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What a trip home parts 5 of 5

Privet musings of Gudmund Stonebook:

A Staff for Your Tower:

Chimera is gone, the Tower fallen, the Unicorn walks among us. After compiling and writing my full report, after interviewing as many combatants and scouts as possible, I wish that saying this here in my own thoughts would be enough. It is not, as I should expect. I have spent the last week or so helping to root out and stop the Red Store and the Builders that allied with Chimera. I have not slept the second part of that time. I will apologize to any that might find this later in a dusty room and find it worth reading.

A great army was amassed. All of the races of fae were present as where the Dwarves, humans, along with a huge host of Orc’s, Goblins and Ogres. There were samples from each and every race serving in the Grey Rangers alone, dozens if not hundreds had been called to help scout for the armies to find them a target to push from our realm. We found the tower, we found a route to the base of it, we even found a way in through the caves. We cleared the way and reinforced it so that the armies could move through and into the valley. Through ritual after ritual and scheme after scheme. Chimera was draining the life from the land to build herself a tower of power to rule from. We never figured out what she was offering her allies, what could she offer that the Builders my own forefathers that they would commit mass sacrifice for? The Red store is likely just money and power these I am sure she can get in abundance with what we have seen and fought these days. Yet now we have led an army to her tower she is building, the tower that is not done.

Rangers, groups of them at least, have done all this and yet we shall also need to break her, open the tower and lead this mass of humanity into her very courtyard and defeat her. We have drawn lines and formed the races into war order. There are groups set to infiltrate the enemy command, or at least try. If they can succeed they will throw the armies into leaderless masses, more easily defeated if they are worried about there lives or fed false information. There is another strike, this is a guerrilla team, they are heading into the tower from below. Disrupting the lines of power and breaking any and all tech they can get there hands upon. The Builders are expected to be there servicing the conduits feeding Chimera all this other worldly power.

Most of the Army will charge in as armies do. Siege weapons form lines of ranged and pull down everything she sends at them until the last man standing. We hope that the mustered powers bring it to be, that it is her last man standing. We have set aside an area for command and leadership of our own. Kassagor himself will be commanding the combined armies. He is not the ranking officer, he is not the commander of any single army. Yet The commanders seek a ranger to lead them. For none wish to follow the others, so a ranger trained in leadership it must be. So Kassagor has chosen the the timing and the lines positions. All that is left is the charge.

Everyone is set and the charge is ordered. His timing is amazing, he has called the charge at the correct time to turn the eyes from there soft parts. This is the time when the other teams strike and strike hard, the team that went in after the leaders is wildly successful. They convince them to abandon their post turning the enemies army into a headless mass.

The strike into the bowels of the tower was powerful and swift. They were able to cut the power lines in places and smash conduits supplying her twisted needs. Not before she took one last gulp from her native plane hoping to send us up top packing. This last mighty draw upon the weakened lines probably seals her doom. She took so much from her home plane that the lines she had tied between the realms collapsed. Or at least this is the most likely outcome, for she does not appear to have escaped to where she came from. That leaves only one massive battle top side.

This is where the enemy is looking, where they think all of us are. It is good for us that that was not true, that the Rangers did their jobs as scouts, and dug deep before this massive boil was lanced. Upon Kassagors word we charged and somehow I was caught up in the rush just like every other Ranger. My duty was to stand to the rear and record all that took place, my obligation to the realm and all of her people, yet I was just as whipped up by the his words as any. Upon his word it was that I started my ram and sent it into the mouth of the horde waiting for us. As the Fliers flew, their arrows faster than there wings, the runners ran and the Ram slammed home. A door was made where one had not been, a dwarf key – the opener. This is right and as it should be, had I stopped there, had I not chased my ram. Yet the words and all that had died, or that we where able to steal from the jaws of Chimera, drew me on into her lair.

I was but a drop in the sea that hit the walls and her changing nature was not enough to stop when the unicorn marched against her. It was not one man, one women, not one flier, nor one burrower. For we had become the horn of the unicorn forged of the land and aimed by her. It was not her high priestess casting, not a staff blow from the top of the tower, not white flame from the heavens rending wing after wing. It was all of these things. The Aevaker that dared to perch on her nose as he killed her followers. The Ogre that threw the White while taking punishing blows from each side. It was those that I spoke of before that blew the power lines and the sly ones that could talk the leaders into leaving. Each a hair upon the silver unicorns hide, a muscle pushing her forward, the horn driving home. We did not do this, each of us had our parts, the eye to aim us the horn to strike. We fight to keep this our land, our home, our souls. This day I disobeyed my vow, this day I found something larger….


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