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It's Over! A Group's Report of the Battle With Chimera

No Wonder Why Sky Likes Malec, He Blows Things Up

We are all called to finally take out Chimera’s Tower. The leaders decide to attack now while the tower is incomplete. As we start getting into position, we can see the tower getting higher and higher. Larissa and Kassegore start this battle with a test of wits as they start verbally sparing or throwing insults back and forth with each other.

The start of the battle is an Aevakar, named Callistar, perches on top of the tower to rain down as many arrows as he can on the enemy. _He manages to do a lot of damage this way. _ Seeing what Callistar has started, Sull attempts to help out but he can’t seem to get a good landing spot. I think that the tower was swaying too much after Callistar landed up there.

Zerenelia flies closer to attempt to cast at the enemy but is wounded before she can get to a good spot. Siege towers are being pulled into position by several Orcs, and Zarinn flies by shooting as many as he can before they can get into range. As Zarinn takes out the Orcs pulling the siege towers, a Minotaur-Golem flies by and wounds her.

Gudmund makes a flaming battering ram, which is powered by steam so that no one on our side can get hurt and sends the ram into the gate. The force causes the front gate to explode open. Larissa attempts to cast as many bolts as she can at the enemy, but it doesn’t look like much is happening.

Kang charges in and starts swinging his tree at Maggot-Hounds and Ratson-Minotaurs while shouting, “Kang is strongest that is!” Shayline walks through the ground and starts to stab at the darkness, but the darkness bites her back.

A dwarf runs up, under Kang’s legs, and sweeps the front line and is very effective hiding under Kang. Vhen bounds in behind the dwarf and starts to swing his staff, taking several out.

Charis heads down to the Builder’s conclave and starts shooting them, while deftly dodging their attacks. Felosia checks were the corruption is in the ley lines and she attempts to purify the lines. As she steps into a line, that is in a column, there is a surge of power and Felosia is wounded by this.

Bahiya heads in and finds the clogging gears of the machine and blasts them in to tiny bits. Liarra casts bolts at the Golems to break them and makes a lot of them statues.

Jorag heads on in and starts swinging and takes out several others, he is followed by Cresent Moon. Ta’Or heads through the useless gate and sweeps all that he can before noticing that Felosia is in trouble and getting her out of it. This causes the column to shatter, wounding Ta’Or.

The column shattering and other people’s actions causes an explosion of energy and the tower starts twisting as it start growing faster. There is cackling from inside. Cedruss heads into the leader’s area and starts talking to the Builders. The Builders start acting like they are all good friends and this causes the Necromancers to become very confused.

As Cedruss is doing this, I sneak by and start taking out the leaders. Meanwhile Malec and Puck start messing with another machine. They quickly come running back to the door, knowing Malec I quickly follow suit and then Cedruss follows me.

Salvator starts to heal the wounded, starting with Jorag. Kassegore starts to give a speech.
Elves, Dwarves, Goblinesh, some Dregordians and of course Humans.
We have handled invasions before and we will do so again.
Are we going to let her take over our lands?
The Army shouts: NO!
Army, let’s go kick her back to wherever she came from!

There is lots of cheering as Kassegore leads the army through the gates. Callistar swoops down from the top and starts shooting at the enemy. Jorag rejoins the fight and starts shooting as well.

Puck, Malec, Cedruss, Salvator and I come up with a quick plan and start working on it. Malec and Puck get the rest of us through the front lines. Cedruss then gets us through some of the Builders and to those that he can’t talk his way through I just kill. Once inside, Salvator then makes himself bright and blue as he starts to take out the undead. A lucky shot manages to wound Salvator.

Before we get all the way in I manage to see Kang being used as a shield by Vhen and a few others.

Vhen is on his back as well as someone I don’t know, Bahiya is following behind Kang to keep the enemy away from this group. Kang then throws Vhen up as hard as he can to get Vhen to the tower. As Vhen starts bounding up the tower, Larissa starts shooting at the tower to give him hand holds.

Gudmund and Zerenelia’s help uses his Glitter boom. While Kassegore and Felosia continue to direct the army.

As Salvator, Malec, Puck, Cedruss and I are finishing up, Cedruss says, “It’s about beer thirty.” And starts heading out quickly. We, confusingly follow, until we here Liarra’s voice telling us to get out.

As we exit, I see that Vhen has reached the top of the tower and is just about to hit the top of it with his staff.

The tower starts to crumble after the hit and as its falling we are able to hear, “Not Again! Not Again! Where will I Rule!”

In the silence of battle, Larissa calls out, “Don’t mess with Shaintar Bitch!”

It takes us awhile to make sure that all of the Chimera are gone and to collect our wounded and dead. As we do, the pretty unicorn comes to the army and thanks us all. She is naming this valley: The Valley of Shayline. This valley is going to be a sanctuary for those that are weary and need rest from the fighting. This valley will be hidden from those that do not know its location or know Shayline.

After several hours we find out that Vhen did survive the fall, an Aevakar managed to slow his decent. The other bit of information that the search discovered is that all of the chimera and she who is named Chimera are gone, there is no trace of them here.


Saiderin aaeoina

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