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Quartermaster's Report

The large figure enters the dim room and lights several candles, revealing his reptilian snout. He moves aside some scrolls to make room for a large tome. The dregordian picks up a quill and begins writing.

My first report since assuming the role of quartermaster. The human commander, Artivan promoted me to Ranger First Class for my service in the Siege of Thul and I have taken on responsibilities I thought appropriate for one of my rank and talent. I had thought my predecessor died in battle as no one was already performing this function. I have since discovered such was not the case as my predecessor never existed.

The salvage operations conducted seem random at best, the records non-existent, and most of the rank and file ignorant of the organization and resources needed to conduct large scale operations. Much was needed to arrange for the caravan to Sog. Not to my usual standards, but time was short as Artivan was eager to have us underway.

I did collaborate with the priests before we left. The bodies of the fallen have been seen to swiftly so I am confident there should be no complications. The healers will keep vigilant for any plague sign just in case. Normally such tasks were the purview of the Colonel but she was one of those interred.

The caravan made good time despite the presence of wounded. There were so few as we left most of our casualties in the fields of Thul. Organizing the healers has been a boon as many are able to find news of friends and loved ones quickly. But the chaos of battle is inevitable and some are not so fortunate.

The aevakar seemed small, even for its kind. He didn’t know if it was due to stature or the desperate way it held its note out to all it passed. The mute, he remembers, when it finally approaches him. He takes the note and scans over his list before handing it back and shaking his head softly. Her wings slump slightly and she gives a sad smile of thanks before continuing on her way.

Inventory was completed before reaching Sog. I managed only by enlisting the aid of half a dozen trainees. The most competent of which was an unexpected find from the Axillary Culinary Support Staff. He was pointed out to me for his incessant chattering and I removed him for earshot of his superiors as a personal favor, but he ended up being quite a boon.

Trainee Rufis follows the dregordian almost enthusiastically. He is being reassigned. No more potatoes. He is done with all the monotony of the kitchen and moving on to better, more important things. Then the dregordian stops, hands him a quill and paper, and points to three wagons filled almost to the breaking point. “I need a complete inventory of all items. Make it detailed.”

He turns back to the human and sees its eyes beginning to fill with tears. He hadn’t realized working for the culinary staff was so difficult. But if the human is so obviously happy to be doing inventory perhaps the threat of sending it back can be utilized for future motivation. But for now he is pleased enough to find an eager recruit who understands the importance of accurate records.

Of all the armor and weapons salvaged almost half are in need of repair. I’ve sent an estimate of the cost to my commanders and they can decide if it will be paid with seized currency or unloaded surplus. We do seem to have arcfire technology in abundance and nowhere near enough people to use it. I have sent some of my own arcfire trophies back to Dregordia for study. Perhaps it may be of some benefit to my people.

The Childer the Prelacy had controlled seem to be running amok amongst the frontier now their masters have been beaten. More patrols will be required. It is also worth noting the Red Store has taken an interest in scavenging what they can from the fallout of the Crimson Crusade. Their interests seem to lie predominantly in the Prelacy’s technology for now. It will no doubt expand to more hostile purposes if they are not checked.

He stares down at the human with the red sash. It has the audacity to lay claim to the rightful kills of his pack. All it and its men can do are make empty words and die. The new priestess tries to calm him, but the Beast will not heed commands from one so new. Neither the ogre nor the brinchie even dare try. She wants to appease these intruders. They will only return later. Best to kill the scavengers now and be done with it. He calls a challenge and the enemy leader seems ready to respond except Salvator tells him to stay his claw. Were it any other he would slaughter these weaklings, but Salvator is a trusted companion. The Beast backs away, dissatisfied, but allows the bloodshed to end…today.

The goblinesh have granted me use of a storage house until proper Ranger headquarters can be established. The gather is grateful for our defense of their village and Vhen, Nightingale, and I have won some acceptance for defying tactical reasoning to save more lives. Some day I will have to make a harder choice, but for now Illiana graces me and I am spared from such.

He closes the book. Darkness encroaches and engulfs the room completely as the candles are blown out one by one. He walks to the river unnoticed. It is quite late and the streets are deserted. The other dregordians may join him eventually, but for now he is alone. It is only his voice to sing the songs of his people.


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