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Yea! Ta'Or Is In Charge

Really I Can Sneak!!!

Personally I have no clue how or why Sky would want to do this on a regular basis, I mean I know that we need to fight the Prelacy and the Red Store and all. But these continual days of fighting without any break is a little too much for me.

We (Bahiya, Asheenya, Sull, Kang, Orloff, Ta’Or, Charis and I) are called into the briefing room and are met by a Sargent Domengez from Coastline. The first things that I notice is there are four Trainees and four Aevakar here. _ I hope we don’t have to worry about the wing hunters as well.
The Sargent looks at Bahiya and says, “You look at things differently and people have a weird outlook on you.” Then the Sargent looks at me and says, “And you don’t talk.” I nod at him. The Sargent looks at Ta’Or and says, “Congratulations you are now Corporal, although I would suggest listening to Orloff who has been around a bit.” Ta’Or has a look of horror on his face as he turns to me. I make a quick note saying that Liarra isn’t here, so I can’t help him out. Ta’Or nods to me.

The Sargent says that Builders are working with Chimera. We are to head to an abandoned town that has been taken over by Builders. As he starts to give us a brief description of the area and the water holes in the area, I start writing a note asking if the Troll-Tentacle or a Troll-Tentacle was there. The Sargent wasn’t happy with the note as he started asking: Have I been there? Are you a Ranger? Go there and see, if you live come back and you tell me!

We get our orders, which are to go in and stop the Builders – by taking over the town.

The Sargent then asks, “Are there are any questions? Going once! Going Twice! Get on out of here!”

As most of the group starts to head out Bahiya asks, “Sargent, have you ever thought about coming up to Sog?”
Sargent: “And take over what Artivan has set up there? No I like living. Why?”
Bahiya: “I like you and Artivan out ranks you.”
Sargent: “There is no ocean there and I am happy where I am. Now get out of here!”

We all head out. I ask Ta’Or if he wants me to scout and he says yes.

I head out and see seven Maggot-Hounds. I attempt to see if there is anything else up the road, when I get noticed. A Maggot-Hound calls out and the others all turn to look at me. In the distance I hear Ta’Or call out, “That’s not good, let’s move!”

Kang runs up and vaults up the rough part of the hill to get to me. Ta’Or manages to get near to Kang. Sull moves up the road and uses the rocks to do a blackflip to take out a Maggot-Hound, before bounding up to the group.

Three of the Maggot-Hounds move towards Ta’Or and Kang, two of them attempt to bit Kang and the other attempts to bite Ta’Or. Two of the Maggot-Hounds move to Sull, one manages to bite him wounding him and the other attempts to bite him as well. One Maggot-Hound attempts to get up the rocks and screams in frustration as he can’t.

I shoot the one near Ta’Or dead. Charis moves forward and shoot the one that bit Sull to stun it.

A Maggot-Hound gets on a rock and starts to head for Charis, as it approaches Charis attempts to takes a swing at it.

Bahiya runs up to a Maggot-Hound and swings her white silver sword to take it out.

We find out later that there was a cave that the four Slug-Bats came out of. All spit acid at the group, one just hits the rock at my feet, one manages to wound Kang, one manages to stun Charis and the last one hits Bahiya’s shield.

Orloff runs up the rocks to shoot a Slug-Bat dead. Asheenya flies forward and casts bolt at a Maggot-Hound, stunning it.

Asheenya then shoots the Maggot-Hound to take it out then flies over Kang. Kang moves towards a Slug-Bat and takes a swing at it to take it out. He then states that he sees a heat source near the cave. Sull starts to flap his wings as he steps on the wounded Maggot-Hound. This confuses the other one that is near him. Sull then shoots the one he used as a launching post dead. Bahiya climbs up the rocks, then calls out, “Kang think thin!” Before casting Jet at the last three Maggot-Hounds to take them out.

A Slug-Bat moves toward Bahiya, two others to Kang and these three attempt to hurt but can’t bite Bahiya or wound Kang.

Charis throws off the hit and moves up. Orloff shoots a Slug-Bat dead.

A Ratson-Minotaur comes out of the cave and heads towards the group.

I sling the bow and grab my spear. I then charge forward to stab the Ratson-Minotaur to wound it badly. Ta’Or runs up Kang to jump off his shoulder to smack the Ratson-Minotaur, taking it out. Kang casually backhands the Slug-Bat nearest him and takes it out. Sull, Charis and Asheenya all at the same time shoot the last Slug-Bat taking it out.

Asheenya, Bahiya, Sull, and Ta’Or start healing Kang, I head over to check out the cave. The cave looks and smells nasty, this is where they kept their food. When Asheenya joins me, she states that she can feel indications that there were Necromancers here. Bahiya wants to purify the cave, and Ta’Or states that we don’t have time right now and we continue up the trail. I hop on Kang’s shoulder. Kang is much larger than Kassegore, but it’s not the same and I wish Kassegore is here.

We get to a spot that we can start to see the town. Orloff asks what the plan is and if we are sending a scout, then looks at me and says, “Since that worked out so well that time.”

Bahiya replies to that with, “We should all keep our feet firmly on the ground.” From my perch on Kang’s shoulder, I wiggle my feet at her. Ta’Or gives me a look and then tells me that I am to scout all the entries and enemies that I can find, also not to engage unless I’m fired upon. I nod my understanding of the orders and start to head out. Ta’Or sends Orloff with me to cover my back if needed.

Orloff sneaks up the road as I sneak up the rocks and along the side of the wall. The first thing I notice is this is more of a keep than a village. Along the walls I see four Slug-Bats, eight Builders that are looking bored. The Slug-Bats are asleep and drooling acid down on the ground. I manage to get past the wide open front gate as Orloff gets near the gate.

I find that the wall ends at the mountain side and other than coming over the wall the gate is the only opening. I start to head back and this time was not so good as a Golem, that was in the courtyard, starts to give the alarm: “Intruder alert!” I sign to Orloff to leave as I make a bigger target of myself.

The others can here this and I first see Asheenya casting as a caster bolt heads towards me, this causes it to go into the wall. Kang runs up to the wall and swings at a Slug-Bat to take it out.

A few of the Builders move towards me and several towards Asheenya. One attempts to shoot at Kang and misses as he didn’t have a good shot. Four other Builders shoot at Kang. One Builder had his caster blow up in his hand. I should tell Sky about this. The other three manage to hit Kang and manage to stun him. The last two aim at me. One misses and the other manages to stun me.

There is yelling from inside. Ta’Or moves up to the wall. I manage to shake off the hit and fly up, pulling my spear.

A Slug-Bat flies towards Ta’Or and spews acid at him for no effect, two move towards Kang and attack for nothing and one attacks me for nothing as well.

Bahiya moves towards a Slug-Bat. Sull moves behind me and says, “I have your back.” Then he shoots a Builder off of the battlements. Charis comes up on the battlements and charges a Builder, which turns at the last moment causing the hit to do no damage.

The Golem starts to aim at me and Sull, and as it does something goes wrong. The Golem says, “The humidity damage internal.” And then it falls down.

Asheenya flies forward and casts bolt at the Builder, at the same one that Charis hit, and bolt blows it up.

A Minotaur-Golem explodes out of a building and flies over to Charis to attempt to wound her.

Orloff sneaks into the courtyard.

A Ratson-Minotaur comes storming out of another building.

Asheenya casts bolt at the Minotaur-Golem. Orloff moves to the Ratson-Minotaur and smacks it to wound it.

The Minotaur-Golem moves in between Charis and Asheenya, then attacks both of them. The swing to Charis misses, and the swing to Asheenya connects but does nothing.
Orloff calls out, “Rub some dirt on it!”

A Tentacle comes out of the well in the middle of the courtyard and flails around nearly hitting Orloff. Two Necromancers come out to play and cast something that causes Zombies to come out of buildings to join the party.

I fly forward and stab a Necromancer dead, this causes four of the Zombies to drop still.

One Slug-Bat attempts to swing at Sull and then swings at Asheenya but no apparent effect on the hit.

Bahiya moves up and casts Jet to take out three Builders. Kang throws of the hit and moves up in the Ratson-Minotaur face and takes a swing, taking it out. Sull moves forward after throwing off the hit from a Slug-Bat, and then flies down the well to take on the Tentacle-Troll. Charis smacks the Minotaur-Golem and after screaming “I’ve had enough of this!” Swings and takes out the Minotaur-Golem then charges the last Necromancer and takes him out. Bahiya takes out the rest of the Slug-Bats and Ta’Or jumps down the well after Sull to pull him out.

We have managed to take Andwyr’ Point!


Saiderin aaeoina

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