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Vhen's Pilgrim's Journal: Travel home to Sog
The Harmony of Self and a decision True

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 88 (The Harmony of Self and a decision True.)
9th of Dancing Clouds
We travel back to Sog from the war and meet up with Master Artavan briefly before heading out. He promotes me and Kassagor to Ranger first class and gives us a mission to escort the caravan back to Sog. So it is a very short celebration and heading out early in the morning. I am pleased to see Bahiya, a Priest of the light from the Desert, again. Our group consists of Nightingale, an Alchemist Aevakar who appears very young and cannot talk whom I gave my re-worked Willow wood flute, Salvator, another Priest of the Light and keeper of Kassegor. Well not a keeper but long time companion, Kassegor is a dregordian who does not follow The Way but has unleashed his brutal inner beast to do good. Derick, a very boisterous human. The Masters would say that he is one who needs to reach an inner harmony before he can be happy. And finally Alphose, a large Ogre who was raised by humans and believes he is human. He is attractive, so I am told, for an Ogre. The Masters would also say that Alphose is simply confused but it is a harmless delusion and that it would be best not to disturb those waters as you do not know what lies beneath the surface. In any case, what does his race actually matter when the heart is in harmony with doing good things. I feel that he is balanced and in harmony with himself, so it does not matter.
Smoke was spotted on the upcoming path, it was said that there may be a village there, or at the least that much smoke could indicate that the forest was on fire. A very bad thing coming into fall like we are. We were given the mission of escorting the caravan of wounded and others back home from the encounter. Nightingale, Kassegor and I are tasked to scout ahead and keep a wary eye out. Some of those Rat thing and a couple of Minotaurs were spotted attacking a village. Nightingale rushes off to report and is stopped by her race’s mortal enemy a Gargoyle. Kassegor and I are not willing to sacrifice the village and it’s people for the sake of back up. The others will catch up.
Kassegor asks me to prepare an ambush for them as he pretends to be a solo target. I launch myself into a nearby tree as Kassegor goes to the center of a bridge. He is quickly surrounded by Rat-things as the him and the Minotaur exchange blows, getting Kassegor wounded and hurting. I realize too late as I am leaping to the rescue of my team mate that Kassegor is in a state of frenzy or near enough. I do a flip-jump onto his shoulders and perform a perfect “Clearing the way” maneuver that takes out the Rat things but doesn’t seem to faze the Minotaur. The maneuver reminds me of when we had some balance training and I impressed the Masters so much with my natural ability that they had some special classes for me and to test me. I was to jump off the roof of a house and land on a board with a barrel in the middle and keep on my feet and balanced. I have found it much easier this time with both my tail and my staff for balance. When I completed the Maneuver, I hopped off Kassagore’s shoulders and took up a position behind him, noticing at that moment that my companions had now arrived. As they rushed to Kassagor’s aid and him and the Minotaur exchanged blows, making Kassagor frightfully bloody with his own blood they came to the aid. I rushed ahead and took point guard, and played a challenge on my Flute-Staff to get their attention while they got organized and helped.
Meanwhile poor Nightingale gains ground and put some arrows into the Gargoyle’s tough hide. It really is a hellish beast seemingly bleeding lava. The two approach and engage. Luckily Nightingale drinks one of her potions before engaging physically making her skin glimmer. This seems to protect from the worst of the Gargoyle’s wrath. I am busy with more Rat-things that come crawling up to surround me, employing a “Reed in the Wind” maneuver that allows me to spin away from one attack to attack him and take him out. During this time Salvator brings some holy light to bare on the Gargoyle, narrowly missing Nightingale. Derick also advances and gives challenge to new combatants that have arrived saying that they were “Worthy opponents.” Their leader seems to disagree, which confuses me, do they not believe that they are worthy opponents?
There is much action and I know that I miss a lot of it. I remember looking back and seeing one of my companions about to get gored badly so I pick up a melon and bat it to him to get his attention or distract him but end up getting lucky and the melon instead covers his clawed hand that was about to gore my team mate. I hope the fruit vendor doesn’t mind the loss of his fruit. I then prepare for a second bout as a bunch of humans come out of the forest and prepare for battle. Bahiya taking the lead and asks for them to surrender instead they sue for peace for negotiation. I emphasize that Bihiya is correct and honorable as any other ranger here that peace is preferred and we will see proper justice done. The Leader states that he is not surrendering but that this will be a peaceful negotiation. Turns out that they were hunting the Childer for their control collars that they are all wearing, dead and dormant collars by the looks of it. In a way, we are allies. The important difference is that they are not doing it for the good of the people but for profit, wanting the collars. I quietly ask around to people’s homes if the new people have hurt anybody, that would certainly be a deal breaker. I ascertain that none were hurt by these humans, who all wear a red token of kinship. We agree to allow them to have 2 collars and let them go. Bahiya and I stay for a little while to help out. The Baker/cheese maker gave Bahiya some supplies for helping us, she insisted on paying for them. The Baker insisted that it was a gift for us. Knowing that it would be dishonorable to refuse a gift of the heart, I suggested that Bahiya gracious and accept the gift and give in kind to the local village as a harmony balance gesture. She seemed more than happy for my suggestion and donated it to the poor fund to the local fountain where people give coins to help others. As the Master’s would say, “Balance and Harmony, is achieved.” I ask about to see if anybody needs help or healing. We catch up with the caravan later.
It is good to see that I made a good choice to join the Rangers. They are truly out to help others. There will be much celebration in Sog when we get there. I look forward to the Gather’s music and celebration time. I am learning several new songs. I have also found out that Kassagor sings and Salvator plays stringed instruments. I look forward to collaborating with them, if they will allow.

Sky Really Does This Every Time??
Its Not Galashorn's Cloak!

On the 3rd of Dancing Clouds, I have asked the Rangers here if they have seen my brother or Dad and the answer is no. Salvator actually walks in to one of the clinics and asks to see the wounded report and their names are not among them, and Vhen told me that he would help me look for them. Then Artivan stops by and talks to this group consisting of Vhen, Alphose, Derick, Bahiya, Salvator, Kassegore and I. He introduces himself to the lot and for just arriving he seems to know what’s gone on with the others. Artivan promotes Salvator to Corporal, then Vhen and Kassegore to Ranger First Class. He then turns to me and says: “I see you’ve got my present.” He’s the one who snuck in while I was helping the healers and gave me the Ranger Trainee cloak.

Artivan gives us the order to escort the caravan back to Sog, although the overall leader of the caravan is going to be an Orc by the name of Sergeant Crong, Salvator is the leader in all things Ranger. He also states that the standing order is in effect for Alphonse. I am very confused by this and Artivan didn’t notice at the time, so I will ask later.
Right before leaving, Artivan mentions that he and some other Rangers are headed off on another mission. I sign asking if Galashorn is going with him. Artivan says that yes he is, and since I had yet to find a new safe spot for him, I hand Artivan Galashorn’s hammock. Artivan looks very confused and says: “Why do you have ….never mind I don’t want to know.”

We head out, by the 9th of Dancing Clouds I have taken to scouting just to get away from the constant question of Are we there yet. Sergeant Crong gave the order for someone to shut Derick up and Kassegore orders him to do inventory as Derick starts to argue about the amount of talking that he does compared to other humans. Little does Kassegore know that the inventory that he ordered did not help those that needed to remain near Derick.

About the time that I have had my fill of knowing exactly the number of arrows we have, I start to see the smoke trails of a fire. I turn and sign to Salvator if he wants me to scout, and he says yes. As I head off that way, I notice that he also sends Kassegore and Vhen. I find that the fire is coming from a farm house and there are Minotaurs and Ratson that are headed towards a village. I turn to head back to Salvator, when Vhen and Kassegore get near the farm house. After they figure out that these Childer are headed towards a town, Kassegore tells Vhen to hide and then he roars. I attempt to get to the others faster, then see that they are headed this way. I turn back to the Childer.

Kassegore has managed to gain the attention of half of the Childer, in his attempt to pull all of them away from the Village. One of the Minotaurs runs toward Kassegore, the other hops up on a table and frightens the villagers. I see a Gargoyle fly up and it starts flying towards me. I move a bit forward and attempt to shoot the Minotaur that is scaring the villagers, in an attempt to get the other half towards us- it doesn’t work.

Three Ratson move up and kill a villager, three others gang up on some random animals. The ones that Kassegore gained their attention move up to him. One looks like it actually stuns him, but the other five don’t seem to do anything. The Gargoyle flies closer to me, it really doesn’t fly all that fast.

Vhen does a cool jump onto Kassegore’s shoulders, then sweeps the Ratson surrounding Kassegore taking them out. Vhen even managed to smack the nose of the Minotaur before he jumps back. Most of the villagers manage to run into buildings, although one comes back out after grabbing a frying pan and smacks the Minotaur that is in the village. The Minotaur looks at the villager funny.

Salvator runs up on his horse and attempts to shoot a Ratson. Derick riding backwards on a camel along with Bahiya. The Minotaur back hands the villager and the villager ends up back in the building. The Minotaur near Kassegore manages to actually hit and do some damage on Kassegore. I take out my armor potion and drink it, move a little bit closer to the Gargoyle then shoot it to stun the slow creature. Alphose moves closer to the Minotaur and taps it on the horn saying: “Have at thee.” The Minotaur looks very confused.

Vhen moves into the village and starts playing his flute. This confuses me as well as the Minotaurs. The Gargoyle closes the distance and strikes me. The strike just draws a bit of blood. Kassegore seems to have lost it (I find out later that he berserks) and attacks the Minotaur with his sword, then his tail and then bites hit. The three hits manage to take it out, then Kassegore moves forward off of the bridge.

Some how Kassegore has manage to really upset the last Minotaur, because it then charges him to do a gore attack that doesn’t seems to do much, then swings his claws at Kassegore. Several Ratson move up to Vhen and attempt to attack, although they miss. Vhen smacks one with his staff and takes it out. Derick moves up towards Vhen and manages to take out another Ratson.

Salvator moves up to help Kassegore, and as he passes Alphose he says: “Sorry I do bodies not garmets.” Then casts deflection on Kassegore. I have to say I almost fell out of the sky as I am laughing at this. Which the Gargoyle takes advantage of this distraction and attempts to do more damage, but only manages to make me bleed slightly in a new spot. Three Ratson turn to attack Derick, but don’t seem to do anything but mess up his armor. The other Ratson attempt to hit Vhen, who then attempts returns the attack.

Alphose closes on the Minotaur and stuns it. Kassegore seems to know that an ally moved near him as he moves around the Minotaur to then attack, again with the sword, the tail and the biting. All three attacks hit the Minotaur and do some damage. Vhen sweeps the Ratson that surrounded him and takes out all but one.

Eight new individuals in armor and crossbows come in to the village, they don’t seem to notice me so I don’t draw attention to them. And it is soon appearant that I didn’t need to as Derick shakes off the earlier hit and takes out the last Ratson. He then runs forwards saying: “Worthy opponents.” The leader asks if Derick is mad, and Derick states no.

The leader then says: “Someone shoot him and kill the rest of the Rangers, so we can get what we came for.”

Bahiya casts something over my shoulder at the Gargoyle, causing bits to fly off of it. As I start to get out of the Gargoyle’s reach, Derick yells dodge to the left. I do and that causes the Gargoyle to flounder for a bit. Then I shoot the Gargoyle, but my arrow just bounces off it. Then the others start to shout for me to bring it to them, so I turn around and dive behind Alphose. Salvator turns to Vhen and says: “No need to bring it to us, I’ll bring the light to it.” Vhen then asks if that means that we are advancing and since Salvator was in the middle of casting, he nods. The spell was three bolts that manages to wound and stun the Gargoyle.

Derick then runs towards the new enemy. The Minotaur attempts to do damage on Kassegore and Alphose, but only stuns Alphose. I shoot the Minotaur in the eye, which takes it out. I will have to thank Gunther for those lessons. Vhen and Alphose more forward to the new threat.

I take a look at the Gargoyle then at those who said to bring it to them and now they are leaving?! I start to gesture in confusion totally forgetting that they can’t see what is behind them. Bahiya casts something and manages to stun the Gargoyle. This casting seems to really tick off the Gargoyle as it seems focused solely on her as the Gargoyle flies down to attempt to claw Bahiya. During this Vhen takes a melon and smacks it with his staff, the melon gets stuck on one of the claws causing it to not hurt Bahiya. The Gargoyle looks very confused at its hand that now has a melon stuck on it.

Some of the new threat move towards Kassegore slowly, and the others shoot at Derick which misses. Alphose and the leader exchange something and after a shake of his head, Alphose looks mad. Kassegore moves towards the new enemy near him, I didn’t catch what he did to take out three of them, but he stabs the fourth and takes it out as well. Then Kassegore moves over to the leader, which looks scared.

Bahiya saying something is a different language, slices the Gargoyle which actually and finally takes it out. Which was interesting to watch it crumble to dust. Then she calls out for the new enemy’s surrender. The leader is willing to talk and start negations after we get Kassegore to back up. We find out that the leader is Specialist Alain, he and the other members of the Red Stor are just here for the collars on the Childer. As the talks start to happen and Kassegore is talked into letting those that he didn’t kill go to Specialist Alain, two collars are given to the Specialist. I gather the horse and head towards the villager who took on the Minotaur. I find the villager alive and start to bandage his ribs.

After that, I and the horse head to Salvator. There is now talking about giving the remaining Reds back to the leader, it is decided that the men and two collars can go but the weapons stay. The Specialist is ok with this, although the rest of his men look upset at something that was said. I sign to Salvator if he wanted me to catch up with the caravan and he nods so I head off in that direction.

Kassegore and Alphose clean themselves up in the river, while the others gather up the remaining collars. Then they catch up with the caravan. By nightfall we have made it back to Sog.

I can’t believe that Sky does this every time that she goes out on a mission, how does she ever sleep?!

Kassegore Speaks
An Address to the Dregordian Veterans from the Siege of Thul

When the Siege of Thul began I said “Show the enemy the might and fury that is our birthright.” On that day you tasted that power, many of you for the first time. We charged to the battle rhythm of an ogre’s war drums and our own roars. Ours was the first counter assault, the first solid blow stuck against the Prelacy’s forces when leaving the safety of the walls should have meant death. I was awed and inspired by your prowess.

But the time of fury has passed. For some, your first reaction is to cringe at the memory of that day. This disgusts me. We are Dregordians, proud and strong. We cringe from nothing. The ways of our people would deny you this. They state we should be ashamed and suppress ourselves, fearing the day the beast within shows itself again. I say the old ways are wrong!

You followed me in battle, witnessed me in combat. Even when in the deepest throes of bloodlust I maintained control, master of myself. Look around. We numbered but a few dozen among a force of thousands. Yet it was I the Camonite general surrendered his sword to for even our enemies honored us.

The rage that dwells within each of us is an integral part of our nature. It should not be suppressed, but accepted. It is something to be embraced, not ashamed of. Only then can you become its master. Only then will it truly grant you strength.

The Crimson Crusade is over but our work has just begun. Thus I ask you to accept yourselves as so few of our people have the courage to do so. Join me, join my hunt, and our enemies will be as prey before us.

The Tide of Evil comes to Thuls
and the Levy does not break

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 86 (The Tide of Evil comes to Thuls)
2nd of Dancing Clouds
There is so much to report that I don’t believe that I can fit it all in my journal or in my mind. I shall have to attempt at the highlights. First, when I gave Lieutenant Gibben Draxx, who is also an Alchemist, the large bag of crysarium that was from the stores he looked dumbstruck or completely speechless. Of course, he was very tired and didn’t seem to register it. Another impression that I got was that he was about to embrace me. I didn’t get a chance to ask him if I could keep the 6 to 8 inch ball of fused crystals. Since one commander let me know, I believe that it is ok. I did verify that unless charged with energy and glowing these crystals do not explode. But I was not to get any free time until after the Siege.
The attack began in the early morning, usually about the time I wake up and exercise. The armies amassed and attacked. I took part in an intelligence gathering early on and gained some valuable intelligence as to the exact troop movements and strengths. This I believe aided the effort greatly as we were able to do sneak attacks behind enemy lines through some forgotten sewers of the town.
The next thing I knew is that me a Dregordian named Beast and a few others were sent out to take care of a minor skirmish and prevent some reinforcements from attacking. Much to my shame, I do not remember all of the names of the companions.
I then took my turn on the front lines employing my Flute-Staff through devastating effect sweeping whole groups of soldiers and allowing my companions to gain the tougher targets. It was the Dregordian self named The Beast who turned his inner rage into a fearsome weapon and convinced his brethren to do the same, throwing sanity into the wind only to have it blown back at them at the end of the encounter. Sometimes the winds of fate are kind. The commander surrendered his sword over to him, a prized possession, a metal symbol of war and viciousness of his kind. Though, I remember that they usually try to control their darker sides. War brings out the most disturbing parts of ourselves. We can only hope to survive ourselves after encountering our darker selves in this war.
When the melee was over, we had not only won the encounter but showed that the “Crimson Crusade” was wrong. We only lost 2 in 25 warriors where as there loses were much more. We morn our losses. We even lost an important leader. Also, as the dust was settling in the engagement a White Unicorn, some said THE White Unicorn ran through the town declaring the winners to be “Chosen of the Horn” in each of our heads. It is a special honor indeed to have such a prominent servant of the Ascended visit us and forgive us for killing our fellow creatures. The Tide of Evil was not only stopped but we were able to put up a new Levy farther out to sea and make a port of safe haven.
We travel back to Sog in a day or two. As they were cleaning up the stubborn troops that did not get the surrender notice, I climbed to the highest point in the town and cleaned my Flute-Staff off and play a song of sheer joy and relief in praise that this awful thing has ended, for now. It was near silence when I was done playing and a cheer went up from the city that must have lasted for hours. There was healing and celebrating and rest and peace to be had after that. We bury the dead in high honor tomorrow and then head out after getting supplies. I have much to meditate on.

Siege on the Engine of War
Less metal and equipment to use for their siege on Thuls

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 85 (Siege on the Engine of War)
1st of Dancing Clouds, 3123
I was chosen for another mission. Sent out on the mission by a goblin Alchemist named Lieutenant Gibben Draxx – Grey Lantern and Commander of the Rangers of Jasara. He seemed very tired and worn out. When I arrived he seemed asleep. I left him be until the others arrived, he woke up under his own accord at that point.
My companions were: Guriel a fellow Brinchie of a different type than me, Luna an Aevakar Scout and expert archer, Liarra and Adept with partially star colored hair, Sky a commander in Sog and also an Aevakar Archer, and Magpie also an Aevakar who was chosen because of his brief training in Archfire technology upon which it was surmised that the siege engines run on.
We were sent out to check out a gathering of Builder’s siege engines. On the way we encountered 3 Builders and a Control Golem. Unfortunately we killed them without interrogating them much to my own disgrace. But their trails lead us to a camp that was in the process of being abandoned as a equipment and storage cache for their war effort. A number of Builders just walked off leaving some soldiers and some builders in the camp. They left dozens of their great siege engines that could reduce the entire town of Thuls to rubble in minutes. They were fearsome large self propelled grinding machines. We found that it seemed most of the Builders just evacuated in a calm collected manor. Were they going to a meeting or briefing? I wonder about these Builders. Perhaps they can be convinced to turn their talents towards peace and for the benefit of the people. Alas, none seem willing to talk to us when captured or when simply left alone.
Liarra set up a mental link between her Lieutenant Gibben Draxx and Magpie. And we reported afar. Gibben’s response was a bit delayed as I believe he was asleep. He gave orders to disable or destroy all that we could, specifically the Giant Contron Golem. “Kill it with fire.” Was the response I heard. Well, lacking fire large enough we did our best to first take out the machines of destruction which was a job for Sky, Guriel, and others while Me and Liarra and worked on setting the supplies in a big pile, crystals in the center, those that we couldn’t carry, as I had taken a large sack and put as much as I could fit in it of the ammunition crystals as I could. The rest we coated with oil, spirits and the like. I dug a channel to pour oil in for a trench to give us a way to have a little more time and I found a bundle of fire sticks to stick into the dirt and then light that, it would burn down and then set the whole thing on fire. Liarra, Luna, and I went to attack those on the ground while the others started the attack. The signal was the smoke from the fire to commence a simultaneous attack. We all went to the attack. The end result was that we took them all out and the equipment. Our allies showed up later that day in force and took care of what was not burned. I dug out of the fire a large 6 inch globe of fused crysarium crystals and when I presented the large bag and the fused crystals to the commander he said that I should give the crystals to my commander back at base. I turned over the large bag to Lieutenant Gibben Draxx later but I asked the commander if I could keep the fused ball and he said yes. It was still pretty and I will see what I can do with it. Liarra said that unless energized the crystals won’t explode and that she could not have that much crysariusm around her as it will mess with her focus stone and then shows me her focus stone for focusing The Way and it is made out of a type of crysarium crystal. I did not know this. Liarra seemed to be upset at overexerting herself and turning her hair the color of stars. The ends of the hair up about 3 inches turned her hair a pure star white color. She explained that when you burn up your soul in over exertion that it does that. I told her that I had hope that she did not burn up her entire soul in overexertion but her hair was a very pretty color and she should not feel that it degrades her appearance in any way. She is still very beautiful. When I told her she blushed prettily. I hope that one can grow their soul back as one can their hair. The Masters would know back home. Perhaps I should send a letter home to update them on my quest.
Speaking of my quest, I got a chance to speak with the other Brinchie. He is the first of my kind that I had ever met. He explained to me that my coloring is not a clan affiliation. Any Brinchie can be born of any color. That there are very few of my coloring but they are all of a cat type and it varies greatly. This was most disturbing, almost as disturbed as he was when he explained that all Brinchie have claws. That is still a mystery. But I have never felt lessened for not having them. My fingers simply became harder and toughened, while keeping our races natural flexibility. I come to find that all Brinchie children are restless and prone to fighting. The Masters must truly had a tough time with me. I also found that my race has a propensity of being aggressively active and when not active they tend to be very distracting. Each Brinchie deals with it in different ways. Guriel showed me a ball of yarn given to him that he bats around when being still does not sit well. I seemed to be the first to deal with this by regular meditation and the fact that I have a natural calming soul, as the Masters said. My full Korindian name does translate to “Calming Thunder” and Vhen was only a part of it.
With this new information, I shall have to figure out how to go about finding out about my past, meaning my parentage and the situations surrounding my birth up to my Founding day when the Korindian’s found me on their shores. Hmm, Ships trade routes. Maybe I fell off of a ship and my Mother and Father think that I have died. That would be sad to think of them missing me and morning me but it would be a joyous occasion if I were to find them and let them know that I am still alive and well and have thrived under the Masters’ hands.

Mission to help Thule: Blockade breaking
The Broken Block

Pilgrim’s Journal, Day 84 (The Broken Block)
31st of Festival Moons, 3123
This month has been very busy with very little Festival in the Festival Moons. The Rangers of Sog have been called in to help out in the defense of Thuls. I am told that this is a major city that is the key to keeping the South Lands free from the Tide of Evil that is the Prelacy, which is a country of humans that do not believe that non-humans should exist. This is very odd, considering that they employ Builders. The Builders are a type of beyond the veil non-human race that are similar to the Dwarves but hairless and seemingly sunburned as if our sun hurts them. I am told that they have not been seen in a long time.
So we marched up to Thuls and received our orders and aided in some early reconnaissance. On this day we were broken up into groups and sent out to check on and break up a blockade that the Prelacy has set up that prevents some much needed supplies. We were ordered to break the blockade so that we would be able to get the much needed supplies for the defense of the city. A small group of 8 were chosen.
I was happy to see that Magpie and Sky were a part of the effort. With them was another Aevekar by the name of Luna Sky, a very quiet person; a Dwarf Wright named Beowild; A Sorceress by the name of Jade le Fey; And finally a Shield Warrior named Bognus; and lastly the silent and quiet warrior named Gunther. Sky, being the highest ranking person was in charge.
After much discussion we first employed some stealth to spy ahead. There were camps all along the line of were we needed to go and very few breaks in those camps. They all had signal flares as we did. We were to signal when it was safe to come through the blockade. We found a few spots where a small group could get through but more importantly the Prelacy was using 10 to 13 year old children as messengers. They were most likely pressed into service through threat to their family and lives. They were running on a regular basis some messages.
We decided to have our most stealthy Aevakar: Magpie attempt to steal their orders and replace them with a copy of orders that he had forged. The false orders were meant to bunch up the troops creating a gap for our supplies to get through while me and Gunther employed stealth to steal as many flares as we could or at least disable them. Gunther and I snuck up on the first camp and found that their diligence was lax so we decided because Gunther was human and could fit in the best we lured a soldier out and knocked him unconscious and dressed Gunther as one of them. Once that was completed I provided a distraction by gaining the guard’s attention and leading them on a merry chase in a small gathering of trees. It was touch and go at first but I was able to get enough gaurds to follow me to allow Gunther a minimum force left over to work with. I later found out that he had managed to dump water on all of this camp’s flares. The second camp we used the same trick and Gunther was able to steal 2 flares and cut the fuses on the others. On the other spots in the camp with flares we were only able to make the flares wet.
I had found out later that Magpie was able to steal the orders without being seen and with out the youngling messenger from even noticing. He told us that the orders appeared a bit odd and had some of the Builder’s script at the bottom. It was then decided that we assault and capture the head quarters while the two or three camps pack up and move to the other camps, bunching up and leaving a hole in their blockade. I am not sure if that was successful. Sky set to organize the Assult.
The positioning was me, Bognus and Bewild at the rear, Magpie, Jade la Fey, and Luna on one side; Sky and Gunther on another. The fortress had a wall around it and on the inside were a few guards and a large control golem with a Builder in it. We raced up and were ready for position when Gunther and Luna started sharp shooting. I was hanging at the top of the wall by my fingers and Bewild and Bognus were going to co-operate and have one run up the other’s positioned shield to hop on the top of the wall.
One of them did so and bellowed a challenge to the Prelacy Soldiers. Feeling that stealth is no longer necessary I flipped over the wall and hearing that Gunther’s Crossbow nearly hit home I used my staff to vault off of the staggering soldier’s shield and push the Builder out of his seat so that the Builder’s Control Golem could not be utilized against us. The Builder must have had trained and quick reflexes as he was able to keep on the Control Golem and hold on to my staff. We struggle for dominance. I end up kicking him using a high jump kick that always seemed to work in the practice circle and it only got him to let go and hang onto the control golem. At that time Magpie, who has a fascination with their equipment and technology has joined in my aide. Also, at that time Jade blasted a hole into the wall where she was at, not having an ability to climb, which was neglected. She took out 2 of the enemy and a building in putting the hole in the wall. Magpie was able to gain the Builder’s seat but I had noticed that there were quite a number of guards coming. I dropped my struggle with the Builder, allowing him to contest Magpie for his seat. I did this so that the gate could be barred against the on coming soldiers. It must have shocked the Builder because he sighed and spoke to his companion on the ground and they must have come to an agreement. He left peacefully, not surrendering just left and aided me in shutting the other side of the gates as he left out it. While I am very thankful for the aid, I wonder who the real enemy here is. I am not skilled enough in war and don’t truly wish to be. I was fine with his peaceful withdraw but Galashorn was not. He was lining up an arrow shot to take the Builder down. I was shocked that Galashorn would shoot somebody who has clearly given up fighting. Sky seemed to be in agreement with that thought as she yelled at him to “hold his fire” and not shoot him. A small argument with Galashorn and Sky was had. Galashorn’s point was that he did not surrender and was simply escaping and Sky was not interested in killing an unarmed or at least not aggressive person as we are trying to get the Builders on our side or at least not on the Prelacy’s side.
During the clean up and the firing of our flares to let the supply wagons know that the way was clear we found that it wasn’t just those 2 Builders it was all the Builder’s locally that just gave up and walked away, leaving their equipment. We turned this enemy base over to the command. I have to wonder, Are the Builder’s our enemy? What part do they play in this?

No, Really This Is Ours As Well!
No Can't Take It!

2nd of Dancing Clouds
We get called out in the early morning hours and brought to a General Wolf Cole. He states that he is the man in charge and it looks like the Prelacy has finally decided to start the siege. Col Junra Shriftaamel is his second in command. Just shortly after the battle starts there is a call to go and repel some forces that managed to gain entrance to the city.
Maggpie and I answer the call. We are joined with Kragen. We head off and get to the open Market, were we have been told that the Prelacy are. Maggpie sneaks off around the side and attempts to take out a Prelacy archer after dragging him away from the rest of the group, though Maggpie only succeeds at pulling him away and stunning him. Kragen states that he wishes that he could get right in the middle of the fight. I tell him that I can get him there, he looks confused and then says: ”Let’s do it!” I pick him up and drop him on the Crusader. Then I attempt to taunt an archer. “You are all family? Your mother slept with elves that many times?” I was very confused as the answer I got was: “Maybe, she slept around a lot.”
Maggpie struggles on taking out the archer that he has absconded with. I shoot an archer and take it out. Three archers shoot back and miss, the fourth hits me for no real damage. The other Prelacy soldiers run up and surround Kragen, who asks the Crusader: “What? You need help to fight me?” The Crusader’s response was: “No, I didn’t call them but I didn’t need to.” While three soldiers attempt to do damage to Kragen and fail.
An archer manages to stun me with a hit. Kragen hits the Crusader for no damage, who then attempts to hit him back. Maggpie finally takes out the archer, then sneaks around the building to get behind a soldier. Maggpie attempts to stab the soldier and misses, then shoots another one with the caster and takes that soldier out.
Kragen recovers from a hit. I shoot and take out the Crusader, which stuns several Paladins. Three more surround Kragen and wounds him. Kragen does a feint and causes a Paladin to move back. Three archers actually manage to hit me, although all they do is to stun me for a bit.
I shake off the hit and fly to Kragen and pick him up to fly him to a roof. Maggpie flies in to the hole that I made, by removing Kragen and does a sweep thing, which takes out four Paladins, then Maggpie calls out for a surrender. The soldiers do, however, we end up needing to kill off the archers. We then report back to the wall.

Maggpie then disappears in the sewers, finding several of the Prelacy forces that are sneaking in that way. He hops in the middle again and sweeps most of the group taken them out. The one that he missed he pulls out his caster and shoots him dead.
While Maggpie is playing in the sewers, I am dodging arrows and other ballista to make my way to a command tent. This happens to be the cavalry’s command tent. As the commander sees me he yells: “Shoot that bitch out of my sky!” Too bad those were the last words he’ll ever speak as I wanted to know how he knew my name. As I’m pondering this I notice that the rest of the cavalry has left the field of battle, and I really should get back to the wall.
As I head back to the wall, I notice Guriel, Cresent Moon, Heim, Kragen, and Reinhold all run forward to take out the battering ram team. At their success, the other Olarans near the gate run out to help. Shadrach moves up to the General to give advice, the General looks very confused by the fact that the cook is offering to help. As those on the wall start to cheer using Archanon’s name, part of the wall is damaged and we regain focus that we are under siege.
Maggpie heads out again, once he sees that there are more Siege Engines. Somehow he manages to sneak all the way out there and manipulates all of them, so that they hit each other or are destroyed when they are attempted to be used. A sorceress named Galison casts bolt towards the heavy crossbows and manages to take out the front line and knocks back several other rows. Then she appears to notice the arrow in her shoulder, saying huh.
I somehow manage to fly Galashorn over the army while being able to shoot my bow and the two of us take out several rows, then noticing Kragen being surrounded again fly over to him to take those out.
Kassegore runs up to another command tent. The Prelacy Crusader was silly in his determination to stay there. As he runs up, followed closely by Vhen, Liarra and Mada the few soldiers in between him and the group star to fly. The Crusader appears to look like surrender might be an option, when Kassegore asks: “Did you not get my message?” At the Crusader’s confused look, a page comes up to the Crusader and whispers something in his ear. The Crusader then states: “That was you? I surrender to you!” Which causes most of the army to also surrender.
I take Galashorn and then Kragen back to the wall and we start to clean up. I help get the wounded to the Priests and our dead back to us. I don’t want to allow any to get in to the Deniers of Death’s hands. As I and a few others are doing this, we find Col Junra Shriftaamel among the dead.
I look over the Priest who are performing the last rites, I see Celesia actually in the flesh. She says: “Thank you.” The words are soft, but as I look around everyone can hear her. I notice that those who were wounded are healing before my eyes and the exhausted feeling from the week is gone. The rough estimate of those that we lost that day is six hundred.
The day might be victorious, but we lost many.

You Really Didn't Want Those Siege Engines, Did You?
Injured, But Alive

1st of Dancing Clouds
After talking with Gibben on my concerns on Galashorn’s actions, Gibben ordered to special training and to remain at command. When the others arrive we wake up Gibben and he gives us all an apology about our next assignment. He, in his hazard-ly way, gets out six healing potions and informs us that this mission is going to hurt and we will need them. Maggpie has been requested because of his knowledge with the Archfire devices. There are more DBW, Builders and control golems that have been seen. And there is conflicting reports of a DBW inside a golem or a man that is inside a golem. He would like us to find out as much as we could about this group, if at all possible he would like us to take out this group, and oh of course don’t get killed.

As each of us picks up a potion, Gibben heads off to get some sleep. We then head to get supplies and Liarra a horse. It looks like it’s, Luna, Vhen, Liarra, Maggpie and I with a Brinchie that I have never seen before by the name of Guriel. As we head out we notice that the Olarans are actually preparing for siege at this time. We stick together for most of the day, then as a group decision we decide that Luna and I should scout ahead. I’m sorry to say, I got a bit distracted by a bird that had fallen to the ground and Luna had to point out the three Builders and the War Golem that were further down the road. Luna heads back to the others to let them know, as I move to get under more cover, I almost step on the bird that has fallen again. I put it back in the nest, for safety, hopefully it can stay inside during combat.

As Luna reports to the others, Liarra cast and boosts the others health. Maggpie moves up to me as I am putting this silly bird back in its nest for the third time and signs that we are attacking and I nod.

Luna moves up and takes two shots at a Builder and manages to stun it. Maggpie moves away from me, towards the Builders, he shoots a new Builder for a glancing blow and then continues to the ground to stab yet another Builder and grabs the group’s attention. I move forward and shoot the second Builder and take it out. The other Builders seem to barely notice this fact as they are solely focused on Maggpie. Liarra moves forward to cast at the War Golem and impressively takes out most of the chest part of it and it falls down. Vhen runs forwards and bounces off of a tree to hit a Builder, although nothing happens. Guriel runs up and takes out that same Builder.
The remaining Builder looks around, seems to sigh before shooting a caster in the air and then attempts to shoot Maggpie. Guriel leaps forward and attempts to hit it. Maggpie shoots the Builder to finish it off. Maggpie then collects the power source for his casters and the other casters into a sash. We scatter to see if there is any response from the shot that went into the air. After a while we determine that nothing was going to come back here and investigate, so we continue on.

After a while we see in the distance very tall structures. I was informed that these were Siege Engines, and they appeared to be moving towards us for a bit before coming to a complete stop. As we get closer we find that there are more Builders and Golems that make up this group. Maggpie asks to be able to take a closer look that the Siege Engines. Liarra was very confused as to how Maggpie would be able to get in. I inform her that Maggpie is very good at getting into places that he maybe shouldn’t. Guriel states that Vhen told him that I can pick people up and he was wondering if that was true. I pick him up as an example that I could and he gets a gleam in his eye. Guriel states that if three of us go, we might be able to disarm the Siege Engines. Liarra makes a bid to go along as well, stating that if there are people inside that she can read and gather information. I suggest that we should rather use her abilities to have communications between the two groups. Liarra then links Maggpie and herself.

I pick up Guriel and then along with Maggpie we head off to the top of the Siege Engines. As we are now forty to fifty feet in the air we see a better view of the camp. There is a massive controller golem that appears to be several golems that have been attached together and there are three different Builders inside the platform controlling it, although there is one Builder that is wearing some sort of armor with more of those crystals. We see several groups of Builders and golems that appear to be guarding it as well as some that are just walking around. In the far end of this camp there are several Builders that are making or dropping just the supplies for a camp. As we send this message to Liarra the far Builders finish what they are doing and head off in the direction of Thuls. Maggpie is relaying the conversation to Liarra back to Guriel and me, when I had a thought to send this information back as fast as possible and I ask Maggpie to ask Liarra if she could get this to Gibben. Liarra attempts to reach Gibben and we wake him up. Maggpie chuckling tells Guriel and I that Gibben stated that he needed to start to shield against that. Maggpie sends through the link the overall image of what we are seeing from the top of the Siege Engine, Maggpie also talking aloud informs and shows Gibben the reason for all of the confusion in the reports. Gibben puts both Liarra and Maggpie on hold.
We make some plans as we wait for Gibben to come back, this long distance and yet almost instantaneous communication is confusing as it is hard for me to figure out who actually is talking. But the plans end up being that Luna, Liarra and Vhen sneak around the main group to see what was left behind while Guriel, Maggpie and I see if we can either control or disable the Siege Engines. As we start on our separate plans Gibben comes back to Maggpie and Liarra and says: “I would like to say destroy it with fire, but destroy the big thing. It’s scary and needs to die.”

Maggpie, Guriel and I find the way in. We get down and find that there are a few side corridors but all of them dead end, and the main tunnel goes down to the power source. After more looking we do not find the controllers for the one we went into. Maggpie wants to keep this Siege Engine up and running so that he might be able to use it. Guriel and I talk him into letting us dismantle all but one so that we can keep the enemy from using it on the City or even us. I am beginning to think that Maggpie has a new shineys fixation on the Builder made stuff. We empty out the power source and it’s the same thing that powers Maggpie’s casters. We start to move off to the other eleven when the others report in.

After some discussion on how to best make the most noise and be best effective on destroying the stuff left behind, Vhen and Luna start to make a pyre, dousing in a combination of liquor and oil. They make a channel so that they can light it from a far. Liarra states that she will sneak forward and cast a spell. We ask them to wait on lighting it till we are done with the Siege Engines. We find that these do not have an onboard controller so we remove the power source from all of them. Then we give the ok for destruction. It looks like Liarra has managed to learn to sneak around since the last time we worked together for she has managed to get very close to the Controller Golem while waiting on us. As we give the signal, she casts at the Controller and stuns it and everyone in it. Needless to say chaos started with a bang. As the Controller is hit, Vhen starts the equipment on fire.
I fly Guriel over to the Command Golem and drop, at his suggestion, on the armored Builder. As Guriel is dropping I shoot at the armored one and he just appears to shake it off. Before Guriel lands, Maggpie shoots the same one and manages to stun it then Maggpie lands and looks to do a sweeping maneuver to take out one another Builders on the ground. Guriel lands on top of the Armored one and strikes it, which didn’t appear to do anything. It looks like Guriel has done this several times. Hmm, I think that I need to introduce him and Gunther to each other. The Armored Builder and Maggpie start up a conversation in several different languages. That’s a first, a Builder that can speak other languages.
Vhen then moves off to the side to sneak around to a different set of Builders. Liarra casts bolt at the Armored one and manages to damage some of his armor as well as do some actual damage to him. Luna moves up near Vhen and does a double shot at a Builder in that group and takes it out. I really need to learn how to do that.
A group of two Builders, on the ground shoots at Guriel, who makes a sound like he’s been wounded. The War Golem in that group shoots me although it does nothing. The group that Luna shot at, turns and close on Luna to shooting distance and all of their shots miss.
The last group on the ground takes aim. The Builder shoots Guriel, the War Golem attempts to shoot me and misses. The War Golem then hits his caster. The Builder at the controls looks stunned, the Armored one reaches forward and flips a switch. After a moment it looks at the Siege Engine, looks at us and says: “You are beneath me and this war is beneath me.” then just disappears from under Guriel, who manages to catch himself in time and then steps forward and takes out the last controlling Builder.
I shoot at the War Golem and take it out. Maggpie downs one of the potions then charges the Assault golem and takes it out. The Builder near Maggpie throws down his apparently useless caster and then draws his blades as he/it attacks Maggpie to do some damage. Two other Builders attempt to shoot Maggpie and misses. The other War Golem shoots and wounds Guriel. A War Golem and a Builder both shoot Vhen, which look like it wounded him—though he shook it off. Two Builders attempt to shoot Luna.
Vhen must have been upset about the damage, for he runs up to the group that has been shooting at him and Luna and does something I missed, and takes out the three Builders and the War Golem. Luna shoots and takes out a Builder, and in doing so made all of the other nearby golems power down. Liarra casts bolt again at a Builder and manages to stun it.
The last Builder starts to walk away and Liarra moves up and starts to cast something. I yell that we should let it go, as its no longer fighting us. Liarra finishes casting and it appears that she has also learned a trick or two from Felosia, as she entangles the Builder. Maggpie moves up to it and knocks it unconscious, then the Builder is tied up.
Liarra then contacts Gibben, again we wake him up, and she does a quick report. The orders that come back are to stay put, as Gibben is sending a platoon to our location.
Maggpie and I attempt to load up the Siege Engines and the platform with supplies while we wait. I make sure to get the items that Maggpie likes along with the power sources. The platoon that Gibben sent has been escorted by a group of Rangers that is easily three times of our little group.
We head back to command. After I leave a note for Galashorn to mend and clean the armor (Felosia’s, Maggpie’s, Gunther’s, Nightingale’s and mine) as well as to give Sheela a bath, Gibben calls for me. Gibben informs me that he believes that Galashorn has been punished enough, unless I feel that Galashorn needs more time. Although we may need all hands on the wall.
I think I will have to see what training Galashorn went through to make my decision.

Nine Against What?
Scouting Is Good

31st of Festival Moons

After most of a night’s rest, we head out to breakfast. As we just get started, Gibben comes looking for and yelling for his Rangers. We, well those of us that do talk on a frequent basis, call out that we were in the mess tent. Gibben come in and tells us to follow him. We grab our food and follow. Its Galashorn, Maggpie, Gunther, Vhen, Luna, and three new faces I haven’t seen Beowild, Jade le Fey, and Bognus.

As we get to the area where Gibben wants us to be, I notice that Gibben has more potions and a new scar. The Orc that Gibben normally gets around on is sitting in the tent and looks up when we all enter. “Oh you found them, boss. I’m going to go drink.” Is what is said before she walks out leaving Gibben looking very confused.

Gibben shrugs it off and starts catching us up to date on what has been going on. Gibben also tells us that this battle is very important, for if we lose here then the Southern Kingdoms could be lost. In the middle of this a messenger runs in and just interrupts Gibben saying that there was a message. Gibben holds out his hand and after receiving it, smacks the messenger with it and tells him to get out. Gibben reads the message and starts off saying that something was good and then something wasn’t so good.

The Gathers to the north had put together a supply train and were headed our way, however, they can’t get through the blockade that the Prelacy has formed just south of Bearheart. Bearheart is about a days ride away. We are being charged with making a hole or removing the whole blockade to get the supply train through. The supply train asks that we send up a flare with they will be able to get through. Gibben turns to Bognus and says “Babie keep the new ones alive.” Then turns to me and says: “Your in charge. Stop by the armory to get the flares and the horses.”. At this I grab what is left of my food and say lets go.

We get to the armory and they give me four flares, which I hand one to Maggpie, Galashorn, and Gunther. As I look for a fourth person to give the last flare to, Beowild shakes his head and says: “I tend to get wet.” Which leaves me with the last flare. Right before we head out, Galashorn asks if I need my boots shined. As I reply that he should have done so last night, Gunther nudges me and I point to his boots. Galashorn does a quick shine and then we are off.

As early evening approaches, we are close. I stop the group about an hour out. I make a plan for scouting as we get about another half an hour closer. Beowild states that he’s not quiet. Taking a look at him and Bognus I then ask Bognus if he can be quiet. Bognus states that he also can’t be quiet. I suggest that they both not move much on the horses and we continue on.

As we start to hear the sounds from the blockade, I stop the group and send Luna, Maggpie and Vhen out to see what they can find out. Galashorn pouts at me and I hand him his bow and gestures for him to head out. It’s about an hour to an hour and a half till all of them return. All reports state that the Prelacy really meant business with this blockade. It is an army. There are several command tents, that have Builders and control golems near them as well as the basic soldiers and scouts that the commanders have. Vhen was able to see that there are a few spots were a small group of one or two could get through, if they were sneaky. Maggpie comes back and mentions that there are children that are being messengers and that he might be able to forge some of the orders and with his new training he might be able to manipulate a control golem if we could give him a few minutes. The scouts also report that there are flares in the camps. Vhen mentions that he would like some time to talk to the children. I ask him if he speaks Camonere and he replies that he does not. I inform him that he would probably fail.

I ask Maggpie to forge several different orders, one being that assistance is needed with repairs on a command golem and another that re-informants are needed at a different camp. Once those are done, I have him and Galashorn go switch out the orders. Galashorn is ordered NOT to kill anyone but if absolutely needed in a worse case scenario to knock the kid out. I have Vhen and Gunther to go either grab the Prelacy’s flares or to get them wet. On worse case scenario, they have approval to kill abet discreetly. I have Luna in the air to see if either groups get into trouble the rest of us can come to the rescue. Galashorn glares at Gunther as I see this I ask Galashorn: “Do you want me to add another month?” He shakes his head.

Once the troop movement happens due to the new orders we are going to go in fighting.

After following the messengers for a while, Maggpie switches the orders and has Galashorn come back to tell us that there is a better spot to fight the blockade. Maggpie hides in a tree and reads the missives that he switched out and finds that the Prelacy is not happy with the fact that the Rangers are here and what we are doing. Maggpie also notices that the Prelacy is starting to encode the orders and some are now having Builder messages in them. As he’s waiting six Builders, two warrior golems and six higher warriors leave.

Gunther and Vhen sneak into the main blockade and knock out a guard. Gunther puts on a uniform and walks up to one of the barrels of flares, after determining that he can’t take all of them back to us gathers a bucket of water and douses both barrels. During this Vhen was making a wonderful distraction by pulling several guards away from the barrels. The two of them manage to get two flares back to us and douse another two barrels. Then they head back to the rest of the group.

Gunther and Vhen show up about the time that Galashorn does. Vhen seems overjoyed at something that happened while he and Gunther were in the blockade and when asked about it, Vhen stated that Gunther said the word “Douse” And we all head towards Maggpie. After getting a quick update and a rough estimate of where the enemy is. It is decided that we will attempt to just take the big house first with Maggpie attempting to figure out how to run the control golem. I attempt to have Maggpie and Luna fly the others to the far side and find out that they aren’t able to carry people and that I am the only Aevakar that they have ever seen do it. Well then I fly the not so quiet ones in to position, it’s a bit harder with the Orc with all of his gear. Luna, Maggpie, and Jade are on a side; Beowild, Bognus, and Vhen are on the back; ending with Gunther, Galashorn and I on the far side. I have to admit to my shame that I didn’t check to see if everyone had a way to climb the ten foot wall that was surrounding the building.

Gunther, Galashorn, Maggpie and Luna manage to either get on the roofs or be dropped off onto a roof quietly. Once I realized my blunder, I attempted to go assist those who couldn’t climb as well as the others and forgot about the missing flight feathers. Before everyone was in place the Prelacy noticed me and started to yell about Aevakars, so much for getting into position. Beowild and Bognus manage to team up and get over the wall, Beowild using Bognus’ shield as a ramp shouts “Death to the Prelacy!”

Gunther shoots at one of the soldiers and seems to actually hit it but nothing more than a scratch. Vhen does some impressive acrobatics to get over the wall, then over the roof to jump down on the control golem then knock off the Builder that was sitting in the control seat.

The Builder climbs back up and gets into a strength grappling match with Vhen. Two different Paladins attempt to shoot Beowild and the shots doesn’t seem to do anything. Jade attempts to get up the wall. Gunther shoots at a Crusader and at the last second the Crusader turns so the shot just misses his eye, I bet that upset Gunther. The Crusader then lifts his caster and takes aim, as we are not in the best positions I start to distract the Prelacy so that the others can continue to get into position, the Prelacy really doesn’t like me insulting them in their language. I’ve managed to get their attention as two Paladins attempt to shoot at me and I let them know that they shoot worse then Orcs!

A Crusader shoots at Gunther as Gunther dodges it and then returns fire. A Builder soldier shoots at Beowild and misses, another shoots and does a glancing hit. I think the wall really upset Jade as she yells: “Screw this!” and blasts a hole in the wall, which takes out a building, two the Paladins and wounds severely a Crusader. And then says: “Where’s my Aevakar ride.” Maggpie flies over and drops down on the control golem using his blade attempts to assist Vhen in knocking off the Builder. Beowild casts something and becomes bathed in light and says: “Feel the power of the true Arkanon, you heathens!” Luna shoots at a Paladin and then a raven lands near the battle field and we hear it cry out, and then the Paladin that Luna shot falls down.

I continue to taunt the Prelacy forces and then shoot and take out a Paladin. Bognus gets over the wall and using his crossbow takes out a Builder. I see the other forces that were near this command building making their way to us.

Bognus shoots that the head of the Crusader that has been wounded and hurts him even further. Gunther does another shot, this one taking out the eye and the Crusader is looking like a pin cushion but is still standing. Vhen gets shot by a caster from someone at the gate, Luna has two shots that come at her from the gate. I take a shot in the chest from a caster. Vhen asks if Maggpie has the Builder and Maggpie response with a definite “NO.” So, Vhen punches the Builder to do a bit of damage and stuns it, then jumps down to head to the gate to close it. Telling Maggpie: “Gotta go.” Beowild shooting at the Crusader, shouts:” You are heathen and should yield to the true power of Arkanon!” Then Beowild swings and cuts through the shield to make the Crusader finally fall.

The Builder on top of the command golem says something to the other Builder on the ground, then hops off of the command golem and both walk towards the gate. Vhen tells those at the other side of the gate: “Your pardon we do not need more assistance.” As the Builders reach the gate they assist Vhen in closing it and those two and the others that were on the other side of the gate walk away. I turn to see Galashorn aiming at the retreating Builders and tell him to stand down. We call for a surrender of the Prelacy forces and they do. I then send the flare, Beowild collects the shield from the Crusader and most of the group escorts the prisoners back to command we feel the presence of a light and the familiar feeling of the Unicorn surrounds us. Maggpie stays behind to in list the aid of those in the supply caravan to help bring this command golem back as it’s the largest one that we have seen to date. As we are heading back we hear the sounds of an easy battle/skirmish from behind. As the caravan gets into command they inform us that all of the golems were not moving when they went through.

Look More DBW
Beasts Are Scary

30th of Festival Moons

Col Junra Shriftaamel does a briefing: A team of Prelacy soldiers was going to blow up one of our guard gates, which was defeated.

Those gathered are asked to, with the help of new recruits, go find where the zombies and Necromancers are and take them out. Col Shriftaamel mentions that there also have been sightings of more Dead-But-Walking (DBW). For the recruits, I make mention of the crystals that the DBW usually have on them, that they can and do explode when hit. So if there are allies near by then don’t shoot them. And Felosia and I together “If there aren’t then please do!”

This group consists of Sigfried “Sig”, Rubio, Salvator, Kassegore, Liarra, Galashorn, Felosia and myself. Felosia asks who can sneak, Sig and Kassegore say they do.

Rubio suggests, while using a firming hand gesture, that for future addressing new Rangers that she stands taller. Felosia asks if Rubio was gesturing in that way for a reason? Rubio looks embarrassed, as he realized how the gesture looked.

Liarra asks if Felosia wants communication with the scouts and at her yes, then makes a link with Galashorn. Felosia has Galashorn, Kassegore and Sig sneaking forward with me in between the two groups. The scouts find movement and zombies.

As Galashorn relays that the zombies have been found, Rubio casts on Felosia, Salvator, Sheela and himself the ability to be able to fight more effectively. Liarra casts the same thing on me and her. Then we move forward to join in taking out the enemy. As we do Galashorn takes out a zombie, and Kassegore launches out of the water and takes out another.

Getting closer to the zombies I see that there are DBW further back and these versions of DBW just causes, for some reason, a overriding fear. Sig shoots a zombie and stuns it. Salvator moves forward on his horse and casts something to stun a zombie and take out two others. Liarra casts something and causes several zombies to look confused.

Two DBW come up on Kassegore, one attempts to hit him and misses, the other lands a glancing hit. Three DBW run up to Salvator, two attempt to hit him and miss badly. The third does land a solid blow on Salvator. A zombie moves up on Sig. A zombie shoots at me and misses, then another one attempts to hit Kassegore.

Felosia does her disappearing act, surprisingly Sheela pops up near Salvator’s horse where Felosia comes up on the far side of that group surrounding Salvator and stuns two zombies. Sheela bites a DBW and manages to take it out, then looks very disgusted at the taste. I manage to overcome the feeling enough to taunt one of the DBW to get its undivided attention and shoot at another. This feeling is making me less effective in combat as I only stun it.

Kassegore looks like he’s started to berserk as he attacks three different targets, a DBW gets the Dregordian sword, the other DBW gets a tail sweep and the zombie that is near him gets a head butt and Kassegore manages to take out all three. Looking quickly at his handy work, yells “Weak!” before moving up behind a zombie.

Galashorn takes out a zombie and moves up after shooting. Kassegore does another round of attacking multiple different targets. The first zombie gets the tail slap and gets stun, the DBW gets the sword and falls.

Galashorn takes out another zombie. Rubio stabs a zombie with a spear and that one falls as well. Salvator recovers from the hit he took. As the last DBW heads over to Kassegore, Salvator attempts to kick it, Sheela attempts to bite it and Felosia attempts to hit it. As the DBW reaches Kassegore, it swings and connects another glancing blow. Sig shoots a zombie and stuns it. I shoot at the DBW and manage to stun it. Felosia disappears and reappears behind the DBW. Sheela bites it. And between us all we take it out. Liarra steps up to the last zombie and takes it out.

Kassegore calms down and washes himself off while asking: “Why do they need to make themselves weak?” I leave that answer for Felosia and watch Sig pray over the dead. We drag the dead to make a pyre to make sure they can’t rise again. Galashorn and Liarra start to head towards a cave, and I let Felosia know. Felosia has me go with them to check it out while Sheela cleans herself off as well. Salvator gets healed and then pets Sheela and gives her beef jerky. The link between Liarra, Felosia and Galashorn wears off.

As we explore the entrance to the cave, we notice that it is not a natural formed cave. I head in, followed by Galashorn and Liarra. We find at the back of the cave an opening, again I have a feeling of uneasiness. I am once again going to be underground. I take a quick look around, before remembering that Malec is back at Sog and will not be yanking on my feathers during this mission. During this time, Liarra is able to determine that the magic being used is Necromancy. I state: Well then we are in the right place. I have Liarra call the others to us, and when they arrive we all head down. After Liarra connects telepathically to Felosia to bring the rest of the group, it is decided that Rubio heads back to give command a full report and to also let them know we are going underground.

As we decide who is going first, those who can cast figure out that a massive ritual is going on. Salvator casts armor and light on Kassegore and himself. We now have a light source as they position themselves in various spots in the line. We decide to get to the Necromancers as fast as possible. Kassegore takes the lead and at the first choice he makes a right. When I get to the turn I hear a lot of clattering coming from in front of us and to the left. Kassegore gets to a room and starts to smash the bones to make sure that they don’t rise again, as we find out that this is an old mausoleum. I move out of the way to let the others by and take up position as rear guard.

Kassegore gets to a door and kicks it open to find a room that has a murky pool in it. He throws a bone in the pool and when nothing happens then mores in to the room. As the rest of the group moves through the mausoleum it is decided that we need to see about making sure that these don’t rise again. As the rest of the group moves near the pool, the pool starts to move as zombies start to climb out of it. As they rise, Liarra attempts to hit one.

The zombies reaching solid ground, attack and attempt to hit the group, but miss. Felosia smacks one with her staff and it falls back into the pool in pieces. Sheela distracts another. Sig stabs one with his sword and it falls. I shoot at one and stun it. Galashorn uses his bow to stab/pushes one in the eye taking it out. I call out to him that I am not carrying that till you clean it! Salvator kills the last standing zombie.

Kassegore kicks open the door to another room and runs through it until he gets to a solid door. Galashorn immediately follow Kassegore, who is followed by Liarra. As the others go through the door they notice that more bones are moving and starting to form in to useful zombies. As Kassegore attempts to open the door aided by Galashorn and Liarra enhancing his strength, I am still watching behind us and see the zombies have reformed themselves as they start to come out of the pool again. Salvatore gives a quick blessing or prayer over the bones and starts making sure that these don’t rise again. I yell out about the ones from the pool and start to block the door and defend against them.

Kassegore and Galashorn finally get the door open and hear chanting going on and it feels as if the temperature has dropped, I close the door to the pool and wait till everyone is out of this area. Felosia grabs Liarra and makes sure that she gets with the group as Liarra isn’t able to see in the dark. The large new room has two sarcophagus that have banging from inside. As I move up to the group I see Kassegore at another locked door and he asks for some help. I move up to assist him as the others move around the statues and make ready for whatever maybe on the other side. We burst open the door, and see the bottom of a stair case along with two Prelacy soldiers have their cannons aimed at us. Sig takes out one and Galashorn takes out the other before they can move their fingers to fire. Galashorn then moves up to the top of the stairs and shoots the one that ends up being in front of him. We can hear that the chanting is coming from up the stairs.

Sig moves up the stairs as well and shoots another that is in front and stuns him. Felosia moves forward and sees a rolling black necromantic void coming from near the tombs along with the other sarcophagus making the banging noises. There are Prelacy Priest, and six Crusaders around the void. There is a Builder golem that has a black crystal with a zombie head on it. The golems shoot at Felosia as well as the Deniers of Death. It looks like the hits don’t do much to Felosia. One of the hits of black lightning looked like it will was going to hit Felosia, but then it did some sort of wacky thing and hit another Prelacy golem instead. In response to getting hit, Felosia casts entangle on those that are doing the ritual, which causes the whole ritual to stop as she manages to have the tomb reach out and silence them as well. Felosia manages to entangle fully all but the head Denier who becomes partially entangled. Kassegore attacks with his axe and hits the golem on the left side of Felosia, but doesn’t’ seem to have done anything then he hits the same golem with his tail and axe again to take it down. These golems look like they are hard to hit. As Salvator walks into the room he starts saying: “I am Salvator, Priest of Light, you will pay for the atrocities you have committed here today!” with every step the room seems brighter until the room seems to swell with light then a silver unicorn appears and all of the Prelacy but the Paladins cringe and the sounds coming from the sarcophaguses stop and all of the remaining zombies fall to the ground. The necromantic void then disappears.

A Denier breaks free of the entanglement and stagers forward. The main Denier screams as he points his staff at Salvator: “You filthy heretics!” From the end of the staff comes a black skull-like apparition that screams: “Your soul is mine!” then changes direction and heads back to the main Denier which causes him to start screaming and twitching. Salvator calmly states: “It looks like you’re the heretic.” I run forward and attempt to sweep the group of Deniers with my spear, doesn’t seem to do much other than stun a few and taunt the Crusader. The Crusader then steps up and using is Archfire blade slashes at me, reminding me that I need to be taunting from a distance as well as Kassegore. Liarra runs up to the top of the stairs and casts an illusion on the main Denier, making him think that he was in Tempest. The Denier believes the illusion and starts screaming until his lungs stop before trying to catch his breath and starting all over again. Salvator tells the other Prelacy: “That’s two that your god has forsaken! Do there need to be more?”

A Denier casts at Felosia to do something, but Felosia just shrugs it off and the Denier then runs in to a corner. A golem then steps up and attempts to hit Felosia twice and misses on the first, but does a glancing blow to her leg on the second. A warrior golem steps up to me and stabs me. I see Felosia looking like she wants to cast something but we are in the way and I say to her: “We support you, do what you need to do.” Galashorn seeing that I am in the middle of things and wounded tells me: “If you die, I am not your servant!” Felosia responds: “Yes you are, you will have to carry out the body!” Galashorn moves up and shoots the screaming Denier, causing him to scream even harder.

Another Paladin breaks out and the leader of the Paladin attempts to run away. As he attempts to Liarra and I all attempt to hit him and miss. Salvator manages to do a glancing blow on his back. Galashorn attempts to kick him and also misses. Kassegore loses it and goes berserk again yelling at the Leader: “No escape!” and wounds the Paladin with his axe, then smacks a warrior zombie with his tail, then head butts a golem to then say: “Worthy opponents.”

Felosia entangles a golem and six others. I back up, replacing my spear with my bow. Salvator casts a bolt on the entangled main Denier a warrior, a zombie golem and another Denier, which takes out the Deniers and all of the golems. Sheela sniffs out a Denier who was hiding and takes out his throat.

Kassegore picks up a Paladin and raises him so that he can look the Paladin in the eye and says: “You run, tell your people their magics and their steel will not save them!” Then Kassegore throws him to the ground and allows him to run away. We take the lead Paladin as a prisoner. As we head back to Thuls Liarra hands Galashorn a handmade clay pin that looks really special with gems in it.


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