Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Meeting Cairos

I Got Lucky, I Didn't Get The Same As Galashorn

I walk into Artivan’s office and hand Cairos the following note.

I’m writing this as I am not sure how Kassegore feels at the moment. You probably heard about the fact that I did smack him on the snout the last time we were in the field together.

I need to see about getting more bottles for my healing potions that I am supplying to the Rangers.

After reading this, Cairos looks up and says, “Why aren’t you telling me this?”

At the unexpected noise, Artivan turns to Cairos and yells, “Bloody hell! Cairos, don’t startle me like that and who are you…. Nightingale. You are getting to be as bad as Magpie. Right. Now have the two of you met before?”

Cairos says no as I shake my head. Artivan looks briefly at me and then looks over at Cairos to say, “Right then, Cairos this is Nightingale. She’s a potion maker and she is incapable of speech. She does know Ranger sign and carries around a pad for things more complicated. Nightingale this is my scribe Cairos. Now why are you here?”

I move forward and gesture to the note. Cairos then hands the note over to Artivan.

Artivan looks at it and then looks at me, saying, “Right I had heard about this, but I didn’t want it to be true. You know that its not nice or right to hit your fellow Rangers? I did demote someone over something like this.”

I quickly write out “I thought that we needed the Beast, so I brought him out. It was a little hit” and hand it to Artivan.

Artivan replies, “That bad?” I nod. Artivan says, “OK then, no further action is needed on this.”

Cairos turns to me and says, “Wait. If you’re making potions for all of the Rangers, where are you getting all of the other supplies?”

I point at myself. Artivan and Cairos say “No. This won’t do.” Cairos then starts on some paperwork and mutters something about children. Artivan asks Cairos, “Are you taking care of this over-site?”
Cairos replies, “Yes, Artivan. You’ll have something to sign in just a moment.”
Artivan then says, “Oh, bloody… never mind for this I will happily sign the damned paperwork.”

Artivan then turns to me and says, “Although you will have to give this to Kassegore yourself.”
I slowly nod as I pout to Artivan.

Artivan tells me, “There is no reason that you should have to use your resources for these potions, when Kassegore is gathering so many. And just think of this as a penance, of sorts.”

I nod at this. Cairos finishes the paperwork and then hands it over to Artivan. Artivan quickly looks it over and then adds a small note at the bottom before signing it. Artivan hands the paper to me, saying “Its open ended for the potions that you bring to the Rangers.”

I make a quick note, asking about the potions that are going to the Sog leaders for the hospitals and clinics.

Artivan and Cairos look at the note and then at each other. Cairos then starts on a new paper, telling Artivan that he is making a request for the totals that have been given so that those can be added to the request. Artivan nods and makes a quick note. Artivan then hands to me, telling me that Kassegore needs to see this as well. And if I was finished could I get out of the office?

I quickly make my way over to the quartermaster’s office.


Saiderin aaeoina

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