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Prelacy Firestorm

Magpie's Journal: 3123, 20th of White Stag

Prelacy Firestorm
3123, 20th White Stag

As the Rangers were helping clean up from the party the night before in the Heroes Hart Inn a man came in with a barrel and called out “Delivery!”

Everyone looked up at this and stared at the barrel. Kassegore tilted his head to the side and asked “of what?”

The man looked surprised but declared “Firebeard Ale.”

Kassegore stood while drawing his Kaiakore with a “Who sent you?” and the man turned to bolt out the door. Magpie lunged across the room and grabbed the man, putting his Arcblade to the man’s throat and turning him back to the others, handing him over to Kassegore. Kassegore starts questioning the man as Magpie joins Artivan in looking over the barrel and they determine it is an Arcfire bomb. The man passes out in fear and pees himself as Kassegore lets go of him in disgust and Magpie called out that he heard a ticking from inside. At this Artivan, Sky, Magpie, and Salvatore wheel the bomb out the door and Artivan and Salvatore invoke the power of the light to increase Magpie’s strength and give him deflection. As Salvatore starts to cast deflection on Sky magpie hears the ticking speed up and yells “Stay here!” Grabbing the barrel himself Magpie flew straight up and tossed the barrel at the last second.

The barrel exploded with a massive bang that flung Magpie straight down to the ground though he managed to barely keep from slamming into the earth as he landed on his hands and knees. Magpie and the others walked back inside and with smoke and ash marking Magpie and rising off of him he said into the room “that was fun.”

Kassegore called out to him from next to the man who had delivered the barrel “Aevakar, you will choose your death well!” Artivan then asked Magpie to join Gudmond outside to look for anyone suspicious.

Magpie and Gudmond spot smoke rising in a couple of other places from the city and Magpie called back into the room “There are fires in three other places throughout the city! One at the wall by the industrial area, one in the residential area, and one near headquarters!”

Artivan split the Rangers into three groups, sending each group out to a fire. The day was then filled with frantic insanity as the Rangers ran or flew from fire to fire, leading those citizens they found in firefighting, rescuing trapped people, and catching the Prelacy soldiers who were running around town and starting the fires. Throughout the day the rangers had gathered locals to them and had developed some skills in their firefighting capability, most notably a goblin named Battog who as night fell managed to get carried by Sky back to the Hart. Artivan and Magpie had noticed throughout the day that the one area they didn’t have to go to for firefighting was the Heroes Hart Inn. As the last of the fires from the day were put out the Rangers started to converge on the Inn, to find it on fire.

Kassegore went into a rage as he saw the Hart in flames and burst into the inn to start slaughtering the Prelacy soldiers he saw inside starting fires. As Artivan ran in after him one of the Prelacy drank a potion and vanished. Sky dropped Battog on the roof telling him to clear the fires up there as she flew into the upper level and ran through to the stairs that led down into the Hart’s main room and basement, noticing as she gets to the stairs that someone she can’t see disappeared down into the basement.

Salvatore moved into the tavern and started sending bolts out to whittle down the Prelacy soldiers who were starting fires as he headed for the bar. Artivan after surveying the room noticed that the one who looked to be in charge was in a corner starting new fires with a glance and giggling. He cried out “Right you Prelacy bastards! I’m the one you want! Right here, and right now!” He then cast three bolts as well, taking out more fire starters and moved towards the leader calling out a challenge to him.

Magpie told Battog to scream if he needed help and he flew inside and launched himself across the tavern to start taking out fire starters with his swords as Gudmond tipped a barrel of water out of the kitchen and over one corner of the tavern, extinguishing one of the fires. As some of the fires grow Sky called out from the stairs that someone is in the basement and asks if we can handle the main room. Artivan screamed at her to go deal with the basement as he unloads more bolts into the room and cuts down another pair of fire starters to growl at the leader “You will have no escape today!”

The leader then tipped a potion back and vanished, running past sky down the stairs into the basement. As Sky gives chase after him, having noticed him but not managed to hit him, a pair of the Prelacy soldiers got away and the rest are killed in one fashion or another. As the Rangers upstairs manage to start putting fires out Artivan gets in the stairs and closes the door so that there is no escape up the stairs for any invisible assailants. He then went downstairs to find that the last invisible assailant had been trapped at the bottom of the stairs and was laying on the ground mostly prone. Sky finished releasing Rok-tar and his staff as Artivan interrogated the dying leader.

Apparently the leader had taken poison in the hopes of not giving up too much information, but the other Prelacy soldiers who had been captured throughout the day managed to provide enough information that the Rangers were able to piece together a relatively full picture. This group of Prelacy had come from Stoon, and had brought a white-wash that they had peddled as a fire-retarder when placed on buildings. The potion had actually done the reverse and managed to let the Prelacy light the fires fast and then get away. Nightingale and Rok-tar then started providing the town with Rok-tar’s potion called “scrubbing bubbles” to hopefully start cleaning the white-wash off of the buildings throughout Sog.


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