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Vhen’s 1st Letter to Home

A Plea for Information: Journal Day 88th

Vhen’s Letter to Home
11th of Dancing Clouds

Blessed Masters,
I have much to tell you, this being my first letter to home. It has been a very eventful time.


So, as you can tell, I have reached a dead end on my quest. I had assumed that I was born from other Brinchie that bear the same markings as I, white with black spots. Due to this most unfortunate discovery, I have found that I need to gain some shipping records. Can you ask at the port cities what ships were around the day before and day of my Founding day? Being a part of the Rangers now, I will ask them if they can obtain records to see what ships were in the area at that time. Hopefully, I will get lucky and find the ship that I must have been on with my birth parents and then track them down. If I am not lucky, I will find that their ship crashed or that there is no records of them. From there, I can only petition the Acended for their help in discovering my past, prior to your gracious intervention.

Your loyal student,

Vhen the White
(PS: I have been going by the shortened name of Vhen rather than the name you gave me of “Calming Thunder.” It seemed easier to pronounce and I have not found many here speak Korindian. I have yet to meet Ta’Or Cha’La, who is of our Brethen. Please accept my apologies and know that I mean no disrespect towards you or my name. It is simply not easy to hear the name mangled into “Thunder that Clams” or “Calmed Ocean Sky Spit.” Vhen seems to be easier to pronounce to them and it was a childhood nickname.”


Saiderin Matrix4b

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