Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Reporting for War, I Mean Escort Service

Its the Disappearing, Reappearing Felosia

As Artivan is being called off of the front lines, (finally someone is going to heal his foot) we have been called to push back the forces at Thules. The small force of Rangers and the Goblinesh militia believe that with the Prelacy forces being recalled to this location that they can hold Sog while we are away. Today is the 24th of Festival Moons and we now have to say our quick goodbyes to Artivan as he is going further south. Gunther, Felosia, Glasshorn and I report to an Alaren who is in charge and she introduces herself as Col Junra Shriftaamel. As we get near the command tent, I gesture to Galashorn and he hands me his bow.

We are joined by several new Ranger Trainees: Krazkar, Bulus, Grush (who reminds me a lot like Maan’I, but with two arms), a Dregordian named Sarcastic Scales, and a Brinchie named Nekko. Our mission is to go to a Temple of Light to escort several Nuns that have volunteered to come do a ritual that will be helpful to the overall success to the fighting. We are the only ones that can be spared for this mission as the forces are spread thin over the front lines.

It takes us three days to get to the Temple/Chapel. We are introduced to Sister Rama Falshtein, Sister Krista, Sister Mable and Sister Trina. Not only are they going to be doing the ritual, they are also bringing supplies with us back for the war efforts. This temple only takes widowers and widows, as the Sisters have been waiting on us, we leave fairly quickly. On the way back Krazkar seems to have most of the Sisters attention as he is a keeper of Lores. Grush really has been attempting to pet Nekko, and Nekko caught him at it and asks to be left alone. Felosia keeps an eye on those two and when she sees Grush try it again she states that Grush should really leave the fellow Ranger alone and if Grush is nice he can pet Sheelia. Grush seems a bit heavy handed when he does pet Sheelia. Sheelia allows for the heavy petting for a bit then attempts to show Grush how to properly pet her.

We manage to get to Kleinober without any problems around sunset. The town seems welcoming. Krazkar states that this is the type of town that needs a Thieves’ Guild. Sister Krista looks at Krazkar funny. Krazkar says “What, if we let all of the thieves go free then the Prelacy has won.” This starts any interesting debate that causes Sarcastic Scales to attempt to use his rank to stop the conversation. Sister Krista convinces Sarcastic Scales to let the conversation continue as she would like the opportunity to change Krazkar’s mind. I start to grab Galashorn’s bow and head out, as this is not a conversation that I want to hear. Felosia stops me and then asks for a few of us to stay with the wagons and another group to escort the Sisters to the small chapel in town. Gunther and I go with the Sisters to the church. Galashorn, Grush and Bulus guard the wagons. Felosia and Krazkar stay in the inn with the two of the Sisters. Nekko heads out the way we came and Sarcastic spends some time near the fountain in town.

Galashorn and Sarcastic Scales report to Felosia that someone ran off east out of town. Felosia orders the wagons and the Sisters over to the chapel. Once Krazkar and the Sisters enter the chapel, Krazkar informs Gunther and I that we should be expecting unfriendly company I take Gunther and head towards the roof. I see that Galashorn is already on the roof and drop Gunther on the other side. I head off to the next roof to see what if I can see anything. Felosia and Sheelia are sneaking around the sides of the Chapel. I sign to Felosia that we are missing one of our party, as I don’t see Nekko anywhere, Felosia signs back that she is aware.
I see signs that could be people or just movement, Gunther signs that the movement is actually enemies. Then Gunther surprises me, by silently jumping over to my roof. I aim in the direction of the movement.
Several Prelacy members stop sliding around and stand up in order to get to the town. I hear someone shoot a bow. I find out later that the shoot was at Nekko and it was just a flesh wound. Three shoot at Grush, but miss him and one attempts to shoot Sarcastic Scales. (These Prelacy can’t seem to hit us, the ones that were at Sog and Stoon seemed to be tougher.)
Galashorn jumps over to the same roof as Gunther and I and shoots one that is on the ground at our feet and stuns it. Gunther moves to a better position and takes out a Prelacy. Felosia casts something and then she and Sheelia disappear to reappear in the middle of a Prelacy group and manages to take out two of them. As Sheelia runs up to the one female Prelacy, Sheelia gets smacked. (So not able to shoot us, but swords are a different matter and may the light help us that Prelacy has an Archfire sword.) I take out another Prelacy member. Sarcastic Scales takes one out with a swing of his staff and then trips one up with his tail.

Nekko on the other side of a clearing, runs up to the one who shot him and takes him out.
The female Prelacy casts something which causes Sheelia to turn and growl at Felosia. Then the Prelacy jumps into a building through a window. The last Prelacy near Nekko, drops his bow and runs up to attempt to slice Nekko. One attempts to shoot Gunther and misses horribly.

Sheelia manages to shake off the spell and whimpers apologetically to Felosia, then both of them disappear into the ground and reappear at the window at my feet. Felosia attempts to hit the one that turned Sheelia against her and misses. Sheelia runs back and bites another Prelacy. Nekko dances around his Prelacy and takes it out.
Bulus comes out of the Chapel and goes to the far side to attempt to take those ones out. Grush runs up to the building that the female Prelacy went into, opens up the door and takes a swing at her. I shoot and take out the one near Sheelia and then taunt one near Sarcastic Scales. Galashorn tumbles to the ground and shoots into the building. Gunther attempts to shoot one and misses. Krazkar opens the window and manages to talk the one right there into joining his guild, I’m not sure that the (now) former Prelacy Scout realizes what exactly happened there or what he agreed to. Sarcastic Scales sweeps the two Prelacy near him and takes them out.
I hear Felosia ask for surrender and then Grush saying “You hurt puppy.” I hear the sound of a sword drop, then shortly after that the sound of a bow being fired as well as a fist hitting something. I turn and see Galashorn’s bow string still quivering. I point my bow at Galashorn and say really?
Galashorn states that the Prelacy did say that she surrendered then did something to Felosia and that was when he shot. Felosia confirms this and I lower my bow in relief. Felosia makes sure that she takes all of the Archfire items.

The rest of the night seems to pass in quiet, the next morning Felosia informs us that Nekko had found a map as well as the traitors that helped the Prelacy. We round up the traitors and restrain them. Felosia decides to take them with us as they just took money to let the Prelacy know when we showed up and we were not going to allow them to die for that. We put them in the third wagon. As we head out Felosia has us spread out among the wagons. Galashorn is scouting ahead, Grush with the first wagon, she and Sheelia at the third wagon, Gunther doing rear guard in the last wagon with Sarcastic near the driver, the Sisters and Buluis on the second and Krazkar near the front of the first wagon. Felosia has me keeping watch in the air. When we get near a certain bend, Felosia has us all stop and tells us that around the bend is where we think that the Prelacy came from and we were going to have Galashorn and Nekko scout ahead to make sure that there weren’t any more traps waiting for us.
Galashorn states that he will make a bird sound that isn’t native to this area if there is trouble. I watch for any movement towards the wagons, whether it’s friendly or not. After a bit there’s a weird bird call, and I exaggerate my movements to aim in Galashorn’s direction. Then we hear some weird sort of yelling.
Galashorn tells us later that there was a group of ratson and a Minotaur that came over the hill and Nekko just stepped up to the Minotaur and takes it out. Then Galashorn aims and shoots the small crystal on the collar and as it explodes it takes out the ratson.
Krazkar and his new friend attempt to climb a ridge, Krazkar makes it and his new friend doesn’t. Grush runs up and then smashes the Minotaur. Three more Minotaurs then run up.
Felosia does her disappearing act and then pops up in the middle of several ratson. As I see a crystal on the ratson closest to me, I shoot at it and the explosion take out the three at Felosia’s back. So small crystals do a small explosion. Gunther runs up the ridge and shoots a ratson and stuns it.
Felosia then casts entangle on a ratson and the Minotaurs, then disappears underground again. Nekko pounces on a Ratson which kills it. Galashorn shoots a Minotaur’s collar, which does destroy the collar although it only stuns the Minotaurs.
A new Minotaur kicks the group of ratson that did attempt to get away down towards us and then leaps forward.
Krazkar starts to run his mouth about what was the proper way to take these out as he runs up and takes out three ratson. Grush runs up and takes out two of the Minotaurs. I shoot and destroy a Minotaur’s collar which just stuns it. Gunther takes out a ratson. Bulius shoots a Minotaur and causes it to go Berserk. Sarcastic Scales hits and wounds the Minotaur.
Felosia casts entangle on the remaining group of Minotaur and ratson, then strikes it with her staff to wound it. Bulus attacks and wounds the Minotaur. Sheelia bites the Minotaur and takes it out. Galashorn shoots a crystal and takes out three ratson. Nekko runs up and stabs the last Minotaur up through the bottom of the skull out the top and takes it down. As we get ready to face the last few ratson, Krazkar runs off and destroys something in a cave that takes out all of the ratson.

We continue back to command safely. We there find out that there was a controlling Golem that used the collars on the Childer and if your able to take that out then it mostly stops the others if not completely stops them. We report that the smaller crystals make a smaller explosion, so if friendlies are not near them you can take out a few at a time if you can hit them. The larger crystals would, in theory would make a larger explosion.


Saiderin aaeoina

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