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The Pilgrim’s Journal of Vhen the White, day 275

Evil knocks on Shaintar’s Door, White River 29th

I was asked by the Grey Rangers to investigate with a group of others, many others, to look into the doings of the Red Store and strange alien creatures that are showing up.
We were going to visit an outpost that some mercenaries that have been hired by the Grey Rangers to keep as the Rangers were spread thin searching for the Chimera in the area around Korg Humps. After some discussion it was determined that Zebidia Stone (Salvator’s Other Self) would approach and gain supplies. If they took him captive then they were with the Red Store (the temporary minions of the Chimera). They ended up taking him “Captive” and escorted him in to see their boss. We stormed the gate at this time. Mistress Druid Felosia used her tunneling magic to bring us to the door of the fort. Me and another Brinchie, an attractive female named Puck, used our natural agility and aided each other up the wall and opened the gate. When the gate was opened Felosia’s two wolves rushed in as well as others of our group took the guards and a Druid High Priest Druid of the Silver Unicorn- Shailen earthwalked in and aided Zebidia as did his wife (I didn’t know that he was married, I must remember to congratulate him.) and aided. Shailen was able to wal through the stone as if it was air, I thought she was a spirit at first and begged her pardon as I verified her physicality. She took no note of my extreme rudeness, the masters would be disappointed in me. By the time I was able to enter the fray, I had only a few opponents and most of the guards were all cordoned off with the 3 wolves that were aiding, two were Felosia’s and another was Shailen’s. While the rest were interrogating, I tied up the guards, accepting their surrender and sat down to play my flute-staff while wiser minds than mine determined what to do next. We ended up going into the basement and battled the leaders. Felosia charged into a room with some Builder’s as the were whisked away. I know not where. I needed to comfort his 2 wolves while she was gone. My feeling is that she will turn up as she is of brave heart and will not go down without a fight. There were other things that happened but it’s been so eventful of a time that it is beginning to blur together as we get less and less sleep and we are battling the Chimera’s forces more and more. I believe that I still accorded my self satisfactorily and with some honor. Though my memory is still a bit fuzzy from my next encounter.


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