on the rooftops attempt to shoot at Kassegore or myself, but just get the rocks instead. Kassegore continues swimming.

Larissa moves forwards the building we were meeting and casts armor on herself. Salvator moves up towards Larissa and casts deflection.

Those archers move together and one calls out, “There’s something in the water! And it’s pulling the Aevakar!” Another shouts out “What?!? There’s an Aevakar in the water?”

Salvator moves forward saying, “You don’t have to worry about the water, you should worry about me.”
A crossbowman asks, “Who are you?”
Salvator answers, “Zebadiah Stone” Then he casts bolt and takes out two crossbowman.

Kassegore lets me float up to the top, out of danger. I crawl out of the water and shoot at a crossbowman. Larissa cast a drying spell on me and everything is gotten. _I think I will have to learn that! _ Then Larissa moves closer to the fight.

A Red Store runs up to Larissa and attempts to hit her. Larissa makes a smart-aleck remark that causes the Red Store to say, “That is not language fit for an Elvin lady.”
Larissa: “Like I care.”
Red Store: “Well you will care when this steel is in your mouth!” Then attempts to hit Larissa with his sword. When it misses, Larissa says, “It looks like you missed.”

Salvator and Larissa have a brief look, like some sort of magic has happened in the area.

A Red Store moves backwards to get a better shot. The one in front of Larissa, got angry and gets a good smack on her, causing a really bad wound. Another reloads the crossbow and then attempts to shoot me, and another runs to Salvator and attempts to hit him.

There is the sound of a door opening, some shouting before the door slams shut. I fly over to Larissa, managing to get in between her and the Red Store, and shove a healing potion down her throat. Salvator notices the zombies coming towards us. He then smacks the crossbowman, taking out the Red Store, before coming over to Larissa to heal her saying, “That is no way to treat a lady.”
Larissa then recovers from the wound and stabs the one that hit her, glancing off the helmet. Salvator attempts to smite the one in front of us. Kassegore gets out of the water and into a warehouse. Looking out the open door he then snarls at the zombies.

There is a shout of “Get out of here you beast!” Followed by the sound of a bolt being cast and Kassegore snarling in pain. And another shout of, “Go tell the masters!”

A Red Store reloads and manages to hit me with a crossbow bolt, stunning me. Another takes a swing at Salvator to seriously wound him.

I manage to throw off the bolt and then pour a healing potion down Salvator’s throat, before seeing what Kassegore got himself into. As I land in the warehouse, a caster says “Oh good, a false angel.” I also see that the Beast has come out to play.

Four zombies move towards the Beast and myself, one attempts to hit me and the other three attempt to hit the Beast. The other four zombies move towards Salvator and Larissa.

Larissa casts three bolts, takes out two Red Store and stuns another before moving behind Salvator. Salvator smites the swordsman, taking him out then does with the light thing, taking out a zombie and stunning two others. The Beast moves towards the caster, and goes wild. There are two swings that miss and then between the tail and the head butt, the caster goes down. At the same time, so do all of the zombies.

Once we get Kassegore back, I shove a healing potion down his throat. And then start to yell at him with gestures. Kassegore seems to get the gist of what I am attempting to yell at him as he starts to yell back at me. After a few minutes of this, I forgot and attempt to use my voice again to yell at him, nose to nose, although he is doing a good job at knowing what to say back to me. Salvator and Larissa come into the warehouse sometime during this and Larissa states, “Let me translate for you. Hey you dumb ass, what were you thinking?” After a few more minutes of yelling, we head to the tavern.

The bartender is happy that all of the Red Store is gone and is willing to give us some information. I patch us up to be ready for more fighting. As Zebadiah talks to the bartender that the Rangers are allowing him to operate due to the fact that he takes out the Red Store for them, I make the universal gestures to move the conversation along. The bartender doesn’t have much information, he sends us over to the brothel and to more from the lady there. We head over there and find out that the Red Store was having a boat deliver something to an island in the distance.

As we have some time, we make a plan to ambush the ship that will be coming. Kassegore is in the water and I am in the air when it comes in. Salvator doesn’t care what happens to the Red Store, but nothing should happen to the ship’s crew. After Kassegore and I get rid of the Red Store, the captain is very willing to help out. We find that the Red Store was delivering another machine to the island, but this one has the crystals perverted. Salvator decides to send one to Grak in Sog. Kassegore manages to get a purely mechanical piece off the machine and toss it overboard.

The captain tells us that it will be the next day before we can sail again.


Saiderin aaeoina

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