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Journal of Vhen the White: Flute-Staff Comletion

So many little lost ones

7th, Festival Moons, 3123
The basic flutes did not take as much time as I thought. But then again it is a simple carving job. I have taken to do my daily exercise and run in the morning pre-dawn. The light is enough for me to see by and not many people are up an about in Sog at that time. This is important as I do not wish to upset many people when I run, climb, vault and otherwise make my way from the outskirts of the city to the other side of the city in a “Fast as possible way” that I find so exhilarating. Then at Dawn or just after, I find a high place, usually in the city to play my new flute and go wash off afterward in the river. This I learned early on to do as many of the Masters were upset at my figgityness when trying to mediate on the dawn. But then again, aren’t all children a bit restless. Through meditation, exercise and bringing some joy into the world I have found some inner peace. That may have been the masters intent.
After completing my Flute portion of the Flute-Staff and getting it into a functional shape, I have an ever increasing joy and respect for this wood. It has a tone like none other and it may be my imagination but it feels as if the tone of the very wood attempts to accommodate my mood and the tones of any song. After I break my fast in the morning at the Ranger’s Headquarters and check in to see if they have any work to be done, I am usually not assigned, so I go about and help where I can. There are so many refugees and so many children that are in need of care. I must remind myself that these are people that have been displaced and are frightened and have suffered great loss. This may be why they do not do more to help each other out, like they do in my homeland. The whole community pitches in where ever needed with out any expectation of reward to help, as they in turn know that if they were in such desperate straits that the community would help them. But over all, I have found that there are many children that wander and either do not have guardians or their guardian’s are busy. Shortly after lunch time, I play my flute in the town square and entertain the children. I try to show the children that though life is hard now, there is still no reason not to “Play” and enjoy what little there is of their childhood. Growing up happens too fast already. I even join them in play, teaching them some of the games that I grew up with. As a child, I did not know that some of the fun games have a purpose in teaching lessons and learning and helping make them stronger while keeping the “Fun”. When I go back home, I shall have to thank the Masters and ask for their forgiveness on being a difficult child. But I digress.
In the evening, In my spare time I have taken to carving from fallen wood small figurines and toys for the children. I am no artist but it does not take much to bring joy to a child that has nothing. So sad. I give these out to children the next day. One time a parent came up to me and asked what I “Charged” for them. I confessed my misunderstanding. Then she asked me what she “Owed” for them. Still such odd concepts. I knew that she had next to nothing and could barely provide food and clothing for her children. After finally understanding that she was an honorable person and she wished to give me something for bringing “Such Joy to my little ones.” I told her that It was a pleasure to help and no child should be with out at least one toy growing up. If she truly wished to do something for me she may let the other parents know that I mean their little ones no harm and only wish to help. I asked her if she knew any songs or of any way that I could help her or her family. She startled me by a sudden embrace and told me that she will tell the Ascended in her prayers about me. While pleased at her thankfulness, I didn’t feel that it was something to cry over. She invited me to come by after evening meal, if my duties permitted and get together in the Gather, where the adults do a round circle of music and dance that night and that she needed to get back to the orphanage. I did not know that she was an honored Matron or Master. I stopped by the orphanage the next morning to see her helping no less than a dozen children. I also learned many songs that night amongst the adults. Some were upset at my morning run, others not so much as they did not need the morning “Knocker” to come around.
I have been having some very shy and very little ones come up to me letting me know that they have been sent by the “Red One” to me, they didn’t know why. After some questioning I have determined that the “Red One” is a red winged Aevakar that is young as well. Well perhaps a few years my junior. The little ones needed help, I tried to help them as best as I can. I also let them know that under no circumstances will I yell at them or hurt them. They were so afraid. Except they were not afraid of the “Red Angel” or “Red One” I shall have to see if I can get this “Red One” to see me or see the Ranger’s for help.


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