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Journal of Vhen the White: How best to help

The Levy against an Evil Tide

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 48 (The Levy against an Evil Tide)
31th Thunderhawk, 3123
I finally met the leader here. Sergeant Major Artivan Galadrius. He seems to be a person very much in line with my Masters with his efficiency of words and wisdom. He requested that I hold on to a Trainee’s cloak and decide if The Grey Rangers was right for me by applying myself and finding out what it truly means. He invited me to speak to his men and find what is the heart of the goal of the Grey Rangers and to see what commitment that I would be making. After I have done my research and discovered what it means to decide, no he implored me to fine my worth and see if it matched the worth of the Grey Ranger’s goals to see if I could rise to it’s challenge. Master Artivan had many things on his mind and appeared to have many people needing him with much expedience. So, I was left to discover the truth on my own. Of course he asked me if I could maintain a vigil with this company in this location and if my wanderings would take me away from the area any time soon as well. As any good leader would. From what I understand the Rangers are in need to increase their ranks to fight the on coming tide of evil. The brief recess of this area is at an end and the tide of evil will be rising. The Rangers act as a Levy to the Tide of Evil, and hopefully, contain the Tide. Due to this situation some of the ordinary rules have been dispensed with.
After extensive research into his men, which were very busy, I have determined that the Ranger Oath is a part of the path I follow. It may conflict with the Laws of Kor in some minor ways but I am sure that even the strict Masters would approve of doing this for the good it is creating into the world. I have decided to become a ranger and that it falls on my path for the moment. I shall have to find when Master Artivan has time to accept my service officially.


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