Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Pilgrim’s Journal Day 181- SNOW!

Harvest Moons 9th

I woke up this morning and found after my morning exercise of running and climbing through the city, I checked the days patrol schedule. I have a new assignment. I am to report out to Felosia and check in with her. I have come to find that I am to be patrolling in stealth around an area just past the farthest farm of Sog. An are of some hills and some trees. I reported to Felosia and found that in a tree for nearly all that care to look up is a large cocoon about the size of a person. If looked at closely, I see that it has a sort of rainbow glow, as of just after a rain where the dew drops fragment the light. It is mesmerizing. I snapped out of it and spoke with Felosia and found that this creature must be protected at all costs for it could turn the tide of the Prelacy War and the War with Darkness come spring and summer. Not being wise about such things, I take it as one of the more sacred duties I could take with the Rangers. The other thing that was a bit of a disconcerting revelation, I could not tell anyone, even my fellow Rangers, unless they were on duty with me. Shortly after I took up a wide patrol around the creature, I had to stop a group of Druids and report. I come to find from Felosia that they were expected and they are helping tend the guard duty by cloaking it’s natural brilliance and at least one druid is going to be on watch at all times to report to. They are expecting Necromancers and Undead to accost this beautiful creature.
The Patrol goes fine. Mid-way through the day I see my first sight of snow falling from the sky. I have seen it on a couple of mountains in Korindia but never falling. It is fascinating. First one “Flake” then more. They coated the ground and kept coming. Now I felt the tingling of the cold and it has slowed me down a little, much like friend Kassagore but I seem to be less affected than he. I discovered a new landscape when covered in snow, it is like the white sands beaches after a monsoon, except no plant debris. I found that my natural coloring is not a detrimental thing in the snow, it even aids being stealthy. It did take me a bit to figure out how to walk with out leaving messy tracks though.
The Druids are kind and teach me about this snow and ice when I take a break for sup, they also noticed that I don’t do very well in the cold but I seem to be the best at keeping my presence hidden from people in it. I wonder what the next day shall bring.


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