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Mission to help Thule: Blockade breaking

The Broken Block

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 84 (The Broken Block)
31st of Festival Moons, 3123
This month has been very busy with very little Festival in the Festival Moons. The Rangers of Sog have been called in to help out in the defense of Thuls. I am told that this is a major city that is the key to keeping the South Lands free from the Tide of Evil that is the Prelacy, which is a country of humans that do not believe that non-humans should exist. This is very odd, considering that they employ Builders. The Builders are a type of beyond the veil non-human race that are similar to the Dwarves but hairless and seemingly sunburned as if our sun hurts them. I am told that they have not been seen in a long time.
So we marched up to Thuls and received our orders and aided in some early reconnaissance. On this day we were broken up into groups and sent out to check on and break up a blockade that the Prelacy has set up that prevents some much needed supplies. We were ordered to break the blockade so that we would be able to get the much needed supplies for the defense of the city. A small group of 8 were chosen.
I was happy to see that Magpie and Sky were a part of the effort. With them was another Aevekar by the name of Luna Sky, a very quiet person; a Dwarf Wright named Beowild; A Sorceress by the name of Jade le Fey; And finally a Shield Warrior named Bognus; and lastly the silent and quiet warrior named Gunther. Sky, being the highest ranking person was in charge.
After much discussion we first employed some stealth to spy ahead. There were camps all along the line of were we needed to go and very few breaks in those camps. They all had signal flares as we did. We were to signal when it was safe to come through the blockade. We found a few spots where a small group could get through but more importantly the Prelacy was using 10 to 13 year old children as messengers. They were most likely pressed into service through threat to their family and lives. They were running on a regular basis some messages.
We decided to have our most stealthy Aevakar: Magpie attempt to steal their orders and replace them with a copy of orders that he had forged. The false orders were meant to bunch up the troops creating a gap for our supplies to get through while me and Gunther employed stealth to steal as many flares as we could or at least disable them. Gunther and I snuck up on the first camp and found that their diligence was lax so we decided because Gunther was human and could fit in the best we lured a soldier out and knocked him unconscious and dressed Gunther as one of them. Once that was completed I provided a distraction by gaining the guard’s attention and leading them on a merry chase in a small gathering of trees. It was touch and go at first but I was able to get enough gaurds to follow me to allow Gunther a minimum force left over to work with. I later found out that he had managed to dump water on all of this camp’s flares. The second camp we used the same trick and Gunther was able to steal 2 flares and cut the fuses on the others. On the other spots in the camp with flares we were only able to make the flares wet.
I had found out later that Magpie was able to steal the orders without being seen and with out the youngling messenger from even noticing. He told us that the orders appeared a bit odd and had some of the Builder’s script at the bottom. It was then decided that we assault and capture the head quarters while the two or three camps pack up and move to the other camps, bunching up and leaving a hole in their blockade. I am not sure if that was successful. Sky set to organize the Assult.
The positioning was me, Bognus and Bewild at the rear, Magpie, Jade la Fey, and Luna on one side; Sky and Gunther on another. The fortress had a wall around it and on the inside were a few guards and a large control golem with a Builder in it. We raced up and were ready for position when Gunther and Luna started sharp shooting. I was hanging at the top of the wall by my fingers and Bewild and Bognus were going to co-operate and have one run up the other’s positioned shield to hop on the top of the wall.
One of them did so and bellowed a challenge to the Prelacy Soldiers. Feeling that stealth is no longer necessary I flipped over the wall and hearing that Gunther’s Crossbow nearly hit home I used my staff to vault off of the staggering soldier’s shield and push the Builder out of his seat so that the Builder’s Control Golem could not be utilized against us. The Builder must have had trained and quick reflexes as he was able to keep on the Control Golem and hold on to my staff. We struggle for dominance. I end up kicking him using a high jump kick that always seemed to work in the practice circle and it only got him to let go and hang onto the control golem. At that time Magpie, who has a fascination with their equipment and technology has joined in my aide. Also, at that time Jade blasted a hole into the wall where she was at, not having an ability to climb, which was neglected. She took out 2 of the enemy and a building in putting the hole in the wall. Magpie was able to gain the Builder’s seat but I had noticed that there were quite a number of guards coming. I dropped my struggle with the Builder, allowing him to contest Magpie for his seat. I did this so that the gate could be barred against the on coming soldiers. It must have shocked the Builder because he sighed and spoke to his companion on the ground and they must have come to an agreement. He left peacefully, not surrendering just left and aided me in shutting the other side of the gates as he left out it. While I am very thankful for the aid, I wonder who the real enemy here is. I am not skilled enough in war and don’t truly wish to be. I was fine with his peaceful withdraw but Galashorn was not. He was lining up an arrow shot to take the Builder down. I was shocked that Galashorn would shoot somebody who has clearly given up fighting. Sky seemed to be in agreement with that thought as she yelled at him to “hold his fire” and not shoot him. A small argument with Galashorn and Sky was had. Galashorn’s point was that he did not surrender and was simply escaping and Sky was not interested in killing an unarmed or at least not aggressive person as we are trying to get the Builders on our side or at least not on the Prelacy’s side.
During the clean up and the firing of our flares to let the supply wagons know that the way was clear we found that it wasn’t just those 2 Builders it was all the Builder’s locally that just gave up and walked away, leaving their equipment. We turned this enemy base over to the command. I have to wonder, Are the Builder’s our enemy? What part do they play in this?


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