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Quartermaster's Report 2
Setting up shop and local flavor

Our arrival in Sog has been fraught with mishaps and setbacks but the first week ends with success. I admit I had more than my fair share of doubts. There was a…misunderstanding with the locals on my first day but Sergeant Major cleared it up.

The goblins were taking bets. The coldly efficient dregordian had been slowly grating on everyone’s tempers but none more so than Old Storvi. The wagers ranged from when Storvi would snap to how thrashed the dregordian would be when the ogre was done with him. There were rumors the Beast of Thul had joined the Rangers at Sog but the only dregordian to arrive was this officious snit. Everyone was clearly owed some entertainment.

The humans didn’t look so sure. In fact, several had gone running off when Geny offered to bring them into the pool. He looked up from his fellows and the few orcs that joined them and quickly hushed everyone just in time to see Storvi start cursing and raise his fist.

The dregordian, Kassegore, just stared at Storvi as if it didn’t understand what was happening or why and its head snapped to the side as the punch landed. It staggered a bit but didn’t fall and Geny quickly calculated the first round of payouts. Then all hell broke loose.

Geny would later swear he only blinked and he still missed the change. Kassegore, imperious but harmless seeming bastard, transformed into the Beast of Thul. It’s tail lashed out, catching Storvi’s legs but before the ogre could hit the ground a claw slammed into his chest and sent him flying back into a wall several yards away. Geny shrieked orders to the other goblins and everyone within arm’s reach of a rope quickly threw one to entangle the Beast. Unfortunately they learned it wasn’t completely mindless in its rage as it paused just long enough to grab the ropes and fling them callously into the path of the orcs and ogres that had just begun to move for it, tripping their larger kin.

The Beast roared and charged Storvi, fangs bared. Just at it’s jaws were about to close on Storvi’s face the Ranger commander Artivan crashed into the Beast, tackling it to the side. A dozen other humans piled on an instant later, followed by a few orcs, goblins, and an ogre who just wanted to be sure.

“By the Light, where is Savaltor?” the Sergeant Major bellowed.

On the other side of Sog a priest walked a slow meandering path desperately searching for landmarks. “I’m so lost.”

They gave me space afterwards for the rest of day, as did most of the Rangers. It turned out for the best. Once all the miscommunications were sorted out everyone was much more willing to work with me the next day. We progressed so quickly I finished my reports to Artivan by the end of my second day. He thanked me profusely for my work and bade me leave quickly, obviously eager to begin. His scowl of displeasure was a clear sign of the poor standards he was used to. Reptilian efficiency once again proving to be of invaluable use, even to mammals.

By the third day the goblinesh and I had formed enough of a rapport they even offered to assist me. Due to our combined efforts I was able to identify a number of potential business opportunities. Our surplus has been mostly liquidated relieving me of the hassle of finding proper storage and the proceeds invested in a half dozen potentially lucrative ventures. The economic boon should engender even more cooperation between us and the locals. The dwarven Ranger Rok-tar, a shrewd businessman in his own right, helped me with the final selections, his own tavern among them. Artivan, impressed by my results, promoted me to Corporal and made my position as Quartermaster official instead of ad hoc.

Artivan sighed as he looked over the documents laid neatly over his newly organized and cleaned office. He looked up at the dregordian towering over him. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

Kassegore looked at the human blankly. Something was bothering Artivan but with humans it could be anything. The species could be so…capricious. “I’m not sure of your meaning, sir.”

“Are you the raging force of destruction I witnessed at the Siege of Thul or are you this?” Artivan held up a sheath of documents. “Whoever this organized…logistical…person is?”

Kassegore tilted his head slightly, his equivalent of a shrug. “I don’t see how there’s a problem. I cannot always rage.”

Artivan drew in a fortifying breath. “Congratulations, Corporal. You are now our official Quartermaster. I’m going to get a drink.”

On a side note, I noticed Nightingale has taken up residency at the Hero’s Heart Tavern. But if she’s residing there then I’m not sure why I received requests for a tent on her behalf from Felosia, Sky, Vhen, Magpie, Artivan, and a few others I can’t be bothered to remember at the moment. I’ll have to speak with them later about requisitioning supplies unnecessarily.

The grand opening of the Hero’s Heart was an incredible success. Salvator, who’d finally resurfaced from Illiana knows where, was unexpectedly proficient with a lute though his real talent lies in playing to a crowd. I missed most of it, but the deer and bear I killed were most welcome. I’m told Artivan even relaxed for the night.

The one-armed ogre had been vigilant in his tasks. The dregordians, bloodied and dragging bodies behind them, were forced to go to the back door. Rok-tar looked over the pair, light, noise, and smells spilling from the party spilling out behind him. He had Maa’ni take the deer and bear carcasses and stated, “You’re not coming in like that.”

Before either could respond the dwarf tossed a small vial at them. It burst and lavender-scented bubbles coated the pair, cleansing them of blood and dirt. The dwarf bit back a chuckle as Kassegore attempted to spit out some of the suds that had entered his mouth and then began sneezing as the offending bubbles reached his nose. When the bubbles dissipated the dregordians were almost sparkling clean and slightly floral. “Now, you may enter.”

The following morning brought more good news. Kargen, the orc who rallied our forces when the Prelacy forces surged for the final time at Thul, is joining our rank. He finds some of Salvator’s actions questionable (and they are) but I’m sure he’ll see the necessity of them soon enough.

The assembled Rangers paused as Kassegore entered, smelling of lavender and musk. He looked around, made his greetings and sat down at one of the clustered tables. Artivan and Kargen were discussing the orc’s new promotion and induction of Nightingale into their order. The aevekar in question was serving fresh bear and venison. Rok-tar could be heard from the kitchen and Bahiya was daintily eating her breakfast. Salvator came over to join him to talk of their plans for the day. He took in the companionable atmosphere. Someday, and soon, they might not all be here.

Despite our advances in the past week here I cannot relax in my efforts. I was given a great gift, delivered a dire warning, and charged with an unknown task. The Prelacy will bring war soon enough and their evil now knows my name.

What Chaos Can Rangers Get Into When They Get a Week Off?
I Have My Own Room and I'm a Full Ranger!!

10th of Dancing Clouds
It seems as if this is a week of confusion. The first day I make an Armor potion, as I finish Sky notices what I have been doing and kicks me out of the tent. Kassegore starts his day off by attempting to organize the Ranger’s gear, in the storage room. I walk out to see Artivan and several other Rangers pilling up on Kassegore, who looks like he went a bit crazy and I continue on my way to set my kit up in Artivan’s office. That evening I find out that an Ogre got upset on how Kassegore was ordering individuals around and backhanded Kassegore. That would set Kassegore off, I wonder if the rest know not to injure him to keep him from becoming his other part? They should now. There are rumors that Salvator has spent the day exploring, although no one has seen him since dawn. We find out later that he was being followed by some individuals wearing red bandanna.

Inside an Inn Rok-tar teaches one of his cooks a receipt so that they can have something for their grand opening.

The next day, still no one has seen Salvator. Kassegore has pulled himself back together and comes into Artivan’s office with a lot of paperwork for him to sign. Saying that these are the requisition requests, supply lists and the patrol rotations. I’ve managed to be quiet as I have been working on a Dark Sight potion. Artivan is very confused at this side of Kassegore and starts asking questions about the behavior from yesterday. Artivan starts yelling for someone to find Salvator so he can make sense of what is going on.

Salvator is found by Vhen, Maggpie and Sky in a very bad part of Sog. They found him because he had used his powers in order to end a fight that happened. They bring Salvator to Artivan’s office which is very clean and organized thanks to Kassegore. I find out about this as I am making another Armor potion. Artivan is slightly upset about the injured that Salvator inflicted. I look up to see Artivan’s face as he’s attempting to figure out what has happened to Salvator and Kassegore, and can’t help but laugh. Due to the laughter, I make a noise loud enough to bring Artivan’s attention to me. As Artivan figures out what I am doing, he starts to yell at me about the space being his office not a lab. This is very confusing. I never had to worry about where to make potions before, making things was easier while I was on my own. I mean as long as I was upwind of the hunters it didn’t matter. Artivan then gives me an address and a note. He states that I am to be sure that they don’t turn me away. I look at him confused, he manages to interpret my look correctly as he says it’s all in the note. I head off to the address.

Kassegore starts to pull out tombs of papers and then attempts to get an Orc to run the papers to different places. The Orc then complains that the Goblinesh are very confused at
Kassegore’s behavior. As he is very smart one day and then he will be ripping off faces and eating them the next. There needs to be some consistency! Otherwise things will not be so good. Kassegore then starts to snarl his orders at the Goblinesh, they are now very happy about the scary Dregordian acting only one way.

The address is an Inn, called The Hero’s Heart Inn. I am met at the door by a Dwarf, who starts listing off the rules.The first is that I cannot make potions in my room, the next one is that I fully clean up the workstation, even after explosions. This has me confused, potions explode? Well I am new at this and really haven’t had the opportunity to make potions in a town before. I am happy that I now have my own room! I head back to the tent to find it’s gone. I stop a Ranger trainee to see where it had been moved to. It seems while most of the others were out finding Salvator the rest of the Rangers decided that Felosia, Maggpie, Sky and Gunther needed actual rooms and they moved them into the commanders’ rooms._ I hope that I am not going to be blamed for this!_ The Ranger trainee shows me to the rooms that have been allowed for them and separate out the gear. I grab my stuff and head back to the inn to make a Healing Potion. This one doesn’t seem to be as good as the others that I have made so far.

It’s the 16th of Dancing Clouds and Rok-tar gets ready for the grand opening. That evening Salvator shows up and looks like he’s having a good time. Kassegore heads out of town to see if he can attempt to get a better handle on his inner beast, it doesn’t sound like he had much success. We find that Bahiya had been working on interrogating the Prelacy prisoners and had been getting some success. I make another Armor potion and Rok-tar has started to make his. He seems very upset on how I arranged my ingredients, and then he notices a fact that I didn’t. For most of these potions I was using bad ingredients. He quickly looks over my five potions and determines that yes they are usable for what I made. He was so impressed at my skill that he gives me the instructions for one of his potions called Turtle Tincture. Salvator looks like he is really enjoying himself.

We start to have individuals coming in complaining about the sounds coming from the woods. It sounds like Kassegore is still not having any luck in controlling his inner beast. We found out later that the sounds, were actually Dregordian songs. The ones that are forbidden to be sung due to the fact that they can’t be sung properly unless one has lost control.

Rok-tar makes another potion. Bahiya attempts to convert the Prelacy prisoner. Salvator is very drunk at this point and casts deflection using visual trappings of light. His slurred speech and over dramatically gestures has me laughing so hard I fall off of my stool. Shortly after that Kassegore comes in with another Dregordian. Both of them being extremely bloody and cut up. Artivan yells at him saying that he was disrupting the evening. They take the deer and bear that they have with them to the back, and head to the front. Rok-tar takes a look at the two of them and then throws a potion at them. The potion bubbles up and as Kassegore starts to hiss that the potion is starting to get everywhere it gets into his mouth. When the bubbles finally get done, both Kassegore and the other Dregordian are clean.
Artivan says: “I want a barrel of that!”
Rok-tar says: “It takes time to make it.”
Artivan: “I’ve invested enough, I want a barrel.”
Rok-tar: “I’ll start on it in the morning.”

The story behind the deer and bear is a funny one. Kassegore tell us that he was attempting to control his inner beast and then sang songs of his people. When he got hungry, he threw his Kayakor at a deer killing it. As he went to get the deer, a bear had taken his singing as a challenge and attacked Kassegore. Luckily for Kassegore, the other Dregordian was in the area looking for him and she helped him take out the bear. They then decided to prove themselves to each other. After coming to the decision that they are both worthy opponents they headed back here. We have a good night. As the night progresses, and more people show up at the Inn, I set myself up in the rafters.

The next morning Kassegore comes downstairs and grabs a haunch of meat. There is an Orc that comes in and looks over the room, then walks up to the table that Artivan is sleeping on and knocks it over. This makes Artivan cranky, that or the hangover that he has. This manages to startle me out of my perch, I manage to catch myself before I hit the ground. I notice that Rok-tar is up so I get everyone cups of coffee. Salvator seems to still be in a good mood as he casts light on Rok-tar just after the first cup of coffee. Rok-tar then asks what I did to his coffee, I point to Salvator. Rok-tar then asks the same of Salvator. Salvator attempts to look very innocent. Rok-tar then gets me to help getting people food and coffee.

We find out that the Orc that woke up Artivan is called Kragen. Artivan and he start having a conversation. Artivan looks Kragen over and then promotes him to Ranger First Class, after being offended that he was still just a Ranger. As I put a plate of food in front of Artivan, he then asks why I am still a trainee. I indicate that I can’t speak the oath. He then asks: “Do you swear to be a Ranger and uphold the oath of a Ranger and do Ranger-ly things?” I nod, and he then tells me that I am a full Ranger and then demands that someone get me a cloak. Salvator then hands me a full Ranger cloak.

Kragen then looks like he remembered something and then asks Salvator and Artivan if they have done their morning prayers. Salvator and Artivan head off to do their prayers, Artivan not going far from the inn. As he starts his prayers, Kragen leans out the door and tells Artivan to pray correctly. Artivan comes back saying that you can make a man pray, but you can’t make him pray in a certain way. Hearing Artivan being cranky, I gesture to Rok-tar that Artivan needs something to make him less cranky. Rok-tar hands me a potion and says it’s a wake up potion. In the middle of their argument, I pour it down Artivan’s throat. Artivan takes a moment to make funny faces at the taste, I smell the bottle and find out that it was the super strong coffee that Rok-tar needs some mornings.

Artivan looks up and says: “We’re good, right?” Methinks he was speaking to an ascended. Then still making faces at the taste in his mouth, he and Kragen head back into the Inn. Artivan starts to fill in Kragen on the situation. Kragen states that he is just passing through and that he is willing to stay for a bit. Artivan states that this is not the normal state of affairs here in Sog, but after the battle at Thuls and being pinned in on two different sides everyone needed this. I hand Kragen a note that said for the normal state of affairs to see Sargent Felosia or Corporal Sky.

Artivan then says that Sargent Felosia is his second in command.
As the conversation goes on, Artivan then asks Kragen for a favor. The favor is to tell command that he is unfit for command. Kragen asks: “Why would I do that?”
Artivan: “You hate me, just like everyone else.”
I hand Artivan a note that says: “I stopped making potions in your office.” He seemed to cheer up a bit at that.

Artivan then goes into how he needs Kragen to help out with training the Goblinesh forces in order to help him with the planning on us keeping Sog, when the enemy returns. Kragen states then train them to be skirmishers. Artivan says that since they are the bulk of the forces that he needs them to stay at the walls and learn to hold the line. This is how Kragen can help as Kragen can speak the language and speak to them. Kassegore then says something to Kragen in Goblinesh and Kragen responds. Artivan gets a disgusted look on his face and tells Kassegore that he is showing off. I hand Artivan a note that says Shadrach can help with the planning. Artivan nods at me.

Rok-tar disappears for a while. Artivan gets up and saying that he needed to get back to work. Kassegore mentions that there is a pile of paperwork that needs Artivan’s signature. Artivan doesn’t look happy at this news, as he heads out the door Artivan tells me that there is paperwork to fill out.

Later that day, I head over to the office to do the paperwork I run into Rok-tar who is handing Artivan a large jar. It’s the requested clean potion. There is a note on the bottle that says not to use near a bookcase as it will clean the ink off of the pages. Artivan looking scared, hands me the bottle and tells me to put it somewhere safe. Kassegore comes in to the office with more paperwork at this point. As he has been working well as the Quartermaster I then turn to him and with the note towards him, let him read it and then hand it to him. Kassegore scowls at it, as Artivan yells not to give it to him as he will eat it. Rok-tar then exclaims that it would kill Kassegore if he attempts to.

Kassegore asks me what it is. I sign back that Artivan ordered it and said to put it somewhere safe, and since he is the master of all that is equipment for the Rangers he would know where the best place would be. Kassegore then looks at Artivan and says: “I have more paperwork for you and this needs to be filled out in triplicate.” Artivan blanches at this news as Kassegore walks out of the office. Artivan calls out that he would like Kassegore to keep switching the behavior as it will keep everyone on their toes.
I sign the paperwork that makes me a full Ranger.
I wonder what Dad would say about this. I have to see if I can find where he’s stationed.

Specials: Bear Steak and Stew and Vension Sausauage and Potatoes
Anouncement Chalk board outdise Hero's Hart Tavern and Luncheon

17th Dancing Clouds

Thank you all for a wonderful Grand Opening!

We would like to welcome Gray Ranger’s Corporal Kassagore as their new Quartermaster and welcome Commander Sargent Major Artivan Galadrius and his Second in command The Druid Sargent Felosia Naïlo. Sog and the Hero’s Heart Tavern and Luncheon welcomes you.

At the end of this week we are having Tall Tale and Joke night, bring your best and tell us all. The best voted Tale and Joke will each receive a Free Drink for use later. The Voting box will be set up after luncheon and the fun begins before dinner, winner to be determined at the end of the night prior to closing or sooner if no other submissions are made.

Grand Opening of the Hero's Hart Tavern and Luncheon
Posted on buildings in Sog on 10th Dancing Clouds

The Hero’s Hart Tavern and Luncheon is proud to open it’s doors in a Grand Opening on 16th of Dancing Clouds.

Now offering for the first 15 Grey Ranger’s of Corporal Rank or higher: 1 Free Drink and if the Officers are drinking with their men, One free drink for every 10 their men buy.
(Drinks must be of an equal or lesser value)

We offer a compliment of Firebeard Brew as well as a small selection of Alvarian Ale and other local drinks.

Now Featuring a Maan’i’s Door for our larger than normal customers.

A standard fare of food is offered as well as a selection of baked delights. Made to order meals can be purchased too.

Grand Opening will feature Jok-tar, Bard Extrodinaire as well as other local talents. Feel free to sign up for our musical contest, winner to be determined by crowd approval and Participants have a 5 copper sign up but this does come with 1 free Firebeard Brand Brew.

We hope to see you there!

A Horse is a Paladin? And talks?
Now My Head Hurts

5th of Dancing Clouds Sky’s Report
We find ourselves in Bergseromm a day before the Auction. This is a town that if you grease the right palms there won’t be any problems with what you would like to do. We know from Juneus that the auction is being held in a Plaza and being run by a Red Store named Daniel Larson. The Plaza is fully enclosed and has a lattice covering it. The other bidders are Fezzria who is a Brinchie, Narick an ex-Denier of Death, Iggror an Orc as well as Hezzos the formidable. As we sit down to eat and make our plans Artivan makes it clear that we want the Denier of Death, it feels weird to have Felosia nearby and not have Sheela around. Silly innkeeper saying that she needed to stay out in the stables.

As we start tossing ideas out on the table, there is an individual that steps out of the shadows saying that any attempt that we try to get someone new in would be a death sentence for them. He startles me to the point that I draw my eating dagger on him. This new individual is accompanied by a woman and Artivan asks: “Maeve?” And at her affirmative, Artivan asks: “What are you doing here?” We are then introduced to her companion, who is, at least by his way of thinking, an ex-Malakar Dominion assassin who has followed Maeve in the name of love. He tells us of this in much detail after Maeve says he is her friend.

After some bantering among friends, Artivan looks startled and then the following words are spoken.
Artivan: Wait, don’t tell me you brought that damned horse.
Maeve: My paladin?
Artivan: No, the damned horse.
Maeve: My paladin?
Artivan: No, the horse.
Maeve: Justice, is a paladin now and yes I brought her.

Artivan looks very confused and pained by this news. Then the conversation goes back to how best to go in to the auction. Artivan, Maeve and Felosia would not be able to get safely in the front door as they are very much of the Light (I think this was a funny way of saying that they cast spells). Then Venetti comes up with a slight plan and his eyes light up. He turns to Maeve and says: “But they would not expect the horse.” Maeve tells him to hold that thought, as Shadrach starts to pipe up saying that he can be quiet. I inform Shadrach that he can’t be quiet, even in the other town they asked him to and he wouldn’t. Venetti says that the rambling talking could be useful in this case. Venetti then turns to Gunther and says: “You don’t talk, you will be fine.”

At this time the window gets pushed aside and there is Sheela and a horse that are sticking their head through it. Venetti asks Maeve why she called Justice. Maeve responds with: “Well you are talking about her, so she should be here.” It is decided that even though Shadrach is an Adept he will be accepted as a bodyguard, so Shadrach, Gunther and Venetti –riding Justice, are going in with our ticket. Although they will be leaving Justice at the front door for when the plan goes sideways. Felosia, Artivan, and Maeve are going to be in a nearby inn. Ta’Or is going to be washing windows, acting like he is a bum attempting to get some money. And I have one of the hardest parts getting to a rooftop and being able to be close by in case my specialty can be used. Venetti isn’t sure that I will be able to make this, as it is dangerous. I point out that I was at Thuls. Venetti scoffed at that saying: “At Thuls you knew where the enemy was, here…” And I interrupt him as he is thinking of a way to nicely finish the sentence, saying: “Everyone is an enemy.” He looks a little started and then says: “You will live.”
I manage to get into position without being seen. And this is where things get a bit weird, as I find out that Justice has the ability to send images and it really distracts me as the view point is different. It appears that our group gets in after some bickering. The part that I was able to overhear, as Justice had moved on to others at that time, was that Venetti might think that the horse was of low stock, but he trusted the horse more than he trusted the help at this inn. Those in the Plaza are waiting for one more bidder and who could trust an Orc to be on time. There was something about being late already and they start the auction as a large burly Orc comes charging up shouting to wait. One of the smaller goblins or very small orcs shove Ta’Or
He mentions that he and his group have been drinking and other things that he doesn’t remember doing. The images from Justice are really distracting as she is now thinking of stepping on the Orc and his minions. I move forward to see for myself what is going on, as I am partially distracted, I don’t move as silently as I should and one of the guards sees me and shouts an alarm. This causes chaos to start in the Plaza. I hear the sounds of casting from the inn that Felosia, Maeve and Artivan are in. Then Maeve runs out of the inn and she heads to the side door, she is followed closely by Artivan. Artivan seeing where she is going, says: “Good idea, Felosia follow Maeve.” Felosia yells back: “But I’m better in the front.”
Artivan calls back: “Ok then, send the wolf.” Truthfully this has me snickering. Ta’Or heads to the other side door. Justice moves down the street and kicks a building’s side in, as she walks through it she grabs a scone. I just about fell off the roof laughing. As I was laughing I didn’t see were some of Iggror’s men went. Ta’Or gets on to a roof nearby and jumps off the roof to attempt to kick the guards back there. Ta’Or just seems to bounce off of them.

Sheela runs out of the inn, towards the side door and manages to kick open the door. Felosia gets up to the front door and casts entangle on a group inside the Plaza. I, in what might have been a fulish attempt, fly over and attempt to grab the guard that saw me and he just slips through my grasp. He then turns to smack me hard with the wrong end of his crossbow. Gunther gets shot by a Shayakar. Justice makes it to the side door and kicks a guard and takes it out.
Sheela attempts to bite someone in the room she just got in, while Felosia casts another entangle in the Plaza. It looks like before I got to a spot to see, Shadrach was hit and he just has shaken it off. The guard behind me says: “I know some wing hunters that would pay very nicely for your wings.” I reply: “Not if I kill you first.” This would have been better if I could have shaken off his earlier hit.
Then I see out of the corner of my eye, Maeve ready her crossbow and fire. The guard behind me falls down, looking at the body I say: “Well my friend beat me too it.” Galashorn shoots at Daniel and we find out that Daniel, like Juneus, can get a shield in front of him. Galashorn’s shot takes it out and seems to actually get through to damage Daniel, for he looks very surprised. Venetti starts working on a door and Norvia (Daniel’s second in command) shouts out “Stop that man!” Several guards then attack Venetti, who even being as distracted, manages to hold them off and keep working at the door.
As the Plaza is a big area of mass confusion, several call out that this is not worth it and start to leave. Shadrach gets hit with some sort of darkness that knocks him down. Venetti sticks his head out the door that Sheela went in and says to Maeve: “Ah good, in here. No love, really in here. Trust me.” And then goes back inside. Artivan runs towards Venetti, who then says: “Gunther is hurt through the other door.”

Gunther gets shot again and gets stunned. Ta’Or takes out Daniel, while Venetti is calling that we can leave now and still be ok. Justice runs in to the Plaza and grabs the staff, then makes a door through the window. I take aim at the one who has been shooting Gunther and pin cushion her to the ground taking her out. Galashorn attempts to take out the Denier of Death, but his shot doesn’t seem to do anything. Artivan moves in and sees Gunther and Shadrach, and does something I am not sure that I ever want to have to see again. As Artivan yells: “Bloody hell! Maeve use the hole that the hose made!” He then makes the whole Plaza light up and there were some that ran from that light, others just seemed to be stunned. Then most of the words I missed as I was in awe of Artivan and the amount of havoc that he was able to wield with this light, but he demands surrender.
Fezzria looks around at the light, and says: “You guys are fun, I may have to change careers.”
Felosia replies: “We are always looking for new recruits.”
Fezzria: “We shall have to talk.”
Felosia: “We are talking.”
Me: “So we are not to shoot that one.”
Felosia: “No”
Gunther seems to recover and shoots Iggror. Iggror starts yelling about the pain and the fact that he hadn’t made up his mind yet. Ta’Or and I shout out: “Too slow!” Iggror then says: “Ok we talk about this.” Shadrach who is now up, starts looking like he’s giving the last fighter the hairy eye, and she looks very confused. Felosia then steps up to the others and she demands surrender and they then do.

Iggror says: “In good faith here!” He then takes a swing behind him and there is a red smear that shows up on the wall and the body slowly appears as the spell fails with his death of one who had been attempting to escape.
Fezzria jumps on a statue and says: “So lets talk. What’s the pay?”
Felosia: “The pay is ok.”
Fezzria: “This is good.”
Me: “You get to hurt people.”
Fezzria: “This is better.”
Felosia: “Bad people.”

After the talk, we find out that Venetti had the staff. It had been hiding in the room with Sheela. The one that Justice took was made to appear like it, it does have ten essence along with an expanded awareness and phantasm (whatever that is). After we clean the Plaza up to see if there were anything else that should not be left behind, we come across several Archfire weapons and gear (Maggpie would love these). There is some armor and a rapier. The rapier is of Elvish make and has a wonderful silver gleam to it. Galashorn takes a look at it and demands to have it, Felosia notices that it has an edge that could cut through armor and since Galashorn already has arrows that do that then I should be able to get it.

As we continue on back to Sog, I am told that the reason for the gleam is that this is a white silver Elvish Rapier. We also find that our new friend, from the fight, is Archfire trained. The eight of us… ok, ok Justice…the ten of us make it back safely.

Coming Soon: The Gobblin Gazette!! And the New Post Service
Found on various buildings in Sog, 1st Dancing Clouds

Do you feel out of touch? Is gossip just not enough? Monthly Subscriptions available soon to The Gobblin Gazette. This is a monthly publication of information, local news, and distant news. Please inquire at the Post Service Building for signing up to be a part of the first edition and monthly service.

Now requesting submissions of factual news to the Gobblin Gazette. Did you wish to contribute and maybe earn a coin or two. Warning- Some submissions will not be paid but may be edited or published. Please tell us what you want to know about.

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Coming Soon: The Hero's Hart Tavern and Luncheon
Found on a building in Sog, 1st Dancing Clouds

(Below the sign is a picture of the head of a large deer with a barrel keg in it’s atlers that has a tap in it)

Get Lunch or late breakfast during any open hours. We plan to have Firebeard Ale and even next spring, earlier if we can get it, Alvarian Ale. Local Brews availible as well.

Now interviewing for Wait staff and kitchen help. Inquire at the new Post Service and Paper building.

Quartermaster's Report

The large figure enters the dim room and lights several candles, revealing his reptilian snout. He moves aside some scrolls to make room for a large tome. The dregordian picks up a quill and begins writing.

My first report since assuming the role of quartermaster. The human commander, Artivan promoted me to Ranger First Class for my service in the Siege of Thul and I have taken on responsibilities I thought appropriate for one of my rank and talent. I had thought my predecessor died in battle as no one was already performing this function. I have since discovered such was not the case as my predecessor never existed.

The salvage operations conducted seem random at best, the records non-existent, and most of the rank and file ignorant of the organization and resources needed to conduct large scale operations. Much was needed to arrange for the caravan to Sog. Not to my usual standards, but time was short as Artivan was eager to have us underway.

I did collaborate with the priests before we left. The bodies of the fallen have been seen to swiftly so I am confident there should be no complications. The healers will keep vigilant for any plague sign just in case. Normally such tasks were the purview of the Colonel but she was one of those interred.

The caravan made good time despite the presence of wounded. There were so few as we left most of our casualties in the fields of Thul. Organizing the healers has been a boon as many are able to find news of friends and loved ones quickly. But the chaos of battle is inevitable and some are not so fortunate.

The aevakar seemed small, even for its kind. He didn’t know if it was due to stature or the desperate way it held its note out to all it passed. The mute, he remembers, when it finally approaches him. He takes the note and scans over his list before handing it back and shaking his head softly. Her wings slump slightly and she gives a sad smile of thanks before continuing on her way.

Inventory was completed before reaching Sog. I managed only by enlisting the aid of half a dozen trainees. The most competent of which was an unexpected find from the Axillary Culinary Support Staff. He was pointed out to me for his incessant chattering and I removed him for earshot of his superiors as a personal favor, but he ended up being quite a boon.

Trainee Rufis follows the dregordian almost enthusiastically. He is being reassigned. No more potatoes. He is done with all the monotony of the kitchen and moving on to better, more important things. Then the dregordian stops, hands him a quill and paper, and points to three wagons filled almost to the breaking point. “I need a complete inventory of all items. Make it detailed.”

He turns back to the human and sees its eyes beginning to fill with tears. He hadn’t realized working for the culinary staff was so difficult. But if the human is so obviously happy to be doing inventory perhaps the threat of sending it back can be utilized for future motivation. But for now he is pleased enough to find an eager recruit who understands the importance of accurate records.

Of all the armor and weapons salvaged almost half are in need of repair. I’ve sent an estimate of the cost to my commanders and they can decide if it will be paid with seized currency or unloaded surplus. We do seem to have arcfire technology in abundance and nowhere near enough people to use it. I have sent some of my own arcfire trophies back to Dregordia for study. Perhaps it may be of some benefit to my people.

The Childer the Prelacy had controlled seem to be running amok amongst the frontier now their masters have been beaten. More patrols will be required. It is also worth noting the Red Store has taken an interest in scavenging what they can from the fallout of the Crimson Crusade. Their interests seem to lie predominantly in the Prelacy’s technology for now. It will no doubt expand to more hostile purposes if they are not checked.

He stares down at the human with the red sash. It has the audacity to lay claim to the rightful kills of his pack. All it and its men can do are make empty words and die. The new priestess tries to calm him, but the Beast will not heed commands from one so new. Neither the ogre nor the brinchie even dare try. She wants to appease these intruders. They will only return later. Best to kill the scavengers now and be done with it. He calls a challenge and the enemy leader seems ready to respond except Salvator tells him to stay his claw. Were it any other he would slaughter these weaklings, but Salvator is a trusted companion. The Beast backs away, dissatisfied, but allows the bloodshed to end…today.

The goblinesh have granted me use of a storage house until proper Ranger headquarters can be established. The gather is grateful for our defense of their village and Vhen, Nightingale, and I have won some acceptance for defying tactical reasoning to save more lives. Some day I will have to make a harder choice, but for now Illiana graces me and I am spared from such.

He closes the book. Darkness encroaches and engulfs the room completely as the candles are blown out one by one. He walks to the river unnoticed. It is quite late and the streets are deserted. The other dregordians may join him eventually, but for now he is alone. It is only his voice to sing the songs of his people.

Vhen’s 1st Letter to Home
A Plea for Information: Journal Day 88th

Vhen’s Letter to Home
11th of Dancing Clouds

Blessed Masters,
I have much to tell you, this being my first letter to home. It has been a very eventful time.


So, as you can tell, I have reached a dead end on my quest. I had assumed that I was born from other Brinchie that bear the same markings as I, white with black spots. Due to this most unfortunate discovery, I have found that I need to gain some shipping records. Can you ask at the port cities what ships were around the day before and day of my Founding day? Being a part of the Rangers now, I will ask them if they can obtain records to see what ships were in the area at that time. Hopefully, I will get lucky and find the ship that I must have been on with my birth parents and then track them down. If I am not lucky, I will find that their ship crashed or that there is no records of them. From there, I can only petition the Acended for their help in discovering my past, prior to your gracious intervention.

Your loyal student,

Vhen the White
(PS: I have been going by the shortened name of Vhen rather than the name you gave me of “Calming Thunder.” It seemed easier to pronounce and I have not found many here speak Korindian. I have yet to meet Ta’Or Cha’La, who is of our Brethen. Please accept my apologies and know that I mean no disrespect towards you or my name. It is simply not easy to hear the name mangled into “Thunder that Clams” or “Calmed Ocean Sky Spit.” Vhen seems to be easier to pronounce to them and it was a childhood nickname.”

Journal of Vhen the White: A new Journey.
Laughed at by a Tree

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 88 (Laughed at by a Tree)
9th of Dancing Clouds

So I finally finished the Flute-Staff. From the Siege of Thuls and my assistance there, I acquired a bit of a clear-ish blue crystal that is actually refined Chrysarium crystals that I melted together. The item was easy to break in pieces and one piece was about a 2 inch wide disk about ½ inch, or so, in depth shaped like a lens. The piece was perfect to put on the top of the staff after I have cleared out and created the deeper toned flute. After some asking about, I was able to get the crystal polished and cleaned up. I was assured by Sky that the crystals do not blow up unless charged. So I felt that it would make a good bit of ornamentation on the staff and create a nice back stop to the inner chamber of the flute. I finished up the polishing of the staff and one of the local Alchemists, I believe that it was one of the goblin alchemists that we saved, gave me a compound that was a reduced natural oil of some sort. The compound was to be rubbed on and would create a protective coating to the Everwood and bring out its luster. It ended up a wonderful green gold color and the wood grain seems to move slightly. That combined with the crystal at the top made for a wonderful look. I must say that I am proud of it, though I am reminded in my teachings to be humble and not make a special thing of it. I am sure many of the wood artists in Korindia would say that it was a good apprentice work with good materials. The Flute-Staff may have some modification as time goes on but it is fully done and functional. The only thing that I plan on doing is adding some more minor ornamentation or design work.
As I was finishing up by putting the crystal in place and fixing it to the staff permanently an odd thing happened. I felt a sharp shock or zap from the crystal and staff as it came together and I heard a strange tone, which I took to come from the staff, but it seemed to be inside my head. The staff accepted the stone as it if it was actually grown there. The crystal seemed to have been fused to the slightly crystallized ring of wood that I mentioned was a part of the cross section. There after, I have noticed that I am a bit more accurate with the staff as it feels like it is a part of me. The tone of both flutes seem to be even sweeter and as if it was coming from a masterwork instrument. I am pleased with it.
I had the dream of the tree that gave me the staff that night. The tree seemed to have a face of Grand Laughy on it and he was laughing his infectious laugh at me. Mostly it seemed at my confusion when I asked him what it meant. He replied, with much giggling, that the flute-staff was wholly mine. As much a part of me as the bark on the tree is a part of him. It was a strange dream but I feel confident in my mission to help others of this land see hope and enjoy good times in this terrible time of war.
I also asked for some wood to make a polishing wheel for some stones and the crystals. Essentially the polishing wheel will be a barrel like construction, made water tight. Inside, prior to sealing is placed sand, water, and stones that one wishes to be polished. Then the wheel is then set to turning in a creek or river but I have set it onto one of the wagon wheels on our trip back. It takes a while to polish the stones with in and ideally you use sever grades of sand going from rough sand to a fine sand. Then even a dull and uninteresting stone is made to be polished and pretty. I plan on putting various stones in it as well as the crystal pieces. These could add ornamentation to some of the toys that I have been giving to the local children. Or just a pretty stone for them.

That is all for now. I believe that I have a mission, other than my normal duties soon.


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