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Grand Opening of the Hero's Hart Tavern and Luncheon

Posted on buildings in Sog on 10th Dancing Clouds

The Hero’s Hart Tavern and Luncheon is proud to open it’s doors in a Grand Opening on 16th of Dancing Clouds.

Now offering for the first 15 Grey Ranger’s of Corporal Rank or higher: 1 Free Drink and if the Officers are drinking with their men, One free drink for every 10 their men buy.
(Drinks must be of an equal or lesser value)

We offer a compliment of Firebeard Brew as well as a small selection of Alvarian Ale and other local drinks.

Now Featuring a Maan’i’s Door for our larger than normal customers.

A standard fare of food is offered as well as a selection of baked delights. Made to order meals can be purchased too.

Grand Opening will feature Jok-tar, Bard Extrodinaire as well as other local talents. Feel free to sign up for our musical contest, winner to be determined by crowd approval and Participants have a 5 copper sign up but this does come with 1 free Firebeard Brand Brew.

We hope to see you there!


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