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Letter / Report to Artivan from Felosia

Journey to Echer'Naught (Maintaining Burrow for that long hurts)


I probably could have handled that better. My trip to Echer’Naught was definitely more eventful than I anticipated. That said, everyone here has been exceedingly helpful. Well, I should probably tell it from the beginning since how everything went down applies directly to you and everyone else in Sog.

I was meditating early in the morning, monitoring the leylines for anything that might indicate a surge of Life energy associated with either the Phoenix Moth, or another one being born. There had originally been three larvae up near us, and some of the scholars we’ve had join the Grove of the Phoenix Moth have speculated that there might have been more about. Just after dawn I felt a slight pulse in the leylines (I’m omitting the exact day, partly for the reason you will read later on, and partly because if you really need to know it you can ask Rrassa). The pulse came from the South, completely opposite where we have been tracking our moth. I lurched out of my trance and fell against Sheela. She jerked awake with a yowl and an image in my mind of a wolf slashing across the hind-quarters of a buck.

Sheela wasn’t overly pleased to be woken that way, but quickly realized from my disorientation that I hadn’t meant it. She peeked into my mind and had Rrassa at my elbow before I’d finished coming out of my trance. I have left Rrassa in charge of the grove during my absence, and … you probably know that already… right. I called a quick meeting and made sure everything was going to run smoothly before sending Rrassa to inform you of my absence and his leading the grove. I stepped out intending to head out but found Sheela staring me in the face. Face to Face. I hate when she stands on a step and stares into my eyes like that. I had intended to tell her to stay and continue training the other familiars but she bombarded me with mental images. She showed me images of my travel and me passing out underground or being exhausted and getting attacked on the road as I slept.

Needless to say I didn’t complain much when she insisted on coming. I cast burrow on us and we headed out. We swam through the earth like dolphins on a romp. Exhausting. Completely. As in, don’t let me do that again. Please. Sheela kept me on task with taking breaks, which was very necessary. We had left without food so as we closed in on eight hours of traveling Sheela sent me a mental image of a roast that had my mouth watering so bad I was certain I’d just burrowed into a river. I sensed a pair of does ahead that had separated from the herd and could tell that they were past their prime. The forest was serene with the does calmly nibbling at grass from one sunny patch to the next. My skylance flew out of the earth and skewered one doe, flipping her up and into the earth as Sheela lunged up to snap the neck of the second and she dragged her down as well. I came up at night to sleep, and throughout the day to rest and heal myself and recover from the mental wounds I caused myself.

Anyhow, when I reached Echer’Naught I went straight into the middle of the city looking for Rangers. I didn’t have a clue where I could find the Druids I needed to speak to, and I figured the Rangers would have been in the front lines facing anything that came after the moth. Unfortunately this is where things went a little wrong. I came up in the middle of the training grounds for Ranger HQ in Echer’Naught. I basically collapsed as I came out of the earth. Sheela came up under me, holding me up over her back. It wasn’t until I heard her growl that I realized that there was a problem. I looked up into the faces of a very not-afraid group of Rangers. And their weapons. Admittedly I think Sheela was just trying to get my attention more than theirs, though at least one was looking oddly at her. I held up the hand with my Lieutenant’s ring on it, and gasped out that I am a Ranger from Sog, and that I needed the Druids. Then I passed out.

I came to, face to face with Sheela. And her teeth. She gave a quick yip then licked me in the face as another Druid pushed her aside. He looked at me and introduced himself as Lieutenant Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw, commander of the Rangers of Echer’Naught. After introducing myself he snorted and asked if I knew much about Echer’Naught. I laughed and admitted I knew next to nothing other than the location and the fact that the Sacred Grove was nearby. I looked him straight in the face as I finished by telling him I needed to find the druids about the Phoenix Moth that I was certain was born down here.

The lieutenant gave me an odd look before telling me that they hadn’t made the birth of the Moth public knowledge. He wanted to question me about how I knew the Moth was born in the first place but held off until he had gotten Sheela and I into his office then gotten me food. I told him about our moth which was currently flying around the Northern Gathers and its effects. He directed me to speak with the High Druidess Treesinger about the Phoenix Moth and told me where to find her in the Sacred Grove. He then also mentioned as I was leaving that normally people introduce themselves at the front gate. I apologized and thanked him for helping me out.

After speaking with Treesinger I learned that they are planning to be slightly discriminating with their date of birth for this moth. It actually will make for a good hiding tactic for the moth. We’ll have to remember that one the next time we want to discourage someone being able to track something but still want to report it. Anyways, Treesinger was very happy to hear about what the Grove has been doing and was more than willing to lend me some support in my tracking this Moth.

The really important part for you to know is that I was contacted by Colonel Wolfhaven. His message was a formal request that if any other representatives come down from our outpost they’d appreciate our sending fore-warning of our arrival so as to avoid any potential accidental violence. Seeing how I basically came close to starting an incident by arriving without checking in at the front gate it may not be a bad idea next time for someone to give warning. I know that for the Grove it is something we can manage, and the Rangers should be able to deal with that too.

For now I am going to be working out of this area, tracking that Moth and seeing what I can recover and piece together about this moth. Hopefully between what I learn down here and what the Grove learns up North we can recover some of the knowledge that we’ve lost.

High Druid, Lieutenant Felosia Naïllo


Saiderin Swampfoxib

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