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The begining of a Master's Journey: Diary of Vhen the White

It has been a long time since I wrote in my diary. To start much has happened.

I temporarily joined the Rangers of Troll Keep. Master Artivan was most supportive and even ordered his older brother Master Valitor the Scholar Warrior to take over Troll Keep.
The assignment did not last long as the place was filled with vile intrigue with the Rangers be complicit in the Red Store operating out of Troll Keep. After a emotionally painful altercation, Master Valitor made his withdraw to aid with the Unchained in the chilly lands of the Kal-A-Nor Empire. Freeing people as opposed to dealing with murky morals of the local populace was more congenial to his path in life. I decided that I would accompany him. Taking a temporary leave from the Rangers. What is it that they say, you wear the cloak in your heart not on your shoulders?

So, Master Valitor and I worked our way to finding the Unchained and joined their cause for some months. I shall let Valitor tell that tale. It came time for my wandering blood to take me back home to Korindia, the the Master’s School.

Once there, I was nearly shunned for being out in the “outside world” for so long. Patients, meditation, and showing by example that I was not corrupted by the outside world and that I kept to the Laws of Kor in practice and in my heart. My fellow Korindians can be a fairly mistrusting people. While, granted, I am not of the same race as Kor, I follow and was raised in the Laws of Kor and on this fair Island. With the exception of my wild blood in my youth the Masters always wanted me to be true to myself. I have been.

I never thought that I would be a good teacher but I taught my friend Ta’Or one on one in the ways of Kor-In and taught a little more in learning deeper understanding. With patients practice and strength of self I learned to teach even deeper secrets of Kor-In and have attained the rank of Mastery in Kor-In. I was able to join the masters, not as a student but as an equal. I have become one of the Masters. So I began teaching at the school. The younglings at first and then the ones closer to my age. I even had some sparing practice with some of the Masters. I have never hoped to join them. My soul is content and gratified by this honor.

It was some months until I discovered that I was, as the humans would put it, “falling in line” to the line of thought in general isolationism and mistrust of outsiders and those that don’t follow the Laws of Kor. My heart rebelled against it and I began teaching and debating with the masters and students the need to be strong in yourself and let others worry about themselves. Though this debate and learning, I taught that it is possible to follow the Laws of Kor anywhere and I felt in my bones that we, as a people, needed to stop our isolationist ways as Darkness was coming and it will come to our lands should we not seek it out to vanquish it. I spoke of the people, their traditions, their music and the various lands that I have been in. I spoke that even Kor traveled in his seekings and of his learning from the Goblinesh. I spoke of traveling much of Shaintar. It took long convincing and also a visit to the Elder Council to make my case for venturing out and seeking out the Darkness to destroy, lest it gain power and come at us in force. I traveled from Han’Dakor to Norshanos and even to Kor’Davine. I visited many of our people, bringing news of the outside world. Joining in debates and even an altercation with the Fists of Kor. Through Honorable Combat, I was able to convince them the the purity of my heart and given the time that I was away from Korindia and still following the Laws of Kor in my heart, they were convinced. I even joined them in evening repast. They did follow and observe me for several months, taking it as a challenge when I went through my morning exercises to keep up.

The wise scholar once said, “There is no better place than your home to rejuvenate the spirit.” It was true. While I may be content to teach at the School of Masters for the rest of my days, I still would feel obligated to at least try. To explain the threat that far off Prelacy and Shaya’Nor and the heavy metal fisted rulers of Kal-A-Nar Empire are. It is my dearest wish that everyone should be free. To be free of the oppression that the Prelacy.

Many of my fellow Korindians, a number of the more developed students, (some even Dragordian practicioners of Kor-In and Goblinesh from the Iron Gather) are going to seek out my friend Kassagore and his army as they make plans on removing the yoke of the Prelacy and it’s hold on the people of Camon. Of course the Fists of Kor needed to stay on the Island to protect the homeland from invaders while the others are gone.

Our Travel took us through the Northern Gathers where I was able to introduce my people to many of the Goblinesh. And I was even able to catch up with some Brinchie which I shared blood relatives with.

We gather to organize ourselves for the coming encounter, having heard about this new “Pantheon” in our travel.

I am not a profit or a leader or even a religious sort but a humble Master of Kor-In here to help. If I do not survive the coming encounter this will be my last writings in my journal. May it bring some enlightenment into who I was to it’s readers.

With Heavy Heart but hopeful mind,

Master Vhen the White, Corporal of the Grey Rangers, Master of Kor-In and friend to the Goblinesh.


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