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Shh, Don't Tell Kassegore He's a Mount Now

Wait Magpie!

20-21st Dancing Clouds

It was decided to send Derick back to get more of the explodey arrows, after we take the four he has. Salvator divides them in between Magpie and myself.

Kassegore looks over at these things and states in his way: that he is ok with us blowing him up, but only if it would take out the enemy. Salvator starts to heal Kassegore and Roc-tar starts to make a potion.

I ask Roc-tar for his Turtle potion and he says he doesn’t have any. I think that we need to make sure that we start carrying some for Kassegore, mostly for him to carry under his armor.

Roc-tar goes over the potions that he has. Magpie is interested in the Rapid Growth potion and Roc-tar states that it wouldn’t be a good idea for someone to drink that potion.
Magpie: “What about a druid?”
Roc-tar: “They might die or turn into a plant.”

We start heading into the cave, Magpie is in front, followed by me riding Kassegore (to be able to guide him), followed by Salvator then Roc-tar (for the same reason). I’m not too sure how Kassegore thought of me riding him, but for me it was fun!

It wasn’t long at all, before Magpie comes up on a horde of Zombies. As the fighting goes on, we then see that past a chasm there are 6 Hobgoblins and an Ogre that most of his body is covered in black lighting.

A zombie comes up to Magpie and attempts to hit him. Magpie stabs the zombie, taking it out then shouts: “Kassegore Get them!” Then Magpie steps forward and to the side to swing at and take out another zombie.

Kassegore runs up eagerly, Salvator moves up and casts deflection on Kassegore. Sitting on Kassegore’s back I now realize why Sky hates being underground….one CAN’T fly.

As I come to this conclusion, the zombies move up on Magpie and Kassegore/me. Several take swings at Magpie and miss. The Ogre shouts out orders, and then attempts to shoot the black lighting at Magpie.

As there is no safer place at the moment, I shoot a zombie dead over Kassegore’s shoulder. I quickly discover why those riding horses miss so much; it’s hard to do from something’s back. Roc-tar moves up to Kassegore’s side and shoots another zombie to take it out as well.

Several more zombies come up on Magpie, 3 zombies attempt to hit Magpie and miss. One zombie seems to have hit Magpie, just scratching him and the 5th actually stuns Magpie. Two zombies attempt to hit Kassegore.

Magpie calls for Kassegore to help the others and he apologies in advance. I’m not sure what he was about to do.

The Ogre attempts to shoot Kassegore and misses, although I’m not sure that the Ogre can actually aim.

Roc-tar steps back to shoot the zombie that just attempted to swing at him. Kassegore steps forward and does a sweep attack, which takes out 4 zombies. I think that he forgot I was on his back, oh well. That was fun! Magpie’s sword is giving Kassegore enough light that I don’t have to direct him to enemies, yet.

Salvator makes a bigger light source and manages to take out 4 zombies and stun 2 others. Magpie shakes off the hit and then moves behind a pillar. I again shoot from Kassegore’s back and manage to take out another zombie. While reloading, Roc-tar moves forward and attempts to shoot the last zombie. Kassegore moves forward and smacks it dead.

Twelve Troglodytes move out of the shadows and 4 head towards Magpie, 6 towards Kassegore and 2 towards Salvator. Those that came up on Kassegore and Salvator just totally miss their attacks and the same with 3 of the ones on Magpie, although 1 got lucky and took a few feathers off of Magpie.

Salvator says: “Its time to lighten the mood.”

The Ogre attempts to shoot Kassegore and misses.

Magpie turns to hit a Troglodyte and stuns it, however, his second swing misses. I attempt to shoot one near Magpie and miss.

Salvator says: “Since they are not all that bright let me help them out.” Then Salvator makes his light brighter, which stuns 2 and kills 6. Magpie swings twice at the last one near him, the first swing misses and the second one doesn’t. And down it goes. Roc-tar steps up and shoots a Hobgoblin, taking it out. This breaks the hold that someone had over the other Hobgoblins as they now charge forward towards Kassegore.

Kassegore sweeps the Troglodytes near him, taking 5 out. Salvator casts bolts at 3 of the Hobgoblins, one is stunned and all 3 are now light sources. It looks like I didn’t need to help out Kassegore at all.

The Ogre shoots at something, not sure what as it wasn’t near any of us.

As I see the 4 Hobgoblins charging Kassegore, I say a quick prayer and hope he will forgive me for what I am about to do, as I feel it is time for his alter ego to come out and play. I reach forward and pour 1 of Roc-tar’s armor potions down his throat and then punch Kassegore on the snout. As I see that Kassegore is changing, I then fly straight up away from the Beast. Magpie flies to the bridge and starts to fiddle with his new toy and that fiddling makes it look like lighting really likes him. Magpie then swings twice and takes out 2 of the Hobgoblins. Hmm, maybe the Beast didn’t need to come out and play.

The Ogre steps up to Magpie and smacks Magpie. Magpie looks at the Ogre, as if saying: “Is that all you got?” I then shoot the Ogre, just managing to get his attention.

The 3 Hobgoblins move up on Kassegore, 2 swing and miss and the 3rd stuns him. Ok, now the idea to bring out the Beast doesn’t seem so bad. Roc-tar shoots at a Hobgoblin, taking it out. Kassegore/the Beast hakes off the hit and swings with his Kayakor at a Hobgoblin taking it out. The Beast attempts to hit one with its tail and misses, the same with the head butt. I am so glad that I am not on his back at the moment! Salvator pulls out his crossbow and loads it while he moves forward.

The Beast/Kassegore attacks with his tail taking out the last Hobgoblin and then moves up on the Ogre. The Beast then uses the Kayakor to take out the Ogre.

Salvator calls for Magpie to move away, until Kassegore can regain control of himself.

Once Kassegore is calm, I mimic an apology to him. Kassegore doesn’t say anything as he leans down and takes the Ogre’s head as a trophy and walks away. This startles Roc-tar as he was examining the body. Salvator checks us over to see if any of us are wounded.

Magpie checks the door that was behind the Ogre as Roc-tar informs us that there is a ritual going on behind it. Salvator casts deflection on Kassegore.

I ask Kassegore if he would like another guide, in case it was dark again. And to my surprise, he says yes and allows me once again on his back.

Magpie gets the door open and smacks both Kassegore and Salvator’s asses saying: “Go get them!”

A Denier of Death says: “Sog will fall, the Deniers of Death will rise. For they are the true rulers of all!”
Salvator retorts: “Darkness only prevails if there is Light to chase it away!”
Denier of Death: “There is only 1 of you and there are all of us. You have gone too far and too deep!”
Salvator: “All it takes is a single candle flame to dispel the Darkness. All it takes is 1 of us!”

I have to admit the talk was getting boring so I shot at a zombie. Roc-tar shoots one of his potions at the zombies, and thorns grow and take out 6 zombies.

A Necromancer casts something at Roc-tar, which doesn’t do anything. From the back of this room we hear a Denier cast something and say: “Call forth Vinar and the great 13 Necro-lords.” Magpie translates this for us.

Salvator moves forwards saying: “Let me show you what the light can do!” Then he makes himself a light source again. This takes out several of the zombies and stuns several others.

Kassegore moves forward and almost goes Beast crazy on the zombies; his tail takes out 2, his head butt takes out another, the same with the Kayakor.

Two Necromancers cast something at Kassegore and miss both of us. Then there are lots of streams of darkness that seem to be wondering around.

Magpie flies forward and sees 13 more enemies. He drops in between the Necromancer and a Denier and fiddles with his belt. Magpie looks worried for a moment as it appears that his belt broke. At this turn of events, Magpie sweeps those around him taking out 6 enemies and then stabs the Denier for no real damage.

The Denier then attacks Magpie, who shouts “Trolls” to the sloshing sound of something coming out of the water. The Denier then calls out: “Garcon I need you!”

Magpie asks: “Who the hell is Garcon?” As the door opens and a weird creature comes out, Magpie says: “Ah! That’s Garcon!”

Garcon attempts to hit Magpie and hits the Denier instead. And the Denier’s shield attacks Garcon in retaliation.

Salvator calls out: “Dealers of Death, I think you just met your own!”

Two Necromancers cast something at Magpie. This almost brings Magpie down, until he hears Salvator’s voice. I tap on Kassegore’s shoulder and point to Magpie, Kassegore nods at me.

The Denier of Death says: “Take out the false Angel!”
Magpie replies: “The only false one is you!”

Magpie then gets slammed by 4 Prelacy archers, again almost bringing Magpie down until Kassegore yells at him for being weak. Magpie then shakes of the hits, standing up he attempts to sweep all near him and misses, before ducking in the room that Garcon came out of.

The Trolls start heading for Kassegore. The Prelacy start complaining that they are not happy at the way this is turning out and these Damned Rangers of Sog.

Magpie calls out from behind the closed door: “Your welcome!”

Kassegore lets go and stabs the Trolls, bringing them down. I fly over to a corner and shoot a Necromancer dead. Two Prelacy archers attempt to shoot me and miss.

The Denier shouts for Garcon to go after Magpie. After shaking off the hit the Denier moves forward to attempt to harm Kassegore and then continues away.

Salvator says: “The light protects my friends, there’s no protection for you.” Then casts bolt at the Denier, shaking him.

Roc-tar tosses a fire potion on the Trolls, to finish taking them out._ Kassegore must have been pleased that he didn’t get caught in that potion._ Roc-tar then moves forward.

Garcon attempts to open up the door that Magpie is holding closed, when he finds that the lever isn’t working he starts to cut it open. In the middle of cutting the door, something went horribly wrong as Garcon takes himself out.

I take a shot at the Denier and my arrow bounces off of his armor. Roc-tar runs up and throws an entangle potion on the Denier. Salvator casts bolt at the Denier. Kassegore takes out the 3 remaining Necromancers.

We find out that this was old, even during the dark times. This was a place of Vinar and the great 13 Necro-lords. The Necromancers were attempting to make a foot hold here, by repowering the Arcfire devices with Necromancy. We find the notes that showed how the Prelacy are willing/doing this. We also find labs here.

With Salvator watching, we replace things that were lost or used, using the non-tainted items. The new potion that Roc-tar created is most effective against Trolls.


Saiderin aaeoina

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