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More Free Time!

Artivan Shares The Love, Promotions For Most!!!

Its the first week of White Stag and Artivan has been indicating that we should soon be having some time off, again. I made mention that I would love to be rid of the effects of the Prelacy placed on me at Thules. Artivan mutters something about when I got the case of the whimpers.

Salvator offers to help out the following week as we start our time off. I am really grateful for this, as it means that we don’t have to keep an eye on him while he goes wondering Sog.

Salvator starts this endeavor of mine out with therapy talk sessions. I’m surprised at how well this went, as Grak kept stopping by muttering things about the armor and then again about Maggpie. A few times I felt Nightingale’s presence and saw Salvator frown at her.

After a few days of this, Salvator has me at the hospitals doing something called immersion therapy. The talks seemed to have helped, as I no longer whimper at those whom have had there limbs lost or even replaced. By the end of the week, Salvator and I go for celebratory drinks.

At the Hero’s Heart Inn, we here that Kassegore and Cairos have been plotting against each other – or in some cases with one another. Kassegore has been attempting to emulate human emotion and to some extent facial expressions. Although, from some of the looks he’s been getting, he has a long way to go.

Nightingale is pouting. After sitting with her for a while, I realize that because she’s been stockpiling up the Rangers with potions, these weeks off are her work weeks and she is currently writing up reports.

Artivan has been working on being able to persuade people to do things, other than just ordering them to. It doesn’t look like this week has been kind to him.

There is a new Dwarf in town that has been exploring and asking questions about the buildings. Roc-tar is happily talking to him.

The following week I spend with Grak as he wants to be able to finish the armor that he’s started. As I am there, I ask to be taught how to fully use the items that he has made or has altered for me.

Every evening I make the attempt to get Grak out and have dinner at the Hero’s Heart Inn with me. Every night he declines.

The evening stories are wonderful. Kassegore has put together, with Cairos’s help, some skirmishes for the townsfolk. The first one the story was bad and all there thought that Kassegore would loose it. He managed to remain as Kassegore and learn new things.

After a few nights I am introduced to the new Dwarf, his name is Gudmund. He is here to study and bring new stories back to his order. I know that he would like to hear more of mine, but my heart is too sore to tell him any of the stories of my people. And for now, he doesn’t ask.

Maggpie comes in each night looking like he’s been in a fight. And upon asking, I find out that he has been getting into fights in order to become better.

On the evening of the 19th, we all seem to be celebrating harder as we know this is the last night that we will have to ourselves. Grak has finally given me the new armor today and sends me out of the warehouse to go explore in it.

I take it in to the Hero’s Heart Inn and Artivan marvels at it. Although I think its more because he’s drunk than he actually understands what it is.

I find out that the last skirmish went well and all are celebrating as well. Maggpie bounces into the Inn and says “I have learned much.” And then he proceeds to attack Kassegore. After a few moments and Kassegore emerges the winner, Maggpie then tests Artivan.

There are several Rangers that look on in shock at the first strike, and I just shake my head at Maggpie and wait to see how spectacularly Artivan beats Maggpie. I am not long in the waiting as Artivan seamlessly blocks all of the attacks that Maggpie sends his way without spilling any of his drink. The finally moment arrives as Artivan uses a chair as a shield and then head butts Maggpie. This temporarily ends Maggpie’s enthusiasm as he has been knocked out.

I look around and see the damage that has been caused and shake my head at Nightingale, who has fallen to the ground in silent laughter.

Shortly after this Roc-Tar introduces Gudmund to Artivan. Gudmund is very polite and says that this can wait till after the celebrations are over. Artivan is happy to talk to Gudmund and explain that this was a week off for many of the Rangers stationed here.

During this conversation, Cairos walks in with papers saying we have all gotten a raise. Kassegore pipes in, that since he helped get us that raise, shouldn’t he get a promotion. Artivan thinks about it for a moment and then says yes Kassegore gets a promotion and so does Salvator. Kassegore looks a little upset about that, as Nightingale hops over and shows something to Artivan.

Artivan looks confused and says, “Haven’t I done so, already?” And Nightingale shakes her head and shows off her rank. Artivan turns to Cairos and says that Nightingale needs a promotion, Artivan then looks around and pulls off a Ranger First Class off of someone and hands it to Nightingale who was writing something down.

Nightingale then hands the note to Artivan, who brushes it off. Then she turns to Cairos and shows the note to him. Cairos then nods and grabs something out of his satchel and tells Artivan to sign it, as its a promotion for Sky and Felosia as well. As Artivan starts to argue this, Cairos states that Kassegore and Salvator can not be hire rank than the second in command of Sog. Artivan looks stunned for a moment and then signs the documents.

We all continue with the celebrations well into the early morning.


Saiderin aaeoina

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