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Here Necromancer, Necromancer, Come out and Play

This is Getting Weird, More Aevakar.... Are We Building an Aerie?

8th of Festival Moons
Answering a summons, I start to head for the Tent only to realize that the inn has become the new headquarters for the Rangers. In the conference room I see Vhen, Maggpie, and Maani. It looks like we are all going out again, although it will be the first time that Galashorn has left Sog since his demotion. I really should talk to Artivan about that, Galashorn is really struggling with the fact that he needs to stay by me.
After a few minutes, Artivan walks in to the room accompanied by a human female that is dressed in wraps and Artivan introduces her as Bahiya. He then apologizes for getting the name wrong. It looks like I’m in charge again as she isn’t a Ranger yet and I’m going to have to remember to leave the bridges alone!

Artivan states that we have gotten new information on where the Goblin Alchemists are being held, he hands Galashorn the map of where we are heading. Bahiya is asked to join up to help these individuals out, she agrees. Before heading out I tell Artivan that somewhere in town there is another Aevakar. Maggpie asks if it’s the one with Red wings. I state that it is. At Artivan and my look, Maggpie states he has seen her and she has been helping with Glasshorn’s punishment. I ask if she was the one who moved Glasshorn’s gear. Maggpie answers that it was. I reach back and smack Galashorn’s head and say “It wasn’t me.”

Artivan: “I like her.” Points at me “Bring her here.”

I state that I haven’t seen her.

Artivan: “So find her and bring her here.” Turns to Glasshorn and then says “And what have we learned from this?”

Galashorn: “Not to shoot anyone he’s not supposed to.”

We head out. I have Galashorn paving the way, sans bow. But I send Maani up front with him who rips out a tree and starts walking with the tree in front of him. This makes for a not as quiet, as I would have liked, trek through the woods. Vhen is bounding through the trees scouting from a different vantage point. Bahiya and I are walking a bit behind the rest. Maggpie is scouting in the air, with instructions of not to shoot first if he finds enemies.

Maggpie: “The only reason that I did it that was the enemy saw me and I was distracting them to make it back to sound the alarm. If something happens like that again may I shoot?”

Me: “I would prefer if you whistle before shooting.”

Maggpie nods and heads out. After a while we hear movement in the trees ahead. Shortly after Maggpie whistles. I fly forward and drop Galashorn his bow, then getting mine out I shoot one and knock it slightly back. Great more DBW, although these don’t seem to have any crystals.

Galashorn attempts to shoot one, but misses. I think him catching the bow threw off his aim.

Maggpie shoots and takes out the one I shot, then states that there are two more large ones back in the trees, so we shouldn’t move forward till we finish these off.
I state that we need to find the Necromancer first. And Vhen says ok, and heads forward. I call out not to go far past these zombies. Vhen takes out one of the Zombies that were off to the side.

Three zombies gang up on Vhen. Another runs up to Maani, who swings and stops it in its tracks. One zombie attempts to shoot me and misses, the last one standing attempts to shoot Maggpie and also misses.
Maggpie dives towards the closest one, near Vhen, and cuts it in half. Vhen hits one with his staff, knocking it back, then kicks the last one, which also doesn’t seem to do much. Vhen tells Maggpie “Thank you for your assistance in evening the odds, but I can take it from here.”

There is a loud metallic clanking and Maggpie states to forget about the moving forward, just kill them. As I see these two new ones, I notice that they do have crystals and shout: Don’t hit the shineys! Don’t hit the crystals!”

Bahiya runs forward and casts something that takes out two zombies. Galashorn and I each aim at a zombie and take out our respective targets. Maggpie flies up in the air and shoots the other DBW Orc. Maani clubs the last zombie that is in front of him then runs through the trees up to the other DBW Orc and says “Ok Birdie says to wait, so I’ll wait.”

Vhen hits one of the remaining zombies and stuns it, then attempts to kick the other remaining zombie and misses. Then Vhen heads towards Maani and the DBW that he’s toe-to-toe with. I’m not sure that he meant to go in that direction.
The DBW near Maani steps even closer, then howls in pain as Maani hits it. Then they seem to exchange blows. Maani’s blow seemed to hurt it, but it just barely nicked Maani’s arm.

I inform Galashorn that if he hits one of the crystals that there will be drastic repercussions. We both take aim at each of the DBW and shoot it. Just after I release my arrow, I notice that Krretass has come into the clearing. I tell him not to hit the crystals.

Maani takes a swing at his DBW and takes it out. Bahiya runs up close to the other DBW and casts something at it which hurts it. Vhen runs up to the same one and puts the end of his staff through its jaw.

I fill in Krretass in on the mission as we make sure that these dead don’t rise again and he makes sure that we are patched up from the fight. I had originally asked Maani to make sure that they wouldn’t rise again, but he pointed out that maybe it should be one who used a bladed weapons as I asked for the crystals to remain intact.
Maani keeps looking at one of the armored arms thoughtfully. Maggpie asks if he can help Maani, I said yes. Then after a few minutes I realized what exactly was happening. Maani wanted the armored arm to replace the one he’s lost. Bahiya starts to complain that we are keeping that arm, as it is evil. Maggpie points out that it’s a tool like a sword or a bow, the thing itself isn’t evil – it’s the people who are usually in possession of it that are. Bahiya looks thoughtful at that idea.

As its quiet again, I take Galashorn’s bow back and we continue on for two hours till we see a small Gather, with not a lot of traffic in or through it. This place looks like it’s been missed, so far, by the war. Maggpie finds out that, Shorn Sheep Inn has been taken over and no one is allowed in.

We quickly make a plan; Vhen rides Maani who gets a fruit cart and charges the guards through the door, while the rest of us take out the guards.
Krretass casts armor on both Vhen and Maani. When Maani gets close to the fruit cart, the guards start saying that they are under attack. At Maggpie’s yell of charge, I look over and see Maani glowing. The guards move to be able to shoot Maani, several attempt to hit him, but miss. Though two did actually hit him.

Galashorn shoots one and stuns him. I shoot and take down another. Maani charges through the wall, and makes a new door. If that guard survived that, then he’s in a messy situation. Before Vhen disappears into the inn, he makes a leap off of Maani’s back and we then hear the sounds of death from inside the inn. Bahiya shoots at a guard that dives through a window.

Maggpie shoots at a guard and takes it out, then flies towards another one and distracts him by kicking at his head. Those of us outside hear Maani take out one more. Then from inside we hear yelling. ”What is going on here! Can’t I work in peace!!” Followed by “Oh this is not good! Captain deal with these interlopers!”
Krretass calmly walks in the wake of Maani’s mess and takes out the guard that Maani didn’t get on the way in to the inn. Bahiya walks up to the window and tells the guard that ducked in that if he surrenders now, he can live. After that guard surrenders and goes back out, she goes through the window to shoot at another Prelacy.

I hear yelling, something about half of the forces already being dead, before seeing three Prelacy members running out the door. As I didn’t know the status of those in the inn, we let those three get away and make our way in to the inn. We find the Alchemists and do have a few prisoners. The villagers were happy to have the Prelacy gone that they gave us provisions for the trek back to Sog.

As we were heading back an Aevakar lands in front of the party. She is not much shorter than I am and has a deep red hair and feather color. Her eyes are bright green and she seems to be shy around people. Maggpie states that this was the one we were looking for and thanks her for the amusement she had provided. This new Aevakar nods her head at Maggpie.

Glasshorn rudely asks, “What you don’t talk?”

To which the Aevakar lowers the scarf that is around her neck and shows us a very bad scare on her neck, then moves the scarf back up.

Galashorn: “Now I feel like an ass.”

I tell the Aevakar that there is someone who would like to meet her, would she join us for the walk back to Sog. She nods and starts to walk with us, as she joins the party I notice that she has a bag of fresh herbs.


Saiderin aaeoina

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