Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

The Pilgrim's Journal of Vhen the White, Coming back to Sog

Redwolf 17th

After learning more of Kor-In in my homeland, teaching, and catching up with old friends and the Masters, I have been hearing rumors that Darkness is on the rise and more active. So I decided it was time to come back to where I found a home with the Rangers, Sog.

After reporting in to Artivan and spending some time with him, I found that Magpie has taken a leadership role and was getting together some people to combat the rising darkness.

My companions on a journey into the forest to the North and West of Sog are:

Sky, a long time friend Archer/Scout and excellent Archer Aevakar. She has been a friend to me since I came to Sog. She has befriended a Builder that resides in Sog by the name of Grak.

Salvatori, a new person to me. He seems to be a Human Malakarian but has joined forces with the Rangers. I think that he is a trainee. He is also an archer.

And an Ogre Paladin of Light, a delightful fellow that is also a trainee in the Rangers. His equipment is a bit of hodge pog. I miss Kassagore being the Quartermaster. He would have made sure that our friend had proper equipment. He carries a Church door as a Shield. I am ashamed that I did not remember his name at the time of this report writing.

Upon meeting with Sky, she embraced me and threw me up into the air as one would a babe. She has gotten quite a bit stronger since our last meet. Knowing that it would be an interesting sight, I did a flip in the air to show that I too have grown more skilled.

With the knowledge that we will not be having a healer with us, I asked permission of Sky to stop by friend Rok-tar’s place, the Heroes Hart, for a couple of healing potions as a just in case measure. He accommodated me with a pair of glass potion bottles that had glass and wax stoppers. He is familiar with the tenants of Kor and did not give me metal bottles. Upon exiting the Inn, I was tackled by another Aevakar, just a child last I saw her, by the name of Nightingale. Much to my surprise, She is now able to speak, having been healed by the miracle of the Phoenix Moth’s Birth. She has a lovely speaking voice. I must admit that it brought tears of mutual joy that she is now whole, physically, from her ordeal as a child. I promised that I would catch up with her after our patrol in a few days. We must share music and play with the local orphans and other children as we did of old.

We set out in search of our quarry, the Forces of Darkness. On the second day out we found some werewolves and engaged them. There was a necromancer that did keep himself difficult to find that aided them. Through some secret tunnels they got away. We trailed the blood trails and found them again. There were large Werewolves, Trolls, Trogladytes, Hobgoblins, and some Skeletons that we had to do battle with and were successful, Sky had a long chase to catch the escaping Necromancer. Who did not appear to be a Denier of Death, like previous in the area. Sky ended up going back to Sog to report while we searched the area. We could not find what they were looking for or know what it was. Captives were not captured even though we did try. Our use of the Language of Violence was too much for them. It is obvious that Something has the Forces of Darkness in an uproar, they are looking for something and the forces of Shaya’Nor are getting ever bolder with their movements. Perhaps I shall ask Father Salvator if he knows what is going on and how I can best help.


Saiderin Matrix4b

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