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Looking For Fires

20th of White Stag

The morning after the last bit of fun, I watch Artivan sets up a team of Rangers to rebuild the furniture that the Ranger fight destroyed. As they are fixing the room, I sneak into the back and grab breakfast, before serving the others breakfast.

As the others are finishing up breakfast, Kassegore and Magpie have a conversation about Camon being bait, that causes me to fall from my perch in the rafters, laughing. I’m a bit worried that some of it came out as a whistle.

A human comes in rolling a barrel, through the front door and says “Delivery.” Roc-Tar comes forward and asks, “Delivery? What Delivery?” The human looks at the barrel and says, “Yes, Firebeard Ale.”

Kassegore leans towards Roc-Tar and asks, “Don’t you make that here?” Roc-Tar replies, “Yes, I do.” At this the human starts to take off, Magpie catches him at the door.

Kassegore calls for Salvator to check the barrel for magic. Gudmund also heads over to look at the barrel.

As the human starts to struggle, Magpie pulls his sword out and holds it to the human’s throat. This makes the human stop struggling. Magpie then moves the human towards Kassegore. Just looking at Kassegore causes the human to blanch. Kassegore slowly smiles and the human, surprisingly doesn’t faint or piss himself.

Gudmund calls out that the top just comes off. As Salvator determines that there is magic in the barrel, but he can’t figure out what it is, Artivan calls, “Magpie switch positions with Salvator. Give the human to The Beast.” Magpie then looks for any traps that the barrel might have. At hearing “The Beast”, the human does actually piss himself and then faint.

Artivan then tells Sky, “Get out of the Inn, in case this goes south.” She calls out to me to get out as well and I fly out an open window. As I am heading out Magpie calls out, “This is Arcfire.” I hear Artivan say something.

I start to clear the area near the Inn. As I am finishing up, I hear a barrel explode and look around, in time to see Sky catch Magpie and bring him down. As this was happing Artivan started to give out orders to see who was behind this and see if there are others. Gudmund and Magpie come into the Inn stating, very loudly that there are three fires. One is at the Wall, one is in the residential area, and one is near our Headquarters. Artivan says, “Right then, new plan. We need to stop these fires.”

Gudmund and Magpie are headed off towards the wall, Artivan and Kassegore are headed to the residential area, and Salvator and Sky are headed towards Headquarters.

As they head off, I fly higher to see if any other fires break out. After a few minutes I notice one at the Goblinesh Leaders Building. I fly off to tell Sky and Salvator as they are closer to that location and have a chance.

When I reach Sky, she quickly understands what I’m attempting to tell her. She grabs two of the Goblinesh telling one to stay put in case a fire starts up, then heads to the new fire. The larger one seemed to enjoy it, the other just screamed the whole way there. The larger one did yell out, “I’m flying to the rescue!”

As I’m flying higher to be on the look out for more fires, I see Vhen and he appears to be doing the same thing. There is another fire and Magpie looking around grabs the screaming goblin and heads off to the new fire. The goblin, screamed the way there again.

Sky must be crazy as she is headed in to a fire with full plate one, although she does manage to get the leaders out of the fire. Gudmund looks like he is giving directions, the large one that Sky brought to this fire head buts a wall. I see Kassegore and Salvator heading off towards those that started the fires. Gudmund points out that there are several different spots on the walls that look like they are the start of these fires, as he starts to point this out I nod at this information. After a quick look of my own I sign quickly that painting over these spots will stop them from starting fires. Sky shoves a potion down the large one’s throat to have him regain his wits and tell him to go to the Ranger’s Warehouse and get what is called Scrubbing Bubbles. He runs away looking a bit confused.

Sky tells me to give this information to Artivan and I fly off, right before I get out of range I hear Sky calling for Rangers and townsfolk a like to start looking for these patches. That way we can work on stopping the fires before they start. Then I notice Sky heading back to the Ranger area.

I reach Artivan and quickly sign the news about the spots on the wall. Artivan looks a bit grumpy about this, however he quickly informs several of the townsfolk of this. I spot some of the children I’ve helped, and quickly get them to help out with this problem. It may end up that we have some weird paintings due to this, oh well.

Stopping only to grab quick drinks of water, the rest of the day passes in much of this fashion. Vhen and I both stop by and report that the Hero’s Heart Inn and the actual Ranger’s Headquarters have not been hit all day. This report brings Artivan, Salvator, Kassegore, Gudmund and Sky back together. As we ponder this news, we get a report that the Hero’s Heart Inn has actually caught fire on the roof.

One of the children grabs my attention, there are several large patches that need to be painted and they can’t do it. I look over and Vhen nods, as the others are getting ready to save the Hero’s Heart Inn, he and I head over to the new threat.

As it looks like we have Sog under control or at least fire free, I have the children look for wounded and have Vhen start looking for individuals to help with clean up.

I find out later that the leader had drunk poison in order to keep us from learning anything else that day. Artivan is not happy. Kassegore is barely keeping the Beast at bay, after he found out that the materials to start the fire were actually purchased by him from the Prelacy that were disguised as merchants.


Saiderin aaeoina

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