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Kassegore Speaks

An Address to the Dregordian Veterans from the Siege of Thul

When the Siege of Thul began I said “Show the enemy the might and fury that is our birthright.” On that day you tasted that power, many of you for the first time. We charged to the battle rhythm of an ogre’s war drums and our own roars. Ours was the first counter assault, the first solid blow stuck against the Prelacy’s forces when leaving the safety of the walls should have meant death. I was awed and inspired by your prowess.

But the time of fury has passed. For some, your first reaction is to cringe at the memory of that day. This disgusts me. We are Dregordians, proud and strong. We cringe from nothing. The ways of our people would deny you this. They state we should be ashamed and suppress ourselves, fearing the day the beast within shows itself again. I say the old ways are wrong!

You followed me in battle, witnessed me in combat. Even when in the deepest throes of bloodlust I maintained control, master of myself. Look around. We numbered but a few dozen among a force of thousands. Yet it was I the Camonite general surrendered his sword to for even our enemies honored us.

The rage that dwells within each of us is an integral part of our nature. It should not be suppressed, but accepted. It is something to be embraced, not ashamed of. Only then can you become its master. Only then will it truly grant you strength.

The Crimson Crusade is over but our work has just begun. Thus I ask you to accept yourselves as so few of our people have the courage to do so. Join me, join my hunt, and our enemies will be as prey before us.


Saiderin WongNumber7

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