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Gobblin Gazette 1st editionNews Articles of "Beyond the Gather"

News Articles of "Beyond the Gather"

The Great Road Project

The project to build a road from Echer’Naught to Greenvale is nearly complete. Workers of the road project are hopeful that the road will be complete before winter, making travel safer and quicker between the two places. Merchants eagerly anticipate it’s opening for spring and are disappointed that the road will not be available for the Fall Harvest Season. One of the Grey rangers commented, “Well, we (meaning the Grey Rangers and the Orlaran Army) can get there quicker for a more timely defense and it would mean more trade between the areas.”

Corruption of Gathers?

Contact has been lost to several Goblinesh Gathers in the area between Echer’Naught and Farwatch. Travelers are advised to stay clear of the area while the Gray Rangers and Olaran Army verify some of the rumors. A Priest of Light that came from the area recently commented, “They have fallen to Darkeness.” Speaking of a gather that has been corrupted by the forces of evil. If you have kin in the area it is better to send a message than to travel there. If you must travel there then it has been suggested to travel in force and armed and tread cautiously.

Wolfhaven creates a Haven of Tents

Camp Wolfhaven, founded by Col. Alexander Wolfhaven was founded just east from Tarnn. It was founded in the effort to provide succor and healing for those suffering from the War with the Prelacy. Col. Alexander Wolfhaven’s men lead by Macha Panta cleared the town of Schweinskopf of Prelacy forces but could not prevent the burning of the town. The camp was founded as a major hospice effort and established the “Hospital” in a large camp of tents. They have also brought in a large number of people of the Healing Arts to aid in the healing of the many wounded and harmed by the Prelacy’s Crimson Crusade. Though the majority of the Healers are not skilled in Magical Healing, they have healed and aided hundreds already. Col. Alexander boasts that the camp may have 1000 wounded at it’s maximum capacity. “The tents go on and on..” one new comer commented in awe. Even with the large effort here they would welcome anybody with healing talent and would even teach volunteers their art. Some of the head healers talk, currently idly, of establishing a Healing Univerisity and repository of medical knowledge to be constructed but this is only in the speculation stages. This writer notes that sponsorship of this great endeveor would not go amiss as hope is needed in this time of war.

Food Shortages in Karas!

The Siege of Crystara took a heavy toll. Many flee to Karas for a better life and to avoid being in the conflict. When the Grey Rangers returned from the Siege they noted that it will stretch supplies very keenly, especially with winter coming. Food Merchants that have a surplus are asked to donate it to ease suffering or at least sell it at a discount to create a relief fund of supplies. See the local City Officials or a Grey Ranger Outpost if you are interested.

Denier’s of Death Cult at Large

When the Siege of Thuls was broken and the dust settled, there were far fewer of this cult than were known to be there. The Denier’s of Death is a cult of worshipers of Evil that use magic to raise the dead to fight for them, the risen are simply animated creatures of evil with no ties to their former self. The Grey Rangers and Orlaran Army has concluded that many of the cult must have escaped and are at large and dangerous. The search for the rest of the members of this cult is on. If you hear strange screams or moans or other scary sounds then please report it as the Grey Rangers and the Orlaran Army are here to protect us and help us. They are working for your safety.


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