Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of Sog

Grak- Builder’s Log
(Written in the Builder Language with more technical information provided)

(Broken up into several log entries)

I ended my contract much to my shame but with a good reason, I met an Angel. It was a poorly written contract with the standard loop holes on this world. These people really need to read fine print. She has enchanted me and I have vowed to go where she does. In observing her and this small world, I have decided that the barbarians that she surrounds herself with and is immersed with are dangerous. Initially I have given her a pair of the Casters to combat her enemies but I have decided that she needs to be better protected. In doing to, I will create her armor with my superior Knowledge’s and with use of the Work Crystal.
It has been a large challenge to create an armor that is both light weight and functional for my angel. The Knowledge of the Working Crystal needed for it was necessary. I first needed to assess her strength, both weight and weight to air ratios. It was a challenge to keep focused on task and admit to myself that she may be strong but there are limits. According to the Codes I set aside my prejudices and assessed what her true strength was. For one of her kind she is indeed very strong.
Once the strength calibration is complete the next step was proper measurements. This did cause me some distress. One does not touch an angel with rough hands. So it was required that I create a method of measuring. Digging deep into my store of the Knowledge, I found a way to get correct measurements that required her to wear a device while flying and make adjustments to the device in flight. She assures me that she is fully grown and doesn’t believe that her measurements will change significantly. This allowed me to make a stable design that requires very little adjustment.
These Rangers are a very distracting lot. I have been forced to lock my workspace to keep out those curious and not initiated in the Knowledges of Order. One in particular is incessant in his queries, both of a verbal query and the non-verbal curiosity. While it may be good to encourage this behavior in a youngling, an adult should have a more orderly mind. I have managed to convince him that he is not yet ready for the Knowleges and he has impatiently backed off. I do see through this ruse. He wishes to put me at ease and let my guard down on the sacred duty of guarding the Knowledges and may even sneak into the workshop unobserved. He persists in attempting things that are clearly beyond him and treating the Knowledges as simply mechanics and has no respect for the Mystries they present. He may be of the same species as my Angel and male but I lack time to teach him as I have my Angel as my student. Unfortunately, I am confident he will persist with or with out my help and his “Try it and See” method will undoubtedly get him killed.
The Rangers have taken me as being almost one of their own as I have chosen to wear the simple garment of my Angel, at her request. For a simple thing as a color and a garment bringing such trust in me is absurd. It simply is an associative tool to let others know of my affiliation and affection of my Angel. I have noticed that she does place a high importance in these Rangers to such a degree that she has taken one of them into her intimacy. Gratefully, he seems to not waste words as the others do. He also does not seem jealous of my affection to my Angel. It is a moment of peace in a chaotic and un-orderly world.
The work goes slowly as I do not have access to a proper shop full of proper tools. Luckily these Rangers and others around are not totally ignorant of the Stone. Even though I have brought some of the most basic tools I still needed to re-invent many of the tools that I need to make the armor. Ah, for a fully equipped fabrication and energy charging shop. What is more disconcerting is that the leader of this outpost has demanded many of my items to be turned over to him as a sign of peaceful intent. As if the lack of a tool removes the Knowledge of the tool or the Knowledge of the making of the tool. He lacks even the simplest understanding of our Knowledges and Code to understand that I have removed the more common mass produced command modules and kept items needed for replication of the more delicate working of the Control Golem and other necessary components. I removed them per the Code of the Stone.
Due to this continued hindrance I have been shamefully in slow in creating the promised Armor. Several individuals represent an unconscionable security breach so I have created a system of locking and shielding using the Knowledges to secure the small space of the “Warehouse” that was provided. It would have been better to have the work space underground for a more secure location. If I only had a Digger Drone or a Dig Kit.
At last I have created a first prototype for her, just in time to wear and be protected in another moment of chaos for this area. One faction is attempting to eliminate the other faction by burning the resident’s domiciles to the ground. Sigh, I sometimes wish that I studied Poli-Tech to understand these factions. Luckily the shielding and locking mechanism have burned off the accelerant that was applied to the walls before it had any ability to be effective. The Transformative Field was not only able to shield the building but discouraged a continued assault. This did make me unable to open the doors to my Angel or anyone. I set the system on a 48 hour timer and took the interval to continue to work on the various problems set before me, uninterrupted this time. I am sure that with the first Protoype’s success the other of my Angel’s Race will be asking how and want one. There are things that are not my problem. This is one.
My Angel believes that the Prototype is the finished product but it isn’t. She will be disappointed to find that due to the supply issue I will need to take the Prototype apart to rebuild a better one. I sense another moment of chaos coming up but luckily it shouldn’t require me to lock my beloved Angel out of the workspace as I don’t think that the chaos will reach this Location directly. The work continues.

Silly Prelacy, We Can Keep Sog Fire Free
Tree Pretty, Fire Bad. Food Soon?

20th of White Stag

The morning after the interesting sparing matches that Maggpie decided to have, Artivan sets up a team of Rangers to rebuild the furniture that Maggpie and Kassegore destroyed. Afterwards we get served breakfast.

Kassegore and Maggpie have a conversation that causes Nightingale to fall from her perch in the rafters, laughing.

A human comes in rolling a barrel, through the front door and says “Delivery.” Roc-Tar comes forward and asks, “Delivery? What Delivery?” The human looks at the barrel and says, “Yes, Firebeard Ale.”

Kassegore leans towards Roc-Tar and asks, “Don’t you make that here?” Roc-Tar replies, “Yes, I do.” At this the human starts to take off, Maggpie catches him at the door.

Kassegore calls for Salvator to check the barrel for magic. Gudmund also heads over to look at the barrel.

As the human starts to struggle, Maggpie pulls his sword out and holds it to the human’s throat. This makes the human stop struggling. Maggpie then moves the human towards Kassegore.

Gudmund calls out that the top just comes off. As Salvator determines that there is magic in the barrel, but he can’t figure out what it is, Artivan calls, “Maggpie switch positions with Salvator. Give the human to The Beast.” Maggpie then looks for any traps that the barrel might have.

Artivan then tells me, “Get out of the Inn, in case this goes south.” I call out to Nightingale to get out as well and head towards the closest exit. As I am heading out Maggpie calls out, “This is Arcfire.” Artivan starts to change the plan to have both Maggpie and I fly it out of the Inn.

Maggpie has Artivan and Salvator cast something on him as the human passes out at the faces that Kassegore was making. Maggpie looks sharply at the barrel and says that its ticking. Maggpie then calls for me to stay at the Inn and takes off in the air with the barrel. I stick my head out and notice that Nightingale is clearing the area near the Inn.

Maggpie gets to a point where he chucks the barrel higher in the sky and starts to dive down. Shortly after this, the barrel explodes, and I notice that Maggpie was affected by the blast. I catch Maggpie and bring him down. As this was happing Artivan started to give out orders to see who was behind this and see if there are others. Gudmund and Maggpie come into the Inn stating that there are three fires. One is at the Wall, one is in the residential area, and one is near our Headquarters. Artivan says, “Right then, new plan. We need to stop these fires.”

Gudmund and Maggpie are headed off towards the wall, Artivan and Kassegore are headed to the residential area, and Salvator and I are headed towards Headquarters.

As we get to Headquarters, we see that its one of the Granaries that is on fire and that there are people trapped inside, I put Salvator on the ground. I holler to the Orcs on the ground to start putting the fire out as I head into the Granary and pull those trapped out. This new armor makes going into the fires very hot! Salvator starts to go after the ones who started the fire.

The townsfolk start doing something, that causes the fire to become worse. I then start shouting orders, in order to get it back in control. There was one Orc, who look at me and he calls out, “I’m so inspired by my Angel. Battog would follow you anywhere!” Oh no, not another one! How many will end up following me?"

We finally get the fire under control when Nightingale flies up to inform us that there is another fire at the leaders of Sog’s Headquarters. Of the three that are here, I tell one to stay put in case a fire starts up and grab the other two towards the new fire. Battog seemed to enjoy it, the other just screamed the whole way there. Battog did yell out, “I’m flying to the rescue!”

We get there in time to see Kassegore, Maggpie and several others trying to get the fire under control. Maggpie looks off in the distance, then looks at the group and grabs the one that screamed the whole way here and takes off towards another fire. The goblin, screamed the way there again.

I leave the others to fight the fire, as I head in to get the leaders out of the fire. I hear Gudmund giving directions and as I get the last leader out, I see Battog head butting a wall. I see Kassegore and Salvator heading off towards those that started the fires. Gudmund points out that there are several different spots on the walls that look like they are the start of these fires. Nightingale nods at this and signs quickly that painting over these spots will stop them from starting fires. I shove a potion down Battog’s throat to have him regain his wits and tell him to go to the Ranger’s Warehouse and get what is called Scrubbing Bubbles. He runs away looking a bit confused.

I tell Nightingale to give this information to Artivan and she flies off. I start calling for Rangers and townsfolk a like to start looking for these patches. That way we can work on stopping the fires before they start. The townsfolk look to the leaders and they give there approval on this plan. As they start looking for the squares on the walls I head back to the Ranger’s Headquarters and tell them the same. I grab Jacque and ask him, as he is a noble, to please send this information to the other sections of the city as I need to be here in case another fire starts. Jacque nods at me and takes off.

Vhen startles me as he jumps down from a roof and tells me of another fire that has broken out, near where I am. I quickly inform him of what needs to be looked for and covered over to stop these fires from even starting, I also inform him that I haven’t been able to get a message to Maggpie, but Nightingale should have brought this information to Artivan.

I then take off to the new fire, as Vhen heads off to find others to pass the news to. Stopping only to grab quick drinks of water, the rest of the day passes in much of this fashion. Vhen and Nightingale both stop by and report that the Hero’s Heart Inn and the actual Ranger’s Headquarters have not been hit all day. This report brings Artivan, Salvator, Kassegore, Gudmund and I back together. As we ponder this news, we get a report that the Hero’s Heart Inn has actually caught fire on the roof.

The group of us reach the Inn and see that people that had been wearing disguises were actually Prelacy soldiers. Artivan calls for the fliers on the roof, heavy hitters at the front door and fast movers to the back. I pull Battog to the roof with Maggpie and myself. I tell him to take care of the fire on the roof as I head down to the second floor. I quickly notice that no one is in them, as all the doors are open, and head down the stairs. Upon reaching the door leading to the common room, I am hit by someone walking past me.

As I look out I see that Kassegore has taken out two of the soldiers and several soldiers seem to do something to the fires that are in the room and what appears to be the leader, walks up to a fire and starts to giggle.

Salvator walks in and blasts two of the soldiers taking them out, the third appears to be stunned. Then Artivan walks in shouting, “Alright you bloody Prelacy bastards, I’m the one you want right here, right now!” Then he casts something right before casting bolt at three of the Prelacy soldiers taking them out. Artivan then turns to the giggling one and shouts, “And you, you giggling bastard, You come into my house and you’ll die in my house!”

Maggpie flies into the Inn, taking the shorter way, and stabs two soldiers. One is taken out and the other is stunned by the attack.

Two of the soldiers take off, one keeps tending the fire, two others throw things at Kassegore that cause Kassegore to now be in the middle of the fire, but this also takes out a soldier near Kassegore. I just hope that he still has an armor potion that Nightingale made him.

I call out to Artivan, “One is heading downstairs, do you have this?” Artivan replies, “Of course.” And then Artivan screams, “Get out of my house!” Before I can head downstairs I see Artivan cast three more bolts, taking out two more soldiers and the third doesn’t seem impressed. Kassegore then lets the Beast play and frenzies on two of them, taking them both out. I quickly realize that Kassegore had not let the Beast out to play as he then says, “You will know hell this day.”

The Prelacy leader drinks a potion and disappears. I feel him close to me and attempt to attack where I think he is, but miss.

I head downstairs to the workshop and see a window open, I then head to the brewery and see that Roc-Tar and his brother along with the barmaid are tied up and hear some bumps. I head over to the bumps and find one of those that had turned invisible. I am easily able to tie him up, surprisingly as he is still invisible.

I find out later that the reason for this is due to the fact that the leader had drunk poison in order to keep us from learning anything else that day. Artivan is not happy. Kassegore is barely keeping the Beast at bay, after he found out that the materials to start the fire were actually purchased by him from the Prelacy that were disguised as merchants.

The Private Musings of Gudmund Stonebook
22nd White Stag

The Private Musings of Gudmund Stonebook.
(note the page would be doodled with Calligraphy)
22nd White Stag

Why can the mind not work as a well lubricated wagon wheel? I feel terrible, and yet, exhilarated about this wonderful town I have been sent to study, burning! Yes burning! Well more to the point the fact that an Aevakar by the name of Magpie flew me through the air over the burning town.

Let me explain myself. Sitting with my friend Firebeard eating more of his wonderful food, a stranger walks in pushing a barrel and proclaims it to be Firebeard Ale? There is no way this would be delivered as it is a wonderful home brew. All present jump to this problem catching the man and examining the barrel. Only to find it was a trap set to explode on a timer. This gallant Winged one takes it upon himself to fly it into the air as it is set to damage this wonderful place of food and drink. After an amazing feat of flying, the trap is turned into little more than fireworks. At the same time, a few other diners are trying to gather information from the delivery boy who does not seem to have the spirit needed to withstand the groups terror inducing presence. The “Captain” Of the Rangers , well Master Sargent with captain leanings, is yelling orders and sending messages to Ranger head quarters to rally and ready for an attack.

Not being one for interrogation nor exactly sure what my role with the rangers is. I was made a ranger but a night ago, at least that is what I took the drunken yelling and pelting me with a cloak like the one they wear as. So I set out to see if there was evidence of other trapped barrels or folks acting out of character. That was when I noted smoke above the roof tops turning from the gray of a new fire to the black of a fire catching hold. So I shout to the Winged ones to check it and to my utter amazement and shock, I was bodily plucked from the ground, and at a pace I have not even seen a cart make, I was whisked to the sight of this new fire. This act had I been asked I would have refused as very unsafe. Yet having no say has brought to me the most indescribable experience.

The rest of the day is a blur spaced with snips of vivid spots. Most of these spots are seen from the air above the town. Yet a few are painted white. Due in part to seeing that the new preservative, white wash, that was used on most of the town was a plant of extremely flammable magic. At first it seemed that the center of town, the council building and leaders manor, was the target. After many widely spread fires to draw the sorely pressed defenders of the town to the far reaches of the town the center starts afire with the mightiest blaze yet.

Alas this to was a ruse. It was in the end the inn, the vary one that we had been eating at a few busy hours before, that was the main gathering of the enemy. This fact was stumbled upon and all rushed, another flying jot, to save this beloved building. It was asked that we cover all the entrances. So our flying friends went to the top of the building, the main fighting party to the front doors and I to the rear. It does seem that all these tall folks are all ways flitting here and there. This is an advantage in the art of war it seems. By the time my shorter legs got me threw the rear doors into the cooking areas the fight was mostly over it seemed. I toppled a large barrel of wash water to the floor to spread water in a large arch, and worked to put the fire out as the troop of intruders was dealt with.

Yet threw this highly eventful day all that truly stands out is flying. The town in flames, my body exhausted and yet flying is what I dreamed of all night laying in a near doze. No less than three revisions of a flying harness have I drawn. (Follows a colored stylized drawing of armor harness with loops and buckles.) I am not sure the Winged ones would wish such a devise but it would allow me to be carried spreading my weight all around their thin bodies. I am trying to work on an idea that came to me during the battle for a cistern and raised water barrel with carved troughs. This spread through the city would allow for swifter firefighting but, also close sources of water for everyday use. The idea is like diverting a creek to water a garden. Yet even this work draws me back like a magnet to the idea of flying over the town to see the worst of the damage and the best roves for my new idea of watering a town. I wonder if the size of the woman Aevakar means she could carry me better. I must lay down my pen to go ask, and start the repairs of this town I have come to study. I just wish the destruction of the architecture would take from my mind this spiraling trap of flight.

Yeah! I'm a Scout Now!!
Looking For Fires

20th of White Stag

The morning after the last bit of fun, I watch Artivan sets up a team of Rangers to rebuild the furniture that the Ranger fight destroyed. As they are fixing the room, I sneak into the back and grab breakfast, before serving the others breakfast.

As the others are finishing up breakfast, Kassegore and Magpie have a conversation about Camon being bait, that causes me to fall from my perch in the rafters, laughing. I’m a bit worried that some of it came out as a whistle.

A human comes in rolling a barrel, through the front door and says “Delivery.” Roc-Tar comes forward and asks, “Delivery? What Delivery?” The human looks at the barrel and says, “Yes, Firebeard Ale.”

Kassegore leans towards Roc-Tar and asks, “Don’t you make that here?” Roc-Tar replies, “Yes, I do.” At this the human starts to take off, Magpie catches him at the door.

Kassegore calls for Salvator to check the barrel for magic. Gudmund also heads over to look at the barrel.

As the human starts to struggle, Magpie pulls his sword out and holds it to the human’s throat. This makes the human stop struggling. Magpie then moves the human towards Kassegore. Just looking at Kassegore causes the human to blanch. Kassegore slowly smiles and the human, surprisingly doesn’t faint or piss himself.

Gudmund calls out that the top just comes off. As Salvator determines that there is magic in the barrel, but he can’t figure out what it is, Artivan calls, “Magpie switch positions with Salvator. Give the human to The Beast.” Magpie then looks for any traps that the barrel might have. At hearing “The Beast”, the human does actually piss himself and then faint.

Artivan then tells Sky, “Get out of the Inn, in case this goes south.” She calls out to me to get out as well and I fly out an open window. As I am heading out Magpie calls out, “This is Arcfire.” I hear Artivan say something.

I start to clear the area near the Inn. As I am finishing up, I hear a barrel explode and look around, in time to see Sky catch Magpie and bring him down. As this was happing Artivan started to give out orders to see who was behind this and see if there are others. Gudmund and Magpie come into the Inn stating, very loudly that there are three fires. One is at the Wall, one is in the residential area, and one is near our Headquarters. Artivan says, “Right then, new plan. We need to stop these fires.”

Gudmund and Magpie are headed off towards the wall, Artivan and Kassegore are headed to the residential area, and Salvator and Sky are headed towards Headquarters.

As they head off, I fly higher to see if any other fires break out. After a few minutes I notice one at the Goblinesh Leaders Building. I fly off to tell Sky and Salvator as they are closer to that location and have a chance.

When I reach Sky, she quickly understands what I’m attempting to tell her. She grabs two of the Goblinesh telling one to stay put in case a fire starts up, then heads to the new fire. The larger one seemed to enjoy it, the other just screamed the whole way there. The larger one did yell out, “I’m flying to the rescue!”

As I’m flying higher to be on the look out for more fires, I see Vhen and he appears to be doing the same thing. There is another fire and Magpie looking around grabs the screaming goblin and heads off to the new fire. The goblin, screamed the way there again.

Sky must be crazy as she is headed in to a fire with full plate one, although she does manage to get the leaders out of the fire. Gudmund looks like he is giving directions, the large one that Sky brought to this fire head buts a wall. I see Kassegore and Salvator heading off towards those that started the fires. Gudmund points out that there are several different spots on the walls that look like they are the start of these fires, as he starts to point this out I nod at this information. After a quick look of my own I sign quickly that painting over these spots will stop them from starting fires. Sky shoves a potion down the large one’s throat to have him regain his wits and tell him to go to the Ranger’s Warehouse and get what is called Scrubbing Bubbles. He runs away looking a bit confused.

Sky tells me to give this information to Artivan and I fly off, right before I get out of range I hear Sky calling for Rangers and townsfolk a like to start looking for these patches. That way we can work on stopping the fires before they start. Then I notice Sky heading back to the Ranger area.

I reach Artivan and quickly sign the news about the spots on the wall. Artivan looks a bit grumpy about this, however he quickly informs several of the townsfolk of this. I spot some of the children I’ve helped, and quickly get them to help out with this problem. It may end up that we have some weird paintings due to this, oh well.

Stopping only to grab quick drinks of water, the rest of the day passes in much of this fashion. Vhen and I both stop by and report that the Hero’s Heart Inn and the actual Ranger’s Headquarters have not been hit all day. This report brings Artivan, Salvator, Kassegore, Gudmund and Sky back together. As we ponder this news, we get a report that the Hero’s Heart Inn has actually caught fire on the roof.

One of the children grabs my attention, there are several large patches that need to be painted and they can’t do it. I look over and Vhen nods, as the others are getting ready to save the Hero’s Heart Inn, he and I head over to the new threat.

As it looks like we have Sog under control or at least fire free, I have the children look for wounded and have Vhen start looking for individuals to help with clean up.

I find out later that the leader had drunk poison in order to keep us from learning anything else that day. Artivan is not happy. Kassegore is barely keeping the Beast at bay, after he found out that the materials to start the fire were actually purchased by him from the Prelacy that were disguised as merchants.

Aftermath of the attempted Buring of Sog
21st White Stag

The following is just after Prelacy agents attempted to burn down Sog.

“Damn! The Bastard Poisoned himself. I really wanted information out of him!” exclaims Artivan, “Put out all the fires in the Inn and get some of the Ranger Trainees here to be a clean up crew. Have our Fliers and Runners make sure that all of the fires are out and that Blasted White Wash is taken off of all the buildings. That was a good idea that Nightingale had in using those bubbles to clean off that Prelacy Filth.”

In the brewery, “Rok-tar, I want you and Nightingale to inspect all future purchases of Ranger supplies for such sabotage in the future. Where is that Quarter Master? Ah, Kassagore, Leave the body alone and come here. You can’t intimidate the dead.”

Kassagore smells the Prelacy Alchemist, “It’s Still alive! Slavatore, get over here.”

Savitor applies his healing arts and declairs that he has been poisoned but may still survive. “There was a bit of lead and crysarium in the potion, and he may yet live. but I cannot be sure his mind will survive.”

Turns out that the Prelacy Alchemist Pepe “Le Burne’ Alcheme’” Renee’ did not imbibe poison purposely as previously noted. He had an “Intangibility” potion that was in actuality his own “Fire White Wash” formula. So instead of making him intangible it has instead poisoned him. It was his own captain that apparently gave him the potion.

“Rrrrr, Tell us more about it..” Kassagore attempts to intimidate or coax out more information out of his prisoner.

“Silly Lizard. Lizards don’t talk. Heheeheheahhaha…” says Pepe, as his mind shattered.

With great restraint Kassagore turns over the interrogation to a human.

Several Days Later
“Well, What have you gotten out of that Alchemical Prelacy Scum?” angrily asks Artivan of his crew in charge of the prisoner.

“Turns out that this was a suicide mission. The Prisoner’s mind has reverted to a child like state and he is basically mentally retarded. I am not sure he was very stable to begin with.” state the poor Ranger Trainee that lost the draw to report to Artivan.

“Go on, finish the report.” growls Artivan.

“Well, The group was from Stoon and it was a long attempt to take out Sog and the Rangers of Sog. They were given orders to single handedly, well the 15 or so soldiers, to sneak into Sog disguised as Merchants selling building supplies. It seems that the Prelacy has been preventing normal legitimate sellers of building equipment and supplies from coming to Sog for several months. Re-routing supplies to Stoon. The Prisoner is quite convinced that the Rangers in Sog have proven to be a thorn in the Prelacy’s side and wanted it removed before spring and the resumption of hostilities. It appears that we have foiled their attempt, the soldiers have either been killed or have fled, we count nearly what the Prisoner claims as dead. Your Scribe has begun the process of screening the current Merchants in town and you and Rangers involved in Fire Fighting have been invited to Sog’s Leader’s house for a ceremony.”

“Can’t they just let us do our job.” grumbles Artivan.
“Apparently not Sir.”

During the conversation an Orc breaks in the room and rushes Artivan with such suddenness that it takes everyone by surprise.

“Yous! Yous!” Exclaims the Orc and picks up Artivan in a large Hug and kisses both of his cheeks in a rare Goblinesh show of extreme gratitude and emotion.

“Yous save me Muutah! You do me two Solids now, I do Artivan a Solid now. I be back.” and with that he is out of the room and gone. Artivan recognizes the Orc as being a Gang leader from a recent trip up the river during an illicit auction of Arcfire goods. Ivan the Ruthless the Orc Bandit Lord was his name.

Salvitor sends someone to follow him. “Heh, I am not sure weather you got married or what.”

“Wonder what that was about.” Artivan says regaining composure.

Later at Sog’s Leader’s Home with a bit of a gathering of Goblins, Bar-Tog being one of them.

“You have done this town honor and we wish to let you know that your hard work is appreciated. I am pleased to report no loss of life, no food loss, no loss of buildings and our enemies caught. I also much appreciate the saving of my maid thanks to your Rangers, Artivan.” Reports the Leader of Sog accompanied by nods from the Elders and Advisors Present. “I am pleased to announce that the citizens of Sog that are gathered here are welcome and encouraged to be our Official Firefighters of Sog and will continue their training in being so. I have received plans from the Rangers on City Improvements and will bring this up in our next meeting. Are there any other things we need to discuss?”

“Sir, The Matter we talked about in Security.” coaxes Artivan, meaning a better screening of Merchants and the comings and goings of Sog to help prevent the Prelacy from making these attacks in the future.

“Yes, we shall have a meeting on it. I believe that we will be more open to your ideas. Please see my scribe for the appointments.”

More Free Time!
Artivan Shares The Love, Promotions For Most!!!

Its the first week of White Stag and Artivan has been indicating that we should soon be having some time off, again. I made mention that I would love to be rid of the effects of the Prelacy placed on me at Thules. Artivan mutters something about when I got the case of the whimpers.

Salvator offers to help out the following week as we start our time off. I am really grateful for this, as it means that we don’t have to keep an eye on him while he goes wondering Sog.

Salvator starts this endeavor of mine out with therapy talk sessions. I’m surprised at how well this went, as Grak kept stopping by muttering things about the armor and then again about Maggpie. A few times I felt Nightingale’s presence and saw Salvator frown at her.

After a few days of this, Salvator has me at the hospitals doing something called immersion therapy. The talks seemed to have helped, as I no longer whimper at those whom have had there limbs lost or even replaced. By the end of the week, Salvator and I go for celebratory drinks.

At the Hero’s Heart Inn, we here that Kassegore and Cairos have been plotting against each other – or in some cases with one another. Kassegore has been attempting to emulate human emotion and to some extent facial expressions. Although, from some of the looks he’s been getting, he has a long way to go.

Nightingale is pouting. After sitting with her for a while, I realize that because she’s been stockpiling up the Rangers with potions, these weeks off are her work weeks and she is currently writing up reports.

Artivan has been working on being able to persuade people to do things, other than just ordering them to. It doesn’t look like this week has been kind to him.

There is a new Dwarf in town that has been exploring and asking questions about the buildings. Roc-tar is happily talking to him.

The following week I spend with Grak as he wants to be able to finish the armor that he’s started. As I am there, I ask to be taught how to fully use the items that he has made or has altered for me.

Every evening I make the attempt to get Grak out and have dinner at the Hero’s Heart Inn with me. Every night he declines.

The evening stories are wonderful. Kassegore has put together, with Cairos’s help, some skirmishes for the townsfolk. The first one the story was bad and all there thought that Kassegore would loose it. He managed to remain as Kassegore and learn new things.

After a few nights I am introduced to the new Dwarf, his name is Gudmund. He is here to study and bring new stories back to his order. I know that he would like to hear more of mine, but my heart is too sore to tell him any of the stories of my people. And for now, he doesn’t ask.

Maggpie comes in each night looking like he’s been in a fight. And upon asking, I find out that he has been getting into fights in order to become better.

On the evening of the 19th, we all seem to be celebrating harder as we know this is the last night that we will have to ourselves. Grak has finally given me the new armor today and sends me out of the warehouse to go explore in it.

I take it in to the Hero’s Heart Inn and Artivan marvels at it. Although I think its more because he’s drunk than he actually understands what it is.

I find out that the last skirmish went well and all are celebrating as well. Maggpie bounces into the Inn and says “I have learned much.” And then he proceeds to attack Kassegore. After a few moments and Kassegore emerges the winner, Maggpie then tests Artivan.

There are several Rangers that look on in shock at the first strike, and I just shake my head at Maggpie and wait to see how spectacularly Artivan beats Maggpie. I am not long in the waiting as Artivan seamlessly blocks all of the attacks that Maggpie sends his way without spilling any of his drink. The finally moment arrives as Artivan uses a chair as a shield and then head butts Maggpie. This temporarily ends Maggpie’s enthusiasm as he has been knocked out.

I look around and see the damage that has been caused and shake my head at Nightingale, who has fallen to the ground in silent laughter.

Shortly after this Roc-Tar introduces Gudmund to Artivan. Gudmund is very polite and says that this can wait till after the celebrations are over. Artivan is happy to talk to Gudmund and explain that this was a week off for many of the Rangers stationed here.

During this conversation, Cairos walks in with papers saying we have all gotten a raise. Kassegore pipes in, that since he helped get us that raise, shouldn’t he get a promotion. Artivan thinks about it for a moment and then says yes Kassegore gets a promotion and so does Salvator. Kassegore looks a little upset about that, as Nightingale hops over and shows something to Artivan.

Artivan looks confused and says, “Haven’t I done so, already?” And Nightingale shakes her head and shows off her rank. Artivan turns to Cairos and says that Nightingale needs a promotion, Artivan then looks around and pulls off a Ranger First Class off of someone and hands it to Nightingale who was writing something down.

Nightingale then hands the note to Artivan, who brushes it off. Then she turns to Cairos and shows the note to him. Cairos then nods and grabs something out of his satchel and tells Artivan to sign it, as its a promotion for Sky and Felosia as well. As Artivan starts to argue this, Cairos states that Kassegore and Salvator can not be hire rank than the second in command of Sog. Artivan looks stunned for a moment and then signs the documents.

We all continue with the celebrations well into the early morning.

Quartermaster Report 4
New Players and Spoils of War

Quartermaster’s Log: 20 Harvest Moons

It is always satisfying to know my efforts do not go unnoticed. While I was gone on my last hunt the Prelacy sent a paladin to challenge and slay me. It shows there may still be some honor left in Camon. Hopefully it will survive. Though I am disappointed I missed meeting the paladin he was obviously unworthy of my time. He fell in single combat to Bahiya of all people. Now I know the Prelacy is willing to come to me and I can discontinue my hunts and turn my attention to more important matters.

“You’re missing the point, Kassegore.” Salvator suppressed a sigh. His ally and friend, for lack of a better word, seemed excited by the turn of events. “You knew the Supreme Paladin wants you dead but before now he wanted you alive to be crucified at his castle gates. I don’t even think it’s been four months and you escalated things so badly he’s willing to forgo that example and just kill you.”

“But he still needs a public show for his people and his position. That weakling Bahiya killed was only the first. They will send stronger foes and I will test my strength against them. The longer I survive the better I understand the strength of my enemy. If I die then I would have fallen to his sword anyways.”

“This is your life. It is not so simple.”

“This is war. It is not so complicated.”

Of all the Rangers of Sog Salvator had dealt most with Kassegore and knew when whatever passed for dregordian logic had set it and refused to budge. His response may have sounded like a grunt of disgust but in truth is was a dignified response that signaled a change in conversation topics…really.

“How about something that does matter more? I’ve heard rumors from the guards of when you come back from your ‘hunts.’ They avoid you because you smell like an avatar of death. It sounds suspiciously similar to when you ate the death beetle.”

“I collected the ashes when it died. I smear it on myself when I get close to Prelacy forces. Even the one patrol that looked like it came prepared for me fled in terror.”

Salvator opened his mouth and closed it without a sound. He paused a few seconds and opened his mouth again but closed it once more without speaking. A pained look crossed his face and he finally growled out, “Give me the rest of the ashes.”

Kassegore recognized the limit of human tolerance had been reached and obeyed without comment. He got up, left the room, and returned a moment later with a ratty cloth pouch.

Salvator snatched it from him as if afraid to leave it in the dregordian’s possession even a second longer. “Do not casually use things touched by darkness. No wonder why things escalated so quickly and I can’t blame the Prelacy. They’re trying to kill you before you turn into the monster they think you are. These things imperil your soul, Kassegore.”

With that Salvator walked out and began his trip back to Sog leaving behind a contemplative dregordian.

A new organization known as the Mechanarium has made itself known. From what little I’ve been told they are self-appointed wardens of arcmancy, deeming it too dangerous to simply be casually handed out. They proceeded to confiscate a great deal of our salvaged Prelacy gear to that end. I personally lost very little as I shipped off most of my arcmancy devices to Dregordia months ago to be studied.

It’s said the Mechanarium arrived in an airship that somehow made it to Sog unseen and their visit coincided with the discovery of a conquest golem. I do admit having a hundred foot tall siege weapon would greatly aid our war against the Prelacy but my plans do not require one. Perhaps it is for the best. If Camon fell to a conquest golem they would point to it as the cause of their defeat and learn nothing. I would be the undisputed architect and engineer of their future and though my lessons will be harsh they are necessary.

Magpie shifted around the corner. He’d needed this favor since the Mechanarium depleted his stores and while Kassegore had no particular reason to deny him the knowledge of how the dregordian acquired the crystals made him shutter. He also didn’t know how the quartermaster would react to knowing he was followed.

He waited till Cairos left before entering the office. The room had a way of making most people feel insignificant as everything was sized for an almost eight-foot creature, except for a couple of chairs for guests. He briefly wondered if it was unintentional or if Kassegore truly felt the need to constantly put others off balance.

“What brings you here today, Magpie?” Upon sating the aevakar’s insatiable curiosity and knack for languages Kassegore quite pointedly refused to speak anything but dregordian with him. Magpie’s accent was atrocious but some things, such as an improperly shaped tongue and the presence of lips, could not be helped.

“I’m low on crystals and I know you have a personal supply you don’t use.” The dregordian always appreciated directness.

“Ah, I should have anticipated this. The Mechanarium must have affected you far more than most. I’ll have some delivered. Let me know when your supplies run low again. Just try to ration them. It may be a while until I can acquire more.”

Magpie carefully schooled his features into appropriate gratitude and tried to ignore what acquiring those crystals involved. The dregordian made a dismissive gesture and he wasted no time leaving, thankful for his good fortune. Even with siege and conquest golems, Kassegore remained one of the most terrifying things Magpie had ever encountered.

But shortly after all that we learned through our less than reputable contacts there was to be an auction of arcmancy devices. The timing was particularly suspect and the commander himself chose to take the field to ensure things went smoothly.

The others had adorned themselves in various disguises. There were few dregordians in this part of the world and even if it were otherwise he would still be unmistakable. So he festooned himself in his trophies: the bear skin, a minotaur skull, the Camonere general’s sword, and various implants he’d ripped out of fallen foes. Bahiya was the first to speak. “How is that a disguise?”

“It is not. The Beast is a known enforcer of Zebadiah Stone.”

The desert dweller turned to Artivan. “Why have you ever promoted him?”

He had no personal qualms with the priestess, but she did tend to be preachy and spoke with the rashness of human youth. Perhaps Salvator’s good example would influence her more in the future.

The commander sighed as if he had given this explanation many times before. “Among all the northern Ranger outposts ours is the best equipped, supplied, and funded due almost solely to the efforts and talents of our quartermaster.”

She looked at Artivan, then at him, and back to Artivan. The older human just nodded slowly and deliberately. Kassegore left without looking back. There were needful enemies to attend.

After arriving at the site and making our way into the auction Sky confirmed the goods. Her news was disturbing as some items were those taken by the Mechanarium. Either the organization is a mere front for less altruistic reasons than they claim or they have been infiltrated by those motivated by personal gain. Neither makes me inclined to trust them and I will have words with one of their emissaries when they return.

The auction room was crowded but I chose the table next to the Red Store delegation. I was intrigued by the fact it was a dregordian leading them and I admit I longed for the company of my own race. Our conversation was cut short as the commander decided stealth and subterfuge were necessary for our covert operation.

Tensions ran high among the groups as they waited for the auctioneer to begin. The nervous energy increased yet again as the door opened and the Beast of Thul walked in. Jassax had never seen him in person but who else could it be? He scorned the deliberately feral movements of the other saurian. Though he had chosen to leave the trees and rivers of Dregordia he still held the pride of his people.

The Camonere soldiers disguised as mercenaries stiffened when they saw the Beast. It was a testament to the might of his race. Even such a low example was still more than enough to strike fear in hearts of humans. He could only imagine how the Prelacy would handle a true warrior instead of a mindless animal.

The Beast scanned the room and bared his teeth in challenge and greeting when they met stares. The other dregordian growled back at the door and claimed the table next to Jassax and his men. “I was unaware there were dregordians under the employ of the Red Store.”

“Admittedly few but we’ve all made a place for ourselves. I am Jassax Sskrovak.”

“I am Kassegore, known as the Beast of Thul.”

He looked his rival over. “That much is apparent.” Jassax then noticed the Beast’s weapon and kept his voice carefully neutral. “You have eccentric and anachronistic tastes, Kassegore. The style of your kayakor predates the working of white silver by three or four millennia.”

“Closer to six, but I cannot claim any part of my weapon’s construction. It was a gift and burden I have been entrusted with.” Jassax seemed calm, but something about the older dregordian seemed unsettled. Kassegore decided it would matter little. Given their agendas it was inevitable one would fall to the other’s blade.

Jassax internally seethed. After all the suitors she rejected and alliances denied, Venatriss had chosen one so shamed he was stripped of even his family name? This base creature? After he challenged and killed the Beast he would find Venatriss and present her kayakor back to her. Perhaps she would find him more worthy after he dispatched her champion.

“Your reputation precedes you. I would test it.”

“I welcome the challenge.”

Any further conversation was interrupted when the door burst in and a human in a grey cloak bellowed, “This auction is over! All those who wish to leave may do so in peace! All who defy the Grey Rangers will be dealt with accordingly!”

The dregordians looked at the intruder an instant and back at each other. The Beast calmly said, “Honored to be your enemy.”

Jassax called upon his adept training and reached out his mind to snare the Beast. The younger male’s mind put up more resistance than he expected but was able to take control of his rival’s body anyways. He had his puppet wildly swing his kayakor and falsely put down two of his men, a tactic they’d employed in the past to catch enemies off guard. If he was correct, the human in the door was Artivan, commander of the Rangers of Sog. If they could kill both Artivan and the Beast it would be quite a coup for the Red Store and he would be richly rewarded.

His plans fell apart an instant later when his mind was filled with an unbearable alien rage. The strength of it tore free of his control and he looked on in awe and fear as he realized the person who walked in and talked to him was never the Beast. This was.

The Beast crushed the chest of one of his two standing men with a tail swipe and caved in the other’s skull with a head butt. Jassax barely had time to register their deaths before the bright pain across his belly almost dropped him to his knees. He felt the warm rubbery cords spill across his hand as he clutched himself. He looked up from his entrails at the roaring Beast, unable to comprehend how poorly he had underestimated his opponent.

“Finish it,” he whispered.

There was a flash of white silver and Jassax felt and saw no more.

Naturally there were complications. When Sky returned with the Prelacy commander she reported a large vessel approaching. What she failed to mention was the exact nature of it. It was a Builder vessel that traveled completely beneath the surface of the river. Made almost entirely of metal and shaped in a vaguely cylindrical shape with tapered ends, it rose in the water until the top half rested above the surface. Arcmancy weapon placements dotted its surface.

The captain of the underwater ship made his demands through some method of amplifying his voice. It boomed from the ship though we could not see him and he called for the auction stores to be turned over to him. The same thing that allowed the Builder to make his voice louder must also have allowed him to hear us as Artivan was able to talk him out of the ship to discuss terms.

A section on top of the ship opened up and the Builder emerged with two combat golems with metal packs on their back emerged. The packs enabled the golems to fly swiftly and the carried their master onto shore with us. When Artivan bargained too hard the Builder shouted a command back to his ship. Another section opened and the largest arc caster I have ever seen emerged. It obliterated the dock in a single shot and Artivan promptly quit negotiating.

The commander went to check on Sky and Magpie, both of whom he had sent to retrieve the arcmancy items in the vault used by the auctioneers. Donovan and Bahiya stayed behind with me. Attempts at conversation revealed some key information. The majority of the Builders live far underground in realms the rest of us know nothing about and care little for the “surface” or what occurs here, viewing those of us that live here as inferior beings. The Builder captain was not benevolent, or even polite for that matter, but I was convinced of his utter indifference and desire to leave the surface and return to his world.

Instead of turning over the devices to those who seemed least likely to use them against us, Artivan decided it would be best to destroy them instead. He, Sky, and Magpie triggered a bomb and faked their deaths to the Builders. They did not have time or opportunity to inform the priests and me but, as with all things, Salvator and I made the best of the situation and now contingency plans are in place.

Everyone watched the crater being peppered with debris. “With Artivan dead which one of us is in charge?” The Beast spoke as if the matter was some minor inconvenience and it seemed more annoyed than anything.

“You whenever we’re off the battlefield and me when we’re in combat for obvious reasons,” was the equally bland reply. The crime lord Zebadiah Stone seemed to be a priest of Light and a Ranger. The full meaning of what happened suddenly sank in and Stone ran towards the crater desperately calling for his friends. The strange foreign woman followed to help search of survivors.

The Builder and his golems looked out over the area. “I detect not residual power sources.” He sighed and murmured “I hate dealing with inferior races.” The golems took hold of their controller and flew back to their odd vessel. Giovanni lacked the words to fully describe it.

When they were alone, save for the Prelacy captive, the Beast finally turned to him. “Human, what are you called?” The voice was alien and wrong. Undertones of a growl emerged even as the dregordian spoke. Jassax had always kept his voice clear. The Beast sounded hungry and all the more dangerous for it.

He fought to keep his voice steady. “My name is Giovanni, sir.”

“Giovanni.” It spoke as if tasting the name for itself. The Beast leaned in and inhaled deeply. Could such creatures track by scent? “You will serve me, Giovanni. You will serve me loyally and you will serve me well.” It bared it fangs. “If you fail in either aspect I will find a use for you…once.”

Giovanni eyes widened in fear as he realized what would happen if he failed and why the Beast had waited till they were alone to speak. It turned to the Prelacy soldier who had listened to the exchange and said, “If you do not cooperate with the Rangers I assure you I will not grant the tender mercies I have allowed your countrymen.”

Any further threats were interrupted by the shouts of elation as the others returned. The Beast gave them both a one last look and said, “Do not speak of this to anyone. It will remain our secret or you will suffer the fates I have planned for you.”

The priests were accompanied by the other Rangers who looked no worse for wear. The Beast merely waited until the shouting died down before speaking. “It is good you survived, Artivan, though it does make the matter of succession a moot point.”

Artivan paused as he considered the dregordian. He smile dropped and he shouted, “You’re not in charge, Kassegore! Felosia is my second-in-command!”

The dregordian looked down at Artivan and merely tilted its head before starting to walk away.

“Kassegore, you’re not taking over! I mean it! KASSEGORE!”

Artivan informed us later of his conversation with some of the guards. The entire auction was a trap and the Rangers were the instrument used to dispatch those who walked in. While I dislike being used by unknown forces the coin gained more than makes up for any inconvenience. The Prelacy, Red Store, and Deniers of Death all showed up for an auction and were funded for the event.

I have some concerns about the armament of the Builder vessel we encountered. There is nothing I am aware of in Shaintar that would require such defenses. But deep beneath the surface there must be dangers down there of that caliber or the Builders travel to other realms where such things exist. The other possibility is the Builders are more factionalized than me know and they war with each other on unimaginable scales. Either way, if such trouble found Shaintar we would all be completely unprepared.

But those are concerns for another time. I need to bring some of the other Rangers into my plans soon.

Our Arcfire Items!
At Least It Wasn't The Tavern

20th of Harvest Moons

We are pulled into Artivan’s office to be informed that lots of Arcfire stuff is missing. Maggpie informs us that there will be an auction on some Arcfire items and that he knows where it is and what the password to get in is.

Artivan sends, after some discussion, to the person in Kithress who is in charge of the Mechinarim. Hopefully to get them back here to get the items from the auction. Maggpie points out that the auction is in two days and is a day up river, in a riverside tavern.

The plan is for two groups to go in, the first is Kassegore, Salvator and myself. The second is Artivan, Maggpie, and Bahiya.

Once we reach the tavern, Kassegore heads in and checks it out, then he calls out that the tavern is secure. Salvator walks in with me on his arm and buys a drink for O’Mally. As this isn’t the full password I chime in with “and his stamina in bed.” This confuses the innkeeper and several other people in the tavern.

A drunkard comes over and asks how we know O’Malley. Salvator tells the drunkard, “It’s impolite to ask a lady that, especially one that is on another man’s arm.”

The drunkard then asks Salvator the same thing. Salvator replies that he was a sailor. The drunkard then says that he will take us to the private party in the back and leads us outside, then down some stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is a door, and they start to lead just Salvator in to see what the items are up for auction. Salvator notices and says that I need to come in as I am the expert. The drunkard, who isn’t drunk, says only one of us can go in. So I head in.

This room has several items that are, indeed from Sog, along with some new scary items. There is a Arcfire bomb, a forge (I know that Grak would love for us to get our hands on that!) and a tunneler. I then am lead out of the room to the others and we are escorted to the auction room. The guard heads back to the item room and I stop the others before entering the auction room and tell them about the new items.

Kassegore then moves into the room, does the bodyguard thing and then nods us in. Salvator escorts me into the room and we sit down at one of the free tables. Around the room we see another Dregordian, several Orcs, a Priest of Light with several soldiers. Taking a closer look, the Priest of Light is actually a Necromancer and is surrounded by Skeletons. I grab Salvator’s arm in effort not to whimper.

The auctioneer starts to say “We are waiting for another group.” As Artivan, Maggpie, and Bahiya come in.

Artivan, standing in the doorway, says, “We did on all and out bid any.”
Auctioneer replies, “Well it’s a lot bid.”
Artivan haughtily replies, “I know that, we out bid anybody.”

The Necromancer then attempts to cast something at Artivan and fails. A Skeleton takes out the auctioneer and another knocks on the wall.

Artivan, still blocking the door, says “Everyone who does not oppose the Rangers get to live. The Red Store can surrender or die. Necromancer you can just die!”

Bahiya casts a blast that drops two Orcs, stunning them, and then takes out two Skeletons. The Orc leader states that the Orcs do not oppose the Rangers. Artivan states that they can leave. Bahiya says something to the Necromancer (in her native language). Maggpie smiles at this and moves to the Necromancer, Maggpie then stabs the Necromancer and takes it out.

A Red Store casts something on Kassegore while another says, “How about just letting us go?”

Artivan replies, “That’s not what we offered.”
Kassegore then cuts down two of the Red Store and part of the wall. Then it appeared that the Beast was upset and tails slaps one more down and uses the Kayakor on the other Dregordian.

The Prelacy breaks out and one runs out of the room through a hole. Artivan looks over at me and I nod before taking off through one of the holes. Artivan then calls out “Sky has the runner.”

Salvator blasts the Skeletons and manages to take out a Red Store as well. As I get out of the room and am going after the Prelacy, I notice something big in the water and shout this back to the others. Before I get out of ear-shot I hear the Ivan and the other Orcs ask, "We good?’
Artivan replies, "Yes, just remember this.
Ivan then grunts something and shortly later I hear Artivan exclaim, “You have a card! I don’t have a card!” And the reply of “I know a guy in Sog.”

As another blast comes out of a wall, looking like Bahiya’s blast I think (I find out later that she took out four Prelacy with this)

Artivan then hollers “Anyone alive out there, you might want to surrender!” The runner stops and holds up his hands in surrender.

As I bring the Prelacy back, I hear a shout of “BEAST!” Then shortly afterwards, Maggpie flies out to see what is in the water and calls out to Artivan, “Can I claim it?” And I then ask, “If he can’t can I?”

Artivan, sounding very frustrated at us, calls out, “Can we deal with the current owners first?” I suppose that we sound like two small children fighting over a toy.

This boat-like thing comes up from under the water, there are Golems on it as well as new weapons that we have yet to see in action and then we hear, “We want our property back.”

Artivan calls for Maggpie to go get their stuff. Maggpie then calls for my help, Artivan waves me down for a moment and says, “Arm the bomb.” I nod and take off after Maggpie.

We manage to get the door open and find the bomb already armed. I suggest to Maggpie that we make it look like the bomb isn’t armed. After several minutes, Artivan comes down and tells us to make the bomb go off now and for me to take the items from Sog and get as far as I can away from them. I grab all of our Arcfire stuff and take off.

A few moments later the bomb goes off and I hear, “We will be getting all of our stuff back, either by peace or by force.”

When I get back to the tavern, I first notice that the dock is completely gone and then I see Bahiya slapping Artivan and Maggpie. Kassegore then asks the scary question, “If Artivan dies, would he of Salvator be in charge?”

Maggpie and I both answer Kassegore with, “Felosia is second in command.”

Artivan leaves a note that the Rangers will pay for a new dock, and then we realize that the ship that brought us here was gone as well as the dock.

Quartermaster Report 3
The Deniers grow ever bolder.

Game is scarce as the creatures adjust to the new predator in the forest. The single survivors he allows are obviously performing their intended task of spreading tales of death and horror lurking in the woods. He travels further each hunt as they give Sog an increasingly wider berth. It is inevitable given he is actively and deliberately terrorizing them but he had not anticipated the Prelacy would give up so easily. Less a month and a half dozen slaughtered patrols and the soldiers are more concerned with avoiding the dregordian than trying to kill him.

Kassegore bristles under the bear skin he has taken to wearing as he looks upon the dying land. His patience is a leaf. It falls to the ground, a shriveled dead thing. The lack of pressing business in Sog and hesitant enemies is chilled by the encroaching winter to produce a restless ennui. The Beast chafes under subtle psychic pressure and Kassegore fairs only slightly better.

Despite what he allows (purposefully misleads) his allies to believe Kassegore has experienced fall and winter. Intellectually he understands the annual cycle the northern lands suffer through is natural if unpleasant. His core primal essence still rejects it. He may never see Dregordia again but he still longs for it. He always will.

Quartermaster’s Log: 8 Falling Leaves

Our cooperation with the locals continues to increase despite the fact Artivan and Felosia have decreased their interactions with gather leadership. Magpie, Salvator, and I maintain relations with the community and usually receive news before it would reach us through any official channels. We will be the official liaisons once I finish drawing up the appropriate documents and convince the commander to sign off on them. To date he still remains wary of putting any responsibilities on me.

The most overt Ranger duty has become the investigation of any report that even hints at foul magic or corrupted creatures. As a practical matter what goblinesh magic practitioners remain in Sog are too busy identifying and training new adepts. The Prelacy purged most of them during the occupation.

In response to the most recent report of dying trees and strange growths I was ordered to bring Valitor, younger brother of Artivan, with our patrol. I do not know if Artivan is trying to keep a closer eye on me or wants me to keep his sibling alive. Either way it mattered little and changed nothing.

The sickened spot we found contained some undead milling about and those were summarily purged. The strange growth spotted had fallen to the ground and turned out to be a chrysalis of some sort, provided the thing emerging was the size of a human. Valitor identified it as a legend known a phoenix moth, a type of life spirit that brought fertility to the land and all the creatures that dwelled there.

From the warped and twisted appearance of the chrysalis and the trail of dying foliage it was readily apparent the phoenix moth had been corrupted.

Few know of his hunting trips and none are aware of the particulars. He quietly updates official inventory to account for newly acquired Prelacy gear and says nothing. If Cairos has noticed the discrepancies the eldakar has not voiced any suspicions. Kassegore knows the other Rangers wouldn’t approve, but they are not fighting the same war.

His body practically thrums with energy as he tracked his prey. The newly timidity of the Prelacy soldiers mimics prey and has only inflamed the Beast by reminding it of its own predatory nature. Holding back enough to leave even a single survivor has been difficult. Whatever lies at the end of this trail will be given no quarter. The Beast will be unrestrained in its fury.

The area we finally came to was infested with undead. Dozens of the skeletons and zombies wandered about a sphere of magical darkness at the center of them all. On the far side stood a tree radiating a rainbow aura with another chrysalis amongst its branches.

He knows few aevakar and on the whole it seems they are a fragile race, compensating for their physical weakness with speed and skill. He doubts there are more than a handful of aevakar in existence who are stronger than he is and Sky is one of them. After he is airlifted to the enchanted tree he silently dispatches the zombie clumsily hacking at the trunk and waits for Salvator’s signal. There is no way of knowing what lies within the darkness, though from Sky’s whimpers it must be bad or involve something with missing limbs or both. Regardless, it will fall to him. Salvator and Artivan are risking their lives for the distraction. He cannot afford to fail and he will not allow their efforts to be in vain.

Salvator’s first spell dispels the darkness and Kassegore berates himself for doubting even a moment. Of course his most trusted ally would clear all obstacles for him. Three Deniers cease chanting over a ritual as Salvator’s spell drops one. They are guarded by three minotaurs zombies, one of which is another arcmancy creation much like the ogre he encountered some weeks ago. Two of the three minotaurs and all the surrounding undead surge towards the champions of Light.

Also revealed is what he can only assume is the corrupted phoenix moth. Its compound eyes focus on Sky and its cruel mandibles click in irritation. The black chitin plates on its back part to reveal crude wings and it flies up to meet the aevakar. Its departure almost entirely clears his path. He delays to be sure nothing can stop him but in those few heartbeats Valitor almost falls to the tide of undeath and Sky narrowly evades some kind of decaying force breathed by the death beetle.

The remaining minotaur zombie falls swiftly as does one of the remaining necromancers to his onslaught. The last survivor pauses to kill the chrysalis on the tree knowing he lacks to time to corrupt it and flees. The phoenix moth lets out a shrill, piteous cry as it dies. The Beast turns to chase him down but is blocked as the death beetle intercedes. Its maw opens and the foul miasma spews forth directly at him. Everything it touches withers and dies but the Beast is indomitable. He roars in defiance as he charges through the cloud. The white silver of his kayakor burns through one clawed limb trying to defend itself and his jaws crush the aberration’s head. It tastes like death should taste and the body shudders once before it crumbles into ash. He memorizes it. Someday he will share it with his enemies.

Felosia has organized the local druids with some Ranger support to guard the surviving phoenix moth. I have confidence in her efforts, but signs indicate this will be a harsh winter. Since the Crimson Crusade was stalled at Thul the Deniers of Death have only become more active. Their forces require no supplies and are unaffected by environmental conditions. If we are unable to cripple their efforts soon they will strike in the heart of winter when we are at our most vulnerable.

Pilgrim’s Journal Day 190- An Explosion of Fur
Harvest Moons 18th

I have been steadily gaining thicker fur and I wondered if it would ever stop growing. I resemble a large fat fur home cat and it is disturbing. I found that I am constantly brushing it and moving it. It has caused some distress, Then Nightingale who had been shadowing me, a harmless game, she threw a ball of this snow at me and laughed silently at my confusion the first few snowballs. When she was joined by some goblin children I understood. It is a game. A game of dodge and throw. The object being to hit your opponents and get them wet and cold while staying active and dry yourself. The Game, I have come to find out later, is called a Snowball Fight. The snow is compacted into easily broken apart balls, meant to explode on impact and get snow all over the opponent. I found that I am very good at this and it was hard for others to hit me unless taken by surprise. I did even manage to employ some of my Kor-In training and catch and return a few. Some Kor-In masters can catch arrows, I hope to be able to do so soon. Using the same training I can track and catch t snowball. Nightingale managed to rally all of the kids to side against me in this game which kept me busy, my natural agility. Through out the day Nightingale wish to play this game. It is harder to hit an aerial target but not impossible. This “Fur Coat” helps a little and I worried about it being too long but I have been assured that it is a “Winter Coat” and that the fur will diminish when it comes to spring. I should shed the excess much like other animals that grow extra. It is a strange feeling and idea. Lately the Snow has not been coming down and it has been very dry.


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