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Journal of Vhen the White: A new Journey.

Laughed at by a Tree

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 88 (Laughed at by a Tree)
9th of Dancing Clouds

So I finally finished the Flute-Staff. From the Siege of Thuls and my assistance there, I acquired a bit of a clear-ish blue crystal that is actually refined Chrysarium crystals that I melted together. The item was easy to break in pieces and one piece was about a 2 inch wide disk about ½ inch, or so, in depth shaped like a lens. The piece was perfect to put on the top of the staff after I have cleared out and created the deeper toned flute. After some asking about, I was able to get the crystal polished and cleaned up. I was assured by Sky that the crystals do not blow up unless charged. So I felt that it would make a good bit of ornamentation on the staff and create a nice back stop to the inner chamber of the flute. I finished up the polishing of the staff and one of the local Alchemists, I believe that it was one of the goblin alchemists that we saved, gave me a compound that was a reduced natural oil of some sort. The compound was to be rubbed on and would create a protective coating to the Everwood and bring out its luster. It ended up a wonderful green gold color and the wood grain seems to move slightly. That combined with the crystal at the top made for a wonderful look. I must say that I am proud of it, though I am reminded in my teachings to be humble and not make a special thing of it. I am sure many of the wood artists in Korindia would say that it was a good apprentice work with good materials. The Flute-Staff may have some modification as time goes on but it is fully done and functional. The only thing that I plan on doing is adding some more minor ornamentation or design work.
As I was finishing up by putting the crystal in place and fixing it to the staff permanently an odd thing happened. I felt a sharp shock or zap from the crystal and staff as it came together and I heard a strange tone, which I took to come from the staff, but it seemed to be inside my head. The staff accepted the stone as it if it was actually grown there. The crystal seemed to have been fused to the slightly crystallized ring of wood that I mentioned was a part of the cross section. There after, I have noticed that I am a bit more accurate with the staff as it feels like it is a part of me. The tone of both flutes seem to be even sweeter and as if it was coming from a masterwork instrument. I am pleased with it.
I had the dream of the tree that gave me the staff that night. The tree seemed to have a face of Grand Laughy on it and he was laughing his infectious laugh at me. Mostly it seemed at my confusion when I asked him what it meant. He replied, with much giggling, that the flute-staff was wholly mine. As much a part of me as the bark on the tree is a part of him. It was a strange dream but I feel confident in my mission to help others of this land see hope and enjoy good times in this terrible time of war.
I also asked for some wood to make a polishing wheel for some stones and the crystals. Essentially the polishing wheel will be a barrel like construction, made water tight. Inside, prior to sealing is placed sand, water, and stones that one wishes to be polished. Then the wheel is then set to turning in a creek or river but I have set it onto one of the wagon wheels on our trip back. It takes a while to polish the stones with in and ideally you use sever grades of sand going from rough sand to a fine sand. Then even a dull and uninteresting stone is made to be polished and pretty. I plan on putting various stones in it as well as the crystal pieces. These could add ornamentation to some of the toys that I have been giving to the local children. Or just a pretty stone for them.

That is all for now. I believe that I have a mission, other than my normal duties soon.


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