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2nd of Dancing Clouds
We get called out in the early morning hours and brought to a General Wolf Cole. He states that he is the man in charge and it looks like the Prelacy has finally decided to start the siege. Col Junra Shriftaamel is his second in command. Just shortly after the battle starts there is a call to go and repel some forces that managed to gain entrance to the city.
Maggpie and I answer the call. We are joined with Kragen. We head off and get to the open Market, were we have been told that the Prelacy are. Maggpie sneaks off around the side and attempts to take out a Prelacy archer after dragging him away from the rest of the group, though Maggpie only succeeds at pulling him away and stunning him. Kragen states that he wishes that he could get right in the middle of the fight. I tell him that I can get him there, he looks confused and then says: ”Let’s do it!” I pick him up and drop him on the Crusader. Then I attempt to taunt an archer. “You are all family? Your mother slept with elves that many times?” I was very confused as the answer I got was: “Maybe, she slept around a lot.”
Maggpie struggles on taking out the archer that he has absconded with. I shoot an archer and take it out. Three archers shoot back and miss, the fourth hits me for no real damage. The other Prelacy soldiers run up and surround Kragen, who asks the Crusader: “What? You need help to fight me?” The Crusader’s response was: “No, I didn’t call them but I didn’t need to.” While three soldiers attempt to do damage to Kragen and fail.
An archer manages to stun me with a hit. Kragen hits the Crusader for no damage, who then attempts to hit him back. Maggpie finally takes out the archer, then sneaks around the building to get behind a soldier. Maggpie attempts to stab the soldier and misses, then shoots another one with the caster and takes that soldier out.
Kragen recovers from a hit. I shoot and take out the Crusader, which stuns several Paladins. Three more surround Kragen and wounds him. Kragen does a feint and causes a Paladin to move back. Three archers actually manage to hit me, although all they do is to stun me for a bit.
I shake off the hit and fly to Kragen and pick him up to fly him to a roof. Maggpie flies in to the hole that I made, by removing Kragen and does a sweep thing, which takes out four Paladins, then Maggpie calls out for a surrender. The soldiers do, however, we end up needing to kill off the archers. We then report back to the wall.

Maggpie then disappears in the sewers, finding several of the Prelacy forces that are sneaking in that way. He hops in the middle again and sweeps most of the group taken them out. The one that he missed he pulls out his caster and shoots him dead.
While Maggpie is playing in the sewers, I am dodging arrows and other ballista to make my way to a command tent. This happens to be the cavalry’s command tent. As the commander sees me he yells: “Shoot that bitch out of my sky!” Too bad those were the last words he’ll ever speak as I wanted to know how he knew my name. As I’m pondering this I notice that the rest of the cavalry has left the field of battle, and I really should get back to the wall.
As I head back to the wall, I notice Guriel, Cresent Moon, Heim, Kragen, and Reinhold all run forward to take out the battering ram team. At their success, the other Olarans near the gate run out to help. Shadrach moves up to the General to give advice, the General looks very confused by the fact that the cook is offering to help. As those on the wall start to cheer using Archanon’s name, part of the wall is damaged and we regain focus that we are under siege.
Maggpie heads out again, once he sees that there are more Siege Engines. Somehow he manages to sneak all the way out there and manipulates all of them, so that they hit each other or are destroyed when they are attempted to be used. A sorceress named Galison casts bolt towards the heavy crossbows and manages to take out the front line and knocks back several other rows. Then she appears to notice the arrow in her shoulder, saying huh.
I somehow manage to fly Galashorn over the army while being able to shoot my bow and the two of us take out several rows, then noticing Kragen being surrounded again fly over to him to take those out.
Kassegore runs up to another command tent. The Prelacy Crusader was silly in his determination to stay there. As he runs up, followed closely by Vhen, Liarra and Mada the few soldiers in between him and the group star to fly. The Crusader appears to look like surrender might be an option, when Kassegore asks: “Did you not get my message?” At the Crusader’s confused look, a page comes up to the Crusader and whispers something in his ear. The Crusader then states: “That was you? I surrender to you!” Which causes most of the army to also surrender.
I take Galashorn and then Kragen back to the wall and we start to clean up. I help get the wounded to the Priests and our dead back to us. I don’t want to allow any to get in to the Deniers of Death’s hands. As I and a few others are doing this, we find Col Junra Shriftaamel among the dead.
I look over the Priest who are performing the last rites, I see Celesia actually in the flesh. She says: “Thank you.” The words are soft, but as I look around everyone can hear her. I notice that those who were wounded are healing before my eyes and the exhausted feeling from the week is gone. The rough estimate of those that we lost that day is six hundred.
The day might be victorious, but we lost many.


Saiderin aaeoina

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