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The Gobblin Gazette

Snippets from the Gobblin Gazette- First Gobblin Gazette, Publication date 6th of Forest Dance, Common Era 3123.

Snippets from the Gobblin Gazette- First Gobblin Gazette, Publication date 6th of Forest Dance, Common Era 3123.

(Gobblin Gazette is printed in Goblinesh on one side and the exact same page is printed in Orlan on the other side, There are 4 sections: Main Page, Article Section, and Anouncemnts/Merchant Section.)

A note from the Prime Editor:

Greetings, I am “Grumbling” Grundy the goblin. You may know me from some of my buildings in Sog. This is the first issue of The Gobblin Gazette, the first local news source in Sog. If you have news you wish to make known or wish to write for The Gobblin Gazette then I will happily take submissions and possibly interviews for article submitters. If you wish to have The Gobblin Gazette feature your business then you will need to make an appointment at our local office and we can discuss terms. This paper is primarily for information purposes and not a place to drag people through the mud or complain or other such nonsense. At The Gobblin Gazette we will not tolerate false news or inaccurate claims about a business. If it is found that anything is not accurate then please send us a message we can and in most cases will print a correction but don’t falsely correct anything. We do our best here so please be respectful. You can take our dedication to correct information as a kind of oath.
On another note, I am also the new Post Master in Sog, for those unfamiliar with the term, I shall collect specific sized letters that you wish to send and have people deliver the letter/message to them for a small fee. We are still working out the rules and routes for delivery so be patient with us. I will make an announcement in the next issue of The Gobblin Gazette when it is fully ready for public use. Getting something going at a troubling time such as this is a bit of a challenge so bear with us. Inquire at the Post Central Building for further information, we will be putting up announcements when it is ready and have the rules clearly stated.

“Grumbling” Grundy the Goblin, your new Post Master and Prime Editor of the Gobblin Gazette.

The Triumph of Thuls
We are pleased to report that the battle of Thuls was won and Thuls is now a city free from The Prealacy’s Concuring grasp. With the aid of the Grey Rangers the Olarian Army and Thuls town guard was able to repel and triumph against the armies of the Camoran Prelacy’s siege on the city. We celebrate the freedom of Thuls and Sog’s Continued Freedom in thanks to the Grey Rangers. The Grey Rangers reduced the enemies resources for the final siege in the days leading up to the attack and assisted greatly in the city’s defense during the attack. The attacking General, Prelacy general, Bertrand Greniere has been captured when Orlan Soldiers lead by the Grey Rangers attacked and trounced the Church of the Prelacy’s soldiers with very little loss of life to the defenders.

Ogress the Ogre Oracle, bringing common wisdom to the common person
For entertainment purposes only, Ogress is not a recognized seer of the future.

Dis is Ogress, the Ogre Oracle in our first Seeing of the future.
Ogress says that if you are born into dis month of Forest Dance den you best watch your feet or you may lose your way. For others not born in dis month den yous forcast is to watch out for doos that are looking down, dey may get in da way.
Ogress’s Tip of the Month: Don’t go outside de city without a buddy. Your friends and peoples want yous back alive and not dead and moving still.

Cooking Corner by Rok-tar Firebeard
With fall coming fast you may be asking yourself what you can do with all of the local apples. Here are some tried and true tasty recipeis:

Apple Pie <recipe>
Apple Streusel <recipe>

And for your personal stash, try this method of apple tonic.
Apple Whisky <part>
Place apples in a bucket, press apples whole and liquefy.
Add a small amount of bread yeast and a cup of sugar and 2 cups of raisins. Add 1 cup of lemon juice for preservative.
Mash up good and leave out in the cold, covered.
Let freeze and thaw multiple times, scrape the pure ice off of the top before thawing.
Remove solids when you can using the following method…
At Mid-Winter place in a bottle and wait until spring.

Also, If you still have apples left try this method of sugaring and drying for long term storage….<instructions>

And lastly Apple Chips..<instructions>

The recipes work well for crabapples too but to offset the tartness use a cup of sugar.

At Firebeard Tavern and Luncheon we are having apple pie at the end of the month and an apple custard pie. Come and enjoy a slice with your favorite Firebeard beer.

Snippet from the Announcement Section

We welcome Gromby the Ogre born of Gnesh and Gobbler Goblin. It was a difficult birth but even in this time of war Life must continue. If you have any Ogre Baby cloths Gnesh would be very happy for a donation of it.

Jamber the Carpenter is looking for commissions in furniture repair and creation. Jambler can be found on 3rd Street, look for the wooden Chair sign in the worker’s section of town. “Working hard to help you sit better.”

Grand Opening of Firebeard’s Tavern and Luncheon this month. We have Alvarian Ale and Firebeard’s Brand ale as well as a selection of local meads and wines. Come for Lunch and stay for a drink or two. We always have something tasty. Fresh backed and cooked goods daily. See our sign out front for specials. Fresh pressed Cider served soon!
Post Carriers and Paperers needed: Inquire at Post Central Building for details on how you can help the Post and Gobblin Gazette grow.

Are you a Hero? Do you wish to make your mark and help the city of Sog grow and prosper? Don’t know how to go about it? Then come on down to the Grey Ranger’s headquarters and see if you qualify for signing up to be a Grey Ranger. Any Ranger may assist you with directions, just ask and let them know you wish to sign up to help your fellow person. (This announcement is made independently and not an official Grey Ranger’s announcement.)


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