Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Missives from Sky (Part 4)

Objectives: Clear out as much as we can, see about bringing back one, gather intelligence and to NOT. Blow. Up. The. Bridge.

It looks as if the earlier missions should have allowed for us to at least attempt it.

Gunther, Arcounus and Malec are on this mission with me, it will be an interesting time!

Before leaving for the mission, Gibben hands me a potion and tells me to drop it in the water and to make sure it breaks. I get it to the river, throw it down and it breaks above the river, the effect is nice and big, it could have taken me out with the wind. I go back to Gibben and let him know what happened, he looks surprised that it didn’t make it down to the river. He asks Aldonis to remind him to get more glass from the new makers. And then he promotes Aldonis, I’m not sure that he really meant to say Sargent, but after all Malec is calling Gibben General. Gibben hands me two vials of Healing (both for not so bad).

We start to head out, I fly ahead and at a gate we encounter Prelacy, Builders and another one of the animated dead (Dead-but-Walking {DBW}).

After deciding that Gunther, Aldonis, Arcounus and I were the destraction and Malec and his cousin Jack would climb up the wall to see about taking out this group.

Arcounus starts off exiting the house that Gunther is on and draws a lot of attention, for some reason he’s not going back in. Aldonis runs out and pulls him back while he’s acting like it’s a struggle. I attempt to blind the big guy and fail. Gunther takes out the archer Prelacy. They in turn put holes in our cover.

I drop the mirror on the group and take out the other archer. Arcounus hops out of a side window and takes out a Builder. Aldonis runs out and attempts to take out a few Builders. He gets one and then sees no cover.

I attempt to shoot the dead-but-walking but miss, it hits me. Then Aldonis gets hit by several other Builders. Gunther takes out a Builder, while Arcounus and a Builder attempt to take each other out. Jack and Malec have climbed the wall and are now looking around at the gate equipment and they make a plan.

I make a dive for Aldonis, grab him and stuff one of the healing potions down his throat while dragging him away from combat. Arcounus attempts to take out the Builder again, then when that didn’t work he jumps out the window. The orc shoots me in the back, Aldonis opens his eyes and sees Arcounus brush himself off and says: “Don’t go in there.” Aldonis gets up as I say: “Malec said there are more incoming.” charges into battle with the Builder.

As I turn and fly up to the roof, I see that Jack has tied a rope around DBW and Malec has been attempting to get this thing off the ground. Jack turns to the Builder that is riding something and says, “I am the sword of Stoon. I have never been defeated, surrender now.” As the Builder starts to laugh and is focused on Jack, Arcounus slams him with one of his bolts and takes him out. Aldonis and the Builder at the house are still exchanging blows.

I fly down the hole in the roof and slam into the Builder pushing Aldonis out of the way and the Builder into the grass outside. Aldonis jumps on top to take him out, while saying: “Stay off my grass.” That seemed to take out the Builder, finally. Arcounus takes out the new Builder. Jack goes over and helps Malec.

Aldonis hurries over and helps the goblins and get the DBW upside down and off the ground.

Aldonis sends me to report, get a wagon and a healer. After reporting what I needed to Gibben, he brings a small group with him to see with his own eyes what we caught for him.

He had the DBW crushed and took the Builder and what he was riding back to camp and handed Aldonis (to his, “where are the healers”) the reins to a pony.

The group heads back to camp, to fill out reports, get healed, repair items and get food.

Missives from Sky (Part 3)

Objective: Catch up to Artivan’s group that has already left to help them out with everything. And Don’t. Take. Out. The. Bridge.

I catch up with Artivan and the rest of the party, at a warehouse. I see several new faces and it should be good to fight with the Liarra and Sarah again. It is decided that we are going in with the ogre, Artivan and Sarah at the front. I and Liarra at the back diagonal from the front door. And Luna along with Aldonis at the other back door. Liarra makes it so that every group has some sort of communication to the other. The ogre knocks open the door and Artivan sounded like he was pained by what he saw. After shouting out something about blaspheme I hear several loud blasts and then a female’s voice taunting. Aldonis runs into the room quickly followed by Luna. I fly to Luna and launch myself into the room, seeing two orcs that looked like they had been cut into pieces and then put back together with metal holding the pieces together.

The new trick doesn’t work here, and they are a lot harder to hit. Artivan takes out the woman who has a metal arm and her guard. The other Priest tells Artivan “Thank you, she was getting to be a bother, but you will have to be dealt with as well.” As I am focused on the two in front of me, I don’t know why several move away from those of us in the front entrance area. The ogre takes out one of these dead-but-moving orcs. The other swings and misses me, and I take him out. Turning to see what was still left to fight, I see a lot more Rangers in the room, moving towards the enemy Aldonis takes out two of the Prelacy’s forces and Luna takes out another one.

After the fight, Aldonis takes the heads of the dead. Artivan starts to yell at him, until it was pointed out that Aldonis was just making sure that the dead didn’t rise. Artivan has me go get a cart, so that command can see what we are now fighting.

Missives from Sky (Part 2)

Objective: Scout, Rescue, Kill and Gather Intelligence. Attempting to take out the bridge is apparently over my pay grade and I shouldn’t even try if I find a way to - So. Leave. The. Bridge. Alone.

Gunther was handed a pouch of two single doses of Healing (one marked not so bad and one marked for really bad).

We decide to go in as stealthily as possible. I keep to the rooftops for cover, scouting for the others and don’t find any one till we come across a small nest of homes and a storage building. I see two Prelacy Scouts hiding in the bushes off hiding, not sure why. The leader is standing watching three others threaten three natives. One is hiding in a building facing the storage building and one other is sneaking to kill the natives.

After a quick conference, Gunther and I are headed up to the roof, the Brinchie was going to head off the assassin, Malec is going to take out the hidden archer and the Adept is going to attack the closest one that she can get to. I am surprised, the Adept was silent. I see, she used a spell to make her so (Once we have time, we should really teach the Adept sneaking!)

This leader is very aware and almost catches us. As he asks “who’s there?” I put an arrow through his throat, not actually killing him. Gunther takes out one of the Prelacy next to the natives, while Malec sneaks into the building and then does something that causes the hidden archer to come crashing out. The Brinchie starts to engage the assassin, not sure why he took so long. Gunther takes out their leader with an difficult shot. I found out that I’m not as good as Gunther and then take out one of the hidden Scouts. The other starts to run away as Malec chases him and is taunting him. I’m surprised that it worked, I then rescue Malec. The natives take out the second Prelacy that was surrounding them while the third starts to run away. The Adept fences with a Prelacy for a while and manages to kill him just about the time that the other runs up to her. Once the second one, that was hiding in the bushes falls, the Brinchie has finally finish off his and loudly (in his way) asks for a surrender.

The Adept and Gunther attempt to binder her wounds as I tress up our prisoner. Malec searches for documents that might be useful. The Brinchie checks on the natives and directs the more injured ones to the healer. As I start to interrogate the prisoner two individuals run up to us. We really need to tell the Priests not to walk in on wounded with out calling a “Hello” first. After realizing that they were just wanting to help, I lower my guard to gather more information from the lower level Prelacy. Malec finds a map of the sewers. The Brinchie quickly instructs the natives how to more effectively defend their church. The Priest, Sarah, quickly heals the group and Arcounus, a sorcerer, helps Malec understand the map.

We leave the prisoner with the church and head off to the sewers. Arcounus and the Brinchie start using weird hand gestures to communicate while we approach the sewers. They lead off as they can communicate and they are sneaky. Very quickly they find the guards near the entrance, and take them out without a sound. Malec and the Brinchie go check out a hall that branches off. While the rest of us wait to see if they find anything/one. The Adept gets a funny look on her face and heads down the hall. Shortly after they head off we hear more coming down the sewers. Arcounus motions for us to hide. Most of us successfully do, after the relief shows up they see Arcounus and start to say something, unfortunately for the first guy—- he met one of my arrows. The second took one of Gunther’s. Arcounus yells something in their language and gets a response. He indicates that we are ok at this time.

Most of the party; Gunther, the Brinchie, and I with Malec on my shoulders (Gunther and the Brinchie are in the Prelacy’s uniform and Malec has thrown the cloak about him and my wings) head toward the sound of the response. As we are leaving the Adept comes out and tells Arcounus, Sarah that a chest with Archmancy was in one of the rooms.

Gunther moves up and to the left side of the lake and nods to the other three Prelacy guards. The Brinchie nods to them as well, but backs up to the right. Arcounus starts yelling at them, as they start to see my shadow. The guards, shaking their heads, start to line up. The third notices something about the Brinchie and starts to draw on him. The Brinchie takes him down and then swings again and takes out the one in front of him. As the last one attempts to open his mouth to sound an alarm, Gunther takes him out. Malec jumps off of my shoulders as I dive for the last one and manage to catch him before he falls into the water.

As the Adapt tells everyone what the chest was locked with, I fly to the far visible door. As I land on the far side of the door, it opens to show four more Prelacy. Gunther takes one down (I have to say I like his multi-shot crossbow). Malec runs across the platform on to a boat and across the boat to jump across to the door and fully extend his blades to hit two more targets. They attempt to hit him, but I think they were very confused. One turned and ran sounding an alarm. The Arcounus shoots into the room and takes out two of the four in the room, as Gunther takes out another at the door. I leap over Malec’s head and land behind the last one at the door. I stab the last one at the door with an arrow, pull it out and shoot the last one leaving the room.

I found out after the fact that Sarah, the Brinchie, and the Adapt waited at the other door for the reinforcements to come through and held them there.

I as I was attempting to shoot the second one leaving the room, I stab the one at the door again- taking him out and then take the downing shot. The first one to run from the room has turned into a hall and we heard several voices talking about business and pests. Malec runs past me into another room to see a woman in a gold mask attempting to make her escape. He starts to taunt her, and calls for back up. Gunther and I make our way to him. Gunther and I both take a shot at her and she still remained standing. She attempts to damage us with Archfire. Malec still taunting, and Gunther takes aim and shoots her. As we finally look into the last room we see several more, as two die. Gunther takes aim and shoots at the same time Arcounus’ third bolt hits and takes out another leader/type figure. The last individual surrenders and says he has important information for us, as long as he remains breathing.

We take him and the chest back to command to report.


Missives from Sky (Part 1)

Well we made it to Stoon safely, so that was a success. The pairing is interesting, though I think so far we make a good team. The human, Gunther, seems to be a better sneak then I am as well as Malec. Not surprised with the goblin. I’m not sure how we all got up there, the adapt was loud. I’m sure she’s part Dwarf. I’m sure that the Prelacy won’t be able to hear her when the time comes. The Brinchie, well we will have to keep him entertained and killing things. He likes action not talking and well there are times that I can’t find him and I can’t more than likely they won’t be able to. Time will tell. We check in with Sergeant Artivan Galadrius. He’s been promoted! And now I believe the fun should begin.


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