Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Pilgrim’s Journal Day 190- An Explosion of Fur

Harvest Moons 18th

I have been steadily gaining thicker fur and I wondered if it would ever stop growing. I resemble a large fat fur home cat and it is disturbing. I found that I am constantly brushing it and moving it. It has caused some distress, Then Nightingale who had been shadowing me, a harmless game, she threw a ball of this snow at me and laughed silently at my confusion the first few snowballs. When she was joined by some goblin children I understood. It is a game. A game of dodge and throw. The object being to hit your opponents and get them wet and cold while staying active and dry yourself. The Game, I have come to find out later, is called a Snowball Fight. The snow is compacted into easily broken apart balls, meant to explode on impact and get snow all over the opponent. I found that I am very good at this and it was hard for others to hit me unless taken by surprise. I did even manage to employ some of my Kor-In training and catch and return a few. Some Kor-In masters can catch arrows, I hope to be able to do so soon. Using the same training I can track and catch t snowball. Nightingale managed to rally all of the kids to side against me in this game which kept me busy, my natural agility. Through out the day Nightingale wish to play this game. It is harder to hit an aerial target but not impossible. This “Fur Coat” helps a little and I worried about it being too long but I have been assured that it is a “Winter Coat” and that the fur will diminish when it comes to spring. I should shed the excess much like other animals that grow extra. It is a strange feeling and idea. Lately the Snow has not been coming down and it has been very dry.


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