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Grak- Builder’s Log

(Written in the Builder Language with more technical information provided)

(Broken up into several log entries)

I ended my contract much to my shame but with a good reason, I met an Angel. It was a poorly written contract with the standard loop holes on this world. These people really need to read fine print. She has enchanted me and I have vowed to go where she does. In observing her and this small world, I have decided that the barbarians that she surrounds herself with and is immersed with are dangerous. Initially I have given her a pair of the Casters to combat her enemies but I have decided that she needs to be better protected. In doing to, I will create her armor with my superior Knowledge’s and with use of the Work Crystal.
It has been a large challenge to create an armor that is both light weight and functional for my angel. The Knowledge of the Working Crystal needed for it was necessary. I first needed to assess her strength, both weight and weight to air ratios. It was a challenge to keep focused on task and admit to myself that she may be strong but there are limits. According to the Codes I set aside my prejudices and assessed what her true strength was. For one of her kind she is indeed very strong.
Once the strength calibration is complete the next step was proper measurements. This did cause me some distress. One does not touch an angel with rough hands. So it was required that I create a method of measuring. Digging deep into my store of the Knowledge, I found a way to get correct measurements that required her to wear a device while flying and make adjustments to the device in flight. She assures me that she is fully grown and doesn’t believe that her measurements will change significantly. This allowed me to make a stable design that requires very little adjustment.
These Rangers are a very distracting lot. I have been forced to lock my workspace to keep out those curious and not initiated in the Knowledges of Order. One in particular is incessant in his queries, both of a verbal query and the non-verbal curiosity. While it may be good to encourage this behavior in a youngling, an adult should have a more orderly mind. I have managed to convince him that he is not yet ready for the Knowleges and he has impatiently backed off. I do see through this ruse. He wishes to put me at ease and let my guard down on the sacred duty of guarding the Knowledges and may even sneak into the workshop unobserved. He persists in attempting things that are clearly beyond him and treating the Knowledges as simply mechanics and has no respect for the Mystries they present. He may be of the same species as my Angel and male but I lack time to teach him as I have my Angel as my student. Unfortunately, I am confident he will persist with or with out my help and his “Try it and See” method will undoubtedly get him killed.
The Rangers have taken me as being almost one of their own as I have chosen to wear the simple garment of my Angel, at her request. For a simple thing as a color and a garment bringing such trust in me is absurd. It simply is an associative tool to let others know of my affiliation and affection of my Angel. I have noticed that she does place a high importance in these Rangers to such a degree that she has taken one of them into her intimacy. Gratefully, he seems to not waste words as the others do. He also does not seem jealous of my affection to my Angel. It is a moment of peace in a chaotic and un-orderly world.
The work goes slowly as I do not have access to a proper shop full of proper tools. Luckily these Rangers and others around are not totally ignorant of the Stone. Even though I have brought some of the most basic tools I still needed to re-invent many of the tools that I need to make the armor. Ah, for a fully equipped fabrication and energy charging shop. What is more disconcerting is that the leader of this outpost has demanded many of my items to be turned over to him as a sign of peaceful intent. As if the lack of a tool removes the Knowledge of the tool or the Knowledge of the making of the tool. He lacks even the simplest understanding of our Knowledges and Code to understand that I have removed the more common mass produced command modules and kept items needed for replication of the more delicate working of the Control Golem and other necessary components. I removed them per the Code of the Stone.
Due to this continued hindrance I have been shamefully in slow in creating the promised Armor. Several individuals represent an unconscionable security breach so I have created a system of locking and shielding using the Knowledges to secure the small space of the “Warehouse” that was provided. It would have been better to have the work space underground for a more secure location. If I only had a Digger Drone or a Dig Kit.
At last I have created a first prototype for her, just in time to wear and be protected in another moment of chaos for this area. One faction is attempting to eliminate the other faction by burning the resident’s domiciles to the ground. Sigh, I sometimes wish that I studied Poli-Tech to understand these factions. Luckily the shielding and locking mechanism have burned off the accelerant that was applied to the walls before it had any ability to be effective. The Transformative Field was not only able to shield the building but discouraged a continued assault. This did make me unable to open the doors to my Angel or anyone. I set the system on a 48 hour timer and took the interval to continue to work on the various problems set before me, uninterrupted this time. I am sure that with the first Protoype’s success the other of my Angel’s Race will be asking how and want one. There are things that are not my problem. This is one.
My Angel believes that the Prototype is the finished product but it isn’t. She will be disappointed to find that due to the supply issue I will need to take the Prototype apart to rebuild a better one. I sense another moment of chaos coming up but luckily it shouldn’t require me to lock my beloved Angel out of the workspace as I don’t think that the chaos will reach this Location directly. The work continues.


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