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Sky Really Does This Every Time??

Its Not Galashorn's Cloak!

On the 3rd of Dancing Clouds, I have asked the Rangers here if they have seen my brother or Dad and the answer is no. Salvator actually walks in to one of the clinics and asks to see the wounded report and their names are not among them, and Vhen told me that he would help me look for them. Then Artivan stops by and talks to this group consisting of Vhen, Alphose, Derick, Bahiya, Salvator, Kassegore and I. He introduces himself to the lot and for just arriving he seems to know what’s gone on with the others. Artivan promotes Salvator to Corporal, then Vhen and Kassegore to Ranger First Class. He then turns to me and says: “I see you’ve got my present.” He’s the one who snuck in while I was helping the healers and gave me the Ranger Trainee cloak.

Artivan gives us the order to escort the caravan back to Sog, although the overall leader of the caravan is going to be an Orc by the name of Sergeant Crong, Salvator is the leader in all things Ranger. He also states that the standing order is in effect for Alphonse. I am very confused by this and Artivan didn’t notice at the time, so I will ask later.
Right before leaving, Artivan mentions that he and some other Rangers are headed off on another mission. I sign asking if Galashorn is going with him. Artivan says that yes he is, and since I had yet to find a new safe spot for him, I hand Artivan Galashorn’s hammock. Artivan looks very confused and says: “Why do you have ….never mind I don’t want to know.”

We head out, by the 9th of Dancing Clouds I have taken to scouting just to get away from the constant question of Are we there yet. Sergeant Crong gave the order for someone to shut Derick up and Kassegore orders him to do inventory as Derick starts to argue about the amount of talking that he does compared to other humans. Little does Kassegore know that the inventory that he ordered did not help those that needed to remain near Derick.

About the time that I have had my fill of knowing exactly the number of arrows we have, I start to see the smoke trails of a fire. I turn and sign to Salvator if he wants me to scout, and he says yes. As I head off that way, I notice that he also sends Kassegore and Vhen. I find that the fire is coming from a farm house and there are Minotaurs and Ratson that are headed towards a village. I turn to head back to Salvator, when Vhen and Kassegore get near the farm house. After they figure out that these Childer are headed towards a town, Kassegore tells Vhen to hide and then he roars. I attempt to get to the others faster, then see that they are headed this way. I turn back to the Childer.

Kassegore has managed to gain the attention of half of the Childer, in his attempt to pull all of them away from the Village. One of the Minotaurs runs toward Kassegore, the other hops up on a table and frightens the villagers. I see a Gargoyle fly up and it starts flying towards me. I move a bit forward and attempt to shoot the Minotaur that is scaring the villagers, in an attempt to get the other half towards us- it doesn’t work.

Three Ratson move up and kill a villager, three others gang up on some random animals. The ones that Kassegore gained their attention move up to him. One looks like it actually stuns him, but the other five don’t seem to do anything. The Gargoyle flies closer to me, it really doesn’t fly all that fast.

Vhen does a cool jump onto Kassegore’s shoulders, then sweeps the Ratson surrounding Kassegore taking them out. Vhen even managed to smack the nose of the Minotaur before he jumps back. Most of the villagers manage to run into buildings, although one comes back out after grabbing a frying pan and smacks the Minotaur that is in the village. The Minotaur looks at the villager funny.

Salvator runs up on his horse and attempts to shoot a Ratson. Derick riding backwards on a camel along with Bahiya. The Minotaur back hands the villager and the villager ends up back in the building. The Minotaur near Kassegore manages to actually hit and do some damage on Kassegore. I take out my armor potion and drink it, move a little bit closer to the Gargoyle then shoot it to stun the slow creature. Alphose moves closer to the Minotaur and taps it on the horn saying: “Have at thee.” The Minotaur looks very confused.

Vhen moves into the village and starts playing his flute. This confuses me as well as the Minotaurs. The Gargoyle closes the distance and strikes me. The strike just draws a bit of blood. Kassegore seems to have lost it (I find out later that he berserks) and attacks the Minotaur with his sword, then his tail and then bites hit. The three hits manage to take it out, then Kassegore moves forward off of the bridge.

Some how Kassegore has manage to really upset the last Minotaur, because it then charges him to do a gore attack that doesn’t seems to do much, then swings his claws at Kassegore. Several Ratson move up to Vhen and attempt to attack, although they miss. Vhen smacks one with his staff and takes it out. Derick moves up towards Vhen and manages to take out another Ratson.

Salvator moves up to help Kassegore, and as he passes Alphose he says: “Sorry I do bodies not garmets.” Then casts deflection on Kassegore. I have to say I almost fell out of the sky as I am laughing at this. Which the Gargoyle takes advantage of this distraction and attempts to do more damage, but only manages to make me bleed slightly in a new spot. Three Ratson turn to attack Derick, but don’t seem to do anything but mess up his armor. The other Ratson attempt to hit Vhen, who then attempts returns the attack.

Alphose closes on the Minotaur and stuns it. Kassegore seems to know that an ally moved near him as he moves around the Minotaur to then attack, again with the sword, the tail and the biting. All three attacks hit the Minotaur and do some damage. Vhen sweeps the Ratson that surrounded him and takes out all but one.

Eight new individuals in armor and crossbows come in to the village, they don’t seem to notice me so I don’t draw attention to them. And it is soon appearant that I didn’t need to as Derick shakes off the earlier hit and takes out the last Ratson. He then runs forwards saying: “Worthy opponents.” The leader asks if Derick is mad, and Derick states no.

The leader then says: “Someone shoot him and kill the rest of the Rangers, so we can get what we came for.”

Bahiya casts something over my shoulder at the Gargoyle, causing bits to fly off of it. As I start to get out of the Gargoyle’s reach, Derick yells dodge to the left. I do and that causes the Gargoyle to flounder for a bit. Then I shoot the Gargoyle, but my arrow just bounces off it. Then the others start to shout for me to bring it to them, so I turn around and dive behind Alphose. Salvator turns to Vhen and says: “No need to bring it to us, I’ll bring the light to it.” Vhen then asks if that means that we are advancing and since Salvator was in the middle of casting, he nods. The spell was three bolts that manages to wound and stun the Gargoyle.

Derick then runs towards the new enemy. The Minotaur attempts to do damage on Kassegore and Alphose, but only stuns Alphose. I shoot the Minotaur in the eye, which takes it out. I will have to thank Gunther for those lessons. Vhen and Alphose more forward to the new threat.

I take a look at the Gargoyle then at those who said to bring it to them and now they are leaving?! I start to gesture in confusion totally forgetting that they can’t see what is behind them. Bahiya casts something and manages to stun the Gargoyle. This casting seems to really tick off the Gargoyle as it seems focused solely on her as the Gargoyle flies down to attempt to claw Bahiya. During this Vhen takes a melon and smacks it with his staff, the melon gets stuck on one of the claws causing it to not hurt Bahiya. The Gargoyle looks very confused at its hand that now has a melon stuck on it.

Some of the new threat move towards Kassegore slowly, and the others shoot at Derick which misses. Alphose and the leader exchange something and after a shake of his head, Alphose looks mad. Kassegore moves towards the new enemy near him, I didn’t catch what he did to take out three of them, but he stabs the fourth and takes it out as well. Then Kassegore moves over to the leader, which looks scared.

Bahiya saying something is a different language, slices the Gargoyle which actually and finally takes it out. Which was interesting to watch it crumble to dust. Then she calls out for the new enemy’s surrender. The leader is willing to talk and start negations after we get Kassegore to back up. We find out that the leader is Specialist Alain, he and the other members of the Red Stor are just here for the collars on the Childer. As the talks start to happen and Kassegore is talked into letting those that he didn’t kill go to Specialist Alain, two collars are given to the Specialist. I gather the horse and head towards the villager who took on the Minotaur. I find the villager alive and start to bandage his ribs.

After that, I and the horse head to Salvator. There is now talking about giving the remaining Reds back to the leader, it is decided that the men and two collars can go but the weapons stay. The Specialist is ok with this, although the rest of his men look upset at something that was said. I sign to Salvator if he wanted me to catch up with the caravan and he nods so I head off in that direction.

Kassegore and Alphose clean themselves up in the river, while the others gather up the remaining collars. Then they catch up with the caravan. By nightfall we have made it back to Sog.

I can’t believe that Sky does this every time that she goes out on a mission, how does she ever sleep?!


Saiderin aaeoina

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