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I'm Now A Watcher And Reporter!

Explosions In Caves Are Bad!!!!

This is one of the problems that I have with these reports, I can’t remember the days. Not that I took much stock in the days anyway.

I manage to see Gudmund, Luna, Ta’Or and Liarra head off to the briefing room and I head over to follow them. The Sargent Major is there. Gudmund starts filing down a rock and an Aevakar named Sull asks “Why?”
Gront says, “To make it sharper.”
Gudmund replies, “I hadn’t thought about that, but I will keep it in mind. I need the rock smaller.”

The Sargent Major starts the briefing, and the mention of us always on the Chimera’s tail, Gront looks confused. And starts to look for a tail that might have grown from his back side.
Sargent: “Sit down!”
Gront: “I am sitting!”
Sargent: “Sit still!”
Gront: “Chimera adds stuff to people!”
Sargent: “Has she touched you, yet?”
Gront: “She’s come close.”

The briefing continues and the mission is given. The Sargent Major looks over at me and tells me that my mission was to follow, record and to bring any news to him or to his second right away. And with this I am not to engage in ANY fighting while I’m trailing them.

As we get ready to depart, Ta’Or asks if he can get some oranges? The Sargent Major replies, “What do I look like a quarter master? Get out of here.”

We head to the stables and Gudmund asks for a cart, they give him one with a mule. Gudmund states that it’s better than a horse. Zerenelia says, “You should man up!” At this Gront grabs Gudmund by the belt. As I chuckle at this, an upside down Gudmund says, “Can you at least make it so I’m not face down?” Gront sets down Gudmund and appears to be looking for a better hand hold when Gudmund fixes his harness and says, “Here.”

Out of town we go. After a few hours Gudmund stops the group and points out a new trail that heads upwards. This new trail was very hard to find. We head on up and there are several places where all of the Aevakar and the Ogres have to duck through. The last one ends up an entrance to an open area with a waterfall. We see that the trail continues further and head on up.

An hour later we see a large forest and can start to make out a building face. Gudmund studies it for a few minutes and then starts to make a drawing of the layout of the building. Gront grabs a branch, managing to pull out the whole tree and explains that it is in case he needs to hide.
Ta’Or watches the rooftops, but is quiet and no movement. Gudmund suggests that someone go scout. Shayline approves of this and Sull goes out to scout. Gront attempts to see the magic and starts to turn green
. Gudmund states that if he calls out Glitter boom, don’t be in front of him.
Zerenelia asks why? Gudmund states to go through a lengthy explanation. Once he stops, a very green Gront says, “Gudmund talks too much.”

Sull, Liarra and Ta’Or start to track something. I think that Ta’Or was messing up the trail as Sull smacks him and says, “No!” Liarra pipes up that she has found something that she doesn’t recognize. Sull and Ta’Or move over. It is decided that we are in the correct place.

Gudmund looks over the place, as this was once a Dwarf’s Stronghold, and says that the traps are still active. Gudmund asks if there might be someone who can stop it without setting if off. Gront was starting to say he could, but at the last part says, “Oh.” As his mouth is open I quickly pop a leaf into his mouth and he starts to look better.

Shayline asks for more description about the leaver and where it would be. Gudmund answers and then Shayline walks through the ground. She finds two sets of archers as she gets close and before coming out of the ground casts obscure. Then she rises up and flips the lever.

As we see the doors open and mist come out of the doorway, Gudmund yells, “He’s in, go in!” At this Ta’Or charges in and sees a set of Red Store and finds that one of the Crossbowmen has a Red Store arrow sticking out of his shoulder. (Shayline tells me later, that the four Red Store shot into the mist and that two of them were wounded this way.) This threw off Ta’Or’s game as he misses the swing.

Zerenelia runs in after Ta’Or and takes out the wounded Red Store with an arrow. Shayline, with the mist, moves closer to the other group. She manages to take a swing at one and do a stunning hit. Then says, “You can surrender now.” The Red Store drop the crossbows and draw their swords.

Argoth charges in, making Zerenelia quickly move, as he busts through the wall on the other side of the doors. He manages to gracefully come to a stop before getting to the ruins of a bell.

The lone Red Store near Ta’Or drops the crossbow and attempts to hit Ta’Or with his sword. The ones near Shayline throw off the hit and attempt to hit Shayline.

Liarra moves in and sees the hole in the floor of the room that Argoth entered. Shayline’s ability to make her walk through the ground has also allowed her to know about this hole.
Sull moves in and runs part way up the wall to jump off of it to shoot the one in front of Ta’Or, stunning it. Gront moves in, picks up Gudmund to move him to the side.

Shayline smacks the same Red Store, taking him out, before offering the other the chance to surrender again. As the Red Store doesn’t appear to be in that mind set as he starts swearing, Shayline walks into the ground. Ta’Or sings and takes out the one in front of him before moving into the main room. Zerenelia moves closer to shoot the remaining Red Store, shaking him. Sull does another backflip and shoot the Red Store dead. Luna moves in and sees the big hole in the main room. Liarra moves up to the ledge of the hole and notices that the tracks lead down. Gudmund starts to disarm the trap, as Gront makes sure that no one can sneak up behind the group.

From the hole come two trolls mixed with a golem, they are huge.

Argoth charges to one of these things, causing Liarra to move out of the way. Argoth attempts to push it back down the hole and when that didn’t work he attacks it. This wounds it and causes it to fall down the hole. The fall causes Gront to attempt to figure out how deep the hole is, but he keeps saying, “One thousand.”

Luna hops up on some of the ruins and shoots the other Troll-Golem twice, and it also falls down the hole. Gront attempts to count again. Gudmund finishes with the trap and walks in to the main room. The others inform him about the Troll-Golem.

Gront walks to the bell and smacks it with his tree. The bell makes a dull thunk sound. Sull walks up to Gront and hands him a rock, saying, “Throw the rock.” Gront throws the rock over his shoulder as he asks, “Why?” Sull looks at where the rock landed and said, “No, you were to throw the rock at the bell.” Gront looks confused. Gudmund looking around, finds where the bell should be and points it out, as Shayline states, “I know you have an interest in this, but we need to continue.”

Sull hops down the hole with several others quickly following. Gudmund asks Gront, “Can you help me down, but don’t throw me.”

As people get down the hole, they find a machine that is part Archfire, part people and part crystals.
We hear a raven’s cry as the black feather on Gront’s tree shakes and then explodes into several smaller feathers. These feathers land on each of us, and for safe keeping I put mine in my hair.

Once they get over seeing the machine they notice that there are several Necromancers, Zombies and Maggot-Hounds. There is also a larger of the Troll-Golems here, this one has several arms with different types of weapons. I noticed a Ogre Axe, an Archfire Axe, and a Boom Caster, there were others.

Shayline moves further into this cavern, through the ground, and casts deflection.

The Maggot-Hounds move up to the group, but as they do Argoth moves up and sweeps them. This takes all of them out and Ta’Or calls out, “Now that’s what I’m taking about!” Zerenelia hops down and is overcome by the energy that it’s making. It just made me twitch. She quickly throws off the effects of the machine and casts three bolts. This takes out one of the Necromancers and stuns the other two. Gront picks up Gudmund and drop him down the hole, then quickly follows. Gudmund was able to quickly get out of the way. Gront heads further into the cavern and upon seeing the new Troll-Golem exclaims, “Fuck no!” Then Gront casts Jet to take out two Zombies, stuns the Troll-Golem, and wounds the main Necromancer, causing him to stop channeling energy. This was weird to watch, as I was hanging upside down at the edge of the hole.
Gudmund moves forward and calls out, “Glitter Boom!” Then he use the box at his hip, after it ignites he yells, “Oh my eyebrows! Oh my beard!” I guess he never used it under ground.

Ta’Or moves forward to two Zombies and sweeps them, taking them out and stunning the Troll-Golem. Liarra moves down and then takes over the Troll-Golem, the order was clear as the Troll-Golem then heads to the machine and starts to swing at it. There were three swings that just made dents on the machine. I notice that the Boom Caster was coming up and I quickly made my way out of the building. As I barely make it out the door, there is a large explosion.

After the dust settles I head back in to see if the group is alive. I notice that Shayline is working on getting the group unburied and I check the others. Liarra is the worst so I make sure that she won’t die while I am getting help. As they are all going to be stable for me to get help, I fly up and quickly find a way to mark this area. Then head off to get help. I get there and get Alexis to mind link with me as I demand healers. Alexis doesn’t wait for an explanation and gets word out and while we are waiting for them to get their equipment, I fill Alexis in. I get to the part about the explosion and hear the Sargent start laughing. At this, I get the hint that Alexis is linked to several people and they now all know about this.

Luckily for the group, most of the healers were Aevakars. I show them the way there, after the group is healed we then needed to find Gudmund. Gudmund taking the time to look around found a passageway that leads out to a valley. This is strange as we flew near this valley and were not able to see anything. This valley is so open and has a keep several yards away. We also see a mostly complete tower.

The magic users confirm that this is Chimera’s tower.


Saiderin aaeoina

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