Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Is It Something We Said?

Maybe We Should Leave A Few On Their Side?

29th of Festival Moons
Maggpie fills us in on some of what has happened with the other groups that have been sent out. We now have a lot more supplies as they have raided the Prelacy’s supply chain as well as their uniforms. Col Junra Shriftaamel wants us to go to an inn and see if we can’t get some of the soldiers that are there to go home or even defect. This mission is made even more difficult by the fact that none of us (Ampersand, Ta’Or, Koranna, Sintaer, Maggpie or I) are human. And in fact three of us are Aevakar.
Maggpie voices his doubts: “Why wouldn’t we have assigned this differently?”
Me: “Just think of the challenge and of all the shinnies you can gather as well as the fame if we pull this off.”
Maggpie: “This is a gambling den.”
Me: “Yes”
Maggpie: “Hmm”
We chose to accept the challenge and arrive at the Inn. Sintaer, Maggpie and I are wearing the Prelacy’s uniform complete with the tabards to hide our wings, Galashorn is just wearing a uniform. Ta’Or, Koranna and Ampersand go to the back and start to appear to blend in as the Inn’s bussers and servers. Ta’Or gets stopped by the barkeep and the barkeep asked what he was doing. Ta’Or states that the man sent him here and if he didn’t do a good job then he would be in trouble. The barkeep asks if the man was Draxx, and Ta’Or nods. The barkeep sends Ta’Or into the kitchen with the advice to scrub the dishes better this time. Maggpie heads over to a table that has gambling going on.

I start to head over to a group of merchants and I notice that a group of Prelacy is watching and listening intently on a group of farmers and give one of the farmers a nudge to let them know as I continue on. As I reach the table with Galashorn as my shadow, I say to the table: Merchants are always useful, maybe I can buy you a drink?
A merchant, after looking at me with interest, replies: “Maybe we can buy you a drink”
I respond: “Always welcome.” And take a seat.
Another merchant then sees Galashorn and says: “And maybe your companion, too.” As they start to look crestfallen I state: “He’s a servant, you don’t need to.”
The three of them look happier and say: “Even better!”

As this is happening I see Ta’Or heading in to the kitchen, Ampersand seems to be really getting into his role and I don’t think that he’s even seeing those around him, Koranna is busing tables and finding out that there are some of the leaders that feel their men aren’t getting the treatment they deserve, and then Sintaer comes in and demands that the bard sing a song about a happier and free-er time then tosses coin his way.
As time goes on, Sintaer keeps having the bard play new and interesting different songs to sway the mood of the Prelacy soldiers as well as shouting that everyone should drink and be merry tonight for tomorrow we will die in glorious battle! And we should all drink with friends! I keep the merchants attention on me and attempt to get more and more information out of them, which they don’t seem to have. Leaving Galashorn to watch my back. Maggpie plays several hands at whatever game was at the table of three that he walked up to, finding that there is one who is paying me more attention than the game, one who really is all about the money and the last is just not overall happy about the situation. To the one who is unhappy, Maggpie starts bringing in conversation about the taboo practices that are going on within the Prelacy.
Ampersand keeps the charade up, bussing tables until he reaches the leader’s table and then buys them a drink. Koranna sets down another round & then sits down to start flirting with the very, very drunk table. Sintaer calls out for the dancing gal to come and dance on the table, then calls for the bard to play a dancing song for the lady. The bard apologies and states that there has already been a request and then starts playing the very old, pre-church take over Prelacy song. And the dancing gal begins to dance.
Maggpie turns to the one who has been watching me and says that he could more than likely get me to dance for them. After a few more moments, Maggpie comes over and asks me to dance. I sign discreetly to Galashorn to watch my back and then head up to another table to dance for mine and Maggpie’s table making sure that I don’t flash my wings. Ampersand sits down with a table that is reminissing about the old times and starts drinking with them. Ta’Or comes out of the kitchen and as he’s bringing the food for a Prelacy assassin, he clumsily knocks over the assassin’s drink and offers to get another.
As most of the tables, near Maggpie and I are now watching me, Maggpie moves over to another gambling table. He starts up a conversation and starts to point out to the first one and yells something over to that table. The Prelacy soldier yells something back about the game and I yell over to Maggpie: “Stop acting like one of the Goblins!” then I go back to dancing. Maggpie continues talking to the table and points at Koranna flirting with another soldier and the soldier that Maggpie is talking to, throws up. The Prelacy mentions to Maggpie that he is a bit worried that the assassin wasn’t making a fuss about what the bard was playing. Maggpie points out that the assassin is asleep in his food. The soldier and Maggpie get up and head over to the assassin and walk him over to the barkeep and then after a bit of talking the three head out the back. As they are heading out, I call out: “What the commander can’t hold his drink? He’s worse than an Aevakar!” Then I start to dance as the drinks have finally hit me.

Ta’Or comes in from the back and looks confused as the assassin is no longer at the table, then starts a conversation with the old lady that is sitting by herself. Koranna spills a drink on one of the ones at the table and says, “I’m sorry, we need to clean you up.” That soldier agrees and they walk off, stopping by the barkeep to find an area to clean him up. Sintaer attempts to freak out the table that the gal is dancing on, more statements about how it is glorious to die in battle. Then calls out for a battle song. The bard is confused and looks like he isn’t sure about where Sintaer is going with this and I sign over to the bard- the bloodier the better.
I call out that the three tables around me need to have a drinking contest. Right as the new song starts, I gather up the other two tables and bring them to the merchants table, shouting out to have Ta’Or “Bring drinks! We must drink heartily tonight as for tomorrow we will be working with Goblins, Orc and Alakar! And there will be death!” Maggpie comes back in, has a short conversation with the soldier that he left with and then makes his way to a corner table.
As the song ends, Sintaer turns to the leaders and says: “There is one way to avoid death tomorrow and the war, you could defect.” The leaders look around then look to each other. Then one stands up and calls out for attention. Then states that anyone who shares no love for the church, is welcome to stand with me in saying screw you!
The Prelacy that Maggpie had yelled at in order to get in with the second table stands up and goes over to the table that has a Prelacy clergyman at it, drawling his sword, and demands that he admits that the church was hypocrites and was wrong. The clergyman says yes right away and as the sword doesn’t lower, he asks what answer that swordsman would like to hear. The swordsman answers: “Yes we are hypocrites and yes they hire, Alakar, Orcs, and Goblins. They do deal in Necromancy and yes there are secret groups of heathens. And no the church doesn’t care about any of that they just care about power!”
The leader looks to those of us that are not human and asks us: “Are there any Rangers nearby or where we can find them?” At those words Sintaer, Maggpie, Galashorn and I rip off the Prelacy uniforms and say: “We are right here.” Ta’Or comes running from the back and asks: “Did someone say Rangers?” The clergyman surrenders at this point, and I turn to the merchants and tell each of them that they were under arrest, would they like to resist or go peacefully.
The leaders look a bit amused at this and then ask who is in charge. I tell them that I was. They then told me that I had three minutes to convince them to join the Rangers.
“Even if you choose not to join the Rangers that is your choice. We won’t try to force you to fight. But if you do choose to, then our commanders will take you and they will go off of my recommendation. We may have disciplinary issues, but even then once you become a Ranger—in any form, you stay a Ranger. My commander puts his men’s needs before his own and will not allow anyone to heal him until all that are under his command or his protection are cared for. His commanders just insisted, strongly, that he go and get healed so that he can continue leading.”
A Prelacy officer asks: “You are talking about someone named Artivan?’
I answer yes. They say that they have heard of this Artivan and that he treats men the way they should be treated and that they will join the Rangers!
Maggpie states that he had the assassin tied up and we should take him back along with the other prisoners. We head back to Thules with two squads of around 15-20 soldiers and scouts that have changed sides. Stopping at the first checkpoint to send word to Col Junra Shriftaamel that we are coming in with a lot more recruits and not to shoot them. Our new recruits give us the location and passwords of their forward camp, as well as an idea of who would be willing to join us as well.

Ta’Or tells us that he has a few more of the sleeping aids and that maybe we will want to see about making some sick or sleepy. On the way there I find some herbs that might be able to do the trick, if we are careful and give them to Maggpie.
Sintaer scouts and find that the first group is just homesick and the 2nd group are complaining about socks. Sintaer joins the second group for a bit and also complains about socks.
Koranna heads to check out a few smaller tents and heads off near the command tents.
I ask Maggpie to find the ones that could be converted and for Ampersand to follow and take note of the different ones. After realizing that Ampersand can’t understand, we decide to have him direct those that are sent out to the Rangers.
Maggpie stops at a fire and I fly around to the far side of the camp. I hear Maggpie start up about the secret group of Prelacy that aren’t human and attempt to give credit to his words, as I shout out: “Goblin get back here! If you don’t then bad things will fall off!”
Sintaer talks three into leaving, the camp closest to them tells them to stop. Sintaer then goes over and convinces that camp that the other is just going hunting to make the food more palatable. The camp seems to buy it.
Koranna yells for help getting the goblin and manages to get a commander to help out and call for reinforcements. Ampersand manages to convince the three to join the Rangers and gives them directions to get to the Rangers.
Ta’Or moves to help out Koranna as I hear something about the Goblin and I yell out “deserter” and then hear that is a good reason to get it.
Maggpie gets two more groups to leave and something about better food. Sintaer attempts to bet somewhat with the group that he’s with about the supplies being gone. The bet almost is pulled off, until its noticed that its local currency, not theirs. One of the guys draws on Sintaer as he shouts out something.
There is a mass exoduses of the command tent, and Ampersand runs up and takes out two of the ones that are near Sintaer. I move to where I can see Sintaer and shoot the last one. Then more shouting with Maggpie answering then more shouting and it looks like they are retreating.
Ta’Or swings and smacks a commander on the head, manages to stun him and then we hear the cry of a Raven.
Sintaer ran up to another camp and gets them to leave. Then I see a lot of Prelacy move up toward Ta’Or and Koranna.
The new soldiers are yelling: What are we shooting at?
Maggpie yells back: Nothing! I said everything was ok and the commander agreed!
Ta’Or swings again at the Paladin and takes him out. Koranna shouts leave now or you will all die! Ampersand runs up and smacks a commander, so much for the everything is ok talk.
Ta’Or looks surrounded, so I fly down and toss him out of the circle of death and get smacked with an Archfire blade for my troubles. Sintaer takes out a Prelacy, Galashorn makes his way across the large camp. Maggpie flies up and shoots the main guy, then yells something at him. After some thought and looking at the situation, the main guy kills himself.
At this nine of Prelacy decide to fight to the end and six more do ask to come over to our side. Maggpie and Galashorn help patch up my right side and my right wing.
I’m going to have to learn to fly with these feathers missing, its going to be interesting to see what the new ones come out as.


Saiderin aaeoina

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