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Phoenix Moth is Born:

Gudmund Stonebook

Phoenix Moth is Born: Gudmund Stonebook

While working on the improvements to my new crossbow I hear Sky yelling for everyone to assemble. Not sure what’s going on but this is the normal way of things if there is an emergency or we need to be sent out on a mission. I set my not quite finished crossbow on the workbench and head out to the briefing room, hoping that is where we are to meet this time.

We are all being gathered and Sog is being emptied or almost. There is a host of undead approaching a sacred area where a creature is nearing birth. They say it is a Phoenix Moth, these are great and powerful things created by the hands of the Ascended, they are rare very rare. So rare that some believe they are nothing but myth between each birthing. The last one that I think I remember learning about was almost 1000 years ago. It seems before I came to Sog the Rangers found not one but 3 cocoons’ of these super rare beings. They were being corrupted by necromancers and the one that was turned to the dark was able to animate any dead body with in a huge area. This was a twisted near stillborn corrupted premature larva, I would rather not even imagine the powers one might have for the dark. I know the reputed powers for the light and life are nearly as powerful as some of the Ascended themselves.

All the history aside we are needed to march with a contingent of the people of Sog to confront this host of spawn. I am told the place is near but we have to go to it and cannot bring it within the protective walls of Sog. So we the Rangers lead the way to defend one of the greatest creatures of Shintar from the evil. So that it may be brought to life and share the life giving powers with the land. I rush back to my workroom and gather as much of my components as I can carry. With an army they shall need healing in mass and the more burning glue I can pass around the longer we might each live. In haste I glance at my nearly finished crossbow and wish that it were going with me this day, for I may never get to test it, yet if I can get first hand eyes on the birth of a Phoenix Moth for the Lore Wardens, it will be a great thing. To have been at the fall of Chimeras tower and get to pen firsthand the birthing of such a wonder, my name might be sung about in the future annals of lore.

It takes some time to get in marching order and a few more hours to get to the sight where the Moth has been watched. There is a great forest here, i have been over all the maps of the areas around Sog. This place should not exist i wonder if it is the Druids or if the Moth is this powerful? A great forest not just some woods appearing like this is a huge banner “Hey there is stuff you might want right here.” I must admit that as forest go it was rather thick and uninviting. Everything was so overgrown that it took longer than expected to make our way the last bit to a clearing with a giant magical tree with the larva upon it. I blink in alarm, there is a host of undead coming and there are no defense dug in. No walls no battlements not even a trench to slow the oncoming Hordes. This is a travesty a war with no defense and a very small force to protect such an epic creature. Well this is how the best Legends are told, i just hope this one is not recreated from the ash of the battle.

I push through to where Artivan has stopped and seems to be able to start giving orders. This he does as i approach him telling some people to get the army in order and the rest of us follow him. I ask him where the defenses are this can not be everything. He asked me if i missed the tree’s. My response is yes pretty trees, but where is the defences. There are no walls, or anything. I seem to be upsetting him, so i move on to ask how much time we have. He sighs and responds that we have about 16 hours give or take. I tell him that will have to be enough, i will need people as many as we can get. He bellows for a work gang to be formed and report to me, the rest needed to go with him and see what they could find out. I nodded my thanks already having Ideas of what needs doing first and see what i can add for walls trenches or some slipshod throw together defenses.

I work nonstop from the time we arrive until the host of the undead do. I task someone, i don’t remember yet whom i hope that i thanked them, to rotate out the work gange people. I was very grateful that many members of Sog’s fire fighting and other groups joined us. I could not have gotten what i did get done in time if i had not worked with these people before. At this point i hope the effort was not wasted and they all die, if not i will thank them after this is all over. There was a shout that went up the first of the undead had made it to the perimeter where our scouts were posted to keep an eye. I order the last touches to the area that i can hope to get before they make it thru the maze of tree’s.

They make it thru like they might have been mapping the area or something, so we are not the only ones using scouts. The corruption that was popping up in the area must have been planned to be just far enough that the ones sent to check could not make it back in time to stop the waves of undead. Artivan again gets everyones attention summoning an Angle to send word to the far reaches of the realm to the rulers of the church and others. The rest of us prepare for a long fight, the numbers are far from in our favor, we are hoping that it will only be a matter of time until others come to help remove this threat. Artivan and Kassagor both give speeches to rally the troops, i do one last wall walk to make sure everything is as tidy as i can get it.

The Big Cat just loves a good fight he is the first one into the foray and he does not even wait for them to get to the defensive position charges out to them. Sky and Nightingale find a nice target in the sky a larger than normal Red Gargoyle. There are others that take the field that seem more potent and better armed. The Rangers of Sog spend a great deal of their time trying to beat back these powerful threats. Kassagor yelled for me to give him some fire as he hits an even more massive Troll. Artivan is passing orders right left and center, i am trying to keep track so they can all be recorded, for the Lore Wardens after the battle. I did not charge in this time, rather i use my skills at making things and started applying my glue to as many arrows and weapons as i can get coated and sent at the enemy’s. There are cheers at the white fire bursting from the wounds of the weapons that i coated. I shout out to Kassagor to see if that was good enough. He says it was a start. The opening of the battle was better than expected, yet a small troglodyte was some how able to pop all over the war zone inside and out of the fortified area. He was able to make such a problem and tip the scales for the undead.

Artivan shouts for that Git to be removed. Several of the Rangers move to try and capture him, the new tricky goblin is able to get the job done as the large cat swings away like he is playing some game of stick ball with the heads of the undead. Sky was able to wound the Red bird and so she joins the hunt for the git. Others are hit none as hard as the git whom made the mistake of angering Artivan. We may not live through this but he will only be fighting on as undead. The real army showed up now not simply zombies with a few powerful friends. Now they have more archfire in play on the field than I could destroy with a disruption, city of bell’s. The Moth is able to keep people fighting yet even with it’s power people are falling and not getting up. The waterboys running to drag them back, i start passing out my fizzy bubbly to help revive some of the wounded. Kassagor starts preparing for a trap and charges into the combat. This leaves Artivan the only one casting orders and Yet he Draws his sword and gives “The” order. Time has become a mass of hacked and wounded. Artivan handed me his distance viewer before his charge. The ones i have just restored with my powders rally to follow the man.

I have hung back as the others charged from foe to foe. I built the walls and armed them with fire arrows. I healed the wounded, i have not charged into the battle this time. Yet when Artivan charges i feel i need to be more active, i can’t charge in not and record all that i see, but i can run around ringing the forks of disruption. It will be in no way enough, yet it might bring down a few. I hope what ever trap Kassagor as planned works.

It seems to have for the Rangers of Sog all have taken the field’s, most vanquishing one of the most powerful of foe’s. Father Salvatore a Necro Lord, a twisted and corrupted druid for Feloshia, and the true destruction for the winged girls. This seems to have been the start of a crumble. The foe had placed to many key pieces upon the board to early, well it has been a few days now, and now they have been removed. I strike the tuning forks of my disruptor over and over hitting them as high a note as i can. It works, it is always such a shock when something i could not test actually works in a real world application. Many zombies fall or even explode as the magic and the fire inside them is disrupted.

Yet all of this pales in comparison to the shout to the heavens, the very real and solid heavens, that Artivan gives. Calling forth not one or two Angels but a full choir of them. With this it seems he had found the heart of the enemy the head and the leader. He shouts for the voices to be raised and the vial one to get the hell off his Realm. When one has so many angels hovering it seems nearly magical when folks are forcibly removed from the very fabric of the realms. Not that one could hear the seeming thunderclap or the vacuum left by them. The angels where very distracting and it seems that anything with a mind went fleeing anything without just seems to fry in place. It must be nice to have enough pull with one of the ascended to call forth such might, i am glad i ca not,yet i am glad i was here to see this sight.

Yet even seeing another vial removed from our realm, with a fanfare and show. It was pale when compared to the response that the Phoenix Moth gave to the singing. For the angels were not done. Now they were but a backdrop to the birthing of an elder brother. They were there to welcome this new creation of the Ascended, and they were not alone.Perhaps it was the spells that Artivan cast, or more likely the birthing of their child, The Phoenix Moth. Yet it was that all the Ascended watched as we did upon the ground. I was able to start so many images of the event it will take me time to get them all in order and flushed out. Yet i can say for sure that the Ascended smiled upon us this day and that Dranak, StoneWalker placed his hand upon me. He welcomed my efforts and showed me i was upon the path he wished of me, to keep to these things that i gather, to risk so that all might know as best they can from a trained hand upon the scrolls of time.


Kassegore had made an offer, If I felt restrained or needed some place where my inventions could go to be used let him know. I was not sure that I would be able to help him and his not so merry band. Most of my creations other than Knock Knock are more for individual use. His offer came after I was able to pass out some of my fire impregnated adhesive during the Phoenix Moth battle. I told him that I was needed here but if I could think of a way to help him with his faction I would try to do so. So I went back to try and finish up some of the book work and try not to dream about finishing up my crossbow. By book work I mean the Three copy’s of the book of the “Birth of the Phoenix Moth” with full illumination, my treaties of the leadership of Kassegore the “Leader of Man and Beast” during the Fall of Chimera and the after math. It is quite typical of these types of leadership events to spin off a new group or faction. I do hope since I think, the “Beast” is but a phrase not the true man, that it ends better than some of the history’s of great leadership gone wrong. This is the book work to my kine and then I still have the book work for my duty’s as logistics assistant, I am told that I have a new title as well head of the core of engineers or something like that. I think this is some what odd since it is a core of one, me.

As I sit working upon these writings it came to me that I might be able to help Kassegore after all. I have started some work on renovating a small warehouse in exchange for some work to be done on a much larger scale in other parts of town. I feel that the small work space that I have is no longer enough if I am writing full books and working on my inventions on top of my Ranger duty’s. If I can work out a trade with the finder of things as he was once called, perhaps he can stock my new lab. That would save me a great deal of time hunting and talking to folks. This would be helping the Rangers both in not putting a drain on there resources and Ciros not having to try and find the stuff on my list. The best part is that I think I can help him in return.

I believe that I have thought of a way to make my glue not only more portable but more useful upon a battle feald. If I where to use a barrel and put a layer of the glue about a knuckle depth at the bottom. Than cover that with wax paper affixed to the sides. This should both keep the glue from drying as well as making it premixed and portable. All he would need do it take off the top and dump in 100 arrow, I think that is about how many will fit, into the barrel breaking threw the wax paper and coating the arrows all at once. This would save time and space and than with runners to get the ammunition out to the bowmen, this would allow him to get the Flame of light in play on the feald of battle. I shall send him a note asking if we can speak on these matters. If such a small amount of aid would be useful to him.

Kassegore responded to my letter nearly right away asking that we meet in person to discus this barrel of fire. He was greatly interested from the tone. I met with him and he glanced at the list I had asked for in trade for a barrel. I think it should be enough to for a time change the very scope of a battle if used wisely, he seems to agree. We rapidly come to an accord and he says he will find these small things I ask for with but some time. He has trade routes with many of the Southern Kingdoms so it should be of little consequence. I am glad that things went so smoothly, I know from working with him that he has a great drive to finish this war for real, not just a hold while they rearm and gather more fodder for the meat grinder to use and than reuse. I know not how soon he will have the needed items for my lab, but honestly I doubt I would have been able to get things in half the time it should take him. I will have to move more swiftly upon repairing my new workshop.

Phoenix Moth is Born:
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