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The Pilgrim's Journal of Vhen the White, Returning to Korindia

Planting Moons 30th

Returning to Korindia, Planting Moons 30th

After I spent some time with my blood family, I decided to go home to Korindia and visit the Masters. The Ship ride was smooth. I ended up learning a little about the runnings of a ship. It was a Korindain ship so everybody pitches in. The trip was smooth given the weather. Once I got home to my old running grounds, I decided to take a run. The Green Guard was not happy but couldn’t keep up. I am much more skilled now than when I was younger and I noticed it took me less time to traverse the city than it has before, despite the changes to it.
After a day in town, I did get to the Masters home. It seems smaller for some reason. But it is good to be home. It was a good visit with the Masters that I had. They were impressed that I was able to find out but knew that I was on the right track with the research. Good things come to those that work for them and do good works for them. They appreciated my help in training some of the young ones and were interested in my travels and work on the side of the Ascended Ones. Kor would be proud, they said. I think that they expected me to come back laden with gold and greed with a heavy heart. I am glad to disappoint them there. A number of musicians marveled at my Flute-staff and even asked if they can copy some of the design. I may have started a new school of Kor, as the Masters say. Some of the Druids even stopped by to have some words, thoughts and tea. They took the story of my getting the wood for the staff well and approve that I have made something that is not only suitable for defense but for peace, and when one gets older to aid in walking. This confused me as I never needed help in walking, let alone running and jumping. I suppose we all get older though. The Masters never seem to change. I think that the Druids are going to be more inclined to allow more musical instruments to be made out of Everwood. We Korindians are very handy with wood and have a good sense of music, especially the music of life.
Getting home was good, I have missed some of my friends here but I found that I miss being on the side of good in Sog and in the Goblinesh Gathers to be more appealing. The world seems so much bigger now and Korindian seems smaller. But I have come to realize that it is only one of my homes. If home is where the heart is, then I have at least 3 homes that have claimed my heart. Korindia, the Norther Gathers, and Eon’Voltuh


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