Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Journal of Felosia Naïllo Entry #6

Retaking of Sog - Part 2

3123 Thunder Hawk 16, Midday
Fourth Mission, Retaking of Sog Part 2

As we marched towards the center of town we came up alongside a building that looked like a warehouse but smelled like a restaurant. Manni ran forward as Content Not Found: felosia-na-lo reached for a door near where the rest of us were. As the door next to Manni opened and a prelacy soldier yelled, calling his friends out to fight, I opened the back door and stepped inside. It appeared that they had been partaking of plenty of garlic, a few even eating it like an apple. I grinned as I reached out and called all of the garlic in their food and hanging from the walls and ceiling to life. Fronds grew and bloomed with garlic as the soldiers were wrapped up in it. I noticed one of the soldiers who had ran towards the front door and flung it open only to shout “We’re under attack here!” Ta’or had it covered though and ran up behind him, shoving his elbow through the man’s throat. The soldiers started calling out in their language, and their leader cried that they would surrender, and someone said something about never eating garlic again.

While I had been busy playing with the soldiers food the others had raced forward. I heard screaming and Manni yelling “Maani Smash!” as the sounds of crumbling buildings mixed with incoherent screams. I ran to the front door just in time to see a massively armored Prelate staring at us with a manic grin before an arrow flew from over my head straight at his eye, trailing a slight glowing aura. Fortunately Galashorn had taken my suggestion of waiting to fire until he saw the biggest baddest opponent to heart. Unfortunately that biggest and baddest opponent noticed the arrow in time to twitch to the side and avoid instantly dying. As the arrow went through his right eye blood arced and small lightnings flashed from his eye to crystals in his armor and what bits of his flesh were showing. I watched in fascination as arcane symbols expanded from his bosy and shattered in the air, falling as star dust to his feet. There was a second Prelate next to him who helped him to his feet even while ordering the soldiers and builders to charge us.

I watched as our leader dueled another knight and took blow after blow, dropping him to his knees. I cried out for him to come towards me as I ran out into the fray, bashing in soldiers heads alongside Ta’or and our Brinche companion. As the knight took arrows and other attacks from our allies a great boom rang out from the other side of the courtyard. The front half of a building was ripped open from the inside by a massive undead abomination which rivaled Maani for size. As it appeared there was a surge of necromantic energy from behind it and the dead prelacy soldiers around us started to rise again. I instantly flung out a massive wave of life essence and brought the plants in the area roaring to motion They trapped the bodies and started working on dragging them down into the earth.

After the dead were taken care of I noticed that Maani and the undead abomination had charged eachother and Maani smashed it into the earth like a carpenter hitting nails. He then raced past the now unmoving dead corpse to pulverize the necromancer who until a second ago had been very smugly walking out of the damaged building. About this time the builders nearby had started goading their golems into moving to the attack only to become under attack themselves as rangers poured into the main courtyard from all sides of the city. Luna Sky saluted me as she carried a goblin over the top of a group of Prelacy Soldiers and let him dump a sack of something over them before dropping him amongst them as well.

As the soldiers and builders started surrendering all around I noticed that the two Prelate’s who had been in charge of this whole army stood in the middle, observing the fall of their forces. The one now missing his right eye pointed directly where Galashorn had been and called out something I didn’t hear before the two of them grabbed at something and disappeared from all available senses.

We had done it. We did it. We took back Sog. As I started helping out with healing as I could, both for our Rangers and the others who were about and needing help I noticed that there was an Aevakar skulking in the shadows around us. He seemed to appear and disappear throughout the rest of the day, eyeing us and flirting about like a shadow himself. Eventually I found him, and he is an odd example of his race, but that is a story for another time.


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