Jok-tar Firebeard

Dwarf Bard Extrodinair


Jok-tar is a Bard and entertainer extraordinaire. He isn’t opposed to a fight but would prefer negotiation, or at least the chance to distract his foes before delivering blows or allowing others to get the drop on his foes. Everything about him is full of positive energy and the deep belly laughs that come from being a part of Life. He never wants to waste any of his life. Live Big is his motto. He has perfect pitch and an operatic voice. He is a very good story teller and entertainer that loves to travel and simply loves people. He is very protective of his twin “little brother” and wants the best for them both.
He may be rich but he isn’t stupid with his money. Him and his brother are trained in the art of finances and know how to keep them. He makes a conscious effort not to dress to “nobelly” unless he is entertaining Nobles. He does his best to dress well but in a manor that doesn’t make people uncomfortable. He is also a willing test subject for his brother’s creations, knowing that they are always good. Where his brother is a Master Chef, he is a Master Musician. Both are consument brewers hoping to make Firebeard a common name associated with good times and good beer.


The Dwarf Twins: Rok-Tar and Jok-Tar

Rok and Jok were born twins, Jok was born first. The Twins grew up close but with different interests. Neither of them had much interest in being a Wright or a Warrior. Both received excellent training.
Early on Jok showed great promise in music and could play nearly any instrument. He was always clowning around, joking, playing music, convincing others to do things that they shouldn’t. While this was very un-dwarvish behavior it was tolerated as he could talk freely with the other races. He could equally talk to anybody and enjoyed talking and was fascinated by many stories and far off lands. Jok means in his Clanhold’s dialect is “To Talk and Jest” and the post fix of Tar on the end of the name meant twins. Twins were so rare that the clan felt blessed. Jok-Tar definitely lived up to his name and even was too loud for some areas of the hold. He was constantly getting in trouble. He would even get into trouble for beating up other dwarves that picked on his brother Rok-Tar. It was clear that Jok was not well suited to a life of mining and being underground. His Brother was almost the opposite, as twins usually are.
Rok-Tar showed a keen interest in making things that people eat or drink. Some considered him to be more feminine than masculine because of this. At an early age he was always asking questions on how things were put together and how they combine to make bread, pastries, spices and even beer. He was very shy on any other subject and sometimes wouldn’t talk to others, even to stand up for himself. Jok always did. It became clear that Rok showed a talent for Alchemy. And was sent off to train, Jok accompanied his twin as protection and the fact was, it was hard to separate them for too long. The two were so close in their younger years. Rok also showed excellent promise in making things but was focused on making things that had to do with food and drink. He was fascinated with extracts, brewing and distilling. In order to properly manage resources he learned about money and how to manage it. As Rok got older he also learned to judge people and to supervise people in the kitchen. He also learned that Jok was a restless individual and could bear to have him away more.
Jok-Tar became fascinated with the idea of sending messages and organized a sort of Messanger service in the Clanhome and when it was discovered that very little steel was left in the ground at mining, mostly useless lead, he found that lead could be used to quickly make a sort of stamp to stamp paper with ink. He soon discovered that someone had invented a way to make letters and reproductions of something on paper, over and over. This lead to learning about paper and ink and finding the Printing Press, a strange idea that he suggested his Clanhold use in the future to make use of that useless Lead. While Traveling from one Clanhold to another, Jok found some strange stones that the Dwarves initially thought was gold, it turned out to be the Clanhold’s land but a new mine could be made of this. It was actually gold laced with chrysarium. As the finder of this Jok-Tar and his Twin became 5% owners in this new vein, with some processing fees. Jok-Tar convinced his twin to strike out and make a Tavern in the town of Sog, which as rumor had it now protected by the Grey Rangers and going to be booming. It would be the perfect place to start a brewery and make the Firebeard name famous once again.
It took much convincing with his twin but his twin did agree. But they would need to get him a new lab and it would be nice to have his own kitchen and staff. Fall was coming so they also got supplies to make their first batch of beer. Jok also was able to purchase a printing press in a city that was being “broken down for parts” as it did need some repair work and was a spare of the printer in the city. Jok could not resist the deal. And he and his brother packed up a wagon with their two mules and set out for this new boom town of Sog.
Upon getting to Sog, the price for an Inn was a bit too much but a large Tavern with a few spare rooms were in their price range, as long as he sold his toy, the printing press. So, Jok went out and found a kindred spirit in enterprising and promised to fix the print press and help a local enterprising gobbling out with a printing business with a suggestion that he would could be a courier for a post business and some of the kids could be local delivery for a news service called a “Paper”. The goblin was excited and agreed. Now Jok could spread the word of the Firebeard Brand, mail, and get to play with the new Printing Press toy and him and his brother could start brewing and have an inn. It is lucky that both brothers heeded their elders when taught about money and wise investments.
The Twins set about setting up space and employing a carpenter and setting up supplies to open soon. They set up signs at their new place with no open date. Rok-tar got to work on setting up his lab and kitchen and cellar and will be hiring staff soon. Jok-tar is fixing the press and helping the goblin get set up and instructing him how to repair, maintain and use the press as well as furthering the idea that he could be a writer for the press and local “Paper” and will personally deliver the first, “Letter” that needs to be sent. Jok, may even decide to join the Rangers to help promote his news ideas and get good stories to tell and may even drag Rok into it so he can test his brewed alchemy and do some good other than hiding in his kitchen and lab. Once some help is hired the Tavern and proto-Inn will virtually run itself, as long as it is set up correctly.

Jok-tar Firebeard

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