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What a trip home parts 5 of 5
Privet musings of Gudmund Stonebook:
A Staff for Your Tower:

Chimera is gone, the Tower fallen, the Unicorn walks among us. After compiling and writing my full report, after interviewing as many combatants and scouts as possible, I wish that saying this here in my own thoughts would be enough. It is not, as I should expect. I have spent the last week or so helping to root out and stop the Red Store and the Builders that allied with Chimera. I have not slept the second part of that time. I will apologize to any that might find this later in a dusty room and find it worth reading.

A great army was amassed. All of the races of fae were present as where the Dwarves, humans, along with a huge host of Orc’s, Goblins and Ogres. There were samples from each and every race serving in the Grey Rangers alone, dozens if not hundreds had been called to help scout for the armies to find them a target to push from our realm. We found the tower, we found a route to the base of it, we even found a way in through the caves. We cleared the way and reinforced it so that the armies could move through and into the valley. Through ritual after ritual and scheme after scheme. Chimera was draining the life from the land to build herself a tower of power to rule from. We never figured out what she was offering her allies, what could she offer that the Builders my own forefathers that they would commit mass sacrifice for? The Red store is likely just money and power these I am sure she can get in abundance with what we have seen and fought these days. Yet now we have led an army to her tower she is building, the tower that is not done.

Rangers, groups of them at least, have done all this and yet we shall also need to break her, open the tower and lead this mass of humanity into her very courtyard and defeat her. We have drawn lines and formed the races into war order. There are groups set to infiltrate the enemy command, or at least try. If they can succeed they will throw the armies into leaderless masses, more easily defeated if they are worried about there lives or fed false information. There is another strike, this is a guerrilla team, they are heading into the tower from below. Disrupting the lines of power and breaking any and all tech they can get there hands upon. The Builders are expected to be there servicing the conduits feeding Chimera all this other worldly power.

Most of the Army will charge in as armies do. Siege weapons form lines of ranged and pull down everything she sends at them until the last man standing. We hope that the mustered powers bring it to be, that it is her last man standing. We have set aside an area for command and leadership of our own. Kassagor himself will be commanding the combined armies. He is not the ranking officer, he is not the commander of any single army. Yet The commanders seek a ranger to lead them. For none wish to follow the others, so a ranger trained in leadership it must be. So Kassagor has chosen the the timing and the lines positions. All that is left is the charge.

Everyone is set and the charge is ordered. His timing is amazing, he has called the charge at the correct time to turn the eyes from there soft parts. This is the time when the other teams strike and strike hard, the team that went in after the leaders is wildly successful. They convince them to abandon their post turning the enemies army into a headless mass.

The strike into the bowels of the tower was powerful and swift. They were able to cut the power lines in places and smash conduits supplying her twisted needs. Not before she took one last gulp from her native plane hoping to send us up top packing. This last mighty draw upon the weakened lines probably seals her doom. She took so much from her home plane that the lines she had tied between the realms collapsed. Or at least this is the most likely outcome, for she does not appear to have escaped to where she came from. That leaves only one massive battle top side.

This is where the enemy is looking, where they think all of us are. It is good for us that that was not true, that the Rangers did their jobs as scouts, and dug deep before this massive boil was lanced. Upon Kassagors word we charged and somehow I was caught up in the rush just like every other Ranger. My duty was to stand to the rear and record all that took place, my obligation to the realm and all of her people, yet I was just as whipped up by the his words as any. Upon his word it was that I started my ram and sent it into the mouth of the horde waiting for us. As the Fliers flew, their arrows faster than there wings, the runners ran and the Ram slammed home. A door was made where one had not been, a dwarf key – the opener. This is right and as it should be, had I stopped there, had I not chased my ram. Yet the words and all that had died, or that we where able to steal from the jaws of Chimera, drew me on into her lair.

I was but a drop in the sea that hit the walls and her changing nature was not enough to stop when the unicorn marched against her. It was not one man, one women, not one flier, nor one burrower. For we had become the horn of the unicorn forged of the land and aimed by her. It was not her high priestess casting, not a staff blow from the top of the tower, not white flame from the heavens rending wing after wing. It was all of these things. The Aevaker that dared to perch on her nose as he killed her followers. The Ogre that threw the White while taking punishing blows from each side. It was those that I spoke of before that blew the power lines and the sly ones that could talk the leaders into leaving. Each a hair upon the silver unicorns hide, a muscle pushing her forward, the horn driving home. We did not do this, each of us had our parts, the eye to aim us the horn to strike. We fight to keep this our land, our home, our souls. This day I disobeyed my vow, this day I found something larger….

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Privet musings of Gudmund Stonebook:

Got to Love Caves:

Apparently we found the trail into the valley of Chimera, into and under. While I spent all evening and night into the next morning digging out parts of the glory/horror that exploded on us, the other rangers discovered tunnels that lead into the twisted land ruled by Chimera. I am left to my task until nearly the noon hour. At this point a group of rangers, several from Sog including Salvatore and Kassagor, pass into the caved in area where I have been working. In such a frenzy was I that I did not even notice they were rangers I had worked with often, not realizing this gave them time to stop and note who I was. They promptly decided that they were in need of a dwarf since the task assigned to them was checking some caves. Now it was them not to realize the importance of my self appointed task. I was hauled along bodily when I did not respond swiftly enough to their hails.

Grumbling at the loss of time gathering the parts of the behemoth, I reluctantly follow after some time being dragged. It is a simple cave crawl though in this case there was no crawling. Surprisingly enough there are many large caves this close to a scout fort. My people spend a good deal of time checking the areas around them. If there were this many easily accessible open caves close by the only thing missing from this swift search is a vain of something to mine. Makes me wonder if these are recently opened caverns. It seems the face and the bedrock itself have been changing of late. Or perhaps it was not like the other pockets that have suddenly opened but a twisting of the powers of the Chimera. The walls are rich with crysarium, some of it tainted, some of it pure, some I can not identify. It would be a good place to clean up and reopen a mine and holding. I wonder if the tainted crysarium could be cleaned? Or if one could re-power them after they are drained. Yet this musing will have to wait for another time for there is smoke ahead and created light.

Indeed the path is opening to a dimly lighted area with glowing globes. Very like what my people will do in common areas where some light is enjoyed yet not a full hall or home where reading or fine tasks would take place. The light is far too regular, not that of an open flame or even a mirrored oil lantern. This must be a Builder area, that would mean the smoke that is dissolving at the far reaches of vision is likely to have something to do with them as well. There is a swirling of the smoke and soon two Builders come into view. They look like they are fleeing something. Yet before we have even the time it takes to charge them unaware it dissolves into the figure of a druid and the wolves that were leading the group seem super charged.

Again before even these nearly frenzied beasts of the wood, whom I have never seen come this deep into a cave before, can act the lone figure is charged and struck by a huge creature with horns and a twisted demonic form. Upon the back of these the worst of Chimeras monsters is a Builder artificer riding and controlling the thing as it teleports away from the flying form of the druid, whom may or may not at this point be alive. The wolves charge forth and Kassagor charges at the riding beast, expecting the rest of the group to follow as they normally do. We ignore the group of builders that have activated a war golem. This time things are not as they are in Sog. The druid has diapered from her landing spot and the wolves had charged at the spot where the creature was and the Builder are. So it seems we have split up the rest of the group slowly trying to come up from behind yet splitting the difference between the monster and the Builders.

Luckily for the split up party one of the Archers was able to shoot off the control device allowing the builder to force his will upon the twisted demon. As one might expect, it was happy to be free, crazy with anger to have been trapped. Almost one might feel sad for the man upon the back of it, well if they were not selling themselves to the Twisting power known as Chimera. The whole mass sacrifice for personal gain makes one less caring about their fate. There is not much of a fight, the war golem opens a preplanned exit tunnel for the Builders upon seeing the collar removed from play. Leaving one of them behind that stopped to talk to one of our party… he was able to speak the long lost tongue of the race. This was enough to make me forget that I had been charging a demon with rage filled allies.

The demon using the powers of teleportation sends itself to the highest point in the cave over the war golem. Than twisting so that the rider is smashed upon the larger metal figure. This may have worked if the rider had not been an archmancer. It earned the demon several large explosions right in the mid section. What parts were not seared or smeared around the area the golem took upon its shoulders the weight of crushing into red paste. During this time the unassuming man that can speak with the Builder is confounding myself and the Builder by asking for a reevaluation of the builders current contract. I am catching about every third word or better of this ancestral yet extraordinarily technical conversation. The rest of the party is gathering and Kassagor beat me to the control collar.

They start discussing the fact that the area is rich with powerful crysarium, the problem is the taint and corruption of these stones. They sit easily reachable in the walls or even sitting upon the very floor of the caves, tainted. I inform them that I have collected a number of samples of these differently charged stones, having gotten some from each of the twisted and tainted creatures I have come upon these last several days. I am mostly distracted during their conversation since I am truly focused on the discussion about terms and properties of the renegotiation. Kassagor draws my attention solidly to him when he offers the control collar of the demon for one of the larger samples I have retrieved. This trade takes place rapidly when I swap the items as swiftly as I may, using both hands.
The conversation netted more than just a stand down with this Builder and the golem. He gave us directions from this area to a lab area where they were supposed to meet back up from the teleport. This saves us many hours searching the cave system. We are able to get closer to the tower complex, under it actually, and find a currently inhabited lab. As we are walking we keep worrying over the power nearly dripping from the walls. I pass on to the group remembering that I have yet to inform the rangers of Sog about glitter boom. Kassagor as usual is skeptical about anything that is not a kayakor, requesting a display of military application.

I do try and provide so upon entering the lab complex and noting that there is a tentacle beast infestation. I take it upon myself to remove said creatures with one good poof from my new creation. I do prefer a creation of metal and wood to the amalgamation of things that Chimera is using. We find that there is a squad or two of Builder troops and researchers, clearing the lab as if having warning that we are approaching. The group again splits up one going after the Builders and, well, Kassagor charging anything that looks big and dangerous. There are two Ogre turtles, many slug bats, and maggot hounds. Yet the things that always get our berserk/ leader into the most pain are tiny. In this case many of us rush to find what is making him scream in agony. We find crab/rats, one must point out for his self preservation, that Kassagor was covered by a dozen or so of the pests. I ask before glitter booming him, it is fun to come to his aid, as he has so often taken out things that would hurt or kill myself. After waiting for his sigh of approval, as much as resignation to the flames, he eats the flash cooked beasts.

Our very talkative friend comes into play again with the removal of the experimental creations. He is able to get a stand down and more information from the Builders. They are willing to leave the area and not take any of the things they were still gathering. They do seem to have taken the lion’s share of the good stuff already. There is a wonderful room with many panels and dials that I am sure I can use in my building of things. We spend some time going through the leftovers and salvaging what I might be able to reuse. As the others return to report this area as clear and close to the tunnel used by Chimeras tower, I return to excavation of the monstrous item of other worldly power that caused a cave-in just a day past.

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Privet musings of Gudmund Stonebook:

Heading home:

It has been several months this trip to Sog to gather information on the FIrebeard twins. I have learned much about both of them and the city they have chosen to reside in. The Rangers here are very well respected yet called upon for almost every daily task of a city’s militia or city guards. Yet they are also called outside its walls to pursue other tasks. I see more and more why they are spread thin. Watching a folk have rangers do what anyone should to protect their clan home. Yet in this time and travels I have acquired quite a store of knowledge and samples that where, in my estimation, in need of more study and at least recording. So here upon a boat I float heading home. Yet in some ways Sog in this brief time feels worthy of the name. I have the plumbing going into the inn and the huge work of a fire fighting and water providing system for the town itself. Even if the cisterns work in no time we shall have a need of a full sewers system. That is if the towns leaders do not decide they also want fresh water flowing to other somehow key locations. These writings are not helping to keep my mind from the rushing waters, cold rushing waters, upon which I travel. Perhaps being back inside the solid safe walls of a clan home will help my spirits.

Home but not staying:

I have arrived with my crates of samples. I have parts of necro/ archfire from bodies of the dead. Also samples from other builder wrought items once lost to us now seeming to fall from trees. More over I have a tome with descriptions of the creatures cobbled together from the powers of death and the powers of our once proud forbearer’s. Things of nightmare twisting, yet real and quite the danger, things I have seen and fought with my own eyes and ax. All this seems second as I arrive to find that these twisted monsters are in more places than just the area around Sog. They are also the children of Chimera a power dropped upon our world. It seems that the veil and our protections from the ascended are thinning greatly under so wide and onslaught. Worst of all I do not even get a week in the familiar book laden halls. The clans have been called to war upon this evil and the grey rangers called to the fore front. I have been asked to keep with the rangers, if they wish to call me one of their numbers the easier to gather the history in the making.

Elves and towns:

Can one truly call a place a town if there is nothing but tents? Buildings are not needed they say travelers and shops on wheels are still a town. A town is there numbers the people, not a building or a place. I thank the stone I walk upon; I am not of the fae. Yet as they say it is the people of a place that need to be protected. This tent town is imperiled, they need the help of the rangers to understand why they are not selling as they should and, feeling worse than a shade less runner in the desert before even midday has come. They have called and we have come.

The leader, or more so the one that has been in this place the longest, call him not mayor but guild leader. What would one expect of a town of tents, near leaderless and without a force of arms to protect it. He tells a tale of woe how so much meat has gone to wrought and items to collecting dust. Every where one goes it is like the earth pulls upon ones spirit and draws it out threw there tiring feet. Upon entering the place of tents I felt a pull, something wishing to drape weariness upon me, yet it was a weak thing and easily ignored. Or so I thought. Now with his descriptions and what I myself have felt we know there is something deeper here than the dusty warm wind blow paths.

As I sit using my glitter boom as an excuse at work, I watch. Seeking, as the others, sights or sounds that might be the cause of this strangeness. There is a priest of the light and a druid in our band of rangers and they are able to since spots of joy and great energy. In these spots the powers of the shadow seem weaker or held at bay. With this discovery they seem to focus more on the areas with the feeling of good. They seem to identify more than one area or stall and question those with in. We later find that they had been evasive and not complied with the rangers questions. Yet at the time we kept looking for more answers.
A pair searched the circumference of the town, finding the edges of this power where it starts or ends encircling the town. As this takes some time, even with a swift flying priest and nearly as fast on the ground a sprinting scout, I rejoin the others my glitter boom ready for its first real test. They seem to be at a lose getting no new information from questioning more sources. They are now tipped to the fact that some or all of the “Good” spots seem to have owners that are not divulging the full facts.

The fast moving pair has returned thinking that perhaps the Guild leader himself was the target as it seems that he is the epicenter of the effects. They try moving some of his wears and shifting the globe, well that made me ask if it was a globe at any rate. It does not move as they shift his things but it has started rumors abound about his leaving or fear of us the Rangers. I ask the flying priest if he has yet sought to find if it was a dome or less in its height than its circumference. As that is being checked I ask the druid if she would have a method of seeking a large power source. The size of this area and the length of time would suggest a large power source.

It is decided that we need to check more closely one of the happy spots and not allow them to brush us away with pretty lies. They ask directed questions about a box, that there senses tell them hold some power and most likely the power that is keeping the draining force at bay. The merchant a good seeming woman still tries to hide the facts of the box until she is pressed hard. Yet in the end the authority of the rangers moves her to come clean. She was given the box by a druid and a Dwarf Wright, like me. This pair told her to not let any see the box nor to speak of it. They said there was a power in the box to help with the bad feelings and yet they did not have enough to hold it from everyone. Her friends would turn on her if they knew she was protected and that they could not be the same. So she hid the truth from all.

At this point it was clear she had been duped. Her remembering of the druid did not sound correct nor the sun burned dwarf with pure snow white hair. From the desert where he had seen this before was the tale. Yet not even a touch of legend or lore was I to have heard. So we got down to the box itself and a nice solid wood box it was. On first sight it seemed but a block of wood shaped to box size. Yet when further I sought its secrets I find a concealed lid with a potion spread across it. This potion concealed the panel and righting that I can only assume is of the builders, for it is like the writing of my home, yet layered upon itself with no seeming order.

We now know that the happy spots are from the items that this pair maintain daily. They are covering the items inside and using the potions to cover the way to find what they truly are. I feel that I could open this box, yet there is little enough need. We know the builder is servicing the machine inside daily and they have a route that is yet completed for the day. The priest of the light fly’s to see if he can find the pair and we can see the pattern to jump ahead of them. For we have noted that we are now being watched as we question and pull apart this merchants stall. Fear for her safety if we leave grips her. So a ranger stays to keep watch as we go to find a place to lay a trap.

We easily out maneuver them and arrest is made. The druid tells the builder that if he had no part in the true scheme but was only working a job he can go. He takes this opportunity to leave after telling the necromancer the deals off and the contract broken. A small scuffle happens as the necromancer does not really want to give up and yet it is not us that remove him from play, it was one of his hired watchers. Whom we swiftly deal with, the side of ax and shield make for poor sleeping tonics I am told. This one while quick to kill the necromancer, rolls and pass’s the information that we need. There is a building, yes a real one, on the outskirts of the town where they have storage and the builders and red store are there.

Standard warehouse I could almost tell them where each wall is inside. Open storage room, large tall square room. There is a built in awning like this might have been used for a merchants booth. Odd though that there was not a door from this booth area into the warehouse. Yet it points out the exact area where the offices should be, the windows help. They case the place checking for guards and entrances. Two and it seems they must be expecting us. There is a builder with a golem, at least the statue certainly seems like it will throw off the mud job and do something if kicked. The druid strolls over and somehow talk’s the builder with the golem into leaving. This is a good thing one fewer that we shall have to fight.

The decision is made we shall not take one of the doors, we shall enter the offices. I can make a clockwork pry bar. Shove It into the window and watch it work, instant door. Not where the red store are expecting it. So I set to building what is needed, at the same time they check the windows to find one that would be suitable for entry. They discover a fancy looking builder with a slave, sitting in the near open, or it will be once I set things in motion. They like this target we hit a big boss or he works for us.

Knock knock the doors open! I stand to the side as the others pour into the room. It seems they are able to talk this builder out of fighting as well. He sits there as we storm in to the building, just eating. Some free the slaves and others check the room. It is plane that all the doors but the main one into the rest of the warehouse are covered. Well I still have not tested my new glitter boom in a real test, maybe this will be a chance. So the last door is covered, I stand in front of it with my hand on the lever ready to see if this new toy will work as it was designed. I stand there as others go through the door into a small hallway and into other rooms. I wait watching the door on the other side of the hall. It bursts open and in charges a maggot hound. The swift cat is freeing the slaves; the dwarf fighter is in the other room speaking with another slave. I am left standing there waiting as the hound charges.
Past the hound I can see the room and hear others readying themselves for the attack. So I pull the lever. She works like a charm, just like magic, the air flows in a silver stream. Just in time the light tug and swoosh starts the floating glitter aflame. The white flare is near to blinding but it works and the hound is charred and I can hear the yelling turn to screams in the warehouse. Then threw the open door a hawk flies. I suppose it’s the druid the screaming does not get worse, others start yelling. There is a brief struggle and then the red stores switch sides as stone flaking metal arms swing and crush, threatening all within. So we join forces to take it down. I think that the big metal body might be a good target for Jok-Tars mazer. So I load one in my throwing harness and let fly. It does not seem to have an effect but I try again. This time as the mazer is arching threw the air, the druid sends a jet of water into the golem. The water dowsing it makes arching sparking mazer far more effective and it collapse in a spasm.

So the town is saved and the draining of the spell can be removed. The box’s are cleaned up and the air is cleaned of the oppression. Sadly we find that our little adventure was nothing compared to what some others have found in this town of tents. They found that there was a web under the town ready to bring the whole thing to the underworld. The box’s where to draw the energy from the town even in the case that everyone dies all at the same time. They had spent weeks setting up a mass sacrifice of the entire town. Rather I like a town of tents or even this many merchants, the outcome would have been very bad.

Home Sweet home:

Is there a season that is bad for towns? Winter is bad for growing things and makes water wheels a pain. Than summer it’s so hard to keep water flowing since the heat eats it up. This is what seems to be happening in this countryside. We get word that there is another town under attack. This is a small one, yet every life counts and we must rush to save as many as we can. To late even as fast as the scout was we are too late.

The town was an hour away on the back of a bumpy crazy horse ride. As I say though it was to late, we arrived in time to find a town empty of all life. Well other than the four maggot hounds eating the faces of the bodies left behind. We can see from a distance the carnage and destruction. They left the town smoldering or in flames with bodies everywhere. Needing to check those on the ground we move towards the town in a group. I suggest that glitter boom might be a great idea. If we can yell and get them twisted abominations to charge me perhaps we can take them out all in one pull of the leaver. The plan works, a monk runs with me down the road screaming and trying to bring them to us. The rest circle to the sides ready if there is a fight. Three of hounds take the bate, one cares for nothing but the corpse it is eating.

All it takes is one poof from my glitter boom, and the three are gone. The last keeps trying to ignore us, happy it does not work and the last one it taken out swiftly. We put the fires out in the building as one of the troop searches the area for tracks or signs that will lead us. Well it seems they wanted to be followed or where just that stupid. Even a stone loving dwarf grandmother that could not see the heat of the forge any longer would have tripped over this trail. So the bad guys left a framed fallow me sign, so we do so.
An hour more upon the huge crap bags that stink worse than the soars they leave. Yet it is a good hour no more dead bodies and the trail is like a bell leading us to a nice walled inn. If it was not the lair of evil, store house of prisoners. I do hope that we find the last few towns folk and not in pieces and parts. There is a fly over and we gain the knowledge of the layout. Or more so the fact that not only are they leaving bread crumbs for us to follow they don’t shut the door behind themselves. There are a few guards so we plan an assault. Well actually the oddest of things the mute Nightingale is the highest rank ranger. So she is calling the shots, well threw the powers of an Adept. I ask if they would like a distraction a battering ram, perhaps? I am told no they would love one but there is no time. Just let them scout the place more first and we shall charge in.

Well we have time but not much just a few moments after I start working on the ram someone is spotted. They are able to pass the word via the mind link so we all rush in. Seems the new plan is just take out the bad guys as fast as we can, and hope they don’t make the sacrifices. The Mage lets loose with a burst of water tearing through the wall of the inn. Making a hole large enough to go into saying something about a vow not to kill. It was not where the guards are so I decide to go ahead with my ram where his original target was. Now there are two holes into the target, I later learn that the monk broke a third one through the roof.

A fight, a bell rang a few times. Chimera likes um big, the bigger and stronger the better. First time I see a gargoyle its only part’s and pieces. Yet it does not need to be a whole one to hurt or kill. Glitter boom is helpful, yet this monster seemed to not care. It took arrows and white flame, like it was air. The other builders and guards where almost washed away simply as over flow trash. Well other than the leader who says my inventions need to be at least the level of a school boy, not a baby’s toys. The group that went inside seem to have had more to deal with, yet it took them less time that the explosive conclusion of ice and white fire. There were two archmancers in the enemy group. I collected many samples and much information about the Chimeras creations all of this must make it back to the clan homes. We also saved many souls while they were still resided inside the bodies they were born in.

Trip to a Clan Hold:

Called together again, I am not even sure what camp or town we are in this time, yet called together a new group of Rangers, has been. They think they have a line on a machine, some type that is powering the queen of twisted creations. It is hidden in an abandoned dwarf scout post. This is interesting news, far more interesting than being asked again about the glitter for my glitter boom. Why do they ask if they really don’t want to know? I sigh and move on, yet more travel by beast it would almost be better if it was Kassagor and not a horse. I ask if we can get a cart it would be so much more reliable. There is a pair of Ogres in this group and one of them decides that carrying me would be better than worrying about a cart. Oddly my flying harness is more comfortable than the saddle.

Even after a few hundred years of over growth and erosion the optical stairs are near perfect. The Ranger in the lead walks right by them. The next ranger still does not see a thing. So I yell to stop them and they look back at the “crazy” dwarf. I tell them we are here and they are walking right by the stairs. They all look around than back to me. I inform them the exact degree angle to look for the stairs and still they don’t see them. That is a touch scary so I point the head of the first Ranger in line towards them and push. When she tries not to fall her foot lands on the first of the stairs. It’s an easy trip up the side of the cliff after that. Small defense tunnel and into and odd clearing? I was expecting this to lead straight into the mountain side. This is rather nice it’s a clearing, well a clearing of stone full of trees. So thick that the fliers would not have even noticed anything other than a clump of tree’s.
Well no sign yet of the bad guys. Not sure yet who the bad guys will be. Red store and builders seem to be hard at work killing people in the area. Yet next to nothing, until we get to the face of the fort. I recognize the build easily. A few hidden out buildings around a large central door. The scouts check out the area and all they find is trails of an odd troll with a heel on the back of their foot? This is an interesting modification, makes me wonder what it will add. Each of the mods seems to add some ability. This leads right up to the main stair into the central doors. The problem is that the cliff face trap is still intact. Normally these are deactivated or dropped unless the clan plans to return to the scout fort.

Well it was easily over come. The druid high priestess of the silver unicorn just walks right threw the stairs and inside and opens the door. Sadly I was in the rear and not prepared, yet when the door pop’s open I yell for the others to get in there and help her. I charge yet every single one of them beat me into the doors. By the time I am inside there are some red store guys down and there is a bell stand falling apart with a huge bell in the middle. I move to the side to make sure that the hinge has been set in the right position. A glance over my shoulder at more noises of combat, just in time to see a pair of huge trolls with parts of machine and melded weapons. Well they fall down a hole that it seems to be where they came from. Glad we have two large Ogres with us. Now down the hole it seems we must go. After a quick inspection of the bell rigging and piping system.

I don’t really like the idea of jumping down a hole we know nothing about. This does seem a poor idea. Yet my desire to search and probe first is not taken and a brash aevakar jumps the gun and flies down into the thing first. So the rest chase after. I ask the Ogre that carried me earlier if he would mind helping me down the hole not just pushing me or something, so he picks me up and drops me. So very nice of him, luckily I was thinking ahead and not caught of guard so that I was able to land on my feet and doge the Ogre.

So we are all barreling down a raw earth tunnel and come upon the largest most complicated apparatus for drawing and storing energy the world has ever seen. It was monstrous, dwarfing both ogre’s, and one was large even for their kind. It made the 6 armed troll standing in front of it look like a child next to a large horse. It was built of every metal one could ever see on the face of Shaintar, the corrupt working alongside the pure. The design was amazing and yet a thing from the worst of worst nightmares. It was not just built of metal or wood or even stone, it had arms or partial arms from once living creatures completing circuit. At once compelling and repulsive.

The large one that “dropped” me and I seemed to have the same idea. We needed to stop the necromancers, they seemed to be the ones directing all, yes all the types of energy, threw this wonder. So with a jet of ice and a poof from my glitter boom we set to work trying to clear the path to the confusion. Others charged in as well to help, yet the troll standing firm and unaffected by our wrath peered back at us, untouched by ice or white fire. Other trolls in the room and smaller necromancers all fell but the necro lord and his pet care not for the might we bring. Well until the adept puppets the troll to kill the thing that they are worshiping. As bad an idea as this sounds, the outcome is worse. The six armed monster seems well versed in all his arms and there is a large shard powerful weapon in each hand. Oh I seem to have forgotten to record the fact that one of his arms was an archfire cannon. Not a caster a full on cannon.

Once the word returns and stops shaking and bucking, it seems to have all come to rest upon our merry band. Neither so merry, nor ready to dash off in any direction, well other than maybe out of the rubble that is encasing us. As luck would have it I was not deeply buried, we also have along a very powerful druid whom can speak to the very stones and ask them to release people. It takes me many minuets and much leverage to free one. In that same time the druid has freed herself and two others. There are many wounds about; it seems this day they as a group have learned why we shore up everything twice or more when working in caves. Soon after we are freed of the worst of the cave in run more flying scouts. How they may have heard of the fall I am not sure yet there help and healing hands are welcome.

Everyone makes it out of the rubble, well all of us. The necro lord and his pet are chunks as are his troops. Sadly and yet gladly so is the hideous thing that they worshiped. The metals alone are worth digging out, yet more pressing than any mineral is the knowledge of the thing. This is something that cannot be left just buried. I must recover it or its parts at least to study. The Lore wardens would wish it never fall in the hands of others or that we at least are prepared to deal with it and recognize the like. I spend every hour from the time of the cave in until I am nearly dragged out by force digging out chunks. I think it ended up in more pieces than the monster that broke it, even if some of them are only the size of a fist. They will go back for study they will not be lost for others to rebuild, rather I survive the next few days any and all extra time I will seek to preserve this horrible knowledge. Even if that means leaving the Rangers deep in fighting with the twisted minions of Chimera, I am better spent in securing the knowledge of what she and hers can do.

Flying Is Better Than Going By Boat!
At Least It Wasn't Kassegore's Snout

30th of White River

A messenger raven comes with a message that Gunther and a new Ranger are up the coast, their mission was a flop and that they should join our team.

We head off to pick them up in our new boat. Salvator is as Salvator not Zebadiah Stone. The new Ranger is a Brinchie fighter, called Puck. Kassegore turns to Puck and asks, “How was he?” Puck responds with, “Quiet and Grouchy.” Kassegore nods that this news and then says, “So up to par.” This confuses Puck.

Salvator hands the captain of the boat a script, after he made Kassegore sign it, so that the captain can get reimbursed for fairing us around. We head off towards the island.

I’m not sure how Sky likes the ocean, for the trip was bad. I ended up having to fly most of the way there, grabbing the “crow’s nest” when it looked like I was lagging. Gunther looks like he is not enjoying this at all and is grumpier than usual.

Once we get close to the island, Salvator orders Kassegore to advance scout. The rest of us get on a dingy. Kassegore pops his head out of the water, startling the two sailors, to report that the hunting and fishing are sparse because he believes that someone has beaten us here.

Salvator turns to the two sailors and asks if they know this island. The talkative sailor replies, “I’ve never been here before in my life!” The other sailor just grunts. We make land fall and Salvator starts to make and question plans for the leader. Puck, Gunther and I get bored with this and start to scout around.

I quickly find that there are three Slug-Bats and three Maggot-Hounds nearby. The Maggot-Hounds are across the river, they do a quick sniff and start howling. I guess I am not very stealthy when it comes to masking my scent.

One Maggot-Hound seems to have some rabbit in him, as he bounds off of rocks in the stream to get at Puck. Then the Maggot-Hound wraps around Puck causing Puck to look shaken. The other two Maggot-Hounds pace back and forth on the other side of the river.

Gunther looks up at all of the commotion and makes the Maggot-Hound explode all over Puck.

This causes the Slug-Bats to join the party, and also causes a fourth to join in the fun. Two Slug-Bats blast out of their mouths acid at Puck and Gunther, this manages to take out just the cover that they were using.

Larissa moves forward and casts bolt at a Slug-Bat to stun it. I shoot, the closest one too me, in the mouth and manage to take it out. Kassegore storms up near Gunther to Kayakor the two Slug-Bat’s and takes them out. Salvator moves up to shoot his crossbow at the last Slug-Bat to stun it. Puck throws off the after effects of wearing a Slug-Bat and moves up to the last one to swing and take it out.

From the other side of the river, the Maggot-Hounds sound frustrated.

Kassegore moves into the fast moving water, after calling out that he wants to see how well one swims. Salvator’s reply to this is, “I hope they haven’t made Dogfish, yet.” I send a glare his way.

Gunther attempts to move forward to see what is going on at the river and manages to get really tangled in a tree. Salvator chuckles at my glare, then moves forward to shoot a Maggot-Hound with his crossbow and manages to stun it.

The Maggot-Hound gets very frustrated at this and shaking off the bolt attempts to head over to our side of the river. This Maggot-Hound didn’t have any part of a rabbit as it misses a rock and goes into the water. We quickly notice that these Maggot-Hounds have no idea as to how to swim.

I fly forward and shoot the last Maggot-Hound to stun it. The Maggot-Hound throws off the hit and then flees from us. I follow for a bit to see what direction that it went to, and then come back to give a report to Salvator.

Puck has bounded over the rocks and is impatiently waiting for the rest of the group to tie some rope to a tree for safe crossing. I settle down to wait to report till Salvator and Larissa get done crossing their rope bridge.

Salvator has Gunther, Puck, Kassegore and I scout ahead as he and Larissa notice that the magic is closer. Kassegore is in the water, Puck and I are going by tree, and Gunther is going by ground. I notice a weird looking statue (Gargoyle?), ten Zombies, four Red Store Crossbowmen and a Red Store fighter.

The statue raises up to show that for the most part it is a Minotaur but the wings, arms and talons of a Gargoyle. This thing roars and then flies towards Puck and myself. As it lands in front of Puck, Puck stabs it in the throat, stunning it.

Larissa moves up, right under where I am, and on seeing it casts bolt to its throat. This takes its head clear off.

I fly up and see, two different groups of civilians. One group is chained to rocks that are being surrounded by what looks like the body of a snake that was attempting to drowned itself (I find out later that these were tentacles), while the other group is set up as a sacrifice. This group is surrounded by Necromancers, and a Ratson that was joined with a Minotaur. Also I see the group that ran away from us yesterday.

I fly closer to the Necromancer’s group and shoot one of them to stun him.

The Ratson-Minotaur starts to move and a solider yells out, “Do not move!” This causes the Ratson-Minotaur to stop.

Kassegore moves down the river, pops out his head and upon seeing a target takes a swing with the Kayakor at a crossbowman to stun him, before heading further downstream.

The Crossbowman yells, “Ouch!!! What the…… I knew about the tentacles, but what was that?!”

Gunther shoots and takes out one of the Zombies.

The Zombies move towards Larissa. The Crossbowman that Kassegore hit, throws off the hit and yells at the others that something is in the water. Several others move toward the river edge and search for Kassegore. One Crossbowmen attempts to shoot Larissa and misses. A solider attempts to move quietly through the trees and even over the water I can hear him. Another solider sneaks back into the woods to cast armor, and comes out looking like he is covered in bone.

Salvator moves forward and makes again with the light. This takes out two of the Zombies and stuns three others. Salvator then casts three bolts that take out three more Zombies. Puck moves towards the loud solider and does a stunning stab.

The Necromancer that I shot, throws off my hit and runs into the woods. Another one attempts to cast something at me, but something goes very wrong and makes the Necromancer explode. This is why you don’t play with Necromancy! The explosion causes the spell or ritual to stop. This causes the Maggot-Hounds to go crazy as well as the Ratson-Minotaur which smacks itself in the head to stun itself. The tentacles move toward me and smacks me around for no real damage. I make rude gestures at the tentacles.

Some of the Red Store belief that it’s time to go, as does a Maggot-Hound.

I shoot one of the Crossbowman that was attempting to hunt Kassegore and take it out.

The tentacles move closer to me and smack my ankle some more. I notice that it is currently at its reach and firmly away from the children. I’ll have to ask Kassegore later if I was good bait.

Larissa moves forward and casts three bolts, stuns one and the other two Crossbowman, while hit didn’t seem to show any effect.

A Necromancer casts a bolt at me and I feel weaker.

Puck runs up to the massive amounts of tentacles and attempts to hit one as the wrongness of it makes Puck flinch.

Another Necromancer casts something at me for no damage. The Ratson-Minotaur seems to get its head in order and then heads towards Kassegore. In its rush, it takes out a Crossbowman, and then reaches into the water trying to get Kassegore to come out. Something in Kassegore’s movements make me think that the Beast has come to play.

This is confirmed shortly after that thought crossed my mind, as the Beast tail slaps it for no damage, the Kayakor manages to wound it, before the Beast makes towards the tentacles. As the Beast stabs it I can see that there is a Troll head that is attached to all of the tentacles. The Beast surfaces, just long enough to call for help.

The Red Store runs away.

Salvator moves forward and casts bolt on the Ratson-Minotaur to wound it.

The Builders leave.

Gunther moves up towards the tentacles and selects a weird looking bolt out of his quiver. Upon seeing this new bolt, Salvator calls out for Gunther to take the time to aim. Kassegore swings at the tentacles, wounding it badly. Puck attacks it, and as the tentacles stop moving, moves over to those that were tied up on the rocks. Larissa casts bolt at the Ratson-Minotaur, taking it out.

The Beast attempts to lift the Troll head out of the water, so that Gunther can have a better target – then calls out, “Take the shot!”
Gunther then, using the special bolt, shoots the Troll head which explodes it. Salvatore moves up and says to the last Necromancer, “The Rangers and The Church of Light sends their regards.” Then casts dispel on him, which gets rid of the bone armor. I then shoot him dead. Puck takes off after the last one as I make sure that all of the children are ok. As I’m doing this, Kassegore comes out of the water and asks if there is a way to be clean. In order to cheer the children up, I have them watch me as I throw a bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles at Kassegore’s back. The children chuckled at the Dregordian being covered in bubbles.

After getting everyone up and running, I notice that I still feel bad from a hit I took earlier. I head over to Salvator and do a quick mime to let him know that something was wrong. Salvator then casts dispel on me and I feel much better. Salvator then proceeds to patch me up.

As Gunther and I keep the children calm, Salvator casts a grand light spell to bring the Captain of our ship back to pick us all up.

As we wait for the boat, Salvator finds out that Chimera (who is a woman) is attempting to get all of the energy to a place outside of Kors, some place called Kors Clumps.

A messenger raven sends me to Korg where we seem to have a base camp.

Four Against How Many? Do I Have Enough Potions?
How Can Sky Stand The Ocean? It's Cold!!

29th of White River

Salvator demands that I join the group, instead of sneaking along behind him. The group breaks up, as a messenger bird comes out and sends some of us to a small fishing village called Cabbel. This group is just Kassegore, Larissa, Salvator and I on this mission.

Kassegore is grumpy about the fact that we need to keep saving the world. It’s pointed out that a lot of people want special crystals.
Kassegore ponders out-loud, “Then if I want to stop fighting, I need to leave the planet?”
We all look confused as we don’t know what that means and then someone says, “Yes”

On the way to the village I keep attempting to get a ride from Kassegore, who finally says, “Turn off the lights first!” This causes Salvator and Larissa to start laughing. It’s not my fault if they didn’t understand that Kassegore said that I could only be on his back if he couldn’t see. I sigh at the two and then sign at Salvator if he wants me to scout, Salvator nods and I head off.

As I head out I hear Kassegore start to complain about the lack of knowledge from command and Larissa replying, “Didn’t we go over this before?”
Kassegore, “Yes, we keep going back to it!”
Larissa, “Move on, we don’t need to keep going over this.”

I manage to get to the village and have a look around, it’s small but very spread out. Everything looks subdue. There is one building that has several guards around it that makes the normal villagers keep away from it. I head back to let the others know.

After telling Salvator about what I saw it is decided that Salvator and Larissa will be slowly walking in to town and making their way to the guarded building and Kassegore was to use the water to get close before making an entrance. Salvator wanted me to sneak into a position so that I could be Kassegore’s backup.

We head out and things start off well, until I attempt to land on a building. Two archers spring out from the rubble, and two more on the guarded building spring out as well. I notice that Salvator and Larissa have just made it to the edge of the village, as there are many villagers in between them and me, I can’t head towards them. _ I find out later that it was a good thing as they were under attack at this point as well._

I shoot one, managing to take it out. I then make a dive, to let the closest companion know something is wrong, straight into the ocean. I manage to make it to Kassegore, and finding that my wings aren’t helpful under water, hold as still as I can.

After the fact I find out that Salvator had managed to throw off the previous hit and heal himself.
This is happening as Kassegore grabs me and starts to swim in another direction.

The dive I did, threw off the archers on the rooftops. Then those on Salvator and Larissa’s side, one switches to a sword, and another attempts to attack Larissa.

Larissa then manages to throw off the previous hit and smacks the one that just attacked her with her staff, taking him out. Then moves around a corner, a villager asks if she is ok, and after getting the answer of yes the villagers head under cover.
Salvator steps around the corner to cast bolts at several Red Store, managing to take out one and stun another.
Larissa moves back around the corner and cast a bolt at the last one, taking him out.

The archers on the rooftops attempt to shoot at Kassegore or myself, but just get the rocks instead. Kassegore continues swimming.

Larissa moves forwards the building we were meeting and casts armor on herself. Salvator moves up towards Larissa and casts deflection.

Those archers move together and one calls out, “There’s something in the water! And it’s pulling the Aevakar!” Another shouts out “What?!? There’s an Aevakar in the water?”

Salvator moves forward saying, “You don’t have to worry about the water, you should worry about me.”
A crossbowman asks, “Who are you?”
Salvator answers, “Zebadiah Stone” Then he casts bolt and takes out two crossbowman.

Kassegore lets me float up to the top, out of danger. I crawl out of the water and shoot at a crossbowman. Larissa cast a drying spell on me and everything is gotten. _I think I will have to learn that! _ Then Larissa moves closer to the fight.

A Red Store runs up to Larissa and attempts to hit her. Larissa makes a smart-aleck remark that causes the Red Store to say, “That is not language fit for an Elvin lady.”
Larissa: “Like I care.”
Red Store: “Well you will care when this steel is in your mouth!” Then attempts to hit Larissa with his sword. When it misses, Larissa says, “It looks like you missed.”

Salvator and Larissa have a brief look, like some sort of magic has happened in the area.

A Red Store moves backwards to get a better shot. The one in front of Larissa, got angry and gets a good smack on her, causing a really bad wound. Another reloads the crossbow and then attempts to shoot me, and another runs to Salvator and attempts to hit him.

There is the sound of a door opening, some shouting before the door slams shut. I fly over to Larissa, managing to get in between her and the Red Store, and shove a healing potion down her throat. Salvator notices the zombies coming towards us. He then smacks the crossbowman, taking out the Red Store, before coming over to Larissa to heal her saying, “That is no way to treat a lady.”
Larissa then recovers from the wound and stabs the one that hit her, glancing off the helmet. Salvator attempts to smite the one in front of us. Kassegore gets out of the water and into a warehouse. Looking out the open door he then snarls at the zombies.

There is a shout of “Get out of here you beast!” Followed by the sound of a bolt being cast and Kassegore snarling in pain. And another shout of, “Go tell the masters!”

A Red Store reloads and manages to hit me with a crossbow bolt, stunning me. Another takes a swing at Salvator to seriously wound him.

I manage to throw off the bolt and then pour a healing potion down Salvator’s throat, before seeing what Kassegore got himself into. As I land in the warehouse, a caster says “Oh good, a false angel.” I also see that the Beast has come out to play.

Four zombies move towards the Beast and myself, one attempts to hit me and the other three attempt to hit the Beast. The other four zombies move towards Salvator and Larissa.

Larissa casts three bolts, takes out two Red Store and stuns another before moving behind Salvator. Salvator smites the swordsman, taking him out then does with the light thing, taking out a zombie and stunning two others. The Beast moves towards the caster, and goes wild. There are two swings that miss and then between the tail and the head butt, the caster goes down. At the same time, so do all of the zombies.

Once we get Kassegore back, I shove a healing potion down his throat. And then start to yell at him with gestures. Kassegore seems to get the gist of what I am attempting to yell at him as he starts to yell back at me. After a few minutes of this, I forgot and attempt to use my voice again to yell at him, nose to nose, although he is doing a good job at knowing what to say back to me. Salvator and Larissa come into the warehouse sometime during this and Larissa states, “Let me translate for you. Hey you dumb ass, what were you thinking?” After a few more minutes of yelling, we head to the tavern.

The bartender is happy that all of the Red Store is gone and is willing to give us some information. I patch us up to be ready for more fighting. As Zebadiah talks to the bartender that the Rangers are allowing him to operate due to the fact that he takes out the Red Store for them, I make the universal gestures to move the conversation along. The bartender doesn’t have much information, he sends us over to the brothel and to more from the lady there. We head over there and find out that the Red Store was having a boat deliver something to an island in the distance.

As we have some time, we make a plan to ambush the ship that will be coming. Kassegore is in the water and I am in the air when it comes in. Salvator doesn’t care what happens to the Red Store, but nothing should happen to the ship’s crew. After Kassegore and I get rid of the Red Store, the captain is very willing to help out. We find that the Red Store was delivering another machine to the island, but this one has the crystals perverted. Salvator decides to send one to Grak in Sog. Kassegore manages to get a purely mechanical piece off the machine and toss it overboard.

The captain tells us that it will be the next day before we can sail again.

The Pilgrim’s Journal of Vhen the White, Day 293
Recovery and Travel, Dark Moons 13th

Through Meditation and the carving of the last of the Everwood from my Flute-Staff into small animals for the children, I have rested and the silver glimmer has faded and left my fur normal, mostly. It is embarrassing that many people are treating me with awe and reverence, despite my assurances that I am just a normal Brinchie and no more important in the great scheme of things than they are. At least the children still enjoy my stories, fables, games, and flute playing. They understand that they are special to me and their loved ones. I decided to travel finish my travels and continue to Eon’Votuh, for a few lengths of the journey I have company. I still must complete my first life-quest, to find out who I am and who my family is. The travel is remarkably easy and I seem to be slowed down only by the number of villages that wish to “honor” me by throwing a party or impromptu festival. Luckily, I have mastered the art of going on my way prior to the conclusion of the party at a time when many are distracted.

The Pilgrim’s Journal of Vhen the White, day 279
Shutting the Door on the Chimera Witch Queen, White River, 33rd

Felosia turned up when we found the Chimera Queen’s tower as it was being built. A base camp was set up and all the rangers in the area were gathered to fight the evil forces. I struck out

I have finally done the Masters Proud, I believe. We found the location of the Chimera Queen’s Tower as she was corrupting and building it with aid of her alien monster and the Builders. An assault was had and we co-originated our attacks. I struck out in melee on the ground forces going from one battle to another, feeling energized as I never have before. We were on the side of right fighting a very tangible corruption of our world. Many unnatural things were sent after us, we on the side of Good and of Shaintar fighting under the gaze of the Silver Unicorn. Felosia and Shayline both worked on purifying the magic of the area. There was a crystal spire growing of the ground. In the end the fighters on the ground formed a battle wedge with a heroic Ogre in the center, me on his back deflecting arrows and others protecting his flanks. We burst through the lines and kept going to the tower base. Forgive me but I remember not the Brave Ogre’s name but he flung me as high as he could up the tower. I used my Flute-Staff and my hard won agility to climb up the long tower as the others assaulted it’s base and underpinnings, weakening it. As I was getting to the top and getting very hard to breath, I was inspired by the Silver Unicorn Celesia and all the people that helped us to call out as I struck the top of the corrupted crystal tower, “By Celesia the Silver Unicorn and the People of Shaintar, BEGONE!” I am not sure why. I am not prone to such dramatics or think that I represent all of Shaintar in this manner. I have been told that I am Chosen of the Horn (which is that I am one of Celesia’s warriors). I simply fight for what is right, as the master’s have instructed and wish for harmony of life and peace to be common. I truly do not to be one that harms others but is a force of good in the world.
There was so much going on in the battle and I am sure that I am leaving out others tales and the assistance of others that I feel shamed in writing of my own glory. I don’t see it as glory. I see it as the delivery of good and justice and preservation of life that all present on that field had undoubtedly contributed more to the tower’s fall and the denying of our land to an alien entity such as the Chimera than I have. I do not remember anything after striking my staff on the tower at it’s apex as the magical blast had knocked me unconscious. I was told that I fell and a group of Aevakar were kind enough to catch me and that it was even a few days later that we were discovered. It took nearly a week to regain consciousness. The healers tell me that I will recover, I have had so many visitors that it is a blur of people that is more tiring than ever, at least until the healer’s demanded that I have a few days rest. When I awoke I discovered that my fur had also taken on a silvery white sheen that practically glows. The people of Magic have assured me that this to shall pass as it is simply magical residue and not to worry about it. If I were one to think that items of power take on thoughts and minds, I would say that my Flute-Staff has become smug and proud of itself. They told me that it would not be separated from me and that a part of my soul is in it now.
I really wish that I could remember all who helped and all who were the heroes of this battle but much of the battle is a blur.

The Pilgrim’s Journal of Vhen the White, day 275
Evil knocks on Shaintar’s Door, White River 29th

I was asked by the Grey Rangers to investigate with a group of others, many others, to look into the doings of the Red Store and strange alien creatures that are showing up.
We were going to visit an outpost that some mercenaries that have been hired by the Grey Rangers to keep as the Rangers were spread thin searching for the Chimera in the area around Korg Humps. After some discussion it was determined that Zebidia Stone (Salvator’s Other Self) would approach and gain supplies. If they took him captive then they were with the Red Store (the temporary minions of the Chimera). They ended up taking him “Captive” and escorted him in to see their boss. We stormed the gate at this time. Mistress Druid Felosia used her tunneling magic to bring us to the door of the fort. Me and another Brinchie, an attractive female named Puck, used our natural agility and aided each other up the wall and opened the gate. When the gate was opened Felosia’s two wolves rushed in as well as others of our group took the guards and a Druid High Priest Druid of the Silver Unicorn- Shailen earthwalked in and aided Zebidia as did his wife (I didn’t know that he was married, I must remember to congratulate him.) and aided. Shailen was able to wal through the stone as if it was air, I thought she was a spirit at first and begged her pardon as I verified her physicality. She took no note of my extreme rudeness, the masters would be disappointed in me. By the time I was able to enter the fray, I had only a few opponents and most of the guards were all cordoned off with the 3 wolves that were aiding, two were Felosia’s and another was Shailen’s. While the rest were interrogating, I tied up the guards, accepting their surrender and sat down to play my flute-staff while wiser minds than mine determined what to do next. We ended up going into the basement and battled the leaders. Felosia charged into a room with some Builder’s as the were whisked away. I know not where. I needed to comfort his 2 wolves while she was gone. My feeling is that she will turn up as she is of brave heart and will not go down without a fight. There were other things that happened but it’s been so eventful of a time that it is beginning to blur together as we get less and less sleep and we are battling the Chimera’s forces more and more. I believe that I still accorded my self satisfactorily and with some honor. Though my memory is still a bit fuzzy from my next encounter.

Where Are Salvator and Kassegore Going?
Maybe I Should Stop Hitting Kassegore's Snout.

27th of White River

I have been following Salvator and Kassegore out of Sog for a while. There have been rumors of the chimera growing quickly and that there is a lady called Chimera. She is making all sorts of creatures. They have made their way to the Southern Kingdoms and now are on a mission to see why the Red Store and the Builders have joined up with her.

They are sent out to Boyce, an area in between Prelg and Berell. The mission is to get the head of the Red Store and to find out what is going on with the Builders. They are joined up with an Eldakar Sorcerer called Gilreth, an Ogre Mage named Gront, an Aevakar Priest of Light called Shanara, an Dregordian Adept named Ragnaros, a Kor-In called Rah-Seal and finally an Eldakar Sorcerer called Larissa.

When the group reaches the town, Kassegore and Gront head into the inn while the rest hang back. The first thing that is noticed is there are no children in this town. I perch so I can hear Kassegore and Salvator. Kassegore and Gront order drinks. Gront casts a spell that makes his drink cold. And the others slowly make their way to the leader of this town, Harold Mathison. Salvator introduces himself as Zebadiah Stone and offers to help with any problems that the town might have.

Harold tells the group that there’s no problems. As Harold and Salvator continue to talk, Rah-Seal casually starts to walk further into town. Salvator points to a rooftop to have Shanara look it out. _ Luckily it’s not my rooftop. _

In the inn, Kassegore is talking to the bartender and is attempting to find where his employer can expand his special services. The bartender informs them that they need no special services. Gront looks tired at this as he states, “We are looking for Red Store.” This exasperates Kassegore, however it does cause the bartender to start to give up information about the Red Store and where the children went.

Kassegore states, “They should be easy to track. Would you like us to take care of that?”
The bartender says, “Yes.”
Kassegore then says, “I’m sorry in advance and I’ll pay for it. Just play along.” Then promptly throws the bartender through the window.

Meanwhile, Salvator is attempting to convince Harold that they can get the children back when two things happen. The first is the bartender crashing through the window and the second is Rah-Seal brings back a knocked out Red Store agent.

Kassegore comes out of the inn and walks up to Harold and says, “This town is ours.” And Rah-Seal says, “Rah-Seal caught Red Cloak!”

Harold looks at the group and then states that the town only knows about five Red Store watching it. Gront asks about the prisoners and others who were captured. Kassegore suggest that the group not be friendly to the townsfolk, so that they aren’t cooperating with the Rangers. The response to that is that the group captured the Red Store in plain sight.

Rah-Seal says, “No we captured him in the wood. Now he is in plain sight.”

Salvator has Kassegore and Gront wake up the Red Store, who is named Shane. Kassegore finds a barrel of water and dunks the prisoner’s head in, then asks, “How long can you humans hold your breath?” Larissa states, “Not very long and not at all when we are unconscious.” Kassegore quickly brings up the prisoner up for air. As Shane is now awake, Salvator starts to question him.

After a few minutes of this, Larissa gets impatient and demands, “Dammit! Where are the kids?”

Shane states that the kids as well as the other Red Store were at the ruins. The Red Store were hired to guard the ruins, although Shane wasn’t high enough to know why.

Shanara is hard to avoid as she is keeping watch. Kassegore threatens to eat Shane, as Salvator attempts to hire him. Shane states that he will not betray either group, but he will lead them close to the ruins.
Gront: “Wise.”
Larissa: “Chicken.”
Gront: “Where?”
Larissa points to Shane and Gront sniffs Shane, then states, “Not smell like one!”
Larissa: “Acting like one.”
Gront then licks Shane and says, “Not taste like Chicken!”

Shane shudders, but still leads the group towards the ruins. When the group is close, Shane stops them and departs to the group saying that he will think about the offer. As he splits off the casters quickly do casting on themselves. Gilreth is covered in purple sparkling stuff. Gront watches the group start to cast armor and then he casts. This is a first for me as ice starts to form around Gront to make a sort of armor. Larissa asks for that armor and Gront casts it on her.

I sneak up to check if Kassegore has his armor potion and he does. I think this threw off Kassegore as he, Rah-Seal, and Ragnaros go looking for lost lambs, for Kassegore looks lost for a bit. The rest of the party heads up to the ruins, as they get close a Red Store calls out, “Its Jebadiea Stone, if we kill him we can get easy money!”

Salvator says, “You can kill me or you can act like an Emissary.” There is talk going back and forth, each side not believing each other.

After a few minutes of this Gilreth gets bored and casts bolt at the barricade. One Red Store falls down dead and the other looks shaken. Shanara moves forward and attempts to shoot the remaining one. Kassegore finally gets it together and finds a hidden one in the trees, charges it and with his Kayakor take the person out.

Larissa finds another hiding one and casts a bolt that takes out the Red Store and knocks his body back, then states “I might be quiet, but I’m deadly.” Rah-Seal finds another and charges, the attack was just enough to knock the guy out.

Salvator moves forward calmly saying, “Anyone else who is still alive and wants to do an introduction, I’m willing to pay.” A Red Store pops out of hiding, right at Salvator’s elbow and says “How much?” Salvator replies, “Let’s finish with your friends first.” Gront casts entangle on a Red Store, this entangle is made of ice.

A Red Store that is hiding, shoots the Red Store whom is being greedy to shake him. Another Red Store books it out of the area.

Ragnaros moves forward to the running one as Rah-Seal move towards the one that shot the greedy one. Gront starts to chip out the entangled one. Salvator helps the greedy one up and attempts to show concern. Kassegore moves towards the party and Gilreth heads to the unconscious one to tie him up.

The running Red Store attempts to get away, but Shanara, Rah-Seal and Ragnaros bring him back to the group.

Salvator give the captured Red Store a chance to join his side, and they decline, so Salvator has them tied up and knocked out.
Ragnaros, Gilreth, Shanara, and Salvator again cast armor and some deflection on the party before heading down to the ruins. Having Kassegore and Ragnaros sneaking forward. The Red Store doesn’t seem to like this group at all as they start to yell “Kill them!!”

Ragnaros moves closer to the ruins and the Beast comes out to play, attempting to tail slap one. The Kayakor takes out another and the head butt takes out one more. Rah-Seal moves up and does a glancing blow to the standing one.

An Enforcer comes out and decides to play with the Beast, although he seems to have an issue when the Beast snarls at him as this caused him to kill an underling. Their archers attempt to hit our group, although an arrow skittered off Salvator’s armor. There is a quick snarl from the Beast and then his eyes go blank for a brief moment before coming back. I think that someone might have attempted to puppeteed him.

Larissa casts bolt at an archer and shakes him. Gront moves forward and hits the leader saying, “Tag your it.” Then casts entangle on him. Once again ice forms around Gront’s target, then calls out, “Got him!”
Salvator replies, “Knock him out!” Then Salvator casts bolt at the one who shot at him, taking him out. Gilreth casts bolt at another one for no apparent damage. Shanara cast bolt at the same one Gilreth did, wounding it badly.

The archers attempt to hit the group and miss again.

Ragnaros seems to lose it and takes out the one in front of him and then moves up to an archer tail slapping it to shake the archer. Salvator casts bolt on the Enforcer to wound it. Shanara casts bolt to take it out. Rh-Seal swings but does no damage. Larissa moves forward and casts bolt and takes out an archer.

The soldiers give up and Kassegore knocks out the Adept. Salvator searches and finds all of the children. Shanara hands out food, after tying up all the prisoners, Kassegore comes in and suggests that the children close their eyes as they are lead out. The group takes the children home.

Once back in the village, Salvator and Kassegore go into the room that they have put the prisoners in. Kassegore grabs a prisoner, saying, “My belly aches, let’s go see the chief.” The prisoner screams as Kassegore leads him out. Salvator calmly waits in the room. After a few minutes then Kassegore brings Gront in to the room. Kassegore states, “My friend is also hungry!” Gront smells each of the prisoners, then selects one and pull him screaming from the room.

This tactic seems to break the prisoners, really quickly. The Red Store tells them were the other captured people were sent and that they were being used as a sacrifice to give someone/thing energy.

The next morning the group heads out. Kassegore asks what the plan is from here and Salvator replies, “As they are doing human sacrifice they don’t leave the area alive. They come to a set of stairs and Kassegore and Gront take the lead. Gilreth and Larissa follow, with Shanara, Salvator and Rah-Seal taking the end. Shortly after Kassegore and Gront get down the stairs, they set off an alarm.

A Slug-bat spits at Gront shaking him. Larissa moves forward and casts bolt at one of the Slug-bats and stuns it. Kassegore moves forward and with his Kayakor takes out two bats and attempts to get a third with a tail slap. Shanara moves up and shoots the one Kassegore missed, takes it out. Kassegore states that there should be a larger one, then pears around the corner. Gront moves forward and so does Salvator. Salvator, seeing two Maggot-Hounds, calls out “Kassegore, Maggot Hounds!”

Ragnaros, Larissa and Rah-Seal move forward. Kassegore move up to the Maggot Hounds and takes out both of them. As they fall he notices a Rat-taur. As the others get to Kassegore, he stops them to point out the Rat-taur.

Several Builders move into sight. One shoot Rah-Seal to stun her and another does the same to Kassegore. A Builder Golem opens up the door near the party and swings at Kassegore to wound him and get the Beast to come out and play.

Gilreth moves up to the Golem and zaps the Golem for nothing, Salvator casts bolt at the Golem for no apparent damage.

The Golem hits the Beast again, wounding again. The Beast snarls and returns the favor to really damage the Golem. Gilreth then casts Bolt on it to take it down. Ragnaros moves up to the Builders and swings, taking one out. Shanara casts healing on the Beast and other than the tears in his armor you wouldn’t know that he took damage.

Ragnaros is able to hear a thrumming of energy building up. Rah-Seal throws of the hit and then runs up to a Builder. We hear humans screaming.

The Rat-taur moves up to the Beast and the Builders attempt to hit Rah-Seal and Ragnaros.

Salvator moves up to the Beast and casts Deflection on him, Larissa moves up towards the Beast and Gront moves up to Salvator and casts Armor that is ice. The four of them quickly take out the Rat-taur, and then the Builders.

The group finds the remains of those that were captured and another golem that was sending energy to the North. Kassegore starts to dismantle the golem, as he reaches for a piece that will make the machine explode I fly down and smack his snout. As Kassegore starts to snarl at me, I mime an explosion and Kassegore indicates that I should help get this golem off-line.

I will have to remember to thank Magpie for the pointers of what not to pull on a Builder golem.

A Day by the Sea
Almost Universal Languages

The seaside village seemed much like all the others they had passed through. The circuitous path through the Southlands had been mostly uneventful interrupted only by the occasional clash with Red Store mercenaries and the little villages and small towns where he conducted his business. It had been surprisingly easy to root out enemy enclaves. When they entered a new town he declared it territory of Zebadiah Stone, thrashed any who protested, and killed any Red Store agents who showed up to dispute the claim. Once that was finished it negotiating for supplies was simple enough and townsfolk and tradesmen seemed to be happy enough he was giving them fair price instead of just taking what he wanted. Stone’s enforcer was developing a reputation of being a fair business lizard, as long as you didn’t ask what his business was.

Kassegore took a moment to look up at the sun bathing the world in blessed heat. After months in the brutal grip of a northern winter he reveled in the blessed heat of the Southlands in a way no mammal could truly appreciate. Information on the Chimera’s operations still remained sparse. Eventually that would change and once they dispatched with the witch he would return to Sog but in the meantime he was enjoying the weather.
The flapping of wings heralded Nightingale’s return. She wrote out a note indicating guards stationed outside of a building that looked to be a tavern on the far side of town but no definitive sign of the Red Store.

Kassegore looked over at his companions. “I will take the guards from the water and meet you at the tavern.”

Without another word he ran and leapt off a short cliff, diving into the sea. Several feet beneath the surface the refracted sunlight passed over his scales and glinted off the kayakor strapped to his back as he swam towards the village. Sinuous movements drove him forward and past schools of startled fish.

It was several minutes and he estimated he was past half the town when a large splash in front of him halted his progress. He bared his fangs in preparation but sensed the thrashing movements were like that of prey in distress. Seconds passed like minutes as the bubbles cleared and his alertness turned to confusion as he looked upon Nightingale. She wriggled all six limbs in a jerky, uncoordinated fashion and left no doubt she could not swim.

The scene would have been funny if her life were currently not in peril.

What in Illiana’s name was the aevakar doing here? He could not decide if his fellow Ranger’s frantic expression was due to its current situation or if the threat above was truly so dire. After another few seconds of deliberation he decided it mattered little. In a single smooth motion he arced to bring himself closer to Nightingale and presented his back to her.

Once she latched onto him, Kassegore rushed to what he presumed was safety on the other side of the tributary he had passed that divided the village. He shook her off once they got to water shallow enough for her to stand. If she drowned here there was no saving her and he already did what he could.

Upon returning to the approximate place his initial advance was halted he rose to the surface and looked around. The sounds and shouts of combat were faint but audible above the noise of the waves. An open warehouse loomed above him and he took it as a good a place as any to emerge.

The warehouse was a scene of slaughter. Blood splattered the walls and floor and he recognized the sigils marked on the floor as necromantic. He moved to look out an open door and saw bodies stacked like cordwood and several zombies shambling away down the alley the warehouse entrance opened into. Though Salvator could easily handle the paltry number of undead he did not know what forces his allies already faced.

His roar of challenge caught the attention of the undead and they turned to face the new threat but a previously closed door slammed open and a necromancer stepped out along with the largest slug-bat he had ever seen. The chimeric creature had a wingspan easily the length of his arm and the caustic slime that was the trademark of its kind burned little holes in the wooden floor where it landed.

“Go,” the necromancer hissed to the slug-bat, “Tell the others the shipment will arrive soon.”

The slug-bat flew past him just out of reach and out to sea. Kassegore had no time to pay it any more attention as the chanting demanded his focus. Even without the use of magic he could feel the dark energy gathering. His foe shrieked as a bolt of darkness was unleashed. It slammed into him and almost brought the dregordian to his knees as the decaying energy worked through his flesh and soul.

The dregordian’s shriek of pain deepened into another roar as his conscious mind retreated under the assault. The wooden planks cracked as Kassegore planted his kayakor to steady himself but it was the Beast that stood up. Nightingale flew through the open bay to aid her ally and the zombies rallied to their master but neither barely even rated as a distraction.

The Beast brought up his weapon and surged past the zombies ignoring their futile attempts to drag him down. The necromancer screamed as the vicious upswing struck true and the servant of darkness struggled to hold in his viscera. It made more noises but the Beast paid them no heed as he sliced downwards.

The zombies collapsed without a will to animate them and Kassegore slowed his breathing as he returned to himself. Nightingale disrupted his after battle trance by grabbing his snout and forcibly pouring a potion down his throat. The wounds wrought by the spell knitted themselves though his spirit still felt weary.

He looked at the suspiciously dry aevakar to thank it but held his tongue and wondered it looked so angry. It gestured and by the way it was moving its mouth it probably would have been yelling at him if it weren’t mute. His whole existence ached and he no desire to interpret more alien messages for the moment and tried walking away.

A flurry of wings sprang into view as the aevakar moved to block him. The female refused to be ignored despite the incomprehensible nature of its message and continued its odd behavior. Of course, he mentally sighed, this would be the one trait shared by females of all species.

Salvator and Larissa entered finally and the priest just shrugged helplessly at his questioning look. Larissa took in the scene and explained, “She’s angry at you because you abandoned us and so am I for that matter.”

He did not understand. “But I saved you from drowning,” he told the mute. It did not look the least bit mollified at the fact. “I came back and slew the necromancer!” he shouted in his defense.

“You still abandoned us. Why didn’t you come ashore with Nightingale? We needed your help.” Larissa continued translating through either some obscure magic or language unknown by males.

“Stop helping,” he growled without taking his eyes of the aevakar. “We had a plan for an ambush. You spotted a threat you could not handle and I removed it. Salvator obviously did his job and you all are still alive.”

At Nightingale’s continued silent shouting he concluded there would be no reasoning with it right now. He walked past it and dived back into the water. If it wanted to drown itself continuing to argue he would not be the one to stop it.


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