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Journal of Vhen the White: Day 45: 25th of Thunder Hawk
The light of Hope Shines again in this land

My plea from earlier has been heard. I now have a method of helping while on my Pilgrimage to find my people. But I digress; I shall start from an earlier point of view.
I was in the forest, cleaning some clothing in the river and taking a break from my journey. When I began travel again, I heard the most awful sound. Sort of like a deer being strangled by swallowing and choking on a soprano flute. So, I bounded up into a tree, bouncing from tree to tree to make a quick work of climbing as I have done so often in my younger days. Once up into the canopy I looked around at the height. I could not see much. I could see that a farmstead was nearby and that they seem to be under attack. Seeing a chance to defend the helpless as was taught to me by my Masters, I used the noise being generated to get a little closer. I saw a rat-like creature carrying a small sword of metal guiding 3 subordinates to a river to hold for some reason. Choosing that time to get a little closer I bounded to a tree that had a good view. I saw a large creature that I heard was called a Minotaur, part man-type and part bull and also a creature of darkness. I also saw that a small group of goblin farmsteaders were being held captive. So I waited for an appropriate time to execute the “Pelican Grabs the Fish” maneuver to attack what I saw as the leader by diving down the tree and swinging at the last moment into a flying kick. I hit him pretty hard and was surprised that he remained conscious. The little creature had a hard head. Seeing that he was conscious, I offered to allow him to surrender. Instead he called me a woman and wished for me to die. How rude. Could he not see that I was male?! Before I could ask for his surrender again and an appropriate apology he called over the two other creatures that he was presumably setting up an ambush with. Well, patients has a certain elasticity, as my Master would say. And they have exceeded the boundary of good taste and civil company. I had determined that it would be best if they were to seek an apology in the afterworld for their offending natures and not properly understanding the differences between male and female. I switched to lethal damage much to my own shame. I really should have more patients as my Master would say. I sent the two underlings on their way to meet justice in the afterlife but not before one of them saying something and their leader, who still calls me a female despite correction, translated it as that he wanted to eat a vital organ of mine. I do not approve of cannibalism, that being the consumption of intelligent creatures. So I focused my attention on allowing him to follow his underlings. Once that grisly business was complete, I went to check on the goblin farmers. They seemed fearful and did not immediately understand that I was here to help but once comprehension was achieved he suggested that I help usher the Minotaur into it’s next life and aid a rather large Ogre. I rushed to the Ogre’s aid, gaining surprise on him, I ran up the large beast’s back and stuck a mighty blow upon the back of his neck. My Master told me that there will be days that even your best seems to have little effect but does have a mighty effect, just an unseen one. My blow did not appear to help. The Ogre was joined by two Aevakar in flight with bows that seemed to make it a sport to hit the Ogre ever harder in vital places. The Minotaur was staggered by some mystical force as well. Perhaps the forces of good gave us a break, knowing that we are doing good work and returning that which was stolen. The mighty Minotaur made a large swing that nearly took a piece out of me as well. I leapt free of the beast’s back as it was felled by the combined forces, most especially the Aevakar Archers. I had heard legends of their archery but did not believe most of it. The day was won.
After the battle, when all was safe, I found that this group was a part of The Grey Rangers. They are a beneficial band of a sort of para-military force that seems to be focused on doing good deeds and improving the world around them. After speaking of their goals, I found that they align with mine for now.
Initially, The group has claimed to have known my kind, whom they call the Brinchie, a race of cat people. After querying further, none have seen a type of Brinchie that match more closely to my description, that of a pure white with black spots that seem to be more constructed for stealth than battle. Are the Brinchie my people or are they an off shoot, such as man and the Alkar or the Alkar and Korindian. The Priest of the Light, promised to have them check in with his people to see if any Brinchie with my coloration scheme has been spotted anywhere. And some of the other Rangers promised to aid me and request information on my quest.
The leader of this band is an Aevakar that speaks their ancient tongue, according to a linguist that is one of the lizard people called a Dregordian. Her name is Sky. A given name, not birth name, I am sure but then again I go by the Given Name of Vhen the White and not the adoption name that I was given by the Masters. She and the others convinced me to aid them in their quest and when it’s over to meet with one of the Ranger Leader’s to see if it is in line with my own morals and quest.
Sky and her band, Sky being the First Ranger by rank and the leader, are to aid the local goblin farmer’s to regain their kin that was stolen from them. They were Alchemists by trade and his assistants, I guess. I am not sure as I have not met him. This is an honorable cause: To bring these villains to justice. As I had lost my staff earlier, I went to inquire of the local goblins to find some good tree-fall that they would be willing for me to use. I fear that I will be needing the staff again. Perhaps I will be successful in creating a staff-flute weapon where the previous attempt was too fragile to survive combat. Most disconcertedly the Ogre is ever thankful of his aid but keeps trying to express it as one would express kindness to a pet. I must correct this behavior as it is unseemly to be treated as a pet. I am sure that the Ogre does not mean to be rude because he does appear to be a bit simple. I have been accused of being simple in my younger years but the Masters determined that I am simply more in tune with my surroundings and am distracted by so much wonderment. It has also been referred to an over abundance of attention. As my Master says, “Be who you are, not what other’s expect you to be by your skin or fur, or whatever, you know what I mean.”
As I said earlier, I may have found the way that I can best help out in this land. I did caution that I could not go against my Path and cannot make vows to hold me up, I must be free to wander and find the truth of my birth and the time shortly after birth. The goblin farmers were generous and feed us, we left in search for their brethren within an hour removed from the battle but it got dark so it was decided to take the farmers into the town of Sog for protection from the creatures that may still be roaming.

Aggressive Defense
And Now We Need to Keep It

We have a home location, Stog looks to be our new mustering point for this war. Its been four days since we took back Stog and they have asked that we keep an outpost here. Until the construction is completion our new headquarters, we have a Tent.

Gunter and I are summoned to the Tent, and it looks like for what ever we are doing Malec will be joining us. It looks like I need to actually hand out the feathers, I don’t want him to attempt to be grabbing the ones that are still attached during a awkward time. We over hear Corporal Kelborn state that Malec needs to stick with the free stuff, right before we check in. Kelborn is more concerned with the fact that the circus is in town, than the checking in it seems like—- I will have to see about asking someone what a circus is.

Watching to see who else has been summoned, there is a very graceful Korindian that walks up. Ta’ol looks to have found someone to add crystals to his braces. I really hope that we don’t have to worry about these ones blowing up. The last two are Alakars, one being the druid Felosia and she now has a wolf with her and the other being Galashorn (Gal). I know Galashorn won’t like the fact that I’m shortening his name, but its hard to pronounce and he really doesn’t like being in town. I have just seen these three fight from across the large square when we took back Stog, it should be interesting to see how we all interact.

Corporal Kelborn tells the six of us that we were summoned to meet the new commander for Stog’s Rangers. And he also tells Malec to put the bread knife back. After walking in to the Tent, I see Artivan. It looks like someone has promoted him, he is not happy with this. He looks a little confused at me and asks if he knows me, I remind him that we work together in Stoon - I was the one that he told it wasn’t in our pay grade to find a way to take out the bridge and he nods. He still has signs about the time spent in the Prelacy’s care, and is instant that he not be healed until after the war and refugees have been taken care of, he seems surprised that Gibben didn’t knock him out and do the healing anyways. Malec really wants to see Artivan healed and doesn’t seem to be getting it, I pick up Malec and shake him lightly till he’s quite and we can get down to business.

Artivan tells me that if I could find a way to take out the bridge in Stoon, that –sadly, I can’t because he needs me here! Artivan charges Malec with keeping him informed of what the less savory individuals are doing and talking about. Malec looks too happy at this and starts to question Artivan about what details that he would like and the plan that he has to gain this information. Artivan stops him and states that he really would not like to know the plans, just the information. Artivan indicates that there are some who find that his being a Priest and a Ranger are not mutual things and would cause problems. They have not seen this Priest fight.

Artivan has had reports that the Marikar Dominion is attached to some problems creeping up in Stog. Our mission is to find out who is involved, who is helping them and take care of them, but we need to stay on the right side of the line as these are goblins and it is their home. Again Artivan doesn’t want to know what exactly we have planned, just that we are staying with the light and what information that we have discovered. Also, he’s sharing the pain, by promoting two of us. Malec starts to hide under the briefing table and Artivan says that he’s not going to get more responsibility-and that he’s not happy with the amount that Malec already has. Gunther is told that he can’t be promoted, even though he was a candidate because a leader needs to be able to talk every now and again. So Felosia is now Corporal and I have been promoted to Ranger First Class. This should be interesting.

We head out and spread out so that Malec and Gunther are seen loosing money and getting information. I wish that we had Liarra, that whole telepathy thing would come in handy right about now. Gal and I are keeping to the rooftops. Its amazing that no one looks up, unless there are arrows raining down on them. Ta’ol and Felosia are flanking Malec and Gunther from a distance. As the day wears on, we get to the more questionable parts of town. If I have to come back here, I really want to be wearing my Ranger cloak and have a few friends – I like my feathers.

Malec heads to the Dirty Mug Inn, the few Orcs and Goblins in the front of this inn are talking to some humans that look like they should be in the nicer part of town or even no where near this part of the world/war. It looks like the statue is of Arzog. Malec doesn’t even pause as he heads back towards the rear entrance, Gunther hangs at the edge of the corner and waits. Gal ends up on a different building and is stuck there, I carefully get to the rooftop behind the inn and Felosia seems to be making a new friend. After Malec sends a door guard in for something, someone comes out of the inn and runs in to Gunther. I watch as Gunther uses his communication to attempt to get out of the situation, as the person gets more and more upset. I take pity on both of them and rescue Gunther, we head around a corner so that I can get us both on the rooftop to see what is going on. During this time someone has let Malec in. After a few minutes of Malec being on his own, all of the guards start looking intently for some one/thing.

Worried, as I don’t speak the goblins language, I sneak off the roof and put back on my Ranger’s cloak and boldly walk up to the door that Malec has walked through. The guard demands to know what I want, then really takes a good look at me and says “Oh Shit.” And promptly yells something inside, to which a confused answer comes from with in and the door guard takes a swing at me. I think we found what we were looking for.

Gunther takes a shot at the one swinging at me and nearly takes out his eye. With all of the blood I now need to clean my feathers again. Kolk slams out of the Inn and takes a swing at me with his huge bow, crossbow I think. I use my spear to return the favor and do some damage to him. Kolk attempts to hit me, but instead throws away his bow. Malec runs out of the inn and starts asking that I rescue him, I lean around the two that I am fighting and tell him that I am busy- his response was to tell me to hurry up. Ta’ol then comes running out of the Inn and does this wonderful jumping off the wall to hit Kolk. Kolk is definitely not the brains of the operation, as he then punches the other orc at the door. I stab Kolk again and he goes down, I then go to retrieve Malec, as Ta’ol looks to have the other under control. I get just in range and lower my spear so that Malec can climb up it. Malec gets up on the roof and scatters his bag of marbles/plumb pits everywhere. The leader of this group, female goblin by the name of Crezy, runs up the stairs and slips on the mess and falls back down the stairs. Malec yells that she is the one we want. Gunther is shooting at the other who ran up the stairs, and when Crezy falls he goes to attempt to catch her, but once again Malec’s mess interferes.

As the sound of goblins falling down the stairs stop, we hear a cry of “I surrender” and Malec states that she should have taken the deal and that his girlfriend was a badass, I nod like I know what they are talking about. Crezy surrenders only to the Rangers, not to the goblin militia. I look over at Gunther and realize that he is upset by something, I calm him down.

We take Crezy and what is left of her killers back to Artivan and she tells us that there are Malikar Assasins hired to kill Rangers and weaken our ability to be trusted here in Stog, that there is a Javier Collier that is her contact/informint for them & where to look for him and that we need to act on this now, as word will get around fast.

Felosia brings a huge orc to the Tent, who asks Artivan if he could be hired to do any Ranger construction that we might need.

As we head back out, after getting paid, we attempt to get Malec to tell us what happened inside the Inn.

Journal of Felosia Naïlo Entry #3
Defense of Stoon Part 3

Journal of Content Not Found: felosia-na-lo
3123 Thunder Hawk 12, Afternoon
Third Mission, Defense of Stoon Part 3

After a quick rest a couple of the Ranger groups were convened, which also included my unit. Commander Draxx stood in front of us and looked us over. “Well, we lost. I told you we would and looks like I was right.” Draxx then told us about the problem. There were two actually. The first problem was that as the Goblinesh had been evacuated from Stoon one family who was a pretty important family in Stoon, had been trapped behind enemy lines and needed an evacuation. The second problem was that during the retreat Artivan had taken a stand against overwhelming odds in an attempt to let the rest of those around him escape. His attempt had succeeded in giving everyone the time to get away, but it apparently also had ended in his capture. There was a man next to Commander Draxx who was dressed in a court outfit that looked like it had been fought in and he had what appeared to be a lute over his shoulder. That man stumbled over his introduction and basically claimed to be The Bard. I wasn’t really sure I trusted him in that, but that comes later.

The gathering was being split into two groups who were going to go after one of the targets each. I chose to go with the group trying to rescue Artivan. Since Artivan brought me in and had helped me fit in here I couldn’t let him get taken and tortured for information until he died. As our group gathered for the mission ‘The Bard’ briefed us. He knew where they were holding Artivan, he had a way to get us there without landing us in the middle of a fight, and he had an extraction point ready for us once we got Artivan out. We decided that we could figure the rest out on the way and took off because time was clearly going to be top priority. As we left camp there was a beam of light and we all saw the Unicorn on a nearby hill. She reared and turned, following the beam of light over the top of the hill.

We wove through the streets on the curtails of The Bard, dodging battles and patrols with an ease that made the Prelacy defenses seem laughable. When we got to the location where they were holding Artivan The Bard parted ways with us. He had another target to take care of and had to leave, and though he had gotten us here with no problems he didn’t have any ideas on what the layout was inside or how well guarded Artivan was going to be. The Bard left and we took a look at our target, an inn that had clearly been ravaged during the conquering of Stoon. No one was outside, but the doors looked like they had been broken down and replaced again and the windows boarded up. Our unit decided that we would split up. Liara was going to stay up in a neighboring building while Ta’or, Galashorn, some goblin and I scouted the alleyway and inn.

Liara asked if one of us would accept a mental link and Galashorn jumped at the opportunity while Ta’or turned his head with a “what?” I kept a careful eye on both Liara and Galashorn. I knew what Galashorn and Ta’or didn’t: that Liara still was oblivious to their affections. The look on her face as she linked with Galashorn was very classic. Knowing Galashorn from our childhood I could imagine him saying “’sup Babe?” as he tilted his head in just that manner; just as he tried with me before I handed him his trousers in the staff bout during our training as children. At the time Galashorn mentioned that he preferred the bow anyway, I guess he really did. Anyways, Liara gave him a look, then glanced at Ta’or as we headed out. I knew this was going to get even more interesting now that Liara knew, and I hoped she’d keep me in the loop during our training sessions if I stayed with the rangers.

As we headed down the stairs Galashorn couldn’t help but plug Ta’or with a quick jibe about how he got the link to Liara. He then quickly said ‘nothing’ and I had to remind him that the link was mental, she couldn’t hear what he said aloud unless he thought it too. I then told him that I knew that thinking his statements to her might be hard and he hit me in the back of the head. We settled down as we hit the alley and Galashorn went with the goblin around the front of the inn to look at the windows and front door. I decided that it would also be a good idea to get a look at the back door and see if it would open since the front looked potentially difficult. Ta’or stood behind me and drew his weapons while I tested the door. It wasn’t unlocked and when I noticed that I prepared my staff. Cracking the door open I noticed that there was a Prelacy soldier pouring wine and I slipped in the door and swung my staff in a similar manner to my swing at the control golem. “Ces’t coo dutonte p-FFFHBBBT!” and his head was replaced with the end of my staff, the two Prelacy soldiers sitting at the table jerked upright with an “Ah!”

With wine dropping and pouring over the countertop Ta’or lunged in behind me and dove over the countertop, sliding through the wine and sticking one of the soldiers through the chest as he grabbed for his weapon. Just then the front door blew open and our new goblin buddy stepped in, said hi and shoved his sword into the stomach of the guard to the left of the door and ran past to stand behind the guard Ta’or was now engaged with. The second door guard whom he passed let out a ‘hey!’ as he passed. Ta’or took out the other guard and our goblin turned and ran back to be in front of the second door guard who responded with a very different ‘HEY!’ as if he didn’t want a new buddy after all. Must have been the wrong thing to say because he ended up stabbed and bleeding out too.

I also noticed that there were a couple of guards standing by another back door. One had his eye on me and the other was watching the rest of them. I traded out for my bow and took a shot at the guard watching me. He raised his shield and deflected it with an ease that truly pissed me off. I didn’t expect that it would get through, but he didn’t have to look so smug about it. Just then Galashorn slid in through the back door and shot an arrow into the other guard as the goblin launched himself at mine. I noticed that Ta’or wasn’t in sight and decided that he must have gone down the stairs to a lower level and ran over to make sure he was alright. I shouldn’t have worried as he was tying up two Prelacy soldiers at the end of a hammerball court. One of the soldiers looked as rumpled as if he had been rolled down the court but I knew that was only 98% probable.

Turning back to the guards I noticed that one was dead, and the other was out in the courtyard, unarmed, and trudging back slowly towards the inn as the goblin finished picking the lock to the back rooms. We left Galashorn to take care of the remaining guard as we walked in on a negotiation between Liara and a Prelacy knight. We walked in and positioned ourselves around Liara and listened as she talked with the soldier and he ignored my very existence. The knight was mostly certain that he could take us all, but assured us that it wouldn’t be easy and would probably hurt. He offered us the opportunity for everyone to walk away, he also pointed out that he had Artivan at the end of his sword, and pushed the point home to prove it. We assured him that killing Artivan would be a bad idea, and the knight shrugged with a “Maybee, but still He will be dead”. We offered to let him go on out honor that he would not be harmed. He said no, “out there, without my weapon I am dead.” In the end he traded a word of honor with the knight in our party that he wouldn’t say anything about us and we would let him go, and he slid out. We hurriedly moved into the room and stared in horror at Arvitan’s leg. I immediately started in on trying to magically heal Artivan’s leg and felt a swelling power in me, I saw the unicorn again in front of my vision and the healing I poured into his leg did more than I thought it could.

Artivan woke up then and seemed thuroghly confused, only coming back to us in bits and pieces. Once he recognized us he was furious. He had intended for everyone to get out, that was the purpose of his sacrifice. We told him that we weren’t going to leave without him and that if he wanted us to leave then the best bet was for him to cooperate with us in dragging him out of town and to the rendezvous location. He agreed and told us to leave his armor, though he couldn’t leave his shield or sword behind. So we rigged a pallet that we could drag through town and high tailed it out of there because we were sure the longer we waited the better the chance that we would get caught. And you know what? We got out of town undetected and safely into the forest… Safely? Did I say safely? Well I guess it was mostly safe through town and to the edge of the forest.

Journal of Felosia Naïlo Entry #2
3123 Thunder Hawk 12, Midday Second Mission, Defense of Stoon Part 2

Journal of Content Not Found: felosia-na-lo
3123 Thunder Hawk 12, Midday
Second Mission, Defense of Stoon Part 2

Once we got to the location where our captives had indicated we could find the control golem we stopped a couple of streets away to plan. After a short debate we decided to have Liara go around the side of the building with Sarah of Torchwood and chase away the guards with an illusion before slipping inside to scope out an exit. The rest of us were going to go over the roof and into the courtyard from the back of the building which was minimally defended. The plan was for Galashorn, Ta’or, and Crescent Moon to climb a building further away and roof hop to the target. They were to take out the two guards at the back then jump over and help me climb up to the roof. From the roof I was to Entangle the courtyard and the others were going to pick off everyone inside until we could get in and capture or destroy the control golem. The plan was to capture more Builders if we could, and to take out as many others as possible. But the main goal of this mission was to take out the control golem and get away alive. During all of this Liara was to keep a mental link with Luna Sky so she and Sarah would have an idea of our progress.

The first part of the plan seemed to go off without a hitch. The guys went up over the rooftops and I heard my signal that the guards had been taken down. I moved out to the middle of the alley and looked around. Men! I thought, take away the woman holding their reigns and they not only forget to tie up after measuring each other but they forget what they were supposed to do as well! I noticed Galashorn jump over the alley to the opposing roof, bot not the others. I whistled quietly like a local song bird, and when I didn’t notice Galashorn respond I tried again but louder. Ta’or and Crescent Moon came out of a house behind me and I shook my head and gave them a look. They climbed up to the roof and helped me climb up as well.

Glancing over the peak of the roof I noticed that one of the guards seemed to be looking around before wiggling a finger in his ear and putting his helmet back on. Guess we weren’t as quiet as we thought. I stood and entangled the entire courtyard then dropped back down as Galashorn took a pot shot at the control golem’s operator which killed him in one shot. The guard who had heard us started screaming that they were under attack and Luna Sky shot him down mid-scream. Unfortunately though the courtyard started to scramble into life. Ta’or and Crescent Moon jumped down into the courtyard to start taking everyone on in melee as we continued to take out as many as possible via the air.

Unfortunately shot after shot I wasn’t able to hit the spots that would get me past their armor and my arrows kept bouncing off of them without being more than a minor distraction which Crescent Moon and Ta’or made great advantage of to slaughter some of the guard around them. As one of the Builders entangled next to the control golem started screaming “I Give Up!” the control golem broke out of the entangle and nearly cut Crescent Moon’s head off and I screamed in my head I can’t take this any more! I ran to the corner edge of the roof and launched myself into the air with my ironwood staff raised above me and brought it slamming down with the force of a rampaging elephant. As gears, wires and oil flew in every direction from my strike the Builder screeched “I Give Up!! I Give Up!!!” and Ta’or turned to drive one of his blades into the control golem as it twitched then collapsed.

A golem stepped out of a side door looked at the courtyard. One of the still sane Builders called out to it in the weird language they use and it turned and smashed through my entanglement freeing him oh crap. The builder stepped out of the rubble and shot Crescent with a weird looking crossbow that fires crystals. As I turned to face this new challenge I saw Luna launch into the air and immediately get shot out of the sky oh crap crap… But before I could get really worried about what they were doing to us an arrow blew past my shoulder and connected with one of the small crystals on the golem. The crystal exploded and the force of the explosion knocked me back as it took out the golem and the Builder next to it in a sphere of flame. After which the remaining golems started twitching and slowed their movement to the point where I’m sure the control golem must have given them their semblance of intelligence. “GIVE UP!! GIVE!! UUUP!!!” played like sweet music as we finished filling the courtyard with blood and oil.

I heard later that there may have been another commander or leader of some kind in that building but he must have slipped away as we were mopping up. We broke our captive insane Builder out of the rock holding him to the courtyard and took him back to the command center. The golems around our command center were reacting similarly to those in the courtyard after the destruction of the control golem. It was very satisfying to see our work having such a positive effect, but apparently the control golems have a range which meant that there were multiple control golems in the city so clearly our job wasn’t done.

Journal of Felosia Naïlo
Morning, First Mission, Defense of Stoon

3123 Thunder Hawk 12,
Morning First Mission

First day in the Rangers and I’ve got to say it was interesting. I’m not sure how well this journaling thing is going to go but it’s been recommended to me by my recruiter Artivan Galadrius. He suggested that this might help me in my training, possibly help me remember the things I do that work and those that don’t. Well hopefully he’s right. There have been stirrings across the land, in the forests and the darker places far away from the eyes of civilization. Rumors of a dark power had reached my ears, rumors which under normal circumstances would send me running into the shadowed areas of the forest in search of the evil, the nasty, and the dead. But I’d also heard rumors on the wings of the air and in the whisper of fur in the grass that more was hiding in the shadows than usual and that the unusual darkness was forcing the usual further afield than normal. I was searching the wilds for the rumors and hints I could find, hoping to stumble across one of these shadows when Artivan found me. He told me of the battle for Stoon and I knew my services were needed for the Goblinesh defense so I joined him in his journey to Stoon.

As I gathered in front of Commander Gibbon Draxx alongside the other members of the unit I was assigned to, the outlook of the Rangers around me was bleak. Commander Draxx outlined the situation of the Goblinesh inside the city limits, detailing how the Prelacy was enslaving the Goblinesh and rumors of their doing other horrific things to them. Commander Draxx then detailed groups to support them by withdrawing the civilians as they held the Prelacy at bay. Afterwards he enlightened us to some information and rumors that have been circulating about a control golem which apparently gives the golems special abilities and makes them more dangerous. Command had decided to send out groups to locations near where their information suggested one of these control golems might be. Our first mission was to figure out where a control golem might be and capture any Builders we could to see what information we might be able to get from them. We were then tasked with taking out the control golem if possible and getting back to the command center with what information we had gathered. From what I heard around camp and from my compatriots the Builders apparently have some new fancy magic and armor. Though speaking of fancy armor and weapons, there seems to be a human wearing finely crafted elven armor with an ancient elven sword. The armor has a weird inscription on it… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

We headed towards the middle of Stoon where our current target was supposed to be. As we approached our target the Aevakar ranger (Luna Sky) who was assigned to our unit flew ahead and alighted on the roof of a building. As we approached we watched her take a shot from the roof and duck back behind the eave of the building. Our unit moved forward, most moving in stealth, but our main healer (Sarah of Torchwood) ran forward and yelled at the courtyard to come and get her if they could. As she did that we saw a beam of glowing light shoot into the sky and bright wings of light wrapped around her then dissipated. As the Builders, Prelacy soldiers, and golems turned and started moving to intercept the one target they could see I noticed shots coming from Luna and taking out targets while our Brinchie member (Crescent Moon) tried to engage. The human Adept (Liara) of our group stepped out from behind the outhouse she and the Korindian Ta’or had been hiding behind and with a glare the golem nearest her blew apart. Ta’or called out asking Liara if she’d grab a beer with him after the battle, and I watched my old friend Galashorn snort next to me then take a calculated shot around the corner of our building, taking out a soldier in one shot and calling out to Liara with a counter offer. As amusing as it was to watch I left the show to run around the back of the building with a grin and watched as a Builder and a soldier hid behind the fountain. I wasn’t going to let such a perfect opportunity go to waste so I convinced the fountain water to surge up around its new buddies, encasing them both. I watched Liara blast another golem apart with her mind and heard a massive crash from a building behind her. More arrows arched after the soldiers and after the dust and ice settled we were left with a couple of Builder captives, some scrap metal, and dead soldiers.

As our unit started trying to interrogate the Builders that none of us knew the language of, Liara mentioned that she could strip the information we needed from their minds. She reached for one of our captives and touched his head, creating a glowing aura that stretched between where she touched him and her eyes. After a second Liara turned to all of us and told us that she had the location, a general map, and layout of the guards. She also had gotten the impression that the Builder was very concerned about what would happen if the control golem went down. Our unit decided that the best move was to drop our captives off at a command center along with the information Liara had gathered from the Builders mind on our way to the control golem’s location. On the way back Liara started a discussion with me about spells and concentration tools to keep from being interrupted in combat. We decided that we would have to train together, practicing both our spells and avoiding/breaking each others spells. Outside all of that I noticed there was an interesting competition ongoing between Ta’or and Galashorn over Liara. And that she was completely oblivious. I shook my head, made a joke with Liara about clingy fountains and sat back to watch and enjoy as the situation developed.

Seige of Stoon Mission Log "Command and Control" Part 1
To The Frontlines, or A Romantic Beginning

The Alakar Rangers were slow to ask for volunteers to answer the call to aid Stoon, to the point where I almost left aid the besieged city of my own accord. But eventually they accepted the call for volunteers and I was among the first to pack up and head out.

Arriving in the command camp for the Rangers, I was immediately pulled into a briefing with Lieutenant Gibbon Daxx, and Ranger Artivan. The mission was to use the distraction of Artivan’s main thrust against the enemy forces to find and disable the command and control for the Builder War Golems that were being utilized by the Prelacy. Two teams were sent; my team consisted of Myself, Liara Byrne, Sarah of Tourchwood, Falosia Naillo, Crescent Moon, Luna Sky, and Ta’or Cha’la.

We snuck our way toward the location indicated as a possible command and control center. On the way I acted as mid scout while Crescent and Luna kept us appraised on the enemy forces. They found a group of Golems, Prelacy Soldiers, and Builders at work destroying a Temple of Archanon and we took it upon ourselves to stop their rampage. Crescent and Luna snuck up as I creeped stealthily to a position where I could snipe at the Soldiers. I heard a twang and saw one of the soldiers fall. The Battle had started and I fired my bow at another soldier catching him as he turned to see his friend fall. The golems started to move toward us as the rest of the squad set up an ambush. Sarah called out to the enemy, declaring herself, and calling the enemy to attack. Finally taking a full notice of Liara, I was besotted. A woman, while human, in elvish armor, and bearing an elvish rapier she immediately became the focus of my attentions. Her eyes narrowed and suddenly one of the Golems that was marching toward us was a pile of scrap. Ta’or, the korindian, thought to offer her a drink. I couldn’t let the islander get the better of me, so i doubled his offer, drinks and dinner and proceeded to remove another of the prelacy soldiers. With the sniping from above, the magics of Liara, and my own efforts from the ground the enemy soldiers had little in the way of resistance to us. As the fight drew close, and in an effort to impress Liara, I aimed between the armor of one of the Golems, taking a breath and letting it go as I loosed the bow. My aim stayed true, and the golem went down. I shook out my hair and winked to Liara. The fight finally ended when the water in the fountain flowed out and encased one of the Builders inside a bubble of Ice as the last of the Prelacy soldiers was shot through.

The Battle was won, but the mission yet remianed

After action
Sarah duty

Soon after the battle to retake the town grab what rangers she returns to goblin family to heal their injurys.(Greater heal) Her honor will requires to do this.

Missive from Sky (Part 7)
No, Really It's Ours!

Objective: Take back Sog and take out as many forces as possible.

Artivan and Gibben call several of us together, and tell us that Stoon has fallen and at the moment we won’t be able to get it back. However, we have intelligence that shows that Sagg had the Prelacy’s forces pulled to the front lines. So they should have a small presence in the town and we will be doing a multi-frontal attack. Sarah was given a field promotion to be our group’s leader and we are headed to the North gate and the other group to take the South. Hopefully we squish them in the middle and take out as many forces as possible.

As soon as we get within sight of the wall I do an aerial scout of what is at the gate. These gates are not like the ones in Stoon, so we won’t be able to disable any of the forces by dangling them upside down. I head back and let the others know that we have for most of the gates: three Prelacy archers guarding on each of the turrets that are on each side of the gate, just over the gate there are two Builders, behind the gate there is a builder riding the controlling unit and we are back to the normal war golems, two of those. There seems to be just a few random of the enemy doing wall patrols, however the further that we go in the more enemies that we will be seeing.

After some debate, we decide that Gunther and Malec are going to approaching the enemy on the wall and Tor, Sarah and Arcanis will be on the ground after going over the gate. I am supposed to be the distraction.

I dive down in order to see about getting some of the archers knocked down so that Gunther and Malec don’t have to fight so many right as they get on. I manage to knock one down, but the other grabs a hold of my bow then attempts to throw me off the turret. I had hoped to pull him off as we reached the edge, but he let go causing me to flip and land on the ground. At least every one on the wall is now focused on me as I yell out in their foul language that their mothers were elves—it looks like I said something that angered them, maybe I should actually learn the language to see if that taunt means what I think it means. Na, I think even if it’s not that it works effectively as they all turn and shoot at me.

I hear Tor hit on the golem and it sounded like that hit hurt. Arcanis and the Builder on the controlling unit fire at each other, (it looks like Arcanis didn’t get damaged) and he ran back into cover. Sarah runs up to Tor and casts something—I hope it was deflection as I hear Tor getting hit by both of the golems. I fly back up and start to use the insults that I’ve just learned while Gunther and Malec climb up on the turret. Man I’ve got to see if I can be as cool as Malec was—he gets all the way up the turret and stabs an archer through the throat and makes that archer just fall down. Gunther shoots across the turret and wounds the third one on this turret. Both of the archers back up.

Malec runs up to them and takes them both out, it looks so cool that the goblin runs out to them and appears to want to hold their hand and down they go. I manage to royally tick off the remaining guards to the point that they can’t seem to do anything else other than to scowl at me, not that it lasted long. Sarah attempts to hit a golem. Then things get fuzzy on me as I look down and see three arrows through my wings. I somehow get down to Sarah as the battle rages, maybe I shouldn’t take on so many people. Malec attempts to damage a Builder while Tor attempts to hit a golem. I get back in the air and take out the control Builder, which stuns the rest of the golems. Arcanis shoots the remaining three, and then we slowly take them down.

We make our way into the center of town and then get on the roofs as we start to hear fighting from the other side. We get almost to the river when, just before we are spotted an alarm comes from across the river that there are Rangers in the town.
I take another shot to the wings. I shoot the archer dead and the Builder walks over and takes a shot, man I really don’t like the Archfire. Gunther jumps the gab while shooting over his shoulder making the Builder run for cover.

We make it across the river, I am so glad that Malec and I have an arrangement regarding my feathers. Arcanis runs a head and shoots at something, and I see a lot of forces attempting to back out of combat and look at Malec who looks at me and points to a limping leader. We nod at each other as more reinforcements start to walk across the bridge, one points at me and the others start pointing their bows at me. I use my favorite taunt and he indicates that I should say it to his face. I bow and drop off Malec behind a leader then turn to shoot the one back on the bridge. It sounded like Malec did hit, I hope that he’s ok, I have five targets and I dropped him in four. A large DBW slams out of a warehouse, followed by a Prelacy Necromancer. I call out to all of the Rangers “There’s a Necromancer, take her down.”

A rather large fellow that I had never seen before, the wonderfully nice big Orc, charges the DBW and knocks him right down. Then he continues to the Necromancer and says “The pretty winged one says I have to smash you now.” And she falls down, although she does look like she’s breathing still. The one directly underneath me tells the downed Necromancer that this failure is all on her and then he and the one I just shot disappear.

I really would have liked to finish our discussion about his parenting. Then a silver light appears and the image of the Silver Unicorn appears, as I make her out I almost fall from the sky as I see that she is flying with her own wings. At this the rest of the enemies surrender.

We have taken back Sog!

Missive from Sky (Part 6)
Too Ready for Us

Objective: Notify Commanders

I pull Artivan and Gibben aside to let them know that there was another Prelacy Necromancer waiting for us. They set up an ambush in order to take the family. The force that was at the warehouse wasn’t even a real attempt to take this family, it was a farce.

The other fact is the crystals that are used in the Archnancy individuals can be loosened, not that I was trying to hit it. Artivan informs me that he has a trustworthy report of a crystal being hit and destroying a large town and killing lots of enemies along with friend. He tasks me to inform my group that we need to make sure not to target the crystals.

Artivan and Gibben start talking about a different mission and I look like I’m not listening, as I think it’s not about why we are all gathered. And I don’t want to be on a diplomatic mission, it’s not a strong ability that I have. I either make them dead or very pissed off at me.

I let Gunther, Arcanis, Malec, Tor and Sarah know that we need to make sure NOT to target the crystals. Sarah mentions that she has seen a crystal shatter with no effect. I inform her that this was coming from Artivan and that he has a trusted report of a crystal taking out a large town along with enemies and friendlies. Arcanis and Gunther just nod at the news and Arcanis looks thoughtful. Luckily, no one seems to need me to translate Gunther. I’m glad I’ve had the past three weeks to learn that non-verbal language. Tor states that Tor not attempt for crystals, but may hit on accident. I let Tor know that’s fine. We all head over to Gibben and Artivan as they start to give the new mission brief.

Missives from Sky (Part 5)

Gibben tells us that we have lost Stoon. And tells us there are two missions.

Gibben gathers several of us up and give us the option to either rescue one of our own or to rescue an important Goblinesh Family. Gunther, I, Sarah, another scout and Adlec are headed off to escort the family out of town.

Gibben has no more exploding potions for us, and I still can’t blow up the bridge. This is a shame.

Gunther, Luna, Aldonis, Sarah and I go after the family. We are given a map to the rendezvous spot. We decide to use the rooftops were we could.

After several hours and close calls, we get to the warehouse. There are six Prelacy at the front doors and none at the back. Luna, Gunther and I get on the roof and start to take them out. Aldonis and Sarah attempt to get in the back door.

Gunther steps up to the ledge and shoots one of the axe wielders in the head and drops him. The others at the front door start to yell at him to get up. I shoot the leader in the eye and as he falls down, the one next to him starts to run away. Luna shoots one of the lounging forces, as they realize that there are archers on the roof.

After several tries, Sarah and Aldonis manage to get into the warehouse and tell the family that we have come to escort them out.

One Prelacy attempts to shoot the deserter as he runs away and misses. Luna takes out the other axe wielder as he has stepped more out into the open. I fly over the head of the Prelacy that just shot his companion and drop him. Gunther shoots and drops the last one.

We re-gather and decide that we are going to get the family out, by rooftops.

We finally get out of Stoon and are headed towards the rendezvous spot, as we approach the river we are attacked by more DBW (dead-but-walking) and I see a very familiar looking woman that shouldn’t be here. I give the alarm to the others and attempt to shoot to bring her down as I say “Did we kill you this morning? Your mother was an Elf” At least that is what I think I said. She didn’t look happy.

I have to say I was so focused on her, I didn’t see what the others were doing.

She shoots three different black things at me, that knock me out of the sky. I know that Sarah came over and healed me, then I got hit by a DBW. I taunted her with my borrowed taunts and repeatedly hit her with no results. She kept casting something, then Sarah started yelling about bring her down and something about the DBW getting back up. Then she really got upset and headed towards the river. As I turned I noticed that several of the family were on the ground. She grabbed one of the family and started to shock him with the Arch-magic. Sarah jumped to attack her to get her loose from the family, as well as Aldonis and myself. We knock him loose and he falls in the river. I fly by and make sure she’s not getting up in a second and rescue the family member. I notice he’s not breathing and use first aid to get him breathing again, then take him to Sarah.

Aldonis, Gunther and I start the process to make sure that these dead stay dead, after Sarah is done healing the family members she helps out while Luna keeps an eye out.

After everything was separated, we escort the remaining family members to the rendezvous spot.


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